10.F.   Expansion drafts

      Expansion will be performed in two phases:
 1. ROUND 1 Expansion
     	a. Existing SPB-II teams will be allowed to protect 14 players prior to the Round 1 of the Expansion Draft. 
     	All players on a roster will be eligible for the expansion draft, included un-carded players. There will also 
     	be no 10-5 or Military exemptions for the expansion draft. 
	b. The Expansion teams will draft players from the existing teams unprotected rosters in a snaked format 
	(1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1 etc.) until each Expansion team has a roster of 21 players (This number will be 28 in 1962). 
	c. Existing teams will lose a maximum of 3 players to the Expansion draft in Round 1 before their roster is 
	locked down. (In 1962 Round 1, each team will lose 4 players)
	d. Once an existing team has lost their max number of players for Phase 1, their roster will be locked down 
	and they will be allowed to pull back (2) two more players for protection.

 2. ROUND 2 Expansion
   	a. Phase II of the Expansion Draft takes place after the Existing teams have submitted (2) additional 
   	pullbacks. As in Round 1, no team may lose more than 3 players before they are locked down (This number 
   	will be reduced to two (2) in 1962), so the max number of players a team can lose in the expansion draft 
   	is still 6 for both. 
	b. Round II will be a snaked format (reverse of Phase I).
	c. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 35.
 3. Rule Changes during Expansion Seasons:
	a. There will be NO Phase 2 Draft after the Rookie Draft during the 1961 or 1962 expansion seasons.
	b. Expansion teams will pick 1-2 in the Rookie Draft during their first season.
	c. During Expansion seasons, the restrictions on the SPB Lottery will be suspended as lottery teams 
	will be picking 3-6, so a team will be allowed to appear two seasons in a row following an expansion 
	d. Once the trade deadline is completed in the season prior to expansion, no trades will be allowed 
	and all rosters will be frozen prior to the following seasons Expansion Draft.
	e. In 1962, the 1961 Expansion Teams WILL NOT participate in the Expansion Draft (meaning they will 
	not be eligible to lose any players)