SPB-4 Boxscores

Zoo Crew 21 Firebugs 20 1993
Juan Guzman No-Hitter! 1992
Frank Tanana No-Hitter and Tripe play in same game! 1991
Mike Moore Perfect Game! 1989
Rick Aguilera 2-hitter with 17 strikeouts 1989
Bobby Witt tosses 1-hitter and loses 1-0 1987
Erik Plunk No-hitter 1987
Frank Viola 1-hitter 1987
Eddie Murray hits for cycle, 2HR 5RBI 1987
Magpie's Mike Aldrete hits for cycle 1986
Legends 5, Plainsmen 4, 23 Innings 1986
Zoo Crew's Harold Baines: 2GSHR, 9RBI 1986
Phil Niekro SPB's 1st 300-game winner! 1985
Moose Has No-Hitter. 1985
Dave Winfield drives in 8 runs 1985
Nukes' Craig Reynolds hits for cycle 1984
Ed Whitson 1-hits the Barons 1983
Legends need 3 pitchers to 1-hit the Sharks 1983
Baron's Nolan Ryan 1-hits the Zoo Crew 1983
Baron's Nolan Ryan no-hits the Bison 1983
Plainsmen's Burt Hooton No-hits Sharks 1983
Ron LeFlore fans 6 times in a single game 1982
Manny Castillo lines into triple play in 3rd 1982
Firebugs' Britt Burns no-hits Grays 1982
Legends and Barons go 18 innings as well 1982
Corsairs and Vacqueros go 18 1982
John Denny no-hits Moondogs 1982
Ron Guidry no-hitter 1981
Jerry Reuss No-Hitter 1981
Mario Soto cant buy a no-hitter 1981
Barons and Rockets go 23 innings! 1981
Magpies Nino Espinosa no-hitter 1980
Steve Stone 10-Inning no-hitter vs Plainsmen 1979
5-O's Dan Petry no-hitter vs Revolvers 1979
Barons' Nettles with Walk-off Grand Slam HR 1979
Canaries hit into 9th inning Triple Play! 1979
Geoff Zahn no-hits the scouts 1978
Luis Tiant no-hits the Mountain Men 1977
Serranos 51  Ramblers 1 1977
Blyleven hurls 3rd SPB No-Hitter! 1977
Jim Bibby of the Revenge tosses No-Hitter! 1977
Randy Jones waits til bottom of 9th to celebrate nono 1976
Barons and Comets in a 19-inning snoozer! 1976
Firebug's John Matlack no-hits the Ramblers 1973
Pearsons rap out 20 hits and still lose! 1973
Pearsons inflict 10-run inning on Mountain Men 1973
Bob Gibson no-hits Mud Hens!
Milt Pappas throws Perfect Game against the Lemmings
Mudcrawlers Carl Morton hurls No-Hitter! 1972
Mudcrawlers and 5-O's have wild extras inning finish! 1971
Mudcrawlers' Fuentes goes 5 for 5 1971
Blyleven tosses 2nd No-Hitter in as many years! 1971
Penguins turn triple-play
Roadrunners' Ray Lamb No-Hits Vampires
Mike Torrez No-No's Tornados 1970
Pat Dobson has a wild ride
Plainsmen pummel Whiz Kids 26-2
Jim Nash tosses 1-hitter
Tony Phoebus also 1-hits the Toons in same series! 1970
Tony Cloninger 1-hits the Toons 1970
Fergie Jenkins whiffs 16 Black Barons 1970
Rockets and Mud Hens combine for 10 HR's 1970
Jim Perry's 12-hit shutout
Bert be home Blyleven PERFECT 1970

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