From: Gary Plunkitt []
Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 11:29 AM
To: Rich Applegate; Terry Baxter; Jerry Cada; Joe DeZarlo; Mike Galbreath; Lynn Miller; Rick Ryan; John Saunders; Mike See; Joe Terry; john Turnbull; John Ungashick; Christopher A. Williams
Subject: Players Lost from 50% Use 'Em or Loose 'Em from 1937 Season.
All Managers of SPB 1937,  A very good job overall on the use em or loose em rule.  Only the following players were lost from not attaining 50% useage this season:
These players were lost, but will return included in the 1938 rookie draft:
Ace Parker, ss - Baroda Barons
Babe Dahlgren, 1b - Baroda Barons
Elmer Burkart, p - Baroda Barons
Chet Laabs, of - Louisiana Purchase
Gene Corbett, 1b - Schaumburg Hawks
These players were lost and will return in future rookie drafts:
Wallie Millies, c - Baroda Barons (1939)
Dick Lanahan, p - Louisiana Purchase (1940)
These players were not used 50% either, but they never appear again, so are gone anyway.
Ed Morgan, of - Baroda Barons
Don Brennan, p - Hoosier Thunderbolts
Sid Gautreaux, c - Kansas City Blues
Joe Becker, c - Louisiana Purchase
Flea Clifton, inf - Louisiana Purchase
Joe Gonzalez, p - Maumee River Carp
Randy Moore, of - Pocono Tomahawks
Ski Melillo, 2b - Pocono Tomahawks
Ed Madjeski, c - Rock Island Arsenal
Jake Daniel, 1b - Rock Island Arsenal
That is the total list of players with underuse for the just completed 1937 season.

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