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Current League Champion

SPB1-1990 Champion

Rick Ryan
Rossville Rockets


The Rockets won their second straight SPB-4 crown, besting the Plainsmen in five games. MVP went to CF Dave ‘Hendo’ Henderson who was 8/21, 4 2B, 4 runs and 5 RBI this following his ALCS hitting 8/18, 2B, 3 HR’s, 4 runs, 7 RBI

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Don Rahn


Chris Williams

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Dave Lauer

SPB-4 News that's fit to print

September 24, 2018

1991 April stats and Power Rankings posted

Gentlemen: The stats and rankings for opening month of the 1991 season are now posted. The power ranks in parenthesis are from the final rankings last season. Please have your May profiles to your road opponent and the commish by Octber 1st.

August 1, 2018

1991 Free Agent pickups

The following players were claimed after the Phase 3 Free Agent draft:

Mark Knudson
Eric Nolte

Chris Howard

RELEASE Terry Puhl and Sal Campusano to get down to the 45 man limit.

Rough Riders
Accuire Mauro Gozzo and Barry Lyons. Release Jim Presley and Luis Quinones

Accuire Luis Quinones, Release Rod Booker

Accuire Sil Campusano

June 28, 2018

1991 Pre-Draft roster cuts

Guys.....the following players have been cut from their respective rosters. Those players who are carded will go into this year's rookie draft. Those players who were uncarded and cut will be deleted from the database and will appear in the appropriate year's rookie draft.

Rich Garces-92
Eric Gunderson
Mark Huisman
Randy Kramer-92
Dave Leiper-94

Gus Polidor-93
Rob Ducey
Tim McIntosh
John Shelby
Mauro Gozzo
Jay Baller-92
Fred Toliver-93
Jose Segura

Mark Knudson

Dave Rohde

June 7, 2018

1991 Call for protected rosters.

With the 1991 draft approaching, and to allow for a little extra time with the 4th of July holiday, I will be calling for protected rosters. Rosters are due to me by Friday June 29th.

2 VERY Important things:

1) If you are sending an export file, DO NOT FARM YOUR UNCARDED PLAYERS. They do NOT count towards your protected roster number. Again, Do NOT farm your uncarded players.

2) If you are sending me a typed list, I MUST have a list of your Protected players, unprotected players and uncarded players, if any. This will ensure that we have all of your players accounted for. If you send me a list of just your protected players then I will return to sender.

If you wish you can send me a screenshot of your roster in lieu of an export file or typed list.

Here is how many each team can protect:

21 Players
Ottawa Rough Riders
Punxsutawny Pachyderms
Hartford Yard Goats
Edmonton Magpies
Minneapolis Millers
New York Metropolitans

20 Players
Los Angeles Kingsmen
Lafayette Aviators
Anok Island Gnomes
East Kenosha Lemurs
Thunder Bay Damage
Carolina Game Sox
Frankfort Firebugs
Baltimore SpaceMen
Astoria Zoo Crew
Toledo Mud Hens
Asgaard Guardians

19 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Fairfax Canaries
San Diego Vaqueros
Worcester Grays
Rossville Rockets
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Fog City Phantoms

There is an extra team that can only carry 19 protected as two teams tied for the last spot. Contact me if you have any questions.

June 7, 2018

1991 Stadium Changes

Dave Lauer (Lemurs) has vacated Comiskey Park and has saddled up inside the Astrodome.

Steve Ehresman (Aviators) has claimed Comiskey Park and has vacated Three Rivers Stadium

This will leave Three Rivers Stadium and Fulton County Stadium as the two available parks.

May 30, 2018

1991 Another New manager in place

Gentlemen: Scott Saxon has relinquished the reigns of the Houston Colt 45's. In his place I would like to welcome Sean Comerford. He will rename the team to the Hartford Yard Goats, and will vacate the Astrodome for Oakland Coliseum. The two available parks now are the Astrodome and Fulton County Stadium. You can check out his complete bio on his bio page. Welcome aboard Sean!

March 28, 2018

1991 New manager in place

Guys...there is a new SPB4 Manager for the Buckhead Crackers franchise.

Jonathan Dalton will be taking over the franchise and will be renaming it to the Los Angeles Kingsmen. He will also vacate Fulton County Stadium and move into Anaheim Stadium leaving Fulton County and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

Jonathan's email address is daltonsazhomes@gmail.com

March 26, 2018

1991 Stadium Change and team name change

The Monsters have agreed to trade The Skydome to the New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn) for Candlestick Park (And future Pac Bell Park/AT&T)

With that, the Otsego Lake Monsters have decided to re-locate their franchise to San Francisco Bay Area, so Mike can be in the same town as his daughter : ) It's also closer to Balco Laboratories for Bonds and Clemens : )

The team name will also change, and we will now be called: The Fog City Phantoms

March 22, 2018

1990 World Series complete

Congratulations to Rick Ryan and the Rossville Rockets for winning the SPB-4 Crown for the second consecutive year in five games over the 2-time runner up Wright-Patt Plainsmen. Complete coverage of all the boxscores and writeups can be found on the website. Congrats Rick!

March 18, 2018

1990 End of season reports

Better late than never! Here are the 1990 end of season OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports. Enjoy!

March 16, 2018

1991 Manager Shuffle

Two managers have decided to turn in the franchise to the league. I would like to thank Don Hunt and Marc Robinson for their time in SPB-4, and they are welcomed back anytime. Taking over Don's Goldeyes franchise is Chris Longo. He will be renaming the team to the Beast Coast Brushbacks, and will move out of Oakland Coliseum and settle into Veterans Stadium, so Oakland Coliseum and Anahein Stadium are the two open stadii. Chris' email is datadriven05@gmail.com. Welcome aboard Chris! The Crackers franchise is still unclaimed, so if you know anyone who would like to join, please send them my way.

March 11, 2018

1990 Final stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1990 are now posted.

Congrats to Hugh McElaney and the Worcester Grays, the defending champions Rossville Rockets and Rick Ryan, The Otsego Lake Monsters and Mike see who rebuilds in short order, and myself.

August 24, 2017

1990 Draft day review

Thanks to Steve Brunner for issuing his SPB-4 1990 draft day doings for each team. I am glad he was able to make his first ever SPB-4 live draft. Thanks Steve!

July 26, 2017

1990 Stadium Change

The Lafayette Aviators have abandoned Veterans Stadium and have taken up residence in Three Rivers Stadium. This leaves Veterans and Anaheim Stadium as the two available parks.

July 26, 2017

1990 Free Agent Claims

The following players were claimed after the Free Agent draft was complete:

Scott Anderson
Jeff Mussleman
Kevin Belcher
Ozzie Canseco
Bob Malloy
Rich Yett

FIREBUGS-Gary Plunkitt
Ray Stephens

PACHYDERMS-John Lippincott
Al Nipper
Hector Wagner

Jeff Stone
Rodney McCray
Dar Smith

July 3, 2017

1990 Draft day doings

Thanks to Steve Brunner for penning this excellent article outlining each of our clubs prior to the draft.

June 25, 2017

New manager on board

Geneltmen: I would like to introduce Don Hunt to the SPB family! He will be taking over the Cavaliers/Honey Badgers franchise and will be renaming it to the Winnepeg Goldeyes. He will be vacating Three Rivers Stadium for the Oakland Coliseum. This leaves Anaheim Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium are the two open parks. Don's email address is donaldg.hunt@gmail.com. Welcome aboard Don!

May 28, 2017

Protected roster numbers

This will be the first league in which the Rule 5 draft will formally begin before the rokie draft. For that reason we will be on a schedule for both of drafts. He is the schedule:

Call for protected rosters: Saturday June 17th
Protected rosters due: Saturday June 24th
Rule 5 draft (via email): Wednesday, June 28th
Rookie Draft: Saturday July 15th.

Below are the numbers that each team can protect:

21 Players
Stan Barkun- Ottawa Rough Riders
Steve Lehman- San Diego Vaqueros
Mike See- Otsego Lake Monsters
Marc Robinson- Buckhead Crackers
Terry Baxter- Minneapolis Millers
Don Merlenbach- Pittsburgh Honey Badgers

20 Players
Dave Lauer- East Kenosha Lemurs
John Lippincott- Punxsutawney Pachyderms
Rich Applegate- Toledo MudHens
Joe Dezarlo- Astoria Zoo Crew
Mace Matayc- Baltimore SpaceMen
Steve Brunner- Anok Island Gnomes
Don Rahn- New York Metropolitans
Gary Plunkitt- Frankfort Firebugs
Steve Ehresman- Lafayette Aviators
Ron Peterson- Fairfax Canaries
Scott Saxon- Houston Colt 45's
Rick Ryan- Rossville Rockets

19 Players
Mel Schwarz- Asgaard Guardians
Rob Capizzano- Thunder Bay Damage
Steve Eury- Carolina Game Sox
Hugh McElaney- Worcester Grays
Chris Williams- Edmonton Magpies
John Turnbull- Wright-Patt Plainsmen

I will send a database out prior to the call for protected rosters. Do not send any rosters at this time until that date.

May 18, 2017

New manager on board

Geneltmen: I would like to introduce Don Merlenbach to the SPB family! He will be taking over the Cavaliers franchise and will be renaming it to the Pittsburgh Honey Badgers. He will be vacating Anaheim Stadium for Three Rivers Stadium, so Anaheim and the Oakland Coliseum are the two open parks. His email address is D.merlenbach@gmail.com. Welcome aboard Don!

March 26, 2017

1989 Season post script

SPB-4 manager Steve Brunner has put closure on his 1989 predictions with a look back plus a comparison now that the season has ended. There are three documents below listed in his wrap-up. CLick on the text below for each document.

1989 Predictions and final outcomes
Final 1989 Standings and compared predictions
1989 Team by team analysis

Thanks Steve!

March 8, 2017

1989 End of Season reports

With the end of each season, we prepare the USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the past season. Please contact me if you have any questions. .

March 3, 2017

1989 A.L. West 1-game playoff results

The Rossville Rockets defeated the Huoston Colt 45's in a 1-game playof to take the AL West Crown. Here is the BOXSCORE from the game. They will move on to face the Worcester Grays for the AL pennant. .

February 28, 2017

1989 September stats and Power rankings

The stats and power rankings for September 1989 are now posted. A one game playoff in the A.L. West between the Rockets and Colt 45's will be played. They will face the Grays in the ALCS, while the NLCS pits the Magpies against the Plainsmen. .

November 21, 2016

Musings from Dave: Eric Rasmussen

SPB Stalwart Dave Lauer tells of his connection with Eric Rasmussen in this article. Thanks Dave! .

November 13, 2016

Expansion Rules changes

On behalf of myself, your SPB-4 Commisioner, and the SPB Rules Committee, we wanted to let you know that effective immediately, the Rules Committee has unanimously approved by a vote of 10-0, the following changes beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season - For those that are in that league to, including that the info purposes as well). Beginning with those seasons, Seasons Past Baseball will be changing the way that we conduct Expansion Drafts.

In the past, we have used the actual real life expansion players for these teams, and required managers to only select from that expansion player pool from that season. Most of us have already played through these seasons at least once, and it gets quite challenging, especially with the drafts, so know who is an expansion player sometimes and who’s not. As we found in our most current 1968 draft, it can be quite confusing.

But that was not the most important reason. We really wanted to change things up a bit and allow our current managers to potentially own some of these players (Whom no one outside of expansion teams have really ever had) down the line. In addition, we believe changing to a protection and draft format the will result and a very exciting period of real drafting decisions and trading leading up to and during these seasons. It will also add a new dimension to our Rookie Draft Pool, which should be greatly strengthened over the next few seasons in both SPB-60 and SPB-4 with these new players. Most of all, we feel that it will give a new Expansion manager an even better shot at not only competing sooner, but the ability to build their own team, the way they want to build it.

So, with that said, beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season), we will be no longer using the “Actual” Expansion Teams for these drafts and will move to a real expansion draft format where the teams choose their protected players (Formats for 1961,1962 and 1993 are below).

With still being (4) years out from these seasons, we feel the impact should be minimal, though we do recognize that there will be some isolated cases of teams who have these “former” expansion players, whom they will now get to keep. Most of the good young expansion players in these seasons have not been drafted yet, but there are a few good ones, and for those who have them, from here forward, they are part of that team and that team will not lose them unless you choose not to protect them when the time comes. To be clear, there was never going to be a “perfect” time to make this change with 6 leagues, but in evaluating this, there probably was not a better time with minimal impact than right now.

You will note that each format is a little different depending on the season, and number of teams, but we tried to keep it as consistent as we could. We also conducted some mock drafts to determine what number of protected players each season would put the expansion teams in a position where they could at the very least be somewhat competitive and be in a position where could have at least one (1) marquee talent right away. We feel strongly that starting the teams with each team’s 15th best player is fair, and that the remaining allocation of players is fair as well. Beginning with these seasons, the Expansion teams will also draft 1-2 in the drafts, before the lottery teams. Because of this, during expansion seasons ONLY, we will be waiving the rule regarding appearing in consecutive lotteries. We also decided that since teams will be losing players in these seasons to expansion that during these seasons there will be no Phase 2 drafts, to minimize the existing team’s player losses.

Because we have already conducted the SPB-2 1969 Expansion Draft, these teams will remain in place the SPB-2 (1969) owners will still lose these actual expansion players from the Expos, Royals, Padres and Pilots. 1969 Teams will also still draft in the order determined prior to the draft, which is right after the 1969 lottery. So all stays the same as it was for 1969, because all of it has already happened. We do not yet have the plans for SPB-2 (1977), which is 10 years away and SPB-4 (1998), also 10 years away, but they will likely be similar to the 1993 plan. We have a while before those happen.

We hope you all enjoy this new twist to SPB. It is several years away still, but as we said, it will have an immediate impact on our drafts and your future planning as well, so we thought it was very important If we were going to make this change, to do it now, so that each of you have plenty of time to prepare.


Your Seasons Past Baseball Rules Committee
(Gary Plunkitt, John Turnbull, Mike See, Chris Williams, Joe DeZarlo, Don Rahn, Terry Baxter, Rich Applegate, John Ungashick, Rick Ryan)

Expansion Draft Rules 1993 (Specific to SPB-4)

Round 1 Expansion

1. Existing SPB-II teams will be allowed to protect 14 players prior to the Round 1 of the Expansion Draft. All players on a roster will be eligible for the expansion draft, including un-carded players. There will also be no 10-5 or Military exemptions for the expansion draft.
2. The Expansion teams will draft players from the existing teams unprotected rosters in a snaked format (1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1 etc.) until each Expansion team has a roster of 12 players.
3. Existing teams will lose a maximum of 1 player to the Expansion draft in Round 1 before their roster is locked down
4. Once an existing team has lost their max number of players for Round 1, their roster will be locked down and they will be allowed to pull back (1) one more player for protection.

Round 2 Expansion

5. Round II of the Expansion Draft takes place after the Existing teams have submitted (1) additional pullbacks. As in Round 1, no team may lose more than 1 players before they are locked down
6. Round II will be a snaked format (reverse of Phase I).
7. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 24.

Round 3 Expansion

1. Round 3 of the Expansion Draft takes place after the existing teams have submitted (1) additional pullback. As in Round 1 and 2, no team may lose more than 1 players before they are locked down
2. Round 3 will be a snaked format (reverse of Round 2).
3. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 36.

Rule Changes during Expansion Seasons:
1. There will be NO Phase 2 Draft after the Rookie Draft during the 1993 expansion season.
2. Expansion teams will pick 1-2 in the Phase 1 Draft during their first season.
3. During Expansion seasons, the restrictions on the SPB Lottery will be suspended as lottery teams will be picking 3-6, so a team will be allowed to appear two seasons in a row following an expansion season.
4. Once the trade deadline is completed in the season prior to expansion, no trades will be allowed and all rosters will be frozen prior to the following seasons Expansion Draft.

Thank you to Mike See and the rules committee for doing what we think is an improvement to our process. Please contact me if you have any questions about this. The most immediate ramifications is that those players who you thought you were going to lose automatically in 1993 because they were expansion players will no longer be the case. You will be able to keep those players as long as they are protected.

The list of expansion players will be kept on the website for the time being so you can easily identify who on your roster would have fallen into possibly being lost who are now not in that category. .

September 5, 2016

1989 Preseason Picks

Thanks goes out to Steve Brunner for a great team by team synopsis of the upcoming 1989 season. The article can be found HERE.

August 21, 2016

1989 Team Name change

Tom Kackley has changed his team name from the Canton Moondogs to the Canton Cavaliers. He is getting a kickback from LeBron I am sure!

August 16, 2016

1989 Draft day review

SPB-4 beat writer Steve Brunner has penned an excellent article about the recent 1989 draft and how each team fared. Great work Steve! The article can be found HERE.

August 16, 2016 *UPDATED*

1989 Free Agent Pickups

Here are the first wave of FA pickups. I will add onto this as more players are claimed:

Lemurs: Ed Whited, Billy Jo Robideaux
Grays: Tommy Hinzo, Mark Ryal
Monsters: Urbano Lugo
Pachyderms: Matt Kinzer
Moondogs: Pickup Jose Segura and drop Mike Rochford
Garays (19 Aug): Pickup Marcus Lawton, Mike Young, Jim Weaver

July 18, 2016

1989 Draft Day notes

A big set of thanks goes out to SPB-4 beat writer Steve Brunner for penning this excellent article outlining each team as we headed into the 1989 draft. Great job Steve!

July 9, 2016

1989 Rookie draft list additions

The following Players have been added to the rookie draft pool as a result of roster cuts by teams to get to the 38 player limit. No teams will be subject to extra possible Phase 2 roster extractions.

Al Pardo, Skeeter Barnes, Chris Bando, Tommy Hinzo, Julio Solano, Ray Krawczyk, Scotti Madison, Lou Thornton, John Castillo, Urbano Lugo, Steve Shields, Mark Ryal, Adam Peterson, Roger Mason, Brad Komminsk, Jim Traber, Dick Schofield, Mickey Brantley

July 8, 2016

Team Name Change

The Chesapeake Spacemen have change their city name to the Baltimore Spacemen to reflect their stadium location.

July 7, 2016

New manager on board

I am sad to announce that Jim Scott of the Baltimore Natti Bohs fame has decided to leave SPB-4 for greener pastures. He is welcomed back anytime. In his place to quickly get up to speed before the draft is SPB veteran Dave Lauer. Dave has renamed his team to the East Kenosha Lemurs and will continue to reside in Comiskey Park. Thank you Dave for stepping up to the plate when you were needed!

June 27, 2016

1989 Phase 2 Protected roster numbers

The following list shows how many players each team is allowed to protect for Phase 2. If you have a 10/5 player and you want to petition the league to keep an extra, please let me know soon.

Manager- Team

21 Players
Steve Lehman- San Diego Vaqueros
Tom Kackley- Canton Moondogs
Marc Robinson- Buckhead Crackers
Mike See- Otsego Lake Monsters
Gary Plunkitt- Frankfort Firebugs
Rich Applegate- Toledo MudHens

20 Players
Jim Scott- Baltimore Natti Bohs
Stan Barkun- Ottawa Rough Riders
Steve Eury- Cariolina Game Sox
Don Rahn- New York Metropolitans
Scott Saxon- Houston Colt 45's
Terry Baxter- Minneapolis Millers
Mel Schwarz- Asgaard Guardians
Mace Matayc- Chesapeake SpaceMen
Steve Brunner- Anok Island Gnomes
Ron Peterson- Fairfax Canaries
John Turnbull- Wright-Patt Plainsmen
Rob Capizzano- Thunder Bay Damage

19 Players
John Lippincott- Punxsutawney Pachyderms
Steve Ehresman- Lafayette Aviators
Hugh McElaney- Worcester Grays
Rick Ryan- Rossville Rockets
Chris Williams- Edmonton Magpies
Joe Dezarlo- Astoria Zoo Crew

June 27, 2016

New manager and Stadium Change

Gentlemen: Terry Baxter has taken over the Hoover Grizzlies Franchise and has renamed them to the Minneapolis Millers. He has also moved out of Dodger Stadium and has moved into the Metrodome. This leaves Dodger Stadium and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

June 23, 2016

1989 Rookie draft date

The SPB-4 1989 rookie draft will be held Saturday July 16th in Dayton Ohio. Please let John Turnbull know if you will be able to attend in person. Call for protected rosters will go out 2 weeks prior.

June 21, 2016

1989 Stadium change

The newly minted Carolina Game Sox has exchanged Three Rivers Stadium for Dodger Stadium. This leaves Three Rivers Stadium and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

May 10, 2016

1989 Team city name change

Manager Mace Matayc has decided to rename his team from the Boston SpaceMen to the Chesapeake SpaceMen aligning with his move into Memorial Stadium.

May 8, 2016

1989 Team name change

Manager Marc Robinson has decided to change his team name from the Atlanta Crackers to the Buckhead Crackers. All league correspondence will updated immediately.

April 26, 2016

1989 New Manager part 2

The Cedar Rapids Hired Guns franchise has disbanded. We will have to see Jerry Cada go, but he is welcomed back at anytime. Taking his place is a new SPB manager by he name of Steve Eury. He has renamed his team the Carolina Game Sox, and has traded in the Metrodome for Three Rivers Stadium. This leaves the Metrodome and Oakland Coliseum as the two availble stadiums. Welcome aboard Steve!

April 12, 2016

1989 New Manager

This is to inform you that Nick Milford has resigned his SPB-4 franchise (River City Vipers) under good terms and is welcomed back at anytime. Taking his place is current SPB manager Stan Barkun. He has renamed his team the Ottawa Rough Riders, and has vacated Baltimore Memorial COliseum for Olympic Stadium. The two open stadii are now Memorial Coliseum and Oakland Coliseum. Welcome aboard Stan!

March 29, 2016

1989 Team Name change

The Bradway Colts, managed by Steve Ehresman will now be known as the Lafayette Aviators. All team letterhead will be changed immediately.

March 29, 2016

1989 Draft Lottery results

Here are the results of the 1989 Rookie Draft Lottery. Number was 2-4-3. I must say that I gave Steve L. the choice of the date so that he could pick his own destiny, unfortunately, his choice worked out a little better for the Monsters than his Vaqueros.

1. Otsego Lake Monsters (Mike See)- 68 Wins (3 Chances)
2. Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)- 71 Wins (2 Chances)
3. San Diego Vaqueros (Steve Lehman) - 62 Wins (4 Chances)
4. Toledo Mudhens (Rich Applegate)- 71 Wins - (1 Chance)


October 1, 2018

May profiles due

October 20, 2018

May results due

Power Rankings

  1)  Plainsmen
  2)  Phantoms
  3)  Aviators
  3)  Vaqueros
  5)  Guardians
  6)  Mud Hens
  7)  Game Sox
  8)  Firebugs
  8)  Rockets
  10)  Gnomes
  11)  Grays
  12)  Millers
  13)  Magpies
  14)  Canaries
  15)  Kingsmen
  15)  Metropolitans
  17)  Rough Riders
  18)  Brushbacks
  19)  Lemurs
  20)  Zoo Crew
  21)  Yard Goats
  22)  SpaceMen
  23)  Pachyderms
  24)  Damage

1988 1st Rd. Results

  1)  Vipers-R.Johnson
  2)  Hired Guns-R.Alomar
  3)  Moondogs-J.Smoltz
  4)  Gnomes-M.Grace
  5)  Crackers-C.Schilling
  6)  Damage-K.Brown
  7)  Natti-Bohs-C.Biggio
  8)  Grizzlies-P.Borders
  9)  Mud Hens-B.Anderson
  10)  Vaqueros-R.Martinez
  11)  Canaries-E.Hanson
  12)  Guardians-T.Gordon
  13)  Pachyderms-T.Stottlemyre
  14)  Vacqueros-S.Alomar
  15)  Colt .45's-C.Sabo
  16)  Zoo Crew-D.Hamilton
  17)  Colts-D.Cook
  18)  Magpies-K.Hill
  19)  Firebugs-B.Harper
  20)  Spacemen-H.Morris
  21)  Gnomes-R.Dibble
  22)  Vacqueros-P.Harnisch
  23)  Moondogs-L.Alicea
  24)  Moondogs-N.Charlton

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Seasons: 20
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