All SPB Managers,  I've had a few managers ask me about this, so now is a good time to let everyone know.  We will be requirintg use of Version 9, which is to be released in mid March, if all goes well, for all our future seasons of SPB.   SPB III (1935) begins April 1st and this will be our first league to begin using Ver 9.  Here is the sked for using Ver 9 for our other SPB Leagues: SPB Now (2003) begins either in April or May.  SPB V (1988) begins in June.  SPB I (1967) begins in July.  SPB IV (1977) begins in October.  And SPB II (1956) will begin next January.  All of these leagues will be using Ver 9 with he start of these seasons.  1977 and 1955 will remain with Ver 8 since these seasons are well underway.