Subj: So Long to These Players. 
Date: 9/23/2003 10:57:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
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All SPB III Managers,  Now that the regular season of 1934 is over, I can announce that the following M.L. players who were on your rosters during play of 1934 have been given the pink slip, never to return to SPB baseball again.  These players are simply listed by name and primary position.  Other than that they are in no particular order.
Eddie Moore, inf
Fred Muller, 2b
Red Worthington, of
Mort Flohr, p
Cy Moore, p
Evar Swanson, of
Pat Veltman, c
Sparky Adams, 3b
Frank Doljack, of
Irv Jeffries, 2b
Homer Peel, of
Muddy Ruel, c
George Darrow, p
Bill McAfee, p
Jake Flowers, inf
Andy High, 3b
Gordie Hinkle, c
Wally Roettger, of
Ed Holley, p
Ray Kolp, p
Heinie Meine, p
Harry Smythe, p
Joe Chamberlain, ss
Jim Shevlin, 1b
Charlie Devens, p
Alex McColl, p
Bob Boken, inf
Lefty O'Doul, of
Hi Bell, p
Bob Kline, p
Spike Merena, p
Phil Page, p
Charlie Perkins, p
Harvey Hendrick, of-1b
Harry McCurdy, c-1b
Ivey Shiver, of
Sarge Connally, p
Harry Kinzy, p
Dick Gyselman, inf
Don Hurst, 1b
Mark Mauldin, 3b
Ownie Carroll, p
Jumbo Elliott, p
Milt Gaston, p
Reggie Grabowski, p
Joe Mulligan, p
Earl Clark, of
Dutch Holland, of
Reese Diggs, p
Sam Rice, of
Art Ruble, of
Glenn Chapman, c
Pat Crawford, inf
Johnny Frederick, of
Ed Morgan, 1b
Art Scharein, 3b
Joe Shaute, p
Ed Wells, p
George Grantham, inf
Dave Harris, of-1b
Clyde Manion, c
Marty McManus, inf
John Pasek, c
Frenchy Uhalt, of
Hack Wilson, of
Herb Pennock, p
Milt Bocek, of
Bud Clancy, 1b
Francis Healy, c
John Kerr, inf
Riggs Stephenson, of
Charlie Uhlir, of
Lincoln Blakely, of
Joe Judge, 1b
Dick Porter, of
Wes Schulmerich, of
Pete Susko, 1b
Bennie Tate, c
Phil Gallivan, p
Burleigh Grimes, p
Jim Mooney, p
Some HOF'ers, some very good players, some journeymen, and some who were just a name now leave the realm of SPB III.