Michael See
Email: ebbets1957@outlook.com
AOL IM:  defleopards
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Marital Status:  
Favorite Teams: 1969 Mets, 1977 NY Yankees and 1972-74 Oakland A's 
Favorite Players: Kirk Gibson, Tom Seaver, Catshish Hunter and Reggie Jackson
Claim to fame: Fulfilled lifelong dream of visiting Cooperstown, NY in 1998.  The next year made my first trip to the World Series, seeing the Yankees clinch game 4.  Visited the World Series again in 2002, seeing one of the all time great games (Game 6), when the Angels, led by the Thunder Stix and Rally Monkey, came back from a 5-1 deficit in the 7th inning to defeat the Giants and win the series in 7.
But probably my most interesting moment came in 1989, while visiting Cashman Field in Las Vegas, Nevada for a AAA Baseball Game,  I happened upon a young pitcher who was charting the pitches behind home plate named John Wetteland.  He was very nice and we talked for the first 6 innings of the game about himself and baseball.  In the 7th, someone was listening to the Dodgers game on the radio and Vin Scully announced that pitcher Ray Searage (We called him Raw Sewage) had been hurt.  I immediately told John that he would be the one they called up, to which he said no way, and that they would call up Ramon Martinez because "he was god."  I told him that he was more ready than Ramon and he would defiantly be called up.  We said our goodbyes an inning later and I told him to have a safe trip to LA the next day. 
The next day, the Dodgers recalled John Wetteland, and he never again pitched in a minor league game, becoming one of the best closers in baseball.  A real neat moment and my own small piece of history. 
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SPB-1 Las Vegas Thunder Metrodome 1975,1977, 1978, 1980, 1982
SPB-2 Route 66 Hot Rods Forbes Field 1961,1962,1968
SPB-3     1936, 1937
SPB-4     1991
SPB-60 Louisiana Lightning Candlestick Park 1953,1954,1955,1956
SPB-X Las Vegas Knights Ebbetts Field 1930, 1933