11.C.   Protected Player Lists

		1. Prior to the Rookie Draft, each manger will submit a list of protected players.
		2. Teams may protect the following number of players;
			a) 19 Players

				1) SPB 1 and 4- Teams with 6 highest winning %

				2) SPB 2,3,60,X- Teams with 4 highest winning %
			b) 21 Players
				1) SPB1 and 4- Teams with 6 lowest winning %

				2) SPB 2,3,60,X- Teams with 4 lowest winning %
			c) All remaining teams protect 20 players.

		3. As previously stated, uncarded players do not count towards your total protected players, 
		   nor are they eligible to be taken in Rule 5. 
		4. Once the commissioner receives all Rule 5 protected lists, no trades may be made that involve 
	           players who are eligible to be selected in the Rule 5, until after the completion of the Rule 5 

		5. Protected players, draft choices and uncarded players may still be traded during this period, 
		   however, if a trade results in a change in the number of players on a team's protected roster, no 
		   adjustments will be made to the roster to add or subtract protected players.
		   Example 1: If you trade a player for a draft pick, you will NOT be able to pull back an 
		   additional player from your unprotected list. You will essentially be filling that extra 
		   slot with the extra draft pick you have received.
		   Example 2: If you trade a draft pick for a player, you will NOT need to cut an 
		   additional player from your protected roster.  You are essentially drafting a player early by 
		   trading for another player. 

	    	   Example 3: If a team trades 2 protected playes to another team for 1 protected player, neither team 
	      	   will be allowed to adjust the number of protected playres on their roster after the trade, as it will 
	      	   be assumed that the value of the trade was even.