From: Gary Plunkitt []
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 9:42 AM
To: Rich Applegate; Terry Baxter; Jerry Cada; Joe DeZarlo; Mike Galbreath; Lynn Miller; Rick Ryan; John Saunders; Mike See; john Turnbull; John Ungashick; Jim Wheeler; Christopher A. Williams
Subject: Overusage Penaltys for 1937 Season.
All SPB III Managers,  Here is the list for all teams overusage during the 1937 season.  Penaltys will be applied to the coming 1938 rookie draft order.  First order, as usual will be to recognize those managers who had no overuse whatever during the just completed season.  This list is a short one.  Congratulations to Mike See and his 1st place Detroit Wovlerines, to Rich Applegate of the Kansas City Blues, and to John Ungashick of the Schaumburg Hawks!  Thanks guys, a job well done!
Next are the teams with overuse ranging from 1 to 4 games:
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter) - 1 Game
Moose Solters, of  6 AB (1)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt) - 1 Game
Bob Smith, p  1 Appearance (1)
Odessa Files (John Saunders) - 2 Games
Kiddo Davis, of  6 AB (1)
Buck Ross, p  1 Appearance (1)
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo) - 3 Games
Jimmy Brown, 2b  19 AB (3)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams) - 4 Games
Bill Cissell, inf  19 AB (3)
Joe Cronin, ss 9 AB (1)
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada) - 4 Games
Walt Stephenson, c  7 AB (1)
Morrie Arnovich, of  16 AB (3)
Good job guys!  Only slightly off the mark. ;)
Here are the teams with 5 games or more of overuse:
Elkhart RVers (Lynn Miller) - 5 Games
Dick Coffman, p  1 Appearance (1)
Al Smith, p  4 Appearances (4)
Kansas City Barons (Mike Galbreath) - 7 Games
Gil English, 3b  30 AB (6)
Buck Marrow, p  2 Appearances* (1)*
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan) - 8 Games
Don Gutteridge, 2b  9 AB (1)
Jo Jo Moore, of  5 AB (1)
Ethan Allen, of  9 AB (1)
Roy Weatherly, of  20 AB* (2)*
Fred Tauby, of  5 AB* (.5 or 1/2)*
Close but no cigar, fellows!
* means offending player was bonus player and only half penalty is in effect (see const.)  But 1/2 in the total accessment is rounded up to the next whole number.
NOTE ONE:   A 5 game penalty that would have been in effect for the Pocono Tomahawks was waived because manger Jim Wheeler resigned from SPB III at the conclusion of the 1937 season, due to his new job. 
NOTE TWO:  Penaltys against the Louisiana Purchase were waived due to the manager change during the season. 
Overall a fine job by our managers in SPB III concerning overuse.  However, in the case of 11 teams, things could be improved a bit next time around.  ;)

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