6.A.    Assignment of Fielding Ratings

	1. In order to receive a fielding rating in SPB, a player must have:

			a) Started one (1) game at that position, or have been given a rating by DMB.
			b) Discrepancies between this policy and the fielding ratings assigned on the official DMB season 
			disk will be adjusted in favor of the league’s policies.
	2. Players with 400 or more plate appearances will NOT be rated at any position for which they played FOUR (4) or fewer games.

			a) This may entail the removal by the league office of ratings assigned by Diamond Mind.

			b) Players who were primarily used as designated hitters are not affected by this rule.

			c) Players with fewer than 400 plate appearances will be rated at fielding positions as outlined in Rule 1 above.
	3. With the advent of the DH, in seasons after 1972, there are occasionally players who never started or appeared at a fielding position.

			a) Such players will be assigned a fielding rating of Poor (PR) at 1b with an error rating of 115.
			b) Additionally, these players will receive a fielding rating at the position(s) for which they were rated in the previous 
			season in which they had a fielding rating.
	4. Players rated to play an outfield position may play at any outfield position. DMB will automatically adjust their non-rated 
	positional ratings accordingly.
	5. Except as required in emergency situations, players may play in the field only at positions for which they have been rated.