3.A.    Format

	1. Seasons Past Baseball works on the basis of monthly play and reporting. Send your road manager profile early 
	enough so that they reach your opponents by the first of each month, the day all series officially begin.
	   a) During the month of September, play will be on a weekly basis with one series being played per week. 
	   b) Starting with the first week of September games through the end of the World Series, chronological pitching 
	   rotations will be in effect. There will be no resetting of player usage between series. All starters must have 
	   a minimum of three (3) calendar days rest between starts.  
	    Progression:  SPB60-1957/SPB1-1980/SPB4-1990/SPBX-1931/SPB2-1969/SPB3-1949
	2. All monthly series results must be received by the league stat by the 20th of each month, unless stated otherwise.
		a) Weekly series deadlines for profiles and results will be sent out prior to league play
		for that particular league month. 
	3. Use of the computer manager for visiting teams in non face-to-face games is mandatory.
	4. All road instructions will be sent to your opponent and league commissioner by e-mailing a manager profile.
		a) You may also send further written instructions to control usage if you are running tight in at bats or 
		relief appearances.  However, this is discouraged other than the final month of the season. 

		b) Instructions for 6 and 7 game series may be necessary if you are using more than 5 starting pitchers in the series. 
	5. Monthly manager profiles are to be constructed and sent as follows:

		a) All profiles are to be created to be plug and play by the home manager.  No manipulation should be made by 
		the home manager except for the following: 

			1) 6 and 7 game series where a manually entered starter may be required
			2) A legitimate error after-the-fact for a minor change, although it is encouraged to send a new MP.
			3) Activation/Deactivation of players during September if directed in writing by the road manager. 

		b) One MP is to be created and sent for each different rotation. Using one MP and listing more than one set of 
		rotations in your email is prohibited.  Profile names should clearly indicate whether the MP is for all teams, 
		or for specific teams.
		c) A written listing of your rotations in your email is strongly encouraged. You may send your profile without 
		a written rotation.  Doing so will forfeit your right to any protests if your MP is not followed. Also, any over 
		or underusage will not be forgiven if the profile is not followed.   

		d) If the rotation in the email differs from what is in the MP, contact the road manager for clarification before 

		e) Attachment with manager profile export file, not database.

		f) A list of all players on your roster who are inactive for that series is optional. 
	6. Managers should check at the start of every game and make sure the starting pitcher is correct, that none of the 
	inactive players are in the lineup, and that the team has correctly set lineups versus LH and RH pitchers.	   
	7. If an emergency develops and you cannot play your games, please notify your road opponent(s) and the league 
	office promptly so that other arrangements may be made