About Seasons Past Baseball

Seasons Past Baseball is a family of six computer-based leagues that strive to bring back the nostalgia of baseball as it used to be played. Founded in 1992 by Jim Wheeler and John Turnbull, it has grown from one league to its current size of six leagues that stagger their seasons over the year.

SPB uses Diamond Mind Baseball to play past seasons ranging from 1933 to 1992. Leagues run in staggered intervals, so that no more than three different leagues/seasons are being played at once.

What SPB Offers:

* League dues on a cash call basis only....an absolute steal!  (Must own current season disk)

* Actual player plate appearances used as well as starts/relief appearances with some poor performance "bonus" players used to provide team depth.

* All leagues run with 2 teams less than the actual number of teams for the season being played......talent pool kept spread out

* Minimum 25 player active roster per series. 40 Man rosters for Weekly September play.

* Monthly profiles out by 1st of each month...stats out by the 20th of each month (except for September weekly play.)

* All Leagues use the latest disk created by DMB, and uses DPS seasons when available......players statistics more accurate. 

We emphasize fun, fairness and timeliness. If you are interested in placing your name on the waiting list, please EMAIL the League Commissioner. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy playing!


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