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SPB1-1992 Champion

Steve Ehresman
Lafayette Aviators


The Aviators win their first SPB crown, which is a first overall for manager Steve Ehresman, in a tough fought 7 game battle over the Dwarves The MVP was Dennis Martinez, who won game 7 and had an 13-11-3-1-9 line.

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Chris Williams

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Dave Lauer

SPB-4 News that's fit to print

March 31, 2020

1992 Season look-behind

Thanks goes out to Steve Brunner for his "Final Outcome" article, looking over his predictions.

March 31, 2020

1993 Stadium Change

Stadium changes to make note of:

Nidavellir Dwarves vacate Three Rivers Stadium and move into the Kingdome.
The Gnomes move out of County Stadium and move into Anaheim Stadium.
The Leathernecks move out of Royals Stadium and into County Stadium.

This leaves Royals Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium as the two open parks.

March 28, 2020

1992 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Steve Ehresman and the Lafayette Aviators, who endured three rounds of playoff series to capture the 1992 title! Big props also goes out to Dean Toso for capturing the A.L. Pennant. The scores will all be posted shortly and the writeups will be posted as I receive them. The complete draft order will be posted shortly as well. The trading lamp is now officially lit!

March 8, 2020

1993 Lottery Results

Guys: The pick 3 number from last night's Illinois evening lottery was : 3-0-4

Here is the official lottery order based on those results:

1) Preble Crawfords (Jim Wheeler)
2) Los Angeles Kingsmen (Jonathan Dalton)
3) New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn)
4) Fairfax Canaries (Ron Peterson)
5) Rossville Rockets (Rick Ryan)
6) East Kenosha Leathernecks (Dave Lauer)

Spots 1,2,3 and 5 remain the same. The Canaries and Leathernecks swap spots.
The complete draft order will be posted following the completion of the World Series.

Congrats to Jim on the top pick!

March 5, 2020

Manager Change and team name Change

I am sad to announce that Mike See will be relinquishing his powerhouse Fog City Phantoms franchise. Taking his place is current SPB manager Jerry Cada, who has renamed the team to the Yakima Yaks. Mike will be running his team through the playoffs, then Jerry will take over.

Jim Wheeler has renamed the Punxsutawny Pachyderms to the Preble Crawfords.

February 29, 2020

1992 End of season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we put out the USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports. Contact the Commish if you have any questions.

February 28, 2020

1992 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1992 are now posted.

Here are the matchups for the 92 Playoffs:
A.L.: Mudhens vs Plainsmen // Gnomes vs Dwarves
N.L.: Rough Riders vs Brushbacks // Phantoms vs Aviators

Complete coverage can be found on the 1992 Playoffs coverage link.

September 12, 2019

1992 Predictions

A huge thanks to Steve Brunner for providing us with his 1992 season Predictions. I just hope my team can meet expectations! You can find the article HERE.

July 9, 2019

1992 New Manager

Please welcome SPB veteran Dave Lauer back into the SPB-4 fold. Dave will be taking over the Damage franchise and will rename it to the East Kenosha Leathernecks. He will be staying put in KC Royal's Stadium. Welcome back Dave!

June 28, 2019

1992 Rule 5 Roster Cuts

The following teams have released the following players in order to get their roster down to 38 players prior to Rule 5. They will be added to the rookie draft pool:

Rough Riders: Mauro Gozzo, Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes
Magpies: Patrick Lennon, John Briscoe, Jose Gonzalez
Firebugs: Luis Quinones, Harvey Pulliam
Aviators: Mike Brumley
Metropolitans: Denny Walling, Eric Bullock, Rick Schu-96
Leathernecks: Eddie Zosky, William Brennan-93, Craig McMurtry-95, Randy Veres-94

Post Rookie Draft:
Phantoms: Eric Yelding, Rod McCray
Aviators: Steve Springer  

June 28, 2019

1992 Rule 5 Call for protecetd rosters

Now is the time to send in your protected roster to the league office. You can turn in a manager profile, or you can send them as text in an email. If you do not send a profile, I will need your Protected list, your unprotected list and your uncarded player list, so the accuracy of your roster can be accounted for. I need everybody on your team in one of those thee categories.

Here is who can protect how many players:

21 Players
Hartford Yard Goats
Los Angeles Kingsmen
Punxsutawny Pachyderms
Thunder Bay Damage
New York Metropolitans
Ottawa Rough Riders

20 Players
Baltimore SpaceMen
Edmonton Magpies
Fairfax Canaries
Frankfort Firebugs
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Asgaard Guardians
Minneapolis Millers
Carolina Game Sox
Astoria Zoo Crew
San Diego Vaqueros
East Kenosha Lemurs
Rossville Rockets

19 Players
Toledo Mud Hens
Anok Island Gnomes
Worcester Grays
Lafayette Aviators
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Fog City Phantoms

The deadline for rosters is Friday July 5th. The draft will begin as soon as I get all of the rosters in and post the list on the website. .

March 8, 2019

1991 End of Season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we bring to you the 1991 Use or Lose and Overusage Reports.

March 8, 2019

1992 Stadium Carousel

Here are the Stadium Changes so far this off-season:

Nidavellir Dwarves - Leaving Astrodome. Taking Three Rivers Stadium
Portland Pickles - Leaving Dodger Stadium. Taking Fulton County Stadium
Kingsmen - Leaving Fulton County Stadium. Taking Dodger Stadium
Guardians - Leaving Kingdome. Taking Astrodome.

Available Stadiums are: Kingdome, Anaheim Stadium.

March 8, 2019

New Managers for SPB4 1992

Dave Lauer and Steve Eury will be leaving SPB-4 at the end of the 91 season. I thank them for their time and are welcomed back anytime. Taking over will be the following:

Dean Toso will be taking over the Lemur franchise. He will be renaming it to the Nidavellir Dwarves. He will be occupying Three Rivers Stadium

Marc Hollingsworth will be taking over the Game Sox franchise. His new team name will be the Portland Pickles and will move into Fulton County Stadium.

Welcome aboard guys!

March 8, 2019

1991 September stats and Power Rankings posted

Gentlemen: The stats and rankings for the final month of 1991 season are now posted. Congratulations to the following playoff mathcups:

AL: Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney) vs. Lafayette Aviators (Steve Ehresman) LAF will have home field advantage
NL: Wright-Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull) vs. Fog CIty Phantoms (Mike See) FCP will have home field advantage

This will be a best of SEVEN series.

End of season reports and lottery results will be out soon.

December 23, 2018

1991 Halfway projection review update

Thanks to Steve Brunner....he must have been bored! We get bonus coverage as he pens his mid-season projection review. Thanks Steve!

November 9, 2018

1990 belated post season prediction lookback

Thanks to Steve Brunner for looking back in the rear view mirror one last time at the 1990 season review. Great work Steve!

August 1, 2018

1991 Free Agent pickups

The following players were claimed after the Phase 3 Free Agent draft:

Mark Knudson
Eric Nolte

Chris Howard

RELEASE Terry Puhl and Sal Campusano to get down to the 45 man limit.

Rough Riders
Accuire Mauro Gozzo and Barry Lyons. Release Jim Presley and Luis Quinones

Accuire Luis Quinones, Release Rod Booker

Accuire Sil Campusano

June 28, 2018

1991 Pre-Draft roster cuts

Guys.....the following players have been cut from their respective rosters. Those players who are carded will go into this year's rookie draft. Those players who were uncarded and cut will be deleted from the database and will appear in the appropriate year's rookie draft.

Rich Garces-92
Eric Gunderson
Mark Huisman
Randy Kramer-92
Dave Leiper-94

Gus Polidor-93
Rob Ducey
Tim McIntosh
John Shelby
Mauro Gozzo
Jay Baller-92
Fred Toliver-93
Jose Segura

Mark Knudson

Dave Rohde

June 7, 2018

1991 Call for protected rosters.

With the 1991 draft approaching, and to allow for a little extra time with the 4th of July holiday, I will be calling for protected rosters. Rosters are due to me by Friday June 29th.

2 VERY Important things:

1) If you are sending an export file, DO NOT FARM YOUR UNCARDED PLAYERS. They do NOT count towards your protected roster number. Again, Do NOT farm your uncarded players.

2) If you are sending me a typed list, I MUST have a list of your Protected players, unprotected players and uncarded players, if any. This will ensure that we have all of your players accounted for. If you send me a list of just your protected players then I will return to sender.

If you wish you can send me a screenshot of your roster in lieu of an export file or typed list.

Here is how many each team can protect:

21 Players
Ottawa Rough Riders
Punxsutawny Pachyderms
Hartford Yard Goats
Edmonton Magpies
Minneapolis Millers
New York Metropolitans

20 Players
Los Angeles Kingsmen
Lafayette Aviators
Anok Island Gnomes
East Kenosha Lemurs
Thunder Bay Damage
Carolina Game Sox
Frankfort Firebugs
Baltimore SpaceMen
Astoria Zoo Crew
Toledo Mud Hens
Asgaard Guardians

19 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Fairfax Canaries
San Diego Vaqueros
Worcester Grays
Rossville Rockets
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Fog City Phantoms

There is an extra team that can only carry 19 protected as two teams tied for the last spot. Contact me if you have any questions.

June 7, 2018

1991 Stadium Changes

Dave Lauer (Lemurs) has vacated Comiskey Park and has saddled up inside the Astrodome.

Steve Ehresman (Aviators) has claimed Comiskey Park and has vacated Three Rivers Stadium

This will leave Three Rivers Stadium and Fulton County Stadium as the two available parks.

May 30, 2018

1991 Another New manager in place

Gentlemen: Scott Saxon has relinquished the reigns of the Houston Colt 45's. In his place I would like to welcome Sean Comerford. He will rename the team to the Hartford Yard Goats, and will vacate the Astrodome for Oakland Coliseum. The two available parks now are the Astrodome and Fulton County Stadium. You can check out his complete bio on his bio page. Welcome aboard Sean!

March 28, 2018

1991 New manager in place

Guys...there is a new SPB4 Manager for the Buckhead Crackers franchise.

Jonathan Dalton will be taking over the franchise and will be renaming it to the Los Angeles Kingsmen. He will also vacate Fulton County Stadium and move into Anaheim Stadium leaving Fulton County and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

Jonathan's email address is daltonsazhomes@gmail.com

March 26, 2018

1991 Stadium Change and team name change

The Monsters have agreed to trade The Skydome to the New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn) for Candlestick Park (And future Pac Bell Park/AT&T)

With that, the Otsego Lake Monsters have decided to re-locate their franchise to San Francisco Bay Area, so Mike can be in the same town as his daughter : ) It's also closer to Balco Laboratories for Bonds and Clemens : )

The team name will also change, and we will now be called: The Fog City Phantoms


Mar 28, 2020

Off-Season begins

May 2020

FA Auction

Power Rankings

  1)  Plainsmen (1)
  2)  Gnomes (2)
  3)  Dwarves (3)
  4)  Aviators (4)
  5)  Brushbacks (9)
  6)  Phantoms (5)
  7)  Mud Hens (6)
  8)  Rough Riders (8)
  9)  Millers (10)
  10)  Pickles (7)
  11)  SpaceMen (10)
  12)  Grays (12)
  12)  Magpies (13)
  14)  Guardians (13)
  15)  Firebugs (16)
  16)  Rockets (15)
  17)  Canaries (17)
  18)  Zoo Crew (20)
  19)  Vaqueros (18)
  20)  Metropolitans (22)
  21)  Leathernecks (19)
  22)  Pachyderms (23)
  23)  Kingsmen (21)
  24)  Yard Goats (24)

1992 1st Rd. Results

  11)YardGoats-Jose Valentin
  13)Zoo Crew-S.Reynolds
  15)Zoo Crew-D.Nilsson
  17)R.Riders-JT Snow

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