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Steve Lehman
Bloomington Hoosiers


The Hoosiers, a 1984 Wild Card team, took the 84 crown, amassing a stellar 12-2 record during the playoffs.

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John Turnbull

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April 5, 2021

1985 Team name change

The South Bend Cubs, managed by Rick Ryan are pulling up stakes in South Bend, and will now be known as the Indy Alley Cats.

April 5, 2021

1984 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to the Bloomington Hoosiers, managed by Steve Lehman, who upset the Blue Ridge Mountaineers to take the crown. It is to be noted that the Hoosiers cliced through the entire playoff field with a sterling 12-2 record in his three playoff series. Congratulations Steve! Now it's on to 1985.

March 17, 2021

1985 Draft Lottery results

Here are the official order of the first six picks:

1) Milwaukee Road (Mace Matayc) Holds serve with #1 seed
2) Preble Zorros (Jim Wheeler) Moves up 2 spots from 4 seed
3) Beast Coast Brushbacks (Chris Longo) stays at #3
4) Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) receives #4 as default for not getting top 3 pick
5) Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) moves up one spot
6) Collierstown Highlanders (John Moore) Moves down one spot

August 29, 2021

1984 New manager

Gentlemen: I would like to introduce the newest addition to SPB-1, who will be taking over Bill's Wabash Rivers franchise. Marc Unger will be the new manager and he will be renaming the team to the Bolton Hill Scotties (F Scott Fitzgerald lived a few houses down from him). His logo will be an angry Scottish Terrier. He has moved out of Arlington Stadium and into Exhibition Stadium. Marc's email is mindblanking@yahoo.com. Welcome aboard Marc! Bill was a good man and I know you will do well by his franchise.

April 11, 2021

1984 New manager

I wish this replacement were under better circumstances, but I am happy that we have a great manager to take John's place. Longtime SPB Manager Bill Lanke will be taking the reigns of the Barking Owls. He will be renaming the team to the "Wabash Rivers" and will be vacating Dodger Stadium and will be moving into Arlington stadium. This leaves Dodger Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium, Exhibition Statium and Olympic Stadium as the four avaialable. Welcome aboard John!

January 27, 2021

1984 Team name and Stadium Changes

This is where we will officially log the Team name and Stadium changes for the 1984 off-season

Team Name Changes:
The Las Vegas Reyes de Plata have renamed their team to the Las Vegas Thunder
The San Diego Conquistadors are now known as the Milwaukee Road.

Stadium Changes:
The Thunder will vacate Arlington Stadium and move back into the Metrodome.
The Milwaukee Road will move out of Jack Murphy Stadium and into County Stadium

Available Stadiums: Jack Murphy Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Exhibition Stadium, Arlington Stadium

January 24, 2021

1983 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to John Moore, and his Collierstown Highlanders for besting the Evanston Black Sox, guided by John Ungashick in a hard-fought 7 game series. This is John's firs ever SPB title in any of our SPB Leagues. A great accomplishment indeed. John U. also had a great season, and got to share it with his drinking buddy Al Holland. We are now on to 1984!

January 17, 2021

1983 End of season reports

Here will be the last ever set of OVERUSE and USE OR LOSE reports for SPB-1.

January 16, 2021

1984 Team changes

I will post any team name changes and stadium changes here.

The Las Vegas Reyes de Plata (Mike See) are renaming the team to the Las Vegas Thunder.

The San Diego Conquistadors have rebranded their team to the Milwaukee Road.

June 9, 2020

1983 Free Agent pickups

The following teams have picked up a few of the remaining Free agents:

Cleveland Buckeys: Scott Loucks

Fairfax Peppers: Jeff Keener

April 9, 2020

1983 Call for protected rosters

It is time to send in your rosters in preparation for Rule 5. Below is the following numbers that each team can protect. A reminder that we will be using the split DH starting in 83.

22 Players
Las Vegas Reyes de Plata
Flushing Rats
Asheville Tourists
New York Mets
Kenosha Eagles
Ottawa Lynx

21 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Frankfort Tigers
San Diego Conquistadors
Nanoose Bay Barking Owls
Cleveland Spiders
Preble Zorros
Bloomington Hoosiers
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes
Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Wabash River Catfish
Collierstown Highlanders
Rockford Forest Citys

20 Players
Cuyahoga River Flames
South Bend Cubs
Evanston Black Sox
Dayton Triangles
Fairfax Peppers
Cleveland Buckeyes

You may send me an export file/MP with unprotected players farmed. DO NOT farm uncarded players. They DO NOT count towards the numbers above. All rosters must be in by Friday, April 17th.

March 20, 2020

1983 Stadium Changes

The Blue Ridge Mountaineers will leave County Stadium for Anaheim Stadium.

This leaves County and Exhibition Stadiums as the two open parks.

February 17, 2020

Zorros players released

The Preble Zorros have released the following, and will enter the 1983 rookie draft:

Don Cooper
Bob Tufts
Curt Kaufman
Casey Parsons

The following will be released and will enter the rookie draft during their next carded season: Jim Dorsey, Phil Huffman, Mike Kinnunen.

February 16, 2020

Catfish players released

The Wabash River Catfish have released the following, and will enter the 1983 rookie draft:

Bud Bulling
Edwin Rodriguez
Bob Skube
Nick Capra

February 14, 2020

New manager for Las Vegas Thunder

With Mike See taking over the Pine Barons, the Thunder franchise has been claimed by John Pieschalski. He will be renaming his team to the Cleveland Buckeyes. He will remain in the Metrodome. Welcome aboard John!

February 14, 2020

Reyes de Plata players released

The following players have been released. The 1985 players will come back in the 1985 rookie draft. The remaining players will be placed in the 1983 rookie draft.

Butch Benton-1985
Joe DeSa-1985
Alan Fowkels - 1985
Junior Kennedy
Randy Martz
Roger Erikson
Glenn Gulliver
Brad Mills
Mike Jorgensen

February 11, 2020

Manager Resignation and team restructuring

Guys. Marc Shaw has resigned from SPB-1 and he leaves in good standing. Due to the current state of the team roster, I am implementing the following changes:

1) Move his 1st round draft pick to the #7 position behind the lottery teams. Analyzing the 1983 draft, this one is pretty deep. The #24 rated player by WAR is Jose Oquendo with a 13.3 WAR. There is no real cliff in this first 2 rounds like in some drafts. This will not adversely affect teams that would have to move down one slot. If this were done at season's end, he would have been in the lottery with no worse than a #3 overall pick.

2) Give team a compensatory pick at the end of round 1. This would equal the first pick in round 2, which is what he would have had if he quit right after the season. If I slipped him into the #1 spot, I would have to renumber all of the trades below that on the trade page, which I would rather not do.

3) Give team the first pick in the Rule 5 draft. This is the position that the team would have had if he quit right after the season.

I believe this will allow the least amount of disruption in the draft, and give the team four solid players to quickly add to their roster.

In addition to this, Mike See has volunteered to give up his World Championship team to make the Thunder the open team that we will be filling. Mike will aggressively use his talents to restock the team along with the provisions above. He will rename the Pine Barons to the Las Vegas Reyes de Plata.

Making the Thunder available will make filling the team much easier to do. Plus you wont have to worry about Mike being in the playoffs for the next few years as he rebuilds the team!

January 21, 2020

1982 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and his Las Vegas Thunder, for capturing the 1982 World Series in five games over Rick Ryan's South Bend Cubs. This was Mike's third SPB-1 crown....his first since 1977. Mike also has amassed 14 overall SPB titles. Complete coverage can be found on the SPB-1 page.

January 15, 2020

Two team name changes for 1983

Two changes to report as we head into the 1983 off-season:

1) Jim Wheeler, who took over the Charlotte Cougars, will be renaming his team to the Preble Zorros. He will be moving out of Exhibition Stadium, and into the Oakland Coliseum, so Exhibition Stadium and the Kingdome are available.

2) The Niskauyna Nationals (Don Rahn) have renamed their team to the New York Mets.

January 15, 2020

1982 End of Season Reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we present to you the 1982 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the season that has just ended.

January 10, 2020

1982 Pre-Season Prognosis Comparison

Linked is a comparison of actual and expected wins plus the results of my preseason analysis based on my standard formulas. I did not produce a written preseason prognosis but if I had it would have been based on these formulas. The actual and expected wins were pretty close in almost all cases. The River Flames who underachieved by one game were overtaken by the Triangles who overachieved by six games in the AL West. With a few ups and downs here and there everyone else pretty much ended up where they should have. In terms of the prognosis; the formula picked three of the four division winners with only the Cubs rising to the top instead of favored Rockford. The Cougars made it to third in the AL East as opposed to a projected sixth but the forecast showed them only a few points out of fourth.The Brushbacks were picked for third in the AL West but fell to fifth despite overachieving by three games from expected wins; sometimes those things just happen!

In the NL East my Black Sox made it all the way to second (and had the fourth best record in all of SPBI) despite a solid forecast of fourth and only a hair out of fifth. The Spiders were picked for a very close third and easily should have contended for the pennant but they finished fifth. The Pine Barons were picked for fourth (but only a hair above the next two teams) but finished a distant sixth.

Good luck to the playoff teams and then on to 1983 and the new DH/non-DH format!

January 10, 2020

1983 Lottery draft order

The Illinois evening pick 3 number last night was :  038.

The lottery draft order will be as follows:

1) Flushing Rats (Joe Dezarlo) 59 wins
2) Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer) 67 wins
3) Beast Coast Brushbacks (Chris Longo) 71 wins
4) Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate) 63 wins
5) Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn) 69 wins
6) Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) 68 wins


January 5, 2020

1982 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The final stats and power rankings for the 1982 season are now posted.

The American League Championship series will pitt the Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) against the Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)

The National League Championship Series will match the Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson against the South Bend Cubs (Rick Ryan)

Good luck to all participants.

July 11, 2019

New manager

Please welcome SPB-4 Manager John Lippincott into SPB-1. He will be taking over the Damage franchise and will be renaming it to the Charlotte Cougars. This name change will appear on the May Database. Welcome aboard John!

June 20, 2019

Free Agent pickups (Updated)

The Wabash River Catfish have cut Rick Wise and Del Unser, and have picked up Eddie Vargas and Bob Skube.

The Ottawa Lynx have claimed the following players: Larry Ray, Dan Firova, Ron Pruitt, and Juan Espino


September 3, 2021

Season begins

March 2022


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