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SPBX-1931 Champion

Marc Hollingsworth
Lincoln City Riptide


The Riptide swept the Red Foxes in four games to win the SPB-X Crown. Heinie Manush batted .444 and slugged .611, while smacking 3 doubles, scoring 5 runs, and driving in 3 more

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Mike See

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Sept. 15, 2018

1932 Player Releases

Two teams have released a few players, not of any importance……

Empires (These players have been removed from the database)
P Al Eckert (1935)
P Walk Masters (1937)

Knights Release
P Jimmy Thomas

August 5, 2018

1932 Draft date set

The 1932 Rookie draft will be helpd Saturday September 8th at 11AM. Protected rosters are due by August 18th. Below are the number of players each team can protect:

21 Players
San Diego Glaziers (Lehman)
Detroit Titans (Meyering)
Louisville Colonels (Applegate)
Frankfort Frogs (Plunkitt)

20 Players
East Kenosha Leopards (Lauer)
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Williams)
Borger Gassers (Baxter)
Las Vegas Knights (See)
New York Mutuals (Dezarlo)
Albany Empires (Turnbull)

19 Players
San Francisco Seals (Ungashick)
Schenectady Blue Sox (Rahn)
Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (Ehresman)
Lincoln City Riptide (Hollingsworth)

June 7, 2018

1932 Database released

I am pleased to present you the first official files for the 1932 Season. First, I huge thanks for Chris Williams for all of his hard work on revamping the 1932 season. Chris spent may hours proofing this new database for many errors, adjusted ratings, added fielding data, and also added game-by-game lineups. Thanks to Chris for all of his efforts.

Once he send me the new Database, I have made the following changes.

Migrated all existing teams
Removed any player ratings per SPB Rules…they were the following:

Johnny Vergez SS
Billy Rogell 3B
Jimmy Dykes 2B
Frankie Frisch SS
Glenn Wright 1B

Add positions to players who had not received them in DMB who qualified

Jimmie Wilson 2B PR (140)
Doc Farrell 3B FR (115)
Bill Rhiel 2B FR (105)
Ed Grimes SS PR (115)
Hal Rhyne 2B FR (105)
Marty McManus 1B AV (100)

Made any trades up through Trade 113
Added the Rookie Draft Modules and made trades (Still need to add Rule V)
Add era of 1932A and 1932N instead of Neutral Era

April 28, 2018

1932 Lottery Results

Result was 2-6-5 So…….here are your top 4……San Diego could pick no worse than 3rd as they had the worst record…. Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering) Louisville Colonels (Rich Applegate) San Diego Glaziers (Steve Lehman) East Kenosha Leopards (Dave Lauer) Congrats to Paul for landing the top pick!

April 28, 2018

1932 Team name change

The Mojave Mavericks will be relocating to Sin City for the 1932 Season, and taking our original moniker, “The Knights” and becoming the Las Vegas Knights.

April 28, 2018

1931 End of season reports

As is customary at the end of each SPB season, we bring to you the 1932 Use or lose and 1932 Overusage reports fresh off the press. Enjoy!

April 28, 2018

1931 Champion Crowned!

My heartiest Congratulations go out to Marc Hollingsworth on his 1st World Series victory in SPB-X and I believe his second overall as a manager in SPB! Surely, he put together a dominant team in 1931 and will likely be right there again in 1932. Also, congrats to Steve Ehresman, who won the pennant in just his first year in the league, and while he did not see that success translate into a WS win, he should be very proud of his accomplishment. Great Write-ups by both managers as well! Two well respected managers whom it was a true pleasure to see them matchup in the World Series. I thank both of them for making the extra effort to play this series H2H, which was not easy for them, but they got it done.

April 23, 2018

1931 September stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1931 are now posted.

In the American League, Marc Hollingsworth's Lincoln City Riptide (112-42) captured the American League pennant, upsetting Don Rahn's preseason favorite the Schenectady Blue Sox by 3 games. The team was led by of course Babe Ruth, who won THE AL TRIPLE CROWN! (.390 BA, 48 HR and 141 RBI!) Needless to say the big acquisition of Ruth just prior to season start paid HUGE dividends for the Riptide. Big Congrats to Marc on his first SPB-X pennant!

In the NL, Steve Ehresman's Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (96-58) also proved the prognosticators wrong, cruising to their first pennant as well, winning the division easily by 12 games over their nearest competitor, John Ungashick's San Francisco Seals. The team was led by hitting machine Bill Terry, who won the battle title with a .384 Avg, and also added an incredible 47 doubles and 19 triples! Congrats to the "Little General" Steve Ehresman for piloting his team to the win, as his trades after taking over this team put it in great position to upset the favored Empires and Seals. Congrats Steve on your first SPB-X pennant as well!

Here are your main league leaders

American League
Batting Average: Babe Ruth (.390)
Doubles: Earl Webb - Blue Sox (61)
Triples: Joe Cronin - Whiffenpoofs (15)
Home Runs: Babe Ruth - Riptide (48)
RBI: Babe Ruth - Riptide (141)

Wins: George Earnshaw - Riptide (27)
ERA: Lefty Grove - Riptide (2.59)
Strike Outs: Carl Hubbell - Mutuals (178)
Shutouts: Lefty Grove - Riptide (5)
Saves: Ben Cantwell - Mutuals (15)

National League
Batting Average: Bill Terry (.384)
Doubles: Sparky Adams (50)
Triples: Bill Terry (19)
Home Runs: Goose Goslin (32)
RBI: Earl Averill (142)

Wins: Bob Smith - Red Foxes (20-8)
ERA: Dick Coffman - Seals (2.13)
Strike Outs: Red Ruffing - Leopards (155)
Shutouts: Dick Coffman - Seals (6)
Saves: Jack Quinn - Seals (16)

March 22, 2018

1931 August stats posted

The stats and power rankings for August 1931 are now posted.

August saw one team finally take a big lead and another saw the race tighten, but is there time left for everyone else? In the AL, The Riptide opened a 5 game lead ever the Schenectady Blue Sox, with the Riptide taking the first of a big series. They still have a 7 game series though in Schenectady, so anything can happen! This one could still be a nail biter to the end.

In the AL, the San Francisco Seals are trying to pull back in the race with a great month, but the Red Foxes still hold a 6 game lead, with their season series already complete. Seals will need some help to climb back all of the way, but it could happen!

Now is the time to get your week #1 (series 1) MP's ready to send out for our first series of September, 1931 games. Most of you have been through this before, but if any of you have questions, please let me know ASAP.

February 23, 2018

1931 July stats posted

The stats and power rankings for July of 1931 are now posted.

In the American League, the Lincoln City Riptide (79-21) and Schenectady Patriots (74-24), continue their duel. The Riptide have opened up a 4 game lead, but with August comes the first of 2 critical 7 game H2H match-ups. Would hate to be a baseball in those games....holy cow these two teams can hit.

In the NL, the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (62-38) are looking good, expanding their lead to a 9 games over their closest competitor, which is now the San Francisco Seals (54-48). Seals will need some helps to catch the Foxes, and will look to there 7 game showdown in August to try to make up some ground.

January 24, 2018

1931 June stats posted

The stats and power rankings for June of 1931 are now posted.

In the American League, the Lincoln City Riptide (56-18) have leap frogged the Schenectady Patriots (53-17), now have a narrow 1 game edge . There is no one else even close to these two and they will duke it out until September. Their 1st of (2) H2H series is next month, with the race likely going down till the end. Two incredible teams.

In the NL, the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (47-27) continue to exceed expectations, expanding their lead to an 8 games over their closest competitor, which is now the upstart Borger Gassers (39-35).

December 28, 2017

1931 May stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the May of 1931 are now posted.

With the holidays in full swing, I am going to give everyone some extra time to get their MP's out this month. They are due to your June opponents by no later tan January 3, 2018. Yes, I said 2018. Doesn't seem real!

In the American League, the Schenectady Patriots (38-12), now have a 3 game edge over the upstart Lincoln City Riptide (35-15). There is no one else even close to these two and they will duke it out until September. H2H play later this year should be off the chart! In the NL, the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes continue to amaze, expanding their lead to a full 7 games over their closest competitor the San Francisco Seals. The real shock continues to be the pre-season favorite Albany Empires, who currently sit in LAST place, 14 games out!!!

November 27, 2017

1931 April stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the April of 1931 are now posted.

In the American League, the Schenectady Patriots (20-7), have opened a 2 game lead over their nearest opponent, the hard charging Lincoln City Riptide (18-7). This should be a doozy of a pennant race between these two all season.

In the NL, the charter season of the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes got off the a great start, as they streaked to a 19-6 opening month, while the biggest surprises were that the two teams picked my our own Jimmy the Greek, John Ungashick, stumbled, as the Albany Empires went 10-15 and the Mojave Mavericks (12-13) went 0-10 on the road (guess that's what happens when you play Schenectady and Lincoln City!)

November 1, 2017

1931 Pre-Season prognosis

Thanks as always to John Ungashick for penning this seasons version of the 1931 Pre-Season Prognosis! Always a great read.

July 21, 2017

31 Rule 5 Call for Protected rosters

It's time for roster cut downs. Your official protected roster will be due to me by no later than Wednesday Aug 1 at 9pm PST. All trades must also be in by this time. At that time, all rosters will be frozen from trades until after the Rule V draft has been completed.

Here are the amount of players each team may protect:

21 Players
San Diego Glaziers (Lehman)
Mojave Mavericks (See)
Louisville Colonels (Applegate)
Detroit Titans (Meyering)

20 Players
Frankfort Frogs (Plunkitt)
Borger Gassers (Baxter)
San Fransico Seals (Ungashick)
East Kenosha Leopards (Lauer)
Albany Empires (Turnbull)
Schenectady Blue Sox (Rahn)

19 Players
Lincoln City Riptide (Hollingsworth)
New York Mutuals (Dezarlo)
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Williams)
Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (Ehresman)

June 30, 2017

Player Release

The Mavericks have also released the following uncarded players. They have been removed from the database and will return in their respective rookie drafts.

OF Paul Easterling (1938)
OF Wattie Holm (1932)
OF Beauty McGowan (1937)
RP Bots Nekola (1933)

June 7, 2017

1931 Major announcements

Been a bit quiet for a while, but it is getting close to the time when we will be release a new database (Chris is working on the cleanup of 1931 for us), and there have been a few things happening that I need to announce.

First, Mike Cascarano has decided to leave SPB. Sad to see Mike go, but he had other priorities he needs to focus on right now and there was just not the time he needed to be able to focus on our leagues. He will be missed.

That said, I am very happy to announce though the taking his place will be veteran SPB manager Steve Ehresman, who all of you likely already know well. Steve will of course be a wonderful addition to our league and I am so happy to have him joining us.

Now for the fun stuff. And this is a fun one.......might be a first....maybe a second....

Steve E. will not be assuming the managerial role of the Boise Trees, he will be taking over my old Brooklyn Knights and renaming them the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes. I have decided to give up control of the defending World Series Champions and allow Steve to take the reins of this franchise that is pretty loaded to superstars. In turn, I will be taking over the helm of the Boise Trees and renaming them the Mojave Desert Mavericks (Mavericks in honor of the Portland Mavericks and the Battered Bastards of Baseball - Awesome documentary if you have not seen it!!!).

Why you ask? Well, nothing excites me more than a rebuilding project. The old Boise Franchise is certainly that, and needs a little TLC. I can provide that. And it will be great fun for me. I also have come to realize that playing in this leagues is more than just winning.....which I have been very lucky to have done a bit. Like my pops Dave always says, it can be just as much fun with a losing team playing these games, as winning. So that was it. Be on the lookout for trades offers! LOL!

As part of our franchise musical chairs, Steve E. and I also agreed to a pretty large trade.


The Mojave Desert Mavericks trades C Luke Sewell, SP Guy Bush, OF/1B Lew Fonseca, 2B Hughie Critz, SP Roy Mahaffey , RP Joe Shaute, RP Chad Kimsey, a 1931 3rd RDP (14) and the Mavericks ball park (League Park) to the Prairie Crossing Red Foxes in exchange for OF John Stone, SS Billy Rogell, P Bump Hadley, P Willis Hudlin, C Shanty Hogan, RP Bobby Burke and the Red Foxes ballpark (Ebbets Field)

Whew! A big trade. Nothing better than stirring things up a bit right??

So that is it for now. Like I said, Chris is working on the new database and should have it done by early July. I will then set it up for the 1931 season, adding uncarded players (There are like 70 of them), draft module, teams schedules etc, then we will get it out to you. With this big shift, I will send a new set of Roster Files to John T to post on the website so that you know who is where and you can still make trades.

Anyways. So VERY excited to have Steve Ehresmen back in the league. I know Steve is very excited as well about his new team! Please join me in welcoming him!

April 17, 2017

1930 Predictions in review

From John U: Linked is a comparison of actual and expected wins plus my pre-season prognosis. Because of the wacky nature of 1930 and a lot of blowouts as I'm sure many managers just left the starter in to take his knocks and save relief appearances, the expected wins formula was way off. Every single team except the Gassers with no difference had less wins than expected.

However, in terms of the standings, expected wins tracked actual wins almost exactly with only two very minor differences. Then comes my pre-season prognosis which had many flaws. On the positive side I picked the Knights in an NL runaway but my own Seals fell all the way to fourth place as against a forecast of second. However the rest of the NL fell right into line after factoring me out.

A completely different story in the AL as the New Haven Whiffenpoofs vastly exceeded the pre season when they were picked for a distant fourth. Even thought the league BA and ERA's weren't too far off the actual, the "Poofs team ERA was almost a run a game better than the actual results of the same pitchers and they were far and away the leader in least runs allowed. The team featured a 25-game winner (Wes Ferrell) and four 19-game winners! Fenway Park, the "Poff's home field was a modest pitcher's park in 1930 (believe it or not) and this may have helped.

The pre-season favorite Blue Sox had a thunderous offense, scoring 1,135 runs but gave them up almost as fast and fell to a tie for third place. Most of the other AL picks were pretty much in line

Congrats to Mike See for a World series win and Chris Williams for a great season. On to 1931 and I hope to see a lot of you in Cooperstown this weekend.

April 16, 2017

1931 Positional losses

I have removed players postions who had over 400 PA's and 4 or less appearences. It is possible that I missed a few, so I reserve the right to fix later. Here are players who lost postion eligbility.

Dale Alexander LF Mutuals
Dick Bartell 2b Leopards
Lew Fonseca 1B Tress
Jimmie Foxx LF Blue Sox
Lou Gerhig RF Frogs
John Kerr SS FA
Les Mallon SS FA
Ed Morgan 3B Blue Sox
Marv Owen 2B FA
Jack Rothrock 3B Empires
Babe Ruth 1B Gasser
Lloyd Waner 2b Leopards

April 14, 2017

1931 Lottery results

Number was 3-2-7

Congrats to Steve Lehman on securing the top pick in 1931

Here is your lottery for 1931.

1. San Diego Glaziers (Steve Lehman)
2. Boise Trees (Mike Cascarano)
3. Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering)
4. Franfort Frogs (Gary Plunkitt)

April 13, 2017

1930 End of year reports

As is customary with the end of each league season we bring to you the following two reports:

1930 Use or Lose Report
1930 Overusage Report

April 13, 2017

1930 September stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month 1930 are now posted.

First, thanks to all of you for another outstanding season! The 1930 season was a challenge, but as you will see in the forthcoming usage report, we came through with FLYING COLORS! Great job to everyone!

Now for the pennants.....

In the American League, we had quite the shocker. A ragtag bunch of Whiffenpoofs from New Haven, Connecticut shocked the world, upending the heavily favored NY Mutuals, Lincoln City Riptide and pre season fav Schenectady Blue Sox, winning their final 11 contests and taking the pennant by 2 games over the Mutuals. The Whiffs were picked to finish a distant 4th by our pre season prognosticator, but it just goes to show you that anything can happen in SPB. Congrats to Chirs Williams on his 1st SPB-X Pennant!

In the NL, my own Brooklyn Knights blew away their competitors with their big bats, winning the pennant by 15 games over their closest competition, the defending World Champion Albany Empires.

The Knights will now face off against the Whiffenpoofs in the 1930 World Series. The Knights will have home field advantage in the series and the attached database in WS ready (though the series will likely not be played until after our Cooperstown Draft).

Here are your League Champs for the Major Categories

American League
AL Batting Champion : Lou Gehrig (Frogs) - .419
AL Home Run Leader: Gabby Hartnett (Mutuals) - 38
AL Runs Batted In: Jimmie Foxx (Blue Sox) - 183
AL Hits Leader: Lou Gehrig (Frogs) - 241
AL Wins Leader: Wes Ferrell (Whiffenpoofs) - 25 Wins
AL ERA Leader: George Blaeholder (Whiffenpoofs) - 2.74
AL Strikeout Leader: Lefty Grove (Blue Sox) - 219

National League
NL Batting Champion : Bill Terry (Knights) - .412
NL Home Run Leader: Hack Wilson (Knights) - 57
NL Runs Batted In: Hack Wilson (Knights) - 185
NL Hits Leader: Bill Terry (Knights) - 265
NL Wins Leader: Dolf Luque (Knights) - 22 Wins
NL ERA Leader: Rube Walberg (Empires) - 3.00
NL Strikeout Leader: Bump Hadley (Knights) - 144

Use or Lose Report and Overusage Report will be coming out shortly. We will hopefully have a 1931 Database in your hand sometime in May. Chris is doing some pretty massive cleanup prior to getting it to me to prepare for the 1931 season, as this DMB disc has never received the full upgrade treatment since it was originally released many moons ago, so thanks to Chris for taking this on for us.

Will keep you updated on the World Series Progress. Should be a doozy.....

Trading will be open at the completion of the 1930 World Series.

Thank again for an outstanding season!

March 21, 2017

1930 August stats posted

The stats and power rankings for August 1930 are now posted.

In the AL, August saw Joe Dezarlo's New York Mutuals continue their rampage, going 21-7 (including winning 4 of 7 on the road from Chris Williams 2nd place New Haven), to jump out to a 3 game lead heading into September. I huge 7 games series in Newark awaits us in week 2 of Sept. The Lincoln Riptide are hanging by a thread at 7 games out and desperately need some help from New Haven. The Riptide did effectively end the 1 year AL reign of the Blue Sox, with a devastating 7 game sweep of Schenectady in August. The favored Blue Sox are now 13 games out and can likely begin their planning to dominate 1931.

In the NL, the defending champion, John Turnbull's Albany Empires and Mike See's Brooklyn Knights met for their final 7 game series in August that would likely decide the NL Pennant. After losing game 1 10-9, the Knights bounced back and won 6 straight games in H2H play with the champs, which barring a miracle, effectively ending their hopes of a repeat, as the Empires enter Sept now trailing the Knights by 11 games.

February 21, 2017

1930 July stats posted

The stats and power rankings for July 1930 are now posted.

In the American League, the New Haven Whiffenpoofs (21-5) and New York Mutuals (22-6) caught fire and steamrolled ahead of the favored Schenectady Patriots and Lincoln City Riptide as we head into the dog days of August. The Mutuals hold a slim 1 game lead over the Whiffs, while the Riptide now stand 5 games back and Patriots 6. It's still anyone's division with 2 months left to play, but things really turned on their head in July in the AL.

In the NL, the Brooklyn Knights (16-12) and the Albany Empires (16-10) played there first H2H series, with the Empires winning 4-3, but the Knights still hold a 3 game lead for the league, as the two will play 7 more in August, this time in Brooklyn. Everyone else in the NL will play the roll of spoiler barring a dramatic turnaround.

Please have your MP's out to your opponents NO LATER than March 1. Next month, when we go to week to week play, we are likely going to have a one week hiatus the week we are having the SPB-1 Drafts in Cooperstown. It should not slow us down too much.......

January 21, 2017

1930 June stats posted

The stats and power rankings for June 1930 are now posted. We are now at the midway point of the 1930 season and there are some excellent pennant races going on, especially in the American League!

In the AL, the defending pennant winners, the Schenectady Patriots had a 4 game lead going into the month, but an 11-13 record in June allowed the upstart Lincoln City Riptide to jump out to a 2-game lead at the half way point. The Blue Sox still maintain 2nd place but nipping at their tails are the New York Mutuals (3 game back) and the New Haven Whiffenpoofs (4 games back). This should be an excellent race to the end.

In the NL, the Brooklyn Knights entered the month tied first 1st, but a 16-8 month and a 12-12 month by the defending champion Empires allowed the Knights to jump out to a 4-game lead for the pennant. The next closest team is the East Kenosha Lions, who are 9 games back. With 14 games between the Knights and Empires over the next few months, this division is still up for grabs as well. July 1930 is ready to go. Please have your MP's out to your opponents NO LATER than February 1.

December 21, 2016

1930 May stats posted

The stats and power rankings for May 1930 are now posted.In the American League, the defending pennant winners, the Schenectady Patriots (36-14), maintained a 4 game lead over their nearest opponent, the hard charging New York Mutuals, who are riding a 12 game winning streak (32-18). In the NL, the Brooklyn Knights (16-9) stumbled hard in May and now find themselves in a tie with the defending SPB-X Champion Albany Empires at 27-23. June 1930 is ready to go. Please have your MP's out to your opponents NO LATER than January 1.

October 24, 2016

1930 Pre-Season prognosis

A huge round of applause to John Ungashick for once again providing his expert insight into the upcoming SPB-X season with his 1930 season prognosis. Thanks again John!

August 16, 2016

1930 Draft date announcement

After reviewing all of your input, the SPB (1930) Rookie and Phase 2 drafts will be held in September 10th, 2016 starting at 11am EST (8am PST) in our new chatroom. This is the date the allowed for the most league members to attend. My apologies in advance if this was not your day of choice. Please start thinking about your protected rosters, as I'll be sending out the official call for protected rosters in the next few weeks.

So you know what the #'s are, here is what each team may protect:

21 Players - Cascarano, Meyering, Lehman, Applegate
20 Players - Lauer, Baxter, Dezarlo, Ungashick, C. Williams, Hollingsworth,
19 Players - Plunkitt, See, Rahn, Turnbull

May 31, 2016

1930 Lottery Results

Number was 0-3-2. For only the 2nd time, the number is 0, and the team with 1 chance gets the 1st pick in the draft. Congrats John Ungashick and the Seals.

Lottery Results

1.San Francisco Seals (John Ungashick)- 76 Wins (1 Chance)
2.Louisville Colonels (Rich Applegate) - 60 Wins (4 Chances)
3.Borger Gassers (Terry Baxter) - 74+2 Wins (2 Chances)
4.East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer) - 71 Wins (3 Chances)

April 26, 2016

1930 Stadium Change

Mike Cascarano (Formerly the Cummins Diesels) will be changing his team name (TBD). He is changing stadiums though, giving up Redland Field and moving into the more hitter friendly confines of Cleveland's League Park. That makes Redland Field (Cincinnati) and Sportsman's Park (AL) Browns, you two available parks.

April 26, 2016

1930 Position eligibility losses

With the first trade offers coming out, I don't have the final database completed yet (I still have the rest of the uncarded players to add), but I have gone through the database and have take care of removing position for players who did not qualify and were over 400 PA. There were just (3)

Marty McManus (List SS eligibility)
Frank O'Rourke (Lost 1B eligibility)
Bill Regan (Lost 3B eligibility)

April 26, 2016

1930 Bonus Batter exception

Due to the Offensive explosion in 1930, we will be increasing the Bonus Hitter 100 PA bonus from batters under .235, to batters .250 and under for the 1930 season only.

This adds 27 hitters to the bonus pool in 1930 (2700 PA's). This will ONLY be for 1930, as things normalize in 1931.

That means if you have a batter who hits .250 or lower, they will also be given an additional 100 PA's during the 1930 season. This will help with any potential usage issues folks might run into, and likely enhance the trade value of some fringe players


Aug 16, 2018

Protected rosters due

Sep 8, 2018

1932 Rookie Draft

Power Rankings

  1)  Blue Sox (1)
  2)  Empires (6)
  3)  Riptide (1)
  4)  Red Foxes (3)
  5)  Seals (4)
  6)  Gassers (8)
  7)  Frogs (9)
  7)  Mutuals (5)
  9)  Leopards (9)
  10)  Mavericks (6)
  11)  Colonels (12)
  11)  Whiffenpoofs (11)
  13)  Titans (12)
  14)  Glaziers (14)

1929 1st rd draft results

1) Gassers-E.Averill
2) Deisels-L.Lary
3) Titans-L.French
4) Whpnpoofs-R.Ferrell
5) Blue Sox-J.Frederick
6) Mutuals-D.Alexander
7) Gassers-B.Newsome
8) Seals-C.Gelbert
9) Leopards-R.Johnson
10) Gassers-W.Wyatt
11) Frogs-E.McNair
12) Colonels-B.Hallahan
13) Mutuals-E.Durham
14) Seals-D.Cramer

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Trades: 73

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