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SPB4-1993 Champion

Dean Toso
Nidavellir Dwarves


The Dwarves won their first ever SPB-crown, going 12-2 in the playofs and sweeping the Magpies. Don Slaught was the MVP slashing .467/.529/.867, 7 for 15 with 3 doubles and a HR, 3 runs and 4 RBI.

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Dave Lauer

SPB-4 News that's fit to print

September 3, 2021

1993 Use or Lose

Attached in bold is the 1993 Use or Lose report.

September 3, 2021

New manager for 1994

Dave Lauer has decided to relinquish his East Kenosha Leathernecks franchise. We will miss him dearly, but he will still be playing in his other SPB Leagues. Taking his place is a former SPB Manager, Greg Nolen. Greg will rename his team the Carolina Surf. It's good to have Greg back in the SPB fold!

August 28, 2021

1993 Champion crowned!

Congratulations to Dean Toso, and his Nidavellir Dwarves, for sweeping the Edmonton Magpies and claiming the 1993 crown, after losing last year's World Series. The Dwarves went an impressive 12-2 in post-season play. Congratulation Dean!

August 3, 2021

1994 Name changes

Rick Ryan has decided to rebrand the Rossville Rockets into the Indianapolis Racers.

Terry Baxter has decided to move from Minneapolis to the sprawling metropolis of Neosho, Missourri and name his team the Neosho Nighthawks.

Their team info will be changed on his bio page and league managers pages.

July 30, 2021

1994 Lottery Results

Guys: The pick 3 from Thursday night's lottery was 8-7-1

This combo shook up the order big time! Congrats to Rick Ryan.......The #4 seed snags the first overall pick!

Here is the official order:

1) Indianapolis Racers (Rick Ryan) he is changing his team name
2) Fairfax Canaries (Ron Peterson)
3) Hartford Yard Goats (Sean Comerford)
4) Wright-Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull)
5) Steel City Whiskey Rebels (Marc Robinson)
6) East Kenosha Leathernecks (Dave Lauer)

November 21, 2020

1993 Free Agency report

Leathernecks: S-Travis Brown D- Lou Frazier
Rockets; S-Shawn Boskie, Tom Edens D-Bobby Thigpen, Greg Cadaret
Canaries: S-Dickie Thon D-Terry Jorgensen
Firebugs: S- Randy Ready, Tim Mauser, Bill Risley, Tim Costo, Billy Ashley D- Pedro Castellano, J.Austin, L.Melendez, Sam Horn, Tom Brunansky
Yard Goats: S- Pete O'Brien, Bobby Ojeda, Billy Bean, Glenn Davis, Jeff Ballard, Rich Delucia
SpaceMen: S-Pat Mahomes Sr. D-Doug Jennings
Dukes: S-Midre Cummings, Lee Tinsley D-Jeff Mutis, Frank Seminara
Yaks: S-Keith Miller, Rob Dibble, Bob Ayrault
Brushbacks: S-Ernest Riles D- Jose Oquendo
Mudhens: S- Dave Otto, Kevin Baez D- Mo Sanford, Benji Gil
Whiskey Rebels: S-Mike Hartley, Gary Varsho

Remaining Free Agents are available now on a first-come first-served basis for the remainder of the season.

November 3, 2020

1993 Roster drops

The Yakima Yaks have dropped the following players. They will become rookies in this Saturday's draft:

C Derek Parks
2b Stan Royer
ss Joe Millette
OF Gary Thurman
OF Will Pennyfeather
OF Steve Hosey

The Frankfort Firebugs have released C Rick Wrona. He will also be added to the rookie draft pool.

November 4, 2020

1993 Manager Changes

Guys: Manager Jeff Thomas has resigned from SPB due to health reasons. I would like to thank Jeff for his time here and wish him well going forward.

Taking over for Jeff is veteran DMB manager, and new SPB Manager Gary Hill. He has decided to remain in the launching pad of Fultom County Stadium, and will be changing his team name to the Flatbush Dukes. The changes will be posted to the webpage soon, and his information will be on the next database sent. Welcome aboard Gary!

Steve Ehresman has relinquished the Lafayette Aviators franchise. Taking his place is SPB manager Marc Robinson. He will be renaming the team to the Steel City Whiskey Rebels, and will occupy Three Rivers Stadium, vacating Comiskey Park.

August, 26, 2020

1993 Stadium Changes

Here are the stadium changes for the 1993 season:

Steel City Whiskey Rebels: Old: Comiskey Park New: Three Rivers Stadium
Frankfort Tigers: Old: Tiger Stadium New: Mile High Stadium
San Diego Vaqueros: Old: Yankee Stadium New: Tiger Stadium
Beast Coast Brushbacks: Old: Veterans Stadium New: Yankee Stadium

Remaining Parks: Royals Stadium, Comiskey Park, Joe Robbie Stadium, Veterans Stadium

June 12, 2020

1993 Call for protected rosters

Guys: It is time for your protected rosters to be placed for the Rule 5 draft. Attached is the latest database. Please check your roster for accuracy.

Below is the number of protected players each team can protect (This does NOT include uncarded players).

22 players
Hartford Yard Goats
Preble Crawfords
Los Angeles Kingsmen
New York Metropolitans
East Kenosha Leathernecks
Rossville Rockets

21 Players
Astoria Zoo Crew
Fairfax Canaries
Frankfort Firebugs
San Diego Vaqueros
Asgaard Guardians
Edmonton Magpies
Worcester Grays
Baltimore SpaceMen
Minneapolis Millers
Yakima Yaks
Ottawa Rough Riders
NorCal Golden Spikes

20 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Toledo Mud Hens
Nidavellir Dwarves
Anok Island Gnomes
Lafayette Aviators
Wright Patt Plainsmen

If you are submitting your roster via MP, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR UNCARDED PLAYERS ACTIVE. Do not farm them.

If you are submitting via written list, please include Protected, unprotected and uncarded players in separate lists so I can ensure the accuracy of your roster.

Screenshots of your roster are also encouraged with both means of transmission.

April 16, 2020

1993 Manager Change

I am sad to say that Marc Hollingsworth has decided to relinquish the Portland Pickles franchise. He leaves in good standing and is welcomed back at anytime. Stepping in to take his place is a returning SPB-4 manager Jeff Thomas. He will be renaming the team the NorCal Golden Spikes, and will remain in Fulton County Stadium. His email address is jst81@sbcglobal.net. The information on the website will be updated shortly. Welcome back Jeff!

March 31, 2020

1992 Season look-behind

Thanks goes out to Steve Brunner for his "Final Outcome" article, looking over his predictions.

March 31, 2020

1993 Stadium Change

Stadium changes to make note of:

Nidavellir Dwarves vacate Three Rivers Stadium and move into the Kingdome.
The Gnomes move out of County Stadium and move into Anaheim Stadium.
The Leathernecks move out of Royals Stadium and into County Stadium.

This leaves Royals Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium as the two open parks.

March 28, 2020

1992 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Steve Ehresman and the Lafayette Aviators, who endured three rounds of playoff series to capture the 1992 title! Big props also goes out to Dean Toso for capturing the A.L. Pennant. The scores will all be posted shortly and the writeups will be posted as I receive them. The complete draft order will be posted shortly as well. The trading lamp is now officially lit!

March 8, 2020

1993 Lottery Results

Guys: The pick 3 number from last night's Illinois evening lottery was : 3-0-4

Here is the official lottery order based on those results:

1) Preble Crawfords (Jim Wheeler)
2) Los Angeles Kingsmen (Jonathan Dalton)
3) New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn)
4) Fairfax Canaries (Ron Peterson)
5) Rossville Rockets (Rick Ryan)
6) East Kenosha Leathernecks (Dave Lauer)

Spots 1,2,3 and 5 remain the same. The Canaries and Leathernecks swap spots.
The complete draft order will be posted following the completion of the World Series.

Congrats to Jim on the top pick!

March 5, 2020

Manager Change and team name Change

I am sad to announce that Mike See will be relinquishing his powerhouse Fog City Phantoms franchise. Taking his place is current SPB manager Jerry Cada, who has renamed the team to the Yakima Yaks. Mike will be running his team through the playoffs, then Jerry will take over.

Jim Wheeler has renamed the Punxsutawny Pachyderms to the Preble Crawfords.

February 29, 2020

1992 End of season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we put out the USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports. Contact the Commish if you have any questions.

February 28, 2020

1992 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1992 are now posted.

Here are the matchups for the 92 Playoffs:
A.L.: Mudhens vs Plainsmen // Gnomes vs Dwarves
N.L.: Rough Riders vs Brushbacks // Phantoms vs Aviators

Complete coverage can be found on the 1992 Playoffs coverage link.

September 12, 2019

1992 Predictions

A huge thanks to Steve Brunner for providing us with his 1992 season Predictions. I just hope my team can meet expectations! You can find the article HERE.

July 9, 2019

1992 New Manager

Please welcome SPB veteran Dave Lauer back into the SPB-4 fold. Dave will be taking over the Damage franchise and will rename it to the East Kenosha Leathernecks. He will be staying put in KC Royal's Stadium. Welcome back Dave!

June 28, 2019

1992 Rule 5 Roster Cuts

The following teams have released the following players in order to get their roster down to 38 players prior to Rule 5. They will be added to the rookie draft pool:

Rough Riders: Mauro Gozzo, Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes
Magpies: Patrick Lennon, John Briscoe, Jose Gonzalez
Firebugs: Luis Quinones, Harvey Pulliam
Aviators: Mike Brumley
Metropolitans: Denny Walling, Eric Bullock, Rick Schu-96
Leathernecks: Eddie Zosky, William Brennan-93, Craig McMurtry-95, Randy Veres-94

Post Rookie Draft:
Phantoms: Eric Yelding, Rod McCray
Aviators: Steve Springer  

June 28, 2019

1992 Rule 5 Call for protecetd rosters

Now is the time to send in your protected roster to the league office. You can turn in a manager profile, or you can send them as text in an email. If you do not send a profile, I will need your Protected list, your unprotected list and your uncarded player list, so the accuracy of your roster can be accounted for. I need everybody on your team in one of those thee categories.

Here is who can protect how many players:

21 Players
Hartford Yard Goats
Los Angeles Kingsmen
Punxsutawny Pachyderms
Thunder Bay Damage
New York Metropolitans
Ottawa Rough Riders

20 Players
Baltimore SpaceMen
Edmonton Magpies
Fairfax Canaries
Frankfort Firebugs
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Asgaard Guardians
Minneapolis Millers
Carolina Game Sox
Astoria Zoo Crew
San Diego Vaqueros
East Kenosha Lemurs
Rossville Rockets

19 Players
Toledo Mud Hens
Anok Island Gnomes
Worcester Grays
Lafayette Aviators
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Fog City Phantoms

The deadline for rosters is Friday July 5th. The draft will begin as soon as I get all of the rosters in and post the list on the website. .


Jal 26, 2021

Playoffs Begins

October 2021

94 Rule 5

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