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Rockford swept the mighty Thunder to end the Mike See Dynasty in four games. Co-MVPs: Bill Buckner, 11-18, 2-2B, HR and 9 RBI; Omar Moreno 11-20 3-2B, 6 runs scored and 2 SB

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January 10, 2020

1982 Pre-Season Prognosis Comparison

Linked is a comparison of actual and expected wins plus the results of my preseason analysis based on my standard formulas. I did not produce a written preseason prognosis but if I had it would have been based on these formulas. The actual and expected wins were pretty close in almost all cases. The River Flames who underachieved by one game were overtaken by the Triangles who overachieved by six games in the AL West. With a few ups and downs here and there everyone else pretty much ended up where they should have. In terms of the prognosis; the formula picked three of the four division winners with only the Cubs rising to the top instead of favored Rockford. The Cougars made it to third in the AL East as opposed to a projected sixth but the forecast showed them only a few points out of fourth.The Brushbacks were picked for third in the AL West but fell to fifth despite overachieving by three games from expected wins; sometimes those things just happen!

In the NL East my Black Sox made it all the way to second (and had the fourth best record in all of SPBI) despite a solid forecast of fourth and only a hair out of fifth. The Spiders were picked for a very close third and easily should have contended for the pennant but they finished fifth. The Pine Barons were picked for fourth (but only a hair above the next two teams) but finished a distant sixth.

Good luck to the playoff teams and then on to 1983 and the new DH/non-DH format!

January 10, 2020

1983 Lottery draft order

The Illinois evening pick 3 number last night was :  038.

The lottery draft order will be as follows:

1) Flushing Rats (Joe Dezarlo) 59 wins
2) Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer) 67 wins
3) Beast Coast Brushbacks (Chris Longo) 71 wins
4) Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate) 63 wins
5) Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn) 69 wins
6) Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) 68 wins


January 5, 2020

1982 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The final stats and power rankings for the 1982 season are now posted.

The American League Championship series will pitt the Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) against the Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)

The National League Championship Series will match the Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson against the South Bend Cubs (Rick Ryan)

Good luck to all participants.

July 11, 2019

New manager

Please welcome SPB-4 Manager John Lippincott into SPB-1. He will be taking over the Damage franchise and will be renaming it to the Charlotte Cougars. This name change will appear on the May Database. Welcome aboard John!

June 20, 2019

Free Agent pickups (Updated)

The Wabash River Catfish have cut Rick Wise and Del Unser, and have picked up Eddie Vargas and Bob Skube.

The Ottawa Lynx have claimed the following players: Larry Ray, Dan Firova, Ron Pruitt, and Juan Espino

January 14, 2019

1981 World Series complete

Congratulations to the Rockford Forest Citys, skippered by Terry Baxter for sweeping Mike See's Las Vegas Thunder in four games to break the dynasty and capture his first SPB-1 crown. Congrats to Mike on a great season and another WS appearance. Complete writeups and boxscores can be found in the playoff links. We are done with the split-season and onto 1982!

January 10, 2019

1982 Ballpark Changes

The Wabash River Catfish are vacating the Metrodome and will move into Riverfront Stadium. The Las Vegas Thunder will then take the Metrodome and vacate the Kingdome

This will leave the Kingdome and Oakland Coliseum as the two open stadiums.

January 3, 2019

1981 End of Season files

Now that the split season is over, I present to you the end of season Use or Lose and Overusage results for each team. Considering the challenge with usage, we actually as a whole had fewer games of penalties handed out than we did in 1980!

January 2, 2019

September stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September of 1981 are now posted.

Guys....a huge thank you for getting the last week's stats in early.

The Playoff opponents will be :
AL: Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) vs Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
NL: Fairfax peppers (Ron Peterson) vs. Rockford Forest Citys (Terry Baxter)

I will have the playoff database out to the playoff managers soon.

Batting Crown: Carney Lansford .353
HR: Mike Schmidt 52
RBI: Mike Schmidt 149 He batted .347, 3rd in batting
Stolen Bases: Omar Moreno 74. Rickey says he beat out Rickey by 2SB

Wins: Bob Knepper 22-7
ERA: Bob Kneper 1.87
Strikeouts: Nolan Ryan 259
Saves: Jeff Reardon/Dan Quisenberry 34

I will have the website updated in the next few days, along with the Draft lottery and usage reports. I will send one final spreadsheet out in the next few days as well.

Thank you everyone for finishing a challenging season. I know it was confusing at times with the pro-rated stats, but we made it through.

We are onto 1982...the year I graduated High School

November 24, 2018

1981 August stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for August of 1981 are now posted.

We now head into week to week play.

Active rosters can be set to up to 40 players.

I have farmed all players on rosters that are either future players or those who have met or exceeded their limits according to the attached spreadsheet. Please contact me if you have any questions about a particular player.

A reminder that the 50% use or lose is based on the REAL LIFE stats for the 81 season, meaning they are more relaxed for this season. The usage meter is an accurate guide for hitters, as well as pitchers, along with meting the 50% Games pitched.

We have a few very close races that are still yet to be decided. The Triangles and River Flames are in a dead heat in the AL West, while the AL East is separated by just 1 game.

Netplay is encouraged.....especially for those series that are playoff-dependent.

Usage has been reset for the Final time this season. Starting with your first game, your pitching rotations must be in chronological order for the remainder of the season plus the post season. Starters must have at least 3 days calendar rest between starts.

Do NOT reset player usage after playing your series.

February 28, 2018

1981 New Manager in place

Gentlemen: Mike Boling and the Terre Haute Phillies have decided to relinquish their franchise. I would like to thank Mike for his many years in SPB-1 and he leaves in good standing. He will remain in SPB-2. Taking his place is long-time DMB player Chris Longo, who will be renaming his team the "Beast Coast Brushbacks." He has given up rights to Riverfront Stadium and is now claiming Yankee Stadium for his team, leaving Riverfront and the Oakland Coliseum as the two available parks. Welcome aboard Chris!


Jan 6, 2020

Playoffs Start

@Feb.1 , 2020

Trading begins

Power Rankings

  1)  Thunder
  2)  Peppers
  3)  Triangles
  4)  Flames
  5)  Forest Citys
  6)  Black Sox
  6)  Cubs
  8)  Highlanders
  9)  Spiders
  9)  Zoo Crew
  11)  Mountaineers
  12)  Catfish
  13)  Cougars
  14)  Barking Owls
  15)  Tigers
  16)  Hoosiers
  17)  Conquistadors
  18)  Brushbacks
  18)  Eagles
  20)  Tourists
  21)  Lynx
  22)  Rats
  23)  Nationals
  24)  Pine Barons

1982 1st rd results

1) Barking Owls-W.Boggs
2) Hoosiers-T.Gwynn
3) Nationals-D.Mattingly
4) Highlanders-T.Phillips
5) Tourists-W.McGee
6) Spiders-B.Doran
7) Eagles-J.Franco
8) Rats-F.Viola
9) Eagles-M.Moore
18)Black Sox-B.Laskey
19)Pine Barons-J.Stuper
21)Nationals-OC Boyd
24)Citys-E.Vande Berg

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