1.D.     Rules Committee

	1. The SPB Rules Committee will caucus as needed to discuss and vote on any changes to the League Constitution, when 
   	   so directed by the Commissioner.
		a) In any general league vote, a simple majority is required for the passage of any measure.
		b) If the proposal is tie-voted by the Rules Committee, the Commissioner will decide if the initiative will be 
		adopted/rejected or be voted upon by all league members.
		c) Any league member may initiate a change to the league constitution by submitting a WRITTEN PROPSAL to the Commissioner.
		d) Current SPB Rules Committee consists of (10) Members: Gary Plunkitt, John Turnbull, Mike See, Rick Ryan, John Ungashick, 
		Joe Dezarlo, Chris Williams, Don Rahn, Terry Baxter, Rich Applegate
	2. The term of office for these league officers is for as long as they wish to serve.

	3. Members of the Rules Committee may be voted out of office by at least a two-thirds majority of the SPB managers. 
   	This vote may be called at any time if a majority of the SPB managers deems it necessary.
	4. The Rules Committee will also oversee all trades made by first-year SPB managers as to the fairness of the trade.

		a) A seventy-five- (75%) percent majority of the Rules Committee is required to nullify a trade made by a first-year 
		SPB manager. If a member of the Rules Committee is a party to the trade, the Commissioner will act in his place.