Seasons Past Baseball League Encyclopedias

SPB-1 1960-1983    SPB-1 Encyclopedia ZIP file    SPB-1 Web Encyclopedia
SPB-2 1948-1972    SPB-2 Encyclopedia ZIP file    SPB-2 Web Encyclopedia
SPB-3 1928-1952    SPB-3 Encyclopedia ZIP file   SPB-3 Web Encyclopedia 
SPB-4 1970-1993 SPB-4 Encyclopedia ZIP file   SPB-4 Web Encyclopedia 
SPB-60 1948-1961   SPB-60 Encyclopedia ZIP file   SPB-60 Web Encyclopedia 
SPB-X 1927-1934   SPB-X Encyclopedia ZIP File   SPB-X Web Encyclopedia 

When you click on the ZIP File link, the encyclopedia file will automatically start downloading.



 1)  Download the V12 Encyclopedia first here (just add it to your cart like you are buying a season disk, except this has a cost of $0.00:

2)  Click on the ZIP file link to automatically download file

3) Once you download it (or if you already have it), just open the V12 DMB Encyclopedia, and do FILE > Create new empty database.  Name It "SPB2 Historical Database"  This will become your active database.

4)  Place the downloaded ZIP file in the BACKUP folder of the appropriate league folder.

5) Click FILE > RESTORE.  This will install and overwrite the database that is currently in that enclopedia