14.A.   Batters


	1. Batters may only start in as many games as indicated below, but they may freely pinch-hit and 
	   stay in the game from the 7th inning on.  Factor in bonus usage before computing the number of 
	   games a player is eligible for.  Subtract games eligible to start by 2 for any best-of-five series. 
	   (Players must have 100PA minimum to start a best-of-five series game.)  Batters with <100PA may not 
	   start a post-season game, but may pinch-hit after the 6th inning.            
		a) +500 PAs=7 Games
		b) 400-499 PAs=6 Games
		c) 300-399 PAs=5 Games
		d) 200-299 PAs=4 Games
		e) 100-199 PAs=3 Games