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Mike See
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The Rte.66 Hot Rods bested the Tippecanoe Voyageurs in 7 games to capture the 1968 Title. This is Mike's 3rd SPB-2 Championship, and first since 1962. Catfish Hunter and Ken McMillan will share Co-MVP Honors

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SPB-2 News that's fit to print

July 11, 2018

Two new managers on board

As we await the results of the 1969 World Series, I wanted to share some exciting new about the upcoming 1970 season.

We will have (2) new managers effective immediately, and I can not be more excited about both of them.

First, Chris Longo will be taking over the former Wabash Rivers franchise formerly owned by Bill Lanke. Bill has decided to cut back on his SPB Leagues, and I thank him for all of his years as a manager. Chris is already a manger in several SPB Leagues, as well as other DMB leagues some of you may be in as well.

Chris will be taking over a pretty loaded team (Aaron, Clemente and Kaline) and already has a great plan for the franchise. Very excited to see what he does with this team. Chris Has decided to rename the team the Data City Schema Busters, and will remain in Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium. Welcome Chris!

Next up, Sean Comerford will be taking over the former Steel City Yinzers of Marc Robinson. Sean recently joined us in SPB-4 as well, and is very excited about joining SPB-2 as well. He also inherits a pretty decent team, that with the right moves could contend, but also has some possible VERY tempting trade chips should he wish to go that route (Hondo, Carty, Wynn, etc). Also excited to see what Sean does with this team.

Sean will rename the franchise the Hudson Valley Renegades, and remain in Three Rivers Stadium. Welcome Sean!

This is a very active league from trading, and I think that both of these new managers wont be shy about dipping their feet pretty quickly into the trade waters.

Please join me in welcoming both to our league. You can read more about both of them on their bio’s on the SPB website.

July 7, 2018

1969 Comparison of predictions

Thanks as always to John Ungashick for providing his insights into each season then backing it up with a look back at his predictions compared to actual. Click HERE for this seasons version.

June 28, 2018

1969 Final stats posted

The stats and Power Rankings for September 1969 have been posted. Congrats again to the 4 Division Winners (Don Rahn, Terry Baxter, Steve Lehman and Mike See) on their hard fought titles.
Some notes on your individual champions for 1969

American League

Batting Champ – Frank Robinson (Mets) - .348 (Rod Carew actually batted .400 on the nose with 502 PA’s, but he must of just miseed the percentage cutoff on DMB)
HR Champ – Reggie Jackson (Hot Rods) - 49
RBI Champ – Frank Robinson (Mets) 155
Stolen Bases – Lou Brock (Fairfax) 45
Wins – Mike Cuellar (Mets) 26 (The Mets had 4 20 game winners, Cuellar, McLain, Perry and Maloney)
ERA- Sam McDowell (Seals) 1.92
Strikeouts – Sam McDowell (Seals) 299
Saves – Tie – Ken Tatum (Hot Rods) and Ron Taylor (Gladiators) 28

National League

Batting Champ – Reggie Smith (Totems) .322
HR Champ – Lee May (Lions) 42
RBI Champ – Sal Bando (Totems) - 128
Stolen Bases – Tommy Harper (Pilots) 57
Wins Jerry Koosman (Totems) 26
ERA- Jerry Koosman (Totems) 1.91
Strikeouts – Ferguson Jenkins (Weasels) 297
Saves – Tie – Hoyt Wilhelm (Rivers) and Ron Perronoski (Bishops) 27

Thanks again to everyone for a very enjoyable 1969 season. Will keep you updated on Divisional Series over the next few weeks. Trading will begin right after the completion of the World Series. Please do not report any trades until then.

October 8, 2017

1969 First round pick thesis- Mike See

SPB-2 Manager Mike See, who held the first overall pick in the 1969 rookie draft, presents this Masters of SPB Thesis for his pick of Thurman Munson. Good stuff Mike!

September 6, 2017

Draft date and Protected roster numbers

After tallying the votes, I have determined the SPB-2 Draft date. This was a tough one, because there were managers who could not make all of the suggested dates. As we always say, the goal is to choose the date that works best for most managers and the one that the most can attend on in the chatroom. That is what we did here.

That draft date will be Saturday October 7, 2017 at 11am EST (8am PST)

We had 3 managers who could not make the 14th or the 21st, and 1 who could not make the 7th. The 7th was also the most popular choice of managers as well (though it was close, with many having no preference). Tough choices to make, but have to go with the date that most can make it.

So now the the draft is set, and with the draft just 5 weeks away, it is time to start getting your rosters in order for the Rule 5 Draft (formerly the Phase 2 Draft), which per our new rule changes, is now held via email prior to the Rookie Draft.

Here are the number of players that each team can protect **NOTE: Expansion Teams (Royals, Barons, Bay Sox and Pilots) players are not eligible to be taken in the Rule 5 in 1969. They will be each selecting 2 players however.

21 Players Protected
East Kenosha Lions
Mulberry Marauders
Evanston Elephants
Seattle Totems

20 Players Protected
Frankfort Fortress
Los Angeles Angels
Wabash Rivers
Portland Beavers
Thud Ridge Wild Weasels
Boise Resolutes
Salzburg Bishops
New York Mets
Fairfax Colts
Winter Harbor Seals

19 Players Protected
South River Gladiators
West Warwick Monarchs
Tippacanoe Voyageurs
Route 66 Hot Rods

Your protected lists are due in ASAP, and the deadline is Thursday (September 14th - So you have 2 weeks to trade). They should be received by me no later than 7:00P.M. EST. At that time, ALL ROSTERS WILL BE FROZEN AND NO TRADES MAY BE MADE UNTIL THE RULE V DRAFT IS COMPLETED.


We will start the Rule 5 Draft via email on Saturday September 16.

June 22, 2017

New manager for 1969 Season and two stadium changes

I am pleased to announce that we have filled the league opening created when Mike Cascarano decided to give up his Boise Resolutes franchise due to other commitments. I thank Mike C. for his time in SPB. I am very happy to announce that joining SPB-2 will be Veteran SPB Manager Marc Robinson. Marc will be renaming the team The Steel City Yinzers and moving them into Forbes Field (becoming Three Rivers next season). Please join me in welcoming Marc to SPB-2! Welcome Marc!!!!!!

The Los Angeles Angels are vacating Oakland Coliseum and moving into Anaheim Stadium leaves the Oakland Coliseum and San Diego Stadium and your two available parks. 

June 22, 2017

1968 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and his Route 66 Hot Rods for capturing the 1968 Championship!

What a series the was! Congrats of course the Steve Ehresman on a great series and season. It was hard fought and played H2H. Could have gone either way.

MVP - Their are Co-MVP's on the 1968 World Series. The first is Jim "Catfish" Hunter, who came up huge twice for the Hot Rods, winning 2 games, including the critical Game 6, with a microscopic 0.64 ERA.

The other MVP is 3B Ken McMullen. Ken batted .333 for the series, but his HR in Game 2 won the game for the Hot Rods (and really saved the series), and his double in Game 7 led to him scoring the winning run of the series for Route 66.

Honorable Mentions - Had the Voyageurs pulled off game 7, no doubt we'd be talking about Bob Gibson as a co-mvp's (2-0, struck out 9 and didn't give up a run in either of his starts) with Mickey Stanley, who batted .478 in the series and had like 4 "spectacular catches in CF, likely robbing HR's and extra base hits. Rod Carew led all hitters with a .480 average and knocked in the game winning RBI in game 7.

That's a wrap on 1968! Onto 1969!!!!

June 13, 2017

1969 League Notes

1) We are now in divisional play. 4 Divisions. This was determined based on the original draw we made 2 years ago.

2) Schedule has been adjusted accordingly to accommodate divisional play and 4 additional teams.

3) The Official DMB 1969 disk had little rhyme or reason for who it gave a rating too for players with 1 appearence (and those who it didn't) so..........The were about 21 players who were not rated with under 400 PA's, that had an appearance and putouts/assists. So for those players, I have added rating to them. The only players who are not rated who played game are players who only played 1 game at a position, and did not make a play. These players were not rated by the game, and I won't be giving them a rating either.

4) Players with over 400 PA and 4 or less appearances at a position have had that position removed.

If you have any questions about 3 or 4 about player rating, please contact me directly......

5) As something new....if you have a OF who, lets for example only has a rating in RF...but not in LF, but you plan to use him in LF, please let me know and I will give that player a rating at that other position (the same one). I will also do it with CF who you want to play LF/RF. I wont do it with LF or RFers to play CF. The game makes adjustments for doing this as you know, but when playing on the road, the CM wont use a player at a position he's not rated at, so I will add this for you should you wish.

6) I have updated the Park images to use the Park pics I sent out last season, if you need them again, they are also attached, just drop them into you "Parks" folder in DMB11 and it will work.

7. I'll be adding the draft module once the WS is completed.

That's all for now. Enjoy and keep those trades coming!

June 11, 2017

1968 Prediction Comparisons

John U. could not have been more spot on with this year's predictions! Thanks for the recap :)

June 11, 2017

1969 Draft Lottery results!

Number was:   2-3-0

Congrats to Trader Rick Ryan for securing the top overall pick in the 1969 Draft!

Mulberry Marauders (Rick Ryan)
East Kenosha Lions (Dave Lauer)
Evanston Elephants (John Ungashick)
Wabash Rivers (Bill Lanke)

June 11, 2017

1968 Usage Reports

Quicker than you can say "Lottery" we bring to you the end of season 1968 Overusage and Use or Lose reports!

June 11, 2017

1968 Septemberstats and Power rankings posted

This 1968 Regular Season is now completed. Thanks to all of you for your timely stats turn-in's! This was just a great season in the year of the pitcher. We have some fantastic pennant races and will now move to our final World Series before we head to 1969 when Divisional Play begins and our 4 new expansion managers join us! The final regular season database and WS Ready database is attached.

American League
The Route 66 Hot Rods of Mike See take 4 of 7 tough games playing H2H with Don Zminda's Angels to take their first pennant since 1965, winning by 6 games over Joe Dezarlo's South River Gladiators.

National League
Steve Ehresman's Tippacanoe Voyageurs claim their first SPB-2 Pennant, winning an incredible 111 Games behind their incredible pitching staff! The defending NL Champion West Warwick Monarchs of Steve Brunner finish a tough luck 2nd, despite their 104 victories, 2nd most in the league.

Your 1968 League Batting Leaders

American League
Batting Average - Matty Alou (Mets) .336
Hits - Lou Brock (Colts) 203
Home Runs - Frank Howard (Resolutes) 42
RBI's - Frank Howard (Resolutes) 106
Stolen Bases - Bert Campaneris (Gladiators) 45

National League
Batting Average - Willie McCovery (Tippacanoe) .316
Hits - Billy Williams (Portland) 175
Home Runs - Ron Santo (West Warwick) 42
RBI's - Ron Santo (West Warwick) 123
Stolen Bases - Tommy McCraw (Evanston) 48

Your 1968 League Pitching Leaders

American League
Wins - Catfish Hunter (Thunder)/Earl Wilson (Seals) 23
ERA - Luis Tiant (Gladiators) 1.49
Strikeouts - Sam McDowell (Seals) 291
Saves - Ron Taylor (Gladiators) 33
Games - Phil Regan (Angles) 63

National League
Wins - Juan Marichal (Tippacanoe) 25
ERA - Bob Gibson (Tippacanoe) 1.53
Strikeouts - Fergie Jenkins (Thud Ridge) 270
Saves - Ted Abernathy (West Warwick) 41
Games -Ted Abernathy (West Warwick) 65

So, we now move on to the 1968 World Series. A great match up between myself and Steve Ehresman. Vegas odds makes have made the Voyageurs a -150 favorite to win, likely due to the incredible pitching of Tippacanoe, but the Hot Rods own Home Field Advantage since our new rule changes for home field don't go into affect until next season, so they are hoping a little home cookin' to start will help.

Since there have already been several trades made for 1969, I will go ahead and say welcome to 1969 a little early and open trading season. Our 4 new expansion teams are now official in the league and may trade as well. Keep in mind that while you can send trades to me for confirmation, that I wont be announcing any trades until the completion of the 1968 World Series.

Thanks to everyone for an outstanding 1968 season!!!

December 21, 2016

1968 pre-season prognosis

SPB-2 beat writer John Ungashick brings to us his fames Pre-Season prognosis for the upcoming 1968 campaign, which is loooked forward to by everyone. Great work as always John!

October 15, 2016

1968 team name change

For the records and archives, the Rossville Hornets (Rick Ryan) have changed their name to the Mulberry Marauders.

October 15, 2016

1968 Draft Roster notes

Click HERE for notes on the latest roster and draft notes as it pertains to this year's 1968 rookie draft.

August 22, 2016

1969 Draft date and Phase 2 cutdown numbers

After voting by our managers, it had been decided that our 1968 rookie draft will be held in Saturday October 29 at 11am EST.

Roster cutdowns will be due back to me by 10/15 at 9pm EST.

For cutdown purposes, here are the number of players each team may protect for the Phase 2:

21 Players - Gladiators, Fortress, Hornets, Angels
20 Players- Totems, Bishops, Beavers, Lions, Elephants, Colts, Rivers, Weasels, Voyageurs, Mets
19 Players- Hot Rods, Resolutes, Monarchs, Seals

Trading is open to ALL players until the final deadline for protected rosters is reached, at which time only protected players and draft picks can be traded until after the Phase 1 and 2 drafts.

July 5, 2016

1968 New Managerial Announcment

I have a wonderful announcement to make today as we celebrate our 240th year of Independence.

I am extremely excited to announce that our good friend, and former long time SPB owner Don Zminda will be returning to SPB-2, taking over the former Pittsburgh Crawfords franchise for the 1968 season.

Don will be renaming the franchise the Los Angeles Angels and moving the team from old Forbes Field to the west coast to the brand new Oakland Coliseum. This leaves Forbes as the only available park for 1968 (Metropolitan is going to one of the expansion teams in '69, and San Diego Stadium will become available as well then).

I am just thrilled to have Don back with us. Most of you already know Don from his past season with SPB, but also for the wonderful work he has done over the years for Stats Inc, writing for SABR, and many other great contributions to historical baseball. Don has recently retired from Stats Inc. and is looking forward to getting back into SPB mode!

In Don's own words.....

"And to quote Michael Jordan, “I’m back!” Looking forward to rejoining the league."

Please join me in giving Don a big WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

July 1, 2016

1968 Lottery Results

It's a crazy night of lottery.....

Number was 5-8-0

Congrats to Rich Applegate and his Portland Beavers on landing the #1 pick!

Here is the official lottery order....

1. Portland Beavers (Rich Applegate) - 67 Wins - (2 Chances)
2. Seattle Totems (Steve Lehman) - 69* Adjusted Wins (1 Chance)
3. Frankfort Fortress (Gary Plunkitt) - 63 Wins (4 Chances)
4. Pittsburgh Crawfords (Jim Wheeler) - 64 Wins (3 Chances)

June 27, 2016

1969 Expansion draft results

Over the past week, myself and our (4) new 1969 Expansion Team owners have been conducting via email the 1969 Expansion Draft. I must say it was one of the most speedy and efficient draft I have ever been a part of. Very smooth. Great work guys! Our new team owners all made astute selections, forming solid teams that are all ready for the 1969 season to begin!

June 18, 2016

Words from New SPB-2 Commissioner

Good afternoon all,

First, thank you to Gary Plunkitt for his kind words and for entrusting me moving forward as your SPB-2 commissioner. I truly love our family of leagues and honored to be able to serve in this role of both SPB-X and now SPB-2. I am confident that most of you will not notice a lot of difference in the way Gary runs the show versus myself. I have learned much from "The Creator" over these past 18 years I have been in SPB : ) Gary has led our leagues for a very long time and I am very grateful for all of the hard work he has done and will continue to do for our leagues. Look forward to many more years of great fun!Good afternoon all,

Second, Congrats to both Hugh McElaney and "Biker" Steve Brunner on capturing their respective 1967 Pennants. Both well deserved. Good luck to both of you in what should be a barn burner of a World Series!Good afternoon all,

As we await the results of the World Series, I would like to announce a managerial change that is effective immediately for the upcoming 1968 season.

I am pleased to announce that original SPB-2 owner and good freind Mike Cascarano will be returning to SPB-2 after a long vacation : ) Mike will be taking over the former Bronx Bombers franchise and will be renaming the team the "Boise Resolutes." For now, he will remain in Yankee Stadium. Very excited to have Mike back in what is now his 2nd SPB league (he is also in SPB-X).Good afternoon all,

Please welcome Mike back to SPB-2. He will be a great addition to a great group of managers!


July 1, 2018

Playoffs begins

@Aug 1, 2018

Trading Opens

Power Rankings

  1)  Mets (1)
  2)  Hot Rods (2)
  3)  Wild Weasels (3)
  4)  Totems (3)
  5)  Seals (5)
  6)  Voyageurs (6)
  7)  Fortress (6)
  7)  Rivers (8)
  9)  Bishops (11)
  10)  Beavers (9)
  11)  Yinzers (10)
  12)  Colts (12)
  13)  Gladiators (13)
  14)  Pilots (15)
  15)  Elephants (14)
  16)  Barons (18)
  17)  Marauders (16)
  18)  Monarchs (17)
  19)  Lions (19)
  20)  Bay Sox (20)
  21)  Angels (22)
  21)  Royals (21)

1967 1st RD draft results

1) Gladiators-T.Seaver
2) Gladiators-J.Bench
3) Hot Rods-R.Jackson
4) Hot Rods-R.Carew
5) Totems-J.Koosman
6) Weasels-G.Nettles
7) Beavers-G.Nolan
8) Crawfords-A.Otis
9) Elephants-J.Rudi

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