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Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 11:17 AM
To: Rich Applegate; Terry Baxter; Jerry Cada; Mike Galbreath; Dave Lauer; Bill Linn; Lynn Miller; Larry Schilling; Larry Schilling; Mike See; Greg Stillwagon; john Turnbull; John Ungashick; Jim Wheeler; Christopher A. Williams
Subject: New Revised List of Penalties for Overused Players of SPB III 1936.
All SPB III Managers,   
I have talked with League President Joe DeZarlo to get his thoughts on this, and he believes the recent changes will help some really bad teams not get destroyed in the coming 1937 drafts.  That is the reason we have decided to redo the penaltys for the 1936 season, based on the just released changes sent.  Because most of the '36 teams that were hit hardest with penaltys this year, were not good teams at all, and most had gotten their penaltys while using Bonus Players, which showed they were making an effort to stay within the SPB league rules.
   Additionally, in this league in particular (SPB III), it has always been a problem coming up with enough relief pitching due to the era of small rosters during the days of real life economical depression.  Sometimes a position player like a catcher, or certain infield spots were also shorthanded because of this fact.  The real team owners of this time period literally did not have the money to add more players to their rosters, so they made due with less personel.  Also there was not much thought given to platooning in those days.  That and the fact that relief pitching was still in one of it's most primitive periods, were some of the main causes of player shortages during the 30's. 
   Anyway, I had long thought about a two tiered system for our overused players.  It just is not fair to penalize bonus players to the same degree as the better players.
    I believe this will help our leagues in two ways:  1.  It will not penalize nearly as severely for overusing the mostly "back up" or lesser players.  2.  It will encourage further use of these "Bonus players" because of thei lesser penalty rate (50%).  As we all know, getting managers to use the least of their rostered players has always been a problem in the history of SPB.)
   On the lists below an asterik beside a players name means he was a bonus player and only the half penalty is in effect for him.  That being said, here is an updated list of all player overusage for the 1936 season:
Teams listed below have less than permanent penalties:
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)  2 Games
Luke Appling 14 AB (2)
Brooklyn Beasts (Lynn Miller) 3 Games
Carl Doyle* 5 Games (2 1/2)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)  6 Games
Frank Pytlak 6 AB (1)
Harlond Clift 24 AB (4)
Cecil Travis 5 AB (1)
Pocono Tomahawks (Jim Wheeler)  6 Games
George Earnshaw* 1ST (1)
Whitey Hilcher* 5 G (2 1/2)
Ray Phelps* 3 G (1 1/2)
Tom Zachary* 1 G (1/2)
Motor City Purple Gang (Greg Stillwagon)  7 Games
Lefty Gomez 1 G (1)
Red Ruffing 3 G (3)
Euel Moore* 6 G (3)
And here is the list of all teams incurring a permanent penalty:
Baroda Barons (Mike Galbreath)  14 Games *
Herman Fink*  7 ST (7)
Al Milnar*  5 G (2 1/2)
Hank Winston* 9 G (4 1/2)
Louisiana Purchase (Larry Schilling) 16 Games *
John Mihalic 33 AB (6)
John Vergez 7 AB (1)
Flea Clifton* 9 AB (1/2)
Ed Coleman 20 AB (4)
George Washington*  7 AB (1/2)
Joe DiMaggio 23 AB (4)
 NOTE:   Under this new system, all teams ending with a half game of overuse in their totals will be rounded UP to the next game for the total.
This will become the official list for 1936.  John Turnbull will soon replace the old penalty note on the SPB III webpage with this one. 

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