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Paul Meyerings
Detroit Titans


The victorious Titans were actually outplayed in the series but clutch-hitting and the lack of- was the difference. San Diego hit .315 for the series- Appling .409, Berger .400, Moore .346, Stone .333… while Detroit’s big bats struggled Vaughan .263, Leiber .217, Lombardi .111. San Diego outscored Detroit 29 t0 28, but Detroit did out homer SD five to none, with the Leiber grand slam the turning point of the series. The left on base numbers were very telling- San Diego 57, Detroit 32!

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Gary Plunkitt

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Steve Ehresman

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May 7, 2022

1936 Lottery results

The result of the Illinois State Lottery Evening "Pick 3" was: 678

The order of the four lottery teams is (see below for more details on the numbers):
LT-1: West Baden Sprudels
LT-2: Brunnerville Bean Brewers
LT-3: Schenectady Blue Sox
LT-4: Montreal Golden Buddhas

May 4, 2022

1935 Champion Crowned

Congratulations goes out to Paul Meyerings and his Detroit Titans, who bested the San Diego Glaziers and Steve Lehman in 6 games. Complete WS coverage can be found on the WS page on the left menu. On to 1936!

May 1, 2022

1935 Use or lose results

All 1935 Managers, As we wait for the upcoming World Series between the Detroit Titans and San Diego Glaziers, here is the very brief list of players (1 position player and 4 pitchers) lost during the 1935 season:

Pretzel Pezzullo, P Detroit Titans (1936)
George Turbeville, P New Haven Whiffenpoofs (1936)
Jim Walkup, P New Haven Whiffenpoofs (1936)
Johnny Welch, P San Diego Glaziers (1936)
Blondy Ryan, SS San Francisco Seals (1937)

Great job by everyone These players all will be available in the 1936 rookie draft, except for Ryan who returns in 1937 of his last 2 years

November 5, 2021

1935 Pre-Season prognosis

Get a head start on what you may expect from the 1935 season from John Ungashick's Pre-Season Prognosis. Always a great read!

August 3, 2021

1935 Managerial Changes

Two Manager changes to announce:

Mike Murphy will take over the Knights franchise from Mike See and rename it to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and will remain in Ebbets Field.

Ron Peterson will be replacing Dave Lauer, and will ername the team from the Kingfish to the Fairfield Atlantics, and will move into Philly's Shibe Park. This will leave the Polo Grounds and Comiskey Park as the two open stadiums.

It is my pleasure to announce that Stan Barkun is stepping in as manager for the old Albany Empires, now that the rookie draft is over. Stan will be taking over for original SPB X former manager John Turnbull, as John is cutting back on teams he manages to allow more time for being the webmaster and to have more personal time. Thanks John for your many years as manager of the Empires. I will announce any changes from Stan concerning his team name, and home ballpark as soon as I hear from him.

July 16, 2021

1935 Ballpark change

The Kenosha Kingfish (Dave Lauer) has decided to move out of Philly's Shibe Park, and take up residence in Chicago's Comiskey Park. So this leaves N.Y.'s Polo Grounds and Philly's Shibe Park as the open/available ballparks in case anyone is interested.

March 16, 2021

Rule Changes approved

These changes are an effort to bring the Pre-1961 leagues more in line with our new format that we are already using very successfully in the post 1961 leagues, and while it could be exactly the same not being at -4 teams and staying at -2, I think that you will see these as positive changes that will get these leagues very close to the format we are using for all Seasons Past Baseball leagues.

The biggest differences are because we will remain at -2 teams, we are implementing slightly higher usage meter percentages in the pre-1961 leagues, as well as the use of bonus players and some minor changes to the Rule 5 since we have 2 teams less players than modern leagues.

Also note, that because there are bonus players, the replacement level player rules will not be used….players will just be farmed after exceeding usage. Still NO more penalties. I think that most of you, likely with the exception of Paul, are in the modern leagues, so these changes should not be a huge thing. Paul, if you have questions regarding the new format, please reach out to myself and Mike See directly.

Here are the major changes:
-Pre-1961 leagues will remain at -2 teams and not -4 like modern leagues. Weekly play will be in place for all leagues.
-Usage level for Pitchers (Batters Faced) will be 115% (not 105% like in post 1961)
-Usage level for Batters (Non Catchers) (Plate Appearances) will be 110% (not 105% like in post 1961)
-Catchers PA’s would be 115% (Catchers are much harder to come by in these era’s so it's important to increase this number slightly to ensure proper coverage)
-Bonus players would be permitted in order to add more usage only being down 2 teams. Batters .234 and under can be used to up to 200%. Pitchers with an ERA of 4.50 or higher can be used to up to 200% of Batters Faced.
-Rule 5 CAP for Roster size would be 21 carded players for ALL TEAMS instead of 27 with a CAP of 36 Carded Players on yourroster at any time. Uncarded would not count against a roster as usual.
-Any remaining players NOT lost in the Rule 5 Draft would be returned to their former roster instead of going into the Free Agent Pool like in modern leagues.
-ALL Other changes we have also made in the modern leagues would be implemented in SPB-3 and SPB-X. Things like in-season trading and free agent drop adds, (John T. will be updating with a consolidated constitution to reflect the changes)
-We are allowing for slightly higher percentages in these older leagues AND Bonus players still because we are not at -4 teams. We are leaving the Rule 5 at 21 players across the board now instead of being staggered based on record, because we want the Rule 5 Draft to continue to still have value at -2 teams, and returning all players not lost is necessary because with only a 6 round Rookie Draft, there would not be enough draft choices to get back to a 36 man roster.

These changes would take effect for the upcoming SPB-X (1935 Season)

February 16, 2021

1934 Champion Crowned!

A very nice series, and surprising, convincing come from behind World Series win from the Mutuals, after being down 2 games to zip. Congratulations to Joe DeZarlo on a well plaid series with his New York Mutuals. Also congratulations go to Mike See fo his Las Vegas Knights. They put up a valiant fight all the way from regular season, where they posted the best overall record for 1934, through this big series.

February 12, 2021

1935 Team name change

Steve Brunner has decided to change the team name from the former Lafayette Red Sox to the Burnnerville Bean Brewers. His explanation: "cause thats what I'm doing, roasting coffee beans " He will be remaining in Cleveland's League Park for the time being.

February 12, 2021

1935 Lottery Results

Number was 1-3-2. Here are the results. Only change was Albany dropping 1 spot to 4th and Dave moving up 1 spot to 3rd. Message to remember…..don’t mess with the Ordained and Saint Emily and priority mail doesn’t work

1) West Baden Sprudels (Rick Ryan) (43 Wins) - 4 Chances
2) Lafayette Red Sox (Steve Brunner) (44 Wins) - 3 Chances
3) Kenosha Kingfish (Dave Lauer) (64 Wins) - 1 Chances
4) Albany Empires (John Turnbull) (61+1 Wins) - 2 Chances

February 6, 2021

1934 End of Season reports

Part of an SB tradition will come to an end. The 1934 Overusage report will be the very last one of its kind, as the use or lose report will still live on as an end of season report.

February 6, 2021

1934 Season finished

All SPB X Managers, Well, the regular season has concluded, and there were not ties for first place in either league, so my congratulations to our A.L. champs, the New York Mutuals, managed by Joe DeZarlo, as well as to the N.L. winner, the Las Vegas Knight, managed by Mike See. These two teams will meet soon in the 1934 World Series.

The Mutuals took the A.L. pennant winning 95 games, while besting the New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Chris Williams) by 5 games, as the New Haven (90 wins) bunch stayed in the fight, but ended up 2nd in the standings. Finishing in the 3rd slot, was the Frankfort Frogs (Gary Plunkitt) with 87 victories, 8 games off the winning pace. Rounding out the standings, were the Louisville Colonels (4th) (Applegate), Glaziers (5th) (Lehman), Blue Sox (6th) (Rahn), and bringing up the rear, the Sprudels (7th) (Ryan).

In the N.L., it was just a shade closer as the Knights held off the San Francisco Seals, taking the flag with 101 wins, as opposed to S.F.'s 97 wins. The Seals ran a very close 2nd just 4 games off the pace. The Seals had led much of the year, but in the end,their players just ran out of gas, and fell to runner ups. In 3rd place, you will find the Borger Gassers (Terry Baxter) who with 87 wins were 14 games behind. Rounding out the N.L. we find the Titans (4th) (Meyering), the Kingfish (5th) (Lauer), the Empires (6th) (Turnbull), and securing the cellar were the Red Sox (7th) (Ehresman/Brunner).

Thanks to all of you for finishing out our weekly play of September in a very timely fashion. That is much appreciated. Now we will be looking forward to the entire 1935 season where we will play the whole year with a weekly schedule.

You will find the final regular '34 season files attached. I will post the September Award Winners soon, so that John T. can post them to the SPB X web page. Also the final 50% loss list will becoming soon, as well as the overuse list for 1934.

Thanks again everyone, and congratulations to Joe & Mike for their 1934 pennant winning seasons!

November 4, 2020

In-season manager change

Steve Ehresman has resigned as manager of the Lafayette Red Sox after completing the play of June. The good news is that veteran SPB manager Steve Brunner is happy to take over the reigns of the Red Sox as their new permanent manager beginning with play of the month of July. Good to have someone like Steve B. step right in. So starting with the July '34 games, if your playing the Lafayette Red Sox through the second half of the season, be sure to send your MP's to Manager Brunner, and not to Ehresman.

My thanks to Steve Brunner for stepping right in. Hopefully, some of you will also welcome Steve B. to SPB X.

July 2, 2020

1934 Rule 5 Protected roster numbers

Here are the numbers of protected players each team may keep:

20 Protected Players
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (C. Williams)
Louisville Colonels (R. Applegate)
Las Vegas Knights (M. See)
Lafayette Red Sox (S. Ehresman)

21 Protected Players
Detroit Titans (P. Meyering)
San Francisco Seals (J. Ungashick)
Frankfort Frogs (G. Plunkitt)
Borger Gassers (T. Baxter)
West Baden Sprudels (R. Ryan)
Kenosha Kingfish (D. Lauer)

22 Protected Players
Schenectady Blue Sox (D. Rahn)
San Diego Glaziers (S. Lehman)
Albany Empires (J. Turnbull)
New York Mutuals (J. DeZarlo)

June 27, 2020

1934 Ballpark change

Two league name changes to make you aware of:

The Frankfort Frogs have left Shibe Park (Philadelphia Athletics-AL) and moved into Sportsmans Park-III (A)(St. Louis Browns-AL).

The Kenosha Kingfsh are claiming Shibe Park and are abandoning Comiskey Park

The available parks for 1934 are The Polo Grounds (N.Y. Giants-NL), and Comiskey Park.

June 27, 2020

1934 League schedule updates

All SPB 1934 Managers, This is just to alert all managers of an earlier draft schedule than what we have done in the past. With the change of schedules to balance all the Seasons Past Baseball leagues, we are going to have some earlier drafts for 1934 over what this league normally has done in the past. Due to the fact of the revamped schedule for SPB X, we will hold the Rule 5 Draft on July 18th. This is the draft done after all teams have submitted their protected rosters, which I will be calling for next weekend. The Rule 5 will be done by email as always. And then the rookie draft for 1934 will follow shortly on August 8th. Our 1934 season will then begin on September 1st, and run through February. Sorry guys to announce this so suddenly, but due to the changes, this is one of the leagues that has different months to draft than we had in the past.

I will call for your protected rosters next weekend. This will happen a week from today. I know that is close to the 4th of July, but you will have until the following Friday (7/11) for your deadline to submit protected rosters. The '34 rookie draft will be 6 rounds as always. Then there will be a couple more weeks to trade and prepare for the September 1st 1934 season start. Next season (1935) the Rule 5 draft will be held in June, with the 1935 rookie draft in July, and the start of the season will remain for September 1st. And that will the the normal schedule for SPB X.

I know all of you are veteran managers who have always done well, and that is why I am confident you will be able to handle this change for the coming season. The 1934 drafts will be a bit of a rush this season only, but hopefully you all will handle this change without any major problems. Some of the SPB leagues are remaining on the same schedules they have always had. Good news: For those of you who also play in SPB III (1951) there will be no changes to the draft dates. But half of our leagues are changing a bit, some draft later than in the past, and some are drafting earlier than usual, and we are one of those.

May 22, 2020

1934 Team name changes

Two league name changes to make you aware of:

The Prarie Crossing Red Foxes will now become the Lafayette Red Sox.

The East Kenosha Leopards have changed their name to the Kenosha Kingfish.

May 13, 2020

1934 Team player release

Steve Ehresman of the Red Foxes has cleaned up his roster a bit by releasing all the following player (most are un-carded in 1934):

Doc Farrell (1935)
Glenn Wright (1935)
Steve Swetonic(1935)
Buck Marrow (1937)
Jim Peterson (1937)
Fresco Thompson PH

Thompson goes into the rookie draft for 1934, and the others will be in the rookie drafts when they return to the Major Leagues.

May 12, 2020

1934 Ballpark Change

The New York Mutuals (J. DeZarlo) are leaving the Polo Grounds and moving into Cincy's Crosley Field. The leaves N. Y.'s Polo Grounds and St. Louis Sportsmans Park III (A.L.) two very good hitters parks as the open stadiums in 1934.

May 10, 2020

1934 Draft lottery results

Here is your winner


So….No change whatsoever to the order. Congrats to Steve Lehman! I’ll have to draft order and Draft Module updated to Gary in the next few minutes…and he should hopefully have a shiny new 1934 database out to us all early this week.

1) San Diego Glaziers 2) Schenectady Blue Sox 3) New York Mutuals 4) Albany Empires

May 10, 2020

New Manager for 1934 season

Now that the 1933 World Series is over, it is time for me to announce that Marc Hollingsworth, manager of the Lincoln City Riptide has resigned from SPB X. Thanks to Marc for his many seasons as an SPB X manager. The new manager taking over this team and returning to SPB X is veteran SPB manager Rick Ryan. He will be renaming the team as the West Baden Sprudel and they will remain in Wrigley Field as their home park.

April 30, 2020

1933 End of Season reports

At the end of each season, there are two important reports that are published. Linked here are the

1933 Use or Lose Report
1933 Overusage Report

April 23, 2020

1933 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September of 1933 are now posted. Only the World Series remains to be played. Chris Williams New Haven Whiffenpoofs won the American League by posting a fine 97-57 record, He bested the Louisville Colonels by 4 games. In the National League Mike See's Las Vegas wins the pennant with an 89-65 record, besting the Prarie Crossing Red Foxes by 7 games. So it will be these two pennant winning teams taking on each other in the 1933 World Series.

Our 2 runner up teams, the Colonels and Red Foxes also kept in close contention all year, so jobs well done by Rich Applegate and Steve Ehresman. The only other teams above .500 for the year were the Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering) and San Francisco Seals (John Ungashick). Kudos, guys! The rest of us, myself included, just kind of stumbled along.

I will be sending out the two lists over the next couple of days for 50% player loses, and overuse report as well as Septembers top player award winners. I will also be preparing the W.S. file for both Mike and Chris soon. Thanks everyone for another successful SPB X season.

October 28, 2019

1933 Dr. Diamond waxes poetic

If you read ANYTHING on the webiste this year, you must read the entire Dr.Diamond article, penned by Steve Ehresman. An absolutely fantastic read!

August 18, 2019

1933 Call for Protected Rosters

Now is the time to decide your protected rosters for the 1933 Rule 5 draft. The up to date file is attached with all trade through 146 in tact. Remember there is no reason to protect your un-carded players, as they are not available in Rule 5 drafts. Here is the number of players each team may protect:

19 Protected Players
San Francisco Seals (Ungashick)
Schenectady Blue Sox (Rahn)
Albany Empires (Turnbull)
Lincoln City Riptide (Hollingsworth)

20 Protected Players
Frankfort Frogs (Plunkitt)
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Williams)
Prarie Crossing Red Foxes (Ehresman)
East Kenosha Leopards (Lauer)
New York Mutuals (DeZarlo)
Las Vegas Knights (See)

21 Protected Players
Borger Gassers (Baxter)
Detroit Titans (Meyering)
Louisville Colonels (Applegate)
San Diego Glaziers (Lehman)

The deadline for submitting your protected list will be this coming Wednesday (Sept. 21st). So be sure to have yours to me on time. As soon as all protected lists are received, I will send out the Rule 5 files with all available players listed on each roster as "farmed". We will then begin the Rule 5 Draft to be conducted by email. So good luck to each of you. In the meantime, I look forward to your protected rosters soon.

August 8, 2019

1933 New Front Office appointments

At this time I would like to announce that Steve Ehresman will become this SPB X's very first beat writer. In previous years there has not been a writer for SPB X. For those of you who go back far enough into the past to remember Steve's stint as the early on SPB writer, with his columns as Dr. Diamond, I am sure you will remember his interesting articles. For those of you (of which there are many) who do not go back to those early years, I think you will find your in for a treat.

Also, I would like to announce that after being a Commissioner for many seasons in various SPB leagues, that for the first time I will be taking on the duty as the league statistician for SPB X, replacing Mike See. I have filled in occasionally as a statistician in a few instances where they were on vacation, or away for other reasons. I am sure I will be able to do the job well enough to keep the league moving through the season in a timely fashion.

May 19, 2019

1933 Draft lottery results announced

Number was 9-2-0

Congratulations to Terry Baxter on landing the top choice….Could their be an Indian is Borger’s future??? Draft order attached. With that….I officially hand the league reigns to Gary Plunkitt. Please report all trades to Gary….Thank again to all…

Borger Gassers (Terry Baxter) (51) - 4 Chances
Louisville Colonels (Rich Applegate) (62) - 2 Chances
Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering) (52) - 3 Chances
Frankfort Frogs (Gary Plunkitt) (69) - 1 Chance

May 19, 2019

SPB-X End of season reports

The end of seasons reports for the 1932 season are now complete. You can click on the appropriate titles for the OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports.

May 19, 2019

SPB-X Change of Comissioners

I has certainly been my privilege to serve as your league commissioner at stat for the first 6 seasons of our league, but I will be handing the reigns of the league over to our great friend Mr. Gary Plunkitt beginning with the 1933 season, once I send the final reports out for 1932.

Obviously, the league will remain in great hands.

With 6 different SPB Leagues, with John T, Gary and I each commissioning 2 each, I approached Gary several months ago about swapping commissioner rolls with SPB-X (1933) and SPB-60 (beginning with the 1960 season), so that we are running league at different times of the year and there is not so much overlap between seasons and drafts. Thankfully, he agreed, which will take a lot of added pressure off of me with having two leagues happing at once, and also allow me to re-take the reigns in SPB-60, where I was originally commish, as we head into the expansion years. Thanks to Gary for agreeing to take this on.

While I am stepping down as commish and league stat (someone will need to fill in this roll, and Gary will determine that), I will happily be remaining in the league as a manager, and look forward to many more exciting seasons on baseball together.

All my best, and thanks to all of you for making my job an easy one,

Mike See


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