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John Turnbull
Albany Empires


The Empires win their second SPB-X crown by coming back from a 3 games to 0 deficit to win the series in 7 games. The Empires scratched and clawed their way back all season, and the World Series was no differnt. Mickey Cochrane was named Series MVP, hitting .333 with 6 RBI in the final 4 games.

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Gary Plunkitt

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Steve Ehresman

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March 21, 2019

1933 August Stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for August of 1933 are now posted. Both leagues are still up for grabs! September play is now underway with 40 man rosters.

October 28, 2019

1933 Dr. Diamond waxes poetic

If you read ANYTHING on the webiste this year, you must read the entire Dr.Diamond article, penned by Steve Ehresman. An absolutely fantastic read!

August 18, 2019

1933 Call for Protected Rosters

Now is the time to decide your protected rosters for the 1933 Rule 5 draft. The up to date file is attached with all trade through 146 in tact. Remember there is no reason to protect your un-carded players, as they are not available in Rule 5 drafts. Here is the number of players each team may protect:

19 Protected Players
San Francisco Seals (Ungashick)
Schenectady Blue Sox (Rahn)
Albany Empires (Turnbull)
Lincoln City Riptide (Hollingsworth)

20 Protected Players
Frankfort Frogs (Plunkitt)
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Williams)
Prarie Crossing Red Foxes (Ehresman)
East Kenosha Leopards (Lauer)
New York Mutuals (DeZarlo)
Las Vegas Knights (See)

21 Protected Players
Borger Gassers (Baxter)
Detroit Titans (Meyering)
Louisville Colonels (Applegate)
San Diego Glaziers (Lehman)

The deadline for submitting your protected list will be this coming Wednesday (Sept. 21st). So be sure to have yours to me on time. As soon as all protected lists are received, I will send out the Rule 5 files with all available players listed on each roster as "farmed". We will then begin the Rule 5 Draft to be conducted by email. So good luck to each of you. In the meantime, I look forward to your protected rosters soon.

August 8, 2019

1933 New Front Office appointments

At this time I would like to announce that Steve Ehresman will become this SPB X's very first beat writer. In previous years there has not been a writer for SPB X. For those of you who go back far enough into the past to remember Steve's stint as the early on SPB writer, with his columns as Dr. Diamond, I am sure you will remember his interesting articles. For those of you (of which there are many) who do not go back to those early years, I think you will find your in for a treat.

Also, I would like to announce that after being a Commissioner for many seasons in various SPB leagues, that for the first time I will be taking on the duty as the league statistician for SPB X, replacing Mike See. I have filled in occasionally as a statistician in a few instances where they were on vacation, or away for other reasons. I am sure I will be able to do the job well enough to keep the league moving through the season in a timely fashion.

May 19, 2019

1933 Draft lottery results announced

Number was 9-2-0

Congratulations to Terry Baxter on landing the top choice….Could their be an Indian is Borger’s future??? Draft order attached. With that….I officially hand the league reigns to Gary Plunkitt. Please report all trades to Gary….Thank again to all…

Borger Gassers (Terry Baxter) (51) - 4 Chances
Louisville Colonels (Rich Applegate) (62) - 2 Chances
Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering) (52) - 3 Chances
Frankfort Frogs (Gary Plunkitt) (69) - 1 Chance

May 19, 2019

SPB-X End of season reports

The end of seasons reports for the 1932 season are now complete. You can click on the appropriate titles for the OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports.

May 19, 2019

SPB-X Change of Comissioners

I has certainly been my privilege to serve as your league commissioner at stat for the first 6 seasons of our league, but I will be handing the reigns of the league over to our great friend Mr. Gary Plunkitt beginning with the 1933 season, once I send the final reports out for 1932.

Obviously, the league will remain in great hands.

With 6 different SPB Leagues, with John T, Gary and I each commissioning 2 each, I approached Gary several months ago about swapping commissioner rolls with SPB-X (1933) and SPB-60 (beginning with the 1960 season), so that we are running league at different times of the year and there is not so much overlap between seasons and drafts. Thankfully, he agreed, which will take a lot of added pressure off of me with having two leagues happing at once, and also allow me to re-take the reigns in SPB-60, where I was originally commish, as we head into the expansion years. Thanks to Gary for agreeing to take this on.

While I am stepping down as commish and league stat (someone will need to fill in this roll, and Gary will determine that), I will happily be remaining in the league as a manager, and look forward to many more exciting seasons on baseball together.

All my best, and thanks to all of you for making my job an easy one,

Mike See

May 19, 2019

1932 World Series results

The 1933 World Series between Marc Hollingsworth’s Lincoln City Riptide and John Turnbull’s Albany Empire’s has been completed. And I must say, it was most certainly a historic one indeed.

After the defending champion Riptide “Steam Rolled” the Empires to the tune of a 3 Games to none lead in the series, the never say die Empires once again stormed back in EPIC fashion just as they did at the end of the regular season, sweeping the final 4 games to win their second World Series in 4 years in a dramatic 7 game classic.

In doing so, John Turnbull becomes SPB-X’s very first two-time World Champion. Congrats to John T. on his incredible season and also congrats to Marc on a great run over the past two seasons…..tough one to swallow I am sure, but both managers should be congratulated for their great seasons.

The writeups can be found in the World Series link on the left menu. HERE.

May 2, 2019

1932 Post-Season prediction verification

In the spirit of transparancy, John Ungashick puts out this document to verify his pre-season predictions against what actually happened. Thank you John! You can read the document HERE.

May 2, 2019

1932 Final stats and Power rankings posted

SPB-X (1932) Managers: The regular season went three games longer for two teams, but the stats and power rankings are now posted.

The World Series is set between the Albany Empires and the Lincoln City Riptide. The Riptide will have Home field advantage for the series.

October 26, 2018

1932 Pre-Season prognosis

A huge thanks goes out as always to our resident "Jimmy the Greek," John Ungashick for his fearless forecast of the 1932 season.

Sept. 15, 2018

1932 Player Releases

Two teams have released a few players, not of any importance……

Empires (These players have been removed from the database)
P Al Eckert (1935)
P Walk Masters (1937)

Knights Release
P Jimmy Thomas

August 5, 2018

1932 Draft date set

The 1932 Rookie draft will be helpd Saturday September 8th at 11AM. Protected rosters are due by August 18th. Below are the number of players each team can protect:

21 Players
San Diego Glaziers (Lehman)
Detroit Titans (Meyering)
Louisville Colonels (Applegate)
Frankfort Frogs (Plunkitt)

20 Players
East Kenosha Leopards (Lauer)
New Haven Whiffenpoofs (Williams)
Borger Gassers (Baxter)
Las Vegas Knights (See)
New York Mutuals (Dezarlo)
Albany Empires (Turnbull)

19 Players
San Francisco Seals (Ungashick)
Schenectady Blue Sox (Rahn)
Prairie Crossing Red Foxes (Ehresman)
Lincoln City Riptide (Hollingsworth)

June 7, 2018

1932 Database released

I am pleased to present you the first official files for the 1932 Season. First, I huge thanks for Chris Williams for all of his hard work on revamping the 1932 season. Chris spent may hours proofing this new database for many errors, adjusted ratings, added fielding data, and also added game-by-game lineups. Thanks to Chris for all of his efforts.

Once he send me the new Database, I have made the following changes.

Migrated all existing teams
Removed any player ratings per SPB Rules…they were the following:

Johnny Vergez SS
Billy Rogell 3B
Jimmy Dykes 2B
Frankie Frisch SS
Glenn Wright 1B

Add positions to players who had not received them in DMB who qualified

Jimmie Wilson 2B PR (140)
Doc Farrell 3B FR (115)
Bill Rhiel 2B FR (105)
Ed Grimes SS PR (115)
Hal Rhyne 2B FR (105)
Marty McManus 1B AV (100)

Made any trades up through Trade 113
Added the Rookie Draft Modules and made trades (Still need to add Rule V)
Add era of 1932A and 1932N instead of Neutral Era

April 28, 2018

1932 Lottery Results

Result was 2-6-5 So…….here are your top 4……San Diego could pick no worse than 3rd as they had the worst record…. Detroit Titans (Paul Meyering) Louisville Colonels (Rich Applegate) San Diego Glaziers (Steve Lehman) East Kenosha Leopards (Dave Lauer) Congrats to Paul for landing the top pick!

April 28, 2018

1932 Team name change

The Mojave Mavericks will be relocating to Sin City for the 1932 Season, and taking our original moniker, “The Knights” and becoming the Las Vegas Knights.


Apr. 1, 2020

Sep Play begins

May 1, 2020


Power Rankings

  1)  Colonels (5)
  1)  Mavericks (3)
  3)  Red Foxes (1)
  4)  Whiffenpoofs (8)
  5)  Leopards (2)
  6)  Blue Sox (13)
  7)  Seals (6)
  8)  Riptide (9)
  9)  Frogs (6)
  9)  Gassers (11)
  9)  Glaziers (14)
  12)  Titans (12)
  13)  Empires (9)
  14)  Mutuals (4)

1933 1st rd draft Order

  1)  Red Foxes (1)
  2)  Leopards (2)
  3)  Mavericks (5)
  4)  Titans (3)
  5)  Mutuals (9)
  6)  Colonels (6)
  7)  Seals (4)
  8)  Frogs (9)
  9)  Empires (11)
  10)  Whiffenpoofs (7)
  11)  Riptide (8)
  12)  Gassers (12)
  13)  Blue Sox (13)
  14)  Glaziers (14)<

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