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Seattle captures its first ever SPB-2 Championship by upsetting a 119-win team in a five game series after losing game one.

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April 25, 2019

1970 July stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and Power Rankings for July 1970 are now posted. Other than a runaway in the NL East, the other three divisions are still relatively close.

January 3, 2019

1970 Pre-Season prognosis

What would be the beginning of an SPB season without John Ungashick's 1970 prognostication! He did not get any forecasting lessons from me :) Thanks for the work John!

July 25, 2018

1970 DH and New Divisional Allignment

With the DH coming in 1973, I had asked each of you to submit a preference for DH or no DH. Below are the results and what will be our new divisions beginning in the 1971 season. Most of you got your choice, only the two new owners and two of the expansion teams that had to be placed in the NL, as there was a slight preference for the DH and league I needed to keep the expansion teams in separate divisions.

I realize that 1971 is two seasons prior to the DH coming, but it will be good to start with this new structure a bit early and I’ll likely tweak the schedule next year for more divisional and league play within your league.

Really think these new divisions will be good….Here they are. If you are in the AL, you will be adding a DH, if in the NL, no DH except for interleague games, which I’ll have more info on later, as it will be less interleague games than we currently have.

Joe Dezarlo
John Ungashick
Ron Peterson
John Measor
Steve Brunner
Don Zminda

Mike See
Don Rahn
Marc Hollingsworth
Terry Baxter
Dave Lauer

Steve Lehman
Hugh McElaney
Chris Williams
Chris Longo
Sean Comerford
Stan Barkun

Gary Plunkitt
Rick Ryan
Steve Ehresman
Rich Applegate
Mike Boling

That NL west Division is gonna have some fun H2H play!

July 24, 2018

1970 disk positional losses

The players listed below have lost positional rating based on SPB Rules that players with over 400 PA and 4 or less appearences at a position will not be rated or be eligible to play at that position during a season. Don Wert 2b Cookie Rojas SS and OF Don Buford 2b and 3b Davey Johnson SS Bob Robertson LF Lou Piniella 1b Ron Fairly LF and CF Coco Laboy 2b Doug Rader 1b Willie Stargell 1b Joe Torre 1b Dick Allen LF Gene Alley 3B Cesar Tovar 3B Gene Michael 2b and 3b Felipe Alou 1b Johnny Bench 3b Tony Taylor SS Don Money SS Deron Johnson 3b Jerry Kenney 2b Graig Nettles LF Ron Santo LF

July 22, 2018

1970 Rookie draft lottery results

Our new system developed my Mr. Turnbull has delivered a bit of a surprise…..

Congratulations to my old friend Mr. Mike Boling, for winning the 1st overall pick of the 1970 Rookie Draft! If I am correct, I am pretty certain that this might be the first time EVER that Mike has gotten the top selection!

The top 6 WAR players in in 1971 are ALL great, so gonna be pretty tough to go wrong with any of them….Sorry Dave, you are just a little snakebit when it comes to getting the final pick lately in these lotteries : )

All have the final draft order out this weekend. Working on the 1970 Database, once I get the uncarded players added I’ll send it out to the league…..

1. Mike Boling (KC Barons)
2. Steve Brunner (WW Monarchs)
3. Stan Barkun (Montreal Royals)
4. John Measor (Nanoose Baysox)
5. Don Zminda (LA Angels)
6. Dave Lauer (East Kenosha Lions)

July 22, 2018

Important Announcement prior to start of 1970 season

Before trading gets rolling, I wanted to make you aware of an important decision that has been made regarding the future of our league.

We have decided to add the Designated Hitter to (1) One league beginning with the 1973 season. Same as in real life.

The rules committee voted 9-1 to adopt this change. Bottom line is that so many 1b/DH types go unused when we don’t have a DH, and so many pitchers that don’t even hit in real life are getting lots of PA’s, it’s just more realistic to add the DH to one league. We calculated that over 7,200 PA’s go unused each season, where we don’t have a DH. It will also give teams more flexibly when they have multiple players who only play (1) position in a season. Even if you are an NL team, you can use these player in interleague play.

Here is how it’s going to work

1. Only the AL will have a DH

2. Owners will get to choose what league they want to be in. It will be based on league seniority, or how long you have had your current team in THIS LEAGUE only (I will be conducting this soon, so that you can plan accordingly, however, the new league format will not take affect until the 1973 season. IN FACT, please respond to me privately, whether you prefer an AL or an NL team……the rules committee already voted, 4 voted to go DH, 4 No DH and 2 didn’t have a real preference.)

3. With this change, we will attempt to have a bit more unbalanced schedule. We will still have interleague play, but leagues will play each other more than they do now, especially within your own division, making these game much more meaningful.

4. During interleague play, the Home team will determine if there is a DH or not.

Anyways. I hope that we all enjoy the welcome change, as this will be the 1st historical SPB League to install a DH. SO many of us have played through this era already, and this will make it a little different, and a little more exciting.

July 22, 2018

1969 End of Season reports

With the end of another SPB season, I bring to you the end of season USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports. Enjoy!

July 22, 2018

1969 Champion Crowned!

My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS go out to Steve Lehman for his 1st EVER SPB-2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Not only upsetting a 119 win team in 5 games, but this team had NEVER even had a winning season prior to 1969! Amazing the patience he showed while building this franchise….now, look out for them for the next 6-7 years too!

Not hard to see the parallels to the real 1969 World Series, except this time, it was not the Mets….it was Totems upsetting the Mets in 5 games, with the real World Series hero’s from 1968 (Lolich) and 1969 (Koosman) leading the charge.

Great writeups too…..the turning point in the Series was surely Bobby Tolan’s gunning down at the plate of Gene Alley in the bottom of the 9th inning to preserve a 8-7 win, which could have easily become a Mets win tying the series at 2-2.

With every Champion, there is always the other side. Tough loss for Don’s amazing Met squad. This was the best team Don has ever fielded and one most though would take the series. The was Don’s 2nd heartbreak as well, having lost as well in 1966 to the season. Good News though for Don….his Mets look great again in 1970, so he will be right in the think of things once again! Congrats on the great season Don!

With all that said, this wraps up another DECADE in SPB-2. It is now on to 1970! I’ll have the use or lose and penalties, along with draft order and lottery out this weekend, and trading is now officially open.

Goodbye 1960’s. Hello to the SUPER 70’s!!!!


May 1, 2019

AUG MPs due

May 20, 2019

AUG results due

Power Rankings

  1)  Totems (1)
  2)  Hot Rods (5)
  3)  Mets (4)
  4)  Beavers (2)
  5)  Schema Busters (9)
  5)  Seals (3)
  7)  Gladiators (8)
  8)  Colts (5)
  9)  Monarchs (7)
  10)  Fortress (11)
  11)  Lions (12)
  12)  Elephants (13)
  13)  Renegades (10)
  14)  Voyageurs (16)
  15)  Pilots (15)
  16)  Bishops (14)
  17)  Bay Sox (17)
  18)  Wild Weasels (20)
  19)  Marauders (18)
  20)  Royals (19)
  21)  Angels (21)
  22)  Barons (22)

1970 1st RD draft order

1) Barons
2) Monarchs
3) Royals
4) Bay Sox
5) Angels
6) Lions
7) Pilots
8) Elephants
9) Colts
10)Bay Sox
17)Hot Rods
19)Hot Rods

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Seasons: 26
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Trades: 1017

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