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SPB-1 Draft, Cooperstown New York   Mike See's pictures

SPB-1 1970 Draft, Chicago, IL     Mike See's pictures



SPB-1 1969 Draft, Chicago IL

Gary, Lynn, John U, and Terry Baxter waiting for dinner 
Breakfast Saturday morning
Group photo: Baxter, L.Miller, Ungashick, Plunkitt, Lauer, Dezarlo, See, Turnbull
Draft Central


SPB-Now 2005 Draft, Baltimore MD

Gary and Greg Henning lounging at Dave Mosner's flat
Dinner Gang!  L to R (McElaney,Turnbull, Plunkitt, Wheeler, Henning, Luciano, Mosner, Ryan, Schubert
Dave Schubert got "butteredup" by the waitress!
Post-meal Conversation
More post-meal gibberish
Chat room projected on conference room wall
Draft Central preparing for festivities
Dave Schubert studies hard for a pick
The origin of the "Troy Hatmakers"
Taking a break
Head table hardwear
Three baseball wise men facing west towards baseball mecca!

SPB-2 1957 Draft, Bowling Green, Ohio

Chris, Gary, and a team mascot?
Terry, Jim Wheeler, Chris, and Gary deep in thought
Terry's wondering if he should eat another potato chip!
Professor Williams and the unknown mascot.

SPB-3 1936 Draft, Frankfort, Indiana

Breakfast in Frankfort at the Backstreet Cafe
Dinner at El-Jarepio
Draft Day Chatter

Gary at the controls at Draft central

Group Photo (Large)
Dave Lauer and John Ungashick
Rick Ryan and Gary Plunkitt
Mike See contemplates another trade
Ungashick lounging (again)


SPB-4 1977 Draft, Walford, Iowa

Terry and Gary playing a game. Turnbull's stepson Nick in background
Mike See and John Turnbull
Commissioner Plunkitt overseeing chat room proceedings
Gary at Field of Dreams
"The House that Kinsela built"
Four Horsemen: Terry Baxter, John Turnbull, Gary Plunkitt, Mike See
LARGE version of previous picture

SPB-1 1967 Draft, Chicago IL

Mike See, Don Zminda, and John Ungashick 
Terry Baxter and Mike See deep in thought
Commissioner Plunkitt Monitors draft from John U's office
Terry Baxter, Lynn Miller and Mike See pondering their next picks
Gary and John U. play a series head to head
Gino's pizza. A must have when in Chicago!
Skyline photos on the way to White Sox game

SPB4-1976 Draft

A view of draft central
Chris Williams, Bill Linn,and Rick Ryan
Crowd at the Indianapolis Indians game
Gary eating all the cake
Group Photo (Large)
Mike See and Gary Plunkitt
Sponge Bob at Indians game
Victory Field



SPB-1 1966 Draft

Dezarlo and Plunkitt hard at work
Matt DeZarlo
Ungashick lounging
Rick Ryan has his game face on
Turnbull keeping tabs on the draft
Joe DeZarlo studies
Gary Plunkitt lounges
Terry Baxter poses for his work badge
Marc Robinson pops in to say HI!
Crowd takes a break
Group Photo

SPB4-1974 Draft

Commissioner Plunkitt reads an email
Dinner at Don Pablos
Draft chatter
More draft chatter
Group Photo (Back row: Falduto, Williams, Turnbull, Plunkitt, Baxter  Front row: Applegate, Brunner, Ehresman, Ryan)



Tucson Electric Park 12 March 2001
  -  Joe Garagiola talking to crowd before game 
  -  Cubs vs. Diamondbacks first base
  -  Outfield Scoreboard Tucson Electric Park

Tucson Electric Park 17 March 2001
   -  St.Patty's day Rockies vs. Diamondbacks  (notice the green bases)
   -  Larry Walker returning from the outfield 

Hi Corbett Field 11 March 2001
   -  Outfield  A's vs. Rockies
   -  Home Plate at bat
   -  Buddy Bell talking to media following game
   -  John Turnbull with two ghosts of SPB past

Tucson Electric Park 13 March 2001
   -  Lou Piniella 
   -  John Olerud at the plate
   -  Mark Grace in new D-Back digs

Tucson Electric Park 18 March 2001
   -   Stage (left to right starting with orange is Morris, Fidrych, and Carlton)
   -   Jack Morris signing autographs
   -   Mark Fidrych signing autographs
   -   Jerry Kindall talking with media
   -   Ron Cey waiting his turn
   -   Outfield (Overlooking Catalina Mountains)
   -   Left field
   -  Stepson Nick on TV making hot dogs with Solomon Wilcot #1
   -  Stepson Nick on TV making hot dogs with Solomon Wilcot #2
   -  Stepson Nick on TV making hot dogs with Solomon Wilcot #3
   -  Stepson Nick on TV making hot dogs with Solomon Wilcot #4

SPB-1952 Draft,  November 4, 2000.Court Lake in the Hills, IL

Back row:Falduto, Ungashick, Plunkitt
Front row:Ryan, Miller

Ungashick, Falduto, Ryan, Plunkitt



Official Drink of SPB

Official mascot of SPB

Gray Plunkitt and
Bob Buonaccorsi

Tim Johnson

Rick Ryan and Bob

Fellow Hoosiers

Gang of 7

After 10 hours

Done, finally!