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Subject: 1936 Players Lost Due to 50% Use or Loose Rules.
All SPB III 1936 Managers,  Here is our report for all players not used 50% during the just completed season:
These players were lost to their teams, and will return in the 1937 rookie draft.
Roy Spencer, c  Baroda
Johnny McCarthy, 1b  Baroda
Kemp Wicker, P  Frankfort
Ski Melillo, 2b  Pocono
Jim Bucher, inf  Schaumburg
These players were lost, and will return in future SPB seasons.
Hugh Luby, 3b  Baroda (1944)
Dick Culler, ss  Detroit (1943)
Bud Hafey, of  Detroit (1939)
Jim Gleeson, of  Frankfort (1939)
Lynn King, of  Pocono (1939)
The following players were lost, but would have been anyway as they never play again in SPB.
Glenn Myatt, c  Alma
Charlie Berry, c  Baroda
Hal Finney, c  Frankfort
Ox Eckhardt, of  Frankfort
Bob Brown, p  Maumee
Stu Flythe, p  Maumee
Travis Jackson, ss  Motor City
Whitey Wilshere, p  Rock Island
Ray Pepper, of  Schaumburg
This concludes the full report for the 1936 season on Use or Loose rule.

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