Hugh McElaney
Address: 103 Hobbs Road, Princeton, MA 01541
Phone: 978-464-2856
Hometown: Needham, MA
Birthdate: 6/14/1951
Occupation: Procurement Analyst (soon to be retired, then hoping to teach and/or write)
Marital Status: Married
Kids: Holly (Golden Retriever).
Favorite Teams: Red Sox, 1960 Pirates, and whoever is playing the Yankees.
Favorite Players: Ted Williams, Earl Wilson, Luis Tiant, Lonny Frey . . . and Don Buddin
Claim to fame:
During his days as a Red Sox shortstop in the late '50s and early '60s, Buddin rented a house four doors up the street from my house in Needham. 
I got him to sign my glove one early Saturday morning (no, I was not being a wise guy).  He came to the door in his boxer shorts with a glass of OJ
in his hand and seemed a little puzzled - guess not too many folks asked for his autograph in a town where he was routinely the butt of fan and media
jokes for his defensive "issues" and what was seen as a general incompetence that mirrored the club's as a whole. 
But, hey, the guy signed my glove, so he became a favorite.  As I grew older I bought into the general perception of Buddin as a bad shortstop, and it
was only very recently that I looked at his numbers again and realized you could have done a lot worse than to have him playing the position for you
from 1956-1961. 
SPB-2  Winter Harbor Seals Memorial Stadium (Bal.) 1967
SPB-3 Worcester Grays Sportsmans Park (NL) 1939,1940
SPB-4 Worcester Grays San Diego Stadium 1987