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The Dodgers bested the Glaziers in six games, giving manager Mike Murphy his first ever SPB title! Luke Appling was named MVP with 17 hits and a .586 average.

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October 29 2023

1937 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick, the 1937 Pre-Season prognosis has been released for public consumption. Great work John

August 4, 2023

Player usage rules refresh

I have had a few of you ask about the exact usage rules for the 1954 season. This also covers the coming 1937 season. So, here they are, and I will try and cover all the bases.

For regular hitters (those .235 or above): They are allowed 110% of their real life PA's. (exception: catchers, they get (115%).

For regular pitchers (those under a 4.50 ERA): They are allowed 115% of their BF's.

For Bonus hitters (those batting less than .235): They are allowed to double their real life PA's, up to a maximum of 400 PA, or they are allowed 110% of their real life PA's, whichever figure is higher. (Exception: catchers, they would be allowed 115%).

For Bonus pitchers (those who have an E.R.A less than 4.50): They are allowed to double their BF's to a maximum of 600 BF, or they are allowed 115% of their real life BF, whichever is the higher number.

All players, both batters and pitchers must reach 50% on the DMB usage meter by seasons end. If they do not attain that mark they will be lost to the team and placed into the appropriate rookie draft. ***

*** Also, this last rule (above) rule only apply to batters with 50 PA's , (NOT 100 PA's) or more PA's. Batters under that mark do not have to be used, but are encouraged to be. Same goes for pitchers, if they faced less than 50 batters (BF), (NOT 100 BF) they also do not have to be used, but are encouraged to be.

Please read these rules carefully, so that your aware of the differences that the newer larger era SPB Leagues use. Thanks guys.

May 17, 2023

1937 Lottery Results

The result of the Illinois State Lottery Evening "Pick 3" was: 898

The order of the four lottery teams is:
LT-1: Schenectady Blue Sox (Don Rahn - 64 wins) - 2 Chances
LT-2: Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering - 54 wins) - 4 Chances
LT-3: New York Mutuals (Joe DeZarlo - 69) - 1 Chances
LT-4: Montreal Golden Buddhas (Stan Barkun - 62 wins) - 3 Chances

April 29, 2023

1936 50% Use or lose report

The following is a list of all players lost because they were not used 50% of their actual playing time. This rule effects all players who had 50 or more PA, and 50 or more BF. I will list player name, primary position, and team that lost player. I will include when they will return in rookie draft, or designate them with an asterisk if their careers are over.

Jack Knott, P Fairfield (1937)
Kiddo Davis, OF Schenectady (1937)
Bud Hafey, OF Schenectady (1939)
Travis Jackson, 3B Frankfort *
Woody Upchurch, P New York *
Bill Urbanski, SS Borger (1937)
Jennings Poindexter, P San Diego (1939)
Randy Gumpert, P San Diego (1937)
Hal Kelleher, P San Diego (1937)
Joe Sullivan, P San Diego (1939) Hank Winston, P San Diego *

That is the entire list of lost players.

April 29, 2023

1936 Annual pre-season comparison

Linked HERE is John Ungashick's annual comparison of actual versus expected wins and the preseason prognosis.

In the American League the actual and expected finishes tracked pretty well. The Mutuals nine-game underachievement vaulted them into a tie for fourth versus an expected sixth while the Blue Sox underachievement sank them to sixth versus an expected fourth. The Frogs were picked to win the pennant in a close race with the Glaziers but a complete pitching collapse sank them to a distant third. The rest of the forecast wasn't too far off.

In the National League the Seals overachieved and rose to fourth versus an expected fifth while everyone else was pretty much in line. In the forecast the Dodgers won as predicted but the big story was the Titans. Their offense failed to perform and it caused them to sink all the way to sixth versus what was projected to be a close second. A few other anomalies here and there but otherwise the forecast wasn't too far off. One thing was that both races were supposed to be close but were runaways.

April 29, 2023

1936 Pitching highlights and leaders

We had many fine pitching performances on the season, despite the abundance of hitting going on. In the A.L., where hitting really had a solid hold.

Here are the leaders. In E.R.A., Carl Hubbell had a truly unbelievable 1.94 mark on the year! King Carl, ace of the N.Y. Mutuals, certainly deserves his nickname! The only other pitcher with a mark under 3 was 2nd place finisher New Haven's Cy Blanton, checking in at 2.78 Hubbell and Blanton were also 1-2 in whiffs, with 165, and 150. San Diego's Buck Newsom issued 127 walks. There were four 20 game winners, with the Whiffenpoofs hard hitting pitcher, Wes Ferrell leading the pack with an amazing 26-8 mark. Also, San Diego's Ivy Andrews was almost unbeatable as proven by his 21-3 record. The league leading Glaziers Tommy Bridges finished '36 at 21-7, and Hubbell went 21-8 for the 4th place Mutuals. Hubbell also paced all pitchers limiting batters to a .216 average, a .253 OBA, and a slugging mark of .285! Quite a sterling performance by this veteran, screwballing, lefty! Further he threw 7 shutouts, and made 32 quality starts.

For relievers, there were 3 pitchers tied with 11 saves on the season, the Mutuals George Jeffcoat, and Bob Feller and Chad Kimsey, both of the Blue Sox, all 3 had 11 to shared the lead. The W-Poofs ace Ferrell, and the Mutual Hubbell were the only 2 pitchers with over 300 innings pitched, as Wes threw 305.1, and Carl 301.1.

In the National League, Brooklyn Van Lingle Mungo led with a nice 2.74 E.R.A., while the Montreal's Harry Kelley came in at 3.24 for second place. Mungo also bested Dizzy Dean, his teammate, for the strike out crown 183 to 161. The Atlantics Vern Kennedy issued 113 walks to take that dubious "honor". Mungo and Dean, Brooklyn's hard throwing aces, also were the only pitchers to notch 20 wins this season, while leading the Dodgers to their N.L. pennant. Van logged a 24-7 mark, and Diz came in with a 20-10 record. The Atlantics Johnny Allen limited batters to a 229 mark. Golden Buddha's Kelley also held batters to a league leading .273 OBA. And Mungo limited the sluggers to a fine .306 mark to take yet another crown in '36. He also spun 5 shutouts, while Kelley nailed 24 quality starts. Montreal's Dick Coffman was Fireman of the Year for 1936, posting an amazing 28 saves in 30 attempts!! He had a solid ERA to go along with all those saves, a great 2.40 mark in 60 games. He gets special mention for all of that! The Atlantics Allen, and the Dodgers Dean tied with 252.2 IP. Finally Old Diz threw 17 CG's to lead the N.L.

April 27, 2023

1936 Top teams and offensive highlights

Thanks for finishing up the final week of play so early. As we have known for a couple of weeks now, the A.L San Diego Glaziers (104-50) managed by Steve Lehman will be taking on the N.L. champs, The Brooklyn Dodgers (101-53) in the coming World Series.

Rounding out the top 3 finishers in each leagues standings, I will say that in the A.L. Chris Williams finished 2nd while guiding his New Haven Whiffenpoofs (90-64), in 4 games ahead of my 3rd place Frankfort Frogs (86-68). The W-Poofs were 14 games out of first, and the Frogs 18 games behind. In the N.L., both the Fairfield Atlantics and the Brunnerville Bean Brewers finished in a tie for 2nd place with identical 81-73 marks on the year. Ron Peterson and Steve Brunner were the respective managers. They were 20 games off the mark.

It was certainly a hitters year! In the A.L. we find San Diego's Paul Waner hitting an amazing .417 to take the title, and still, in 2nd place another hitter over .400, New Haven's Frank Demaree whacked the ball around for a final average of .411. Finishing 3rd in the A.L. batting race was Frankfort's Lou Gehrig, who had a most amazing season as well, finishing at .392. In the N.L. batting race, Brooklyn's Gee Walker ended up the champ, with a nice .369 season. In 2nd place was the Brewers Ethan Allen at .355, while his fellow OF teammate Wally Moses ended up 3rd with a .352 mark. These players were actually just the tip of the iceberg of the many outstanding hitting accomplishments of 1936.

Other A.L. leaders in different catagories were Gehrig's .515 OBA, and .725 SLG marks, which led the league. The Glaziers Big Poison had 261 hits! Gehrig scored a record 203 times. Slugger Jimmie Foxx cracked 52 circut shots, with Gehrig 2nd at 43. Foxx also led in RBI with 187. Paul Waner hit 70 doubles, another mind boggling number. New Haven's Dolph Camilli hustled his way to 20 triples.Gehrig had 101 XBH (51 2B, 7 3B, 43 HR). San Diego's 3B Stan Hack led with 28 SB, however he was caught stealing 20 times. Meanwhile the Whiffenpoofs Roy Hughes stole 16 (finishing 2nd, but was only caught twice!) Gehrig drew 144 walks (22 intentional) to edge N.H.'s Camilli who had 141. On a negative stat, Double XX Foxx struck out 138 times. Gehrig had 16.9 runs created per 27 outs!! He also had a .333 Isolated power mark. a 1.590 Total Avg., and he finished 2nd to Foxx in total bases, with Foxx getting 431, and Lou 422. All of these offensive marks were complemented by many other outstanding marks from several other players.

In the N.L., while not quite as impressive, due to better pitching I assume, it is still pretty good stuff. In the N.L. batting race, Brooklyn's Gee Walker ended up the champ, with a nice .369 season. In 2nd place was the Brewers Ethan Allen at .355, while his fellow OF teammate Wally Moses ended up 3rd with a .352 mark. Detroits Arky Vaughan had an .438 OBP, and the Dodgers Gee Walker also led with a .552 SLG. mark. The Brewers Rip Radcliff had the most hits at 223. He also scored the most runs,128. Brooklyn's Earl Averill and San Francisco's Chuck Klein tied for the most RBI with 119. The Atlantics Charlie Gehringer had 55 doubles, Another Atlantic, Ival Goodman led with 18 triples, and he also won the HR crown with 26 round-trippers. Fairfield's Gehringer led with 75 XBH. The Seals Lyn Lary stole 38 bases, getting nailed 20 times, while the Gassers Frankie Crosetti had a 20-6 mark with pilfered bases. Arky Vaughan of the Titans added 112 walks to lead the N.L. and Crosetti had the dubious distinction of 112 whiffs. Brooklyn's G. Walker added another crown to his leadership with127.1 runs created, and he along with the Dodgers Averill tied with 8.8 runs created per 27 outs. Ival Goodman had a .241 isolated power mark. Vaughan had a .992 total avg., and finally G. Walker captured another top mark with 319 total bases.

I will send out a pitching highlights and leaders email hopefully by tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the info here. Quite an impressive year for hitters, as I mentioned earlier, especially in the A.L.

November 2, 2022

1936 Pre-Season predictions

Thanks to John Ungashick with his always-accurate PREDICTIONS for the 1936 season.

May 7, 2022

1936 Lottery results

The result of the Illinois State Lottery Evening "Pick 3" was: 678

The order of the four lottery teams is (see below for more details on the numbers):
LT-1: West Baden Sprudels
LT-2: Brunnerville Bean Brewers
LT-3: Schenectady Blue Sox
LT-4: Montreal Golden Buddhas


September 16, 2023

Rookei draft

November 2023

Season begins

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