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Seattle secures its second straight SPB-2 Crown, coming back from a 3 games to 1 defecit to defeat the Hot Rods. Jerry Koosman goes 2-0 1.06 to win the WS MVP.

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May 22, 2020

1971 August stats posted

The stats and power rankings for August 1972 are now posted.

In the AL East, my Elephants are still in the lead but a five game sweep loss to red hot Route 66 lowered their lead over the Gladiators to just four games. In the West, the Hot Rods (very hot!) have already won 102 games with a month to go and have a whopping 22 1/2 game led over the Wild Weasels.

In the NL East, the Totems are also in control, with a 22 game lead over the Seals while in the West. the Voyageurs are 6 1/2 ahead of the Beavers.

December 28, 2019

1971 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks always to John Ungaschick for his award-winning and honest as a southern gentleman synopsis of the upcoming 1971 season. Thanks John!

December 22, 2019

1971 Last team name change

With his move to a new home, Rick Ryan has also decided to relocate his Mulberry Marauders to their new home as well, and are now the Speedway Sparkplugs.

October 7, 2019

1971 Stadium Changes

Here are the Stadium changes for the 1971 Season:

The Route 66 Hot Rods have vacated Yankee Stadium and have moved into Veterans Stadium.
The Data City Schema Busters have claimed Yankee Stadium, and have relinquished Fulton County Stadium

Fulton County Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum are the two available parks.

September 23, 2019

1971 - Call for Protected roster

It is that time of year again as we head into 1971. Time for the 1971 Rule V Draft, which means I need your cutdowns soon. We will begin the draft the week of Sept 30th via email, so I need your protected list to me no later than Sunday Sept 29th at 6pm PST. So you have about 2 weeks to make trades. The new data base was sent in the previous email.

Here are the amounts that each team can protect:

21 Players Protected
Los Angeles Angels
Nanoose Bay Sox
Kansas City Barons
Milwaukie Pilots
Montreal Royals

20 Players Protected
Thud Ridge Wild Weasels
Hudson Valley Renegades
Mulberry Marauders
Evanston Elephants
Tippacanoe Voyageurs
Salzburg Bishops
Frankfort Fortress
Data City Schema Busters
East Kenosha Lions
West Warwick Monarchs
Winter Harbor Seals
Fairfax Colts

19 Players Protected
South River Gladiators
Portland Beavers
New York Mets
Route 66 Hot Rods
Seattle Totems

Your protected lists are due soon, and the deadline is Sunday (September 29th at 6pm PST) They should be received by me no later than 6:00P.M. PST. At that time, ALL ROSTERS WILL BE FROZEN AND NO TRADES MAY BE MADE UNTIL THE RULE V DRAFT IS COMPLETED.

Please send me an MP with your cutdowns, along with a list via email of protected, unprotected and uncarded players

July 15, 2019

1971 - Wild Card official

We will be adding two Wild Card per conference for the 1971 Season.

In addition to switch to Best of 7 format for both main playoff series in each conference, in the event of a Wild Card Tie, the following would apply:

There would be a best of 3 series to determine the winner, with best H2H record getting Home field. If that’s tied, better run differential get home field.

In the event of a 3 way tie for a spot, the team with the highest run differential will be automatically put into the 3 game playoff, with the lower two teams playing a 1-game play in game, with better H2H record hosting, or best run differential.

In the event of a 4 way tie for a spot, the Highest Run differential will play the lowest in a one game play in game, and two middle teams would also play a 1 game play in game to get to the best of 3.

Hopefully that covers almost all the bases. Really looking forward to these changes. Going to make for some very exciting playoff races!!!!


June 1, 2020

Sept play begins

July 1, 2020

Playoffs begin

Power Rankings

  1)  Hot Rods (1)
  2)  Totems (2)
  3)  Voyageurs (3)
  4)  Elephants (4)
  5)  Wild Weasels (5)
  6)  Gladiators (6)
  7)  Colts (6)
  8)  Beavers (8)
  9)  Fortress (9)
  10)  Sparkplugs (10)
  11)  Lions (13)
  11)  Seals (11)
  13)  Monarchs (19)
  14)  Renegades (16)
  15)  Barons (12)
  15)  Schema Busters (18)
  17)  Bay Sox (15)
  17)  Bishops (13)
  19)  Angels (17)
  20)  Mets (21)
  20)  Pilots (20)
  22)  Royals (22)

1971 1st RD draft results

1) Barons-C.Speier
2) Angels-D.Porter
3) Royals-J.Matlack
4) Bay Sox-R.Cey
5) Pilots-B.Hooton
6) Weasels-C.Cooper
7) Renegades-G.Hendrick
8) Marauders-J.Barr
9) Elephants-D.Alexander
13)Schema Busters-D.Kingman
15)Hot Rods-B.Oglivie

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