11.A.   Format

	1. The draft pool will consist of all unprotected players from all rosters.

	2. Players selected in the rookie draft are ineligible from being picked in the Rule V draft.
	3. The Rule V draft order will be the same as the Rookie draft Round 4 draft Order.
	4. The Rule V Draft will consist of one (1) round.
		a) Each team will select two (2) unprotected players.
		b) No team can lose more than four (4) players.
		c) Once a team has lost 4 players, its roster is frozen and no further players may be selected.
	5. Unprotected players will be displayed as “Farmed” on the SPB season disk.
	6. NO player who is "uncarded" or "without stats" will be eligible to be selected in the 
	   Rule V draft in that season."