11.B.   Excessive Roster Rule

	1. At the time when teams are required to submit their protected player rosters
           for the Rule 5 draft, teams that have a roster size of more than thirty-eight (38) 
           players (not inlcuding uncarded players) will have the number of players that can be lost 
           to Rule 5 picks ADJUSTED from four (4) to four (4) PLUS the amount of players on the 
           roster that EXCEED thirty-eight (38).

	Some examples:

	Team A submits their roster prior to Phase II at a size of forty-four (44) protected and unprotected 
	players. This is six (6) players in excess of the 38 player limit. Therefore this team could lose up 
	to ten (10) players in the Rule 5 draft (5+6=11).

	Team B submits their roster prior to the Rule 5 draft at a size of thirty-four (34) protected and unprotected 
	players. Since they are below the thirty-eight (38) player limit, the maximum number of players lost 
	to Rule 5 remains at four (4).