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Joe Dezarlo
South River Gladiators


The gladiators overcame a 2-gam to none deficit to take the series in 7. Tom House (1-0, 3 saves, 0.00ERA, 6 SO in 5.1 innings) was named WS MVP

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Mike See


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Mike See

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John Ungashick

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September 2, 2023

1975 Ballpark Changes

The Hampton Road Cruisers (Terry Baxter) are vacating Candlestick Park for the friendlier confines of Veterans stadium.

Also, the Route 66 Hot Rods are changing things up bit and vacating Metropolitan Stadium for to move to the band box that is Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

Your available stadiums are currently: Arlington Stadium, Oakland Coliseum, Candlestick Park, Metropolitan Stadium

They are available on a first come first served basis if you are interested in changing.

August 25, 2023

1974 Use or lose players

Click HERE for a list or 1974 players that were dropped from rosters due to underusage

August 25, 2023

1975 Database roster changes

Below are the players I removed position ratings from and the positions I removed:

Sandy Alomar SS
Don Baylor 1b
Darrell Evans 1b
Thurman Munson 1B/OF
Doug Rader SS
Ted Simmons 1B/OF
Chris Spier 3b
Cesar Tovar 3b

August 12, 2023

1975 Lottery results

Number was 1-3-0

So, crazy enough, there was not a single change from the bottom 6 in standings. Congratulations to Chris Longo on landing the #1 pick.

Schema Busters (Longo)
Mets (Rahn)
Bishops (Williams)
Cruisers (Baxter)
Seals (McElaney)
Colts (Peterson)

July 28, 2023

1974 One game playof results

The Fortress and Sparkplugs dukes it out in a 1-game regular season playoff game to see who wins the division. You can find the results HERE.

July 26, 2023

1974 End of season.....kinda

Thanks to all for a smooth 1974 regular seasons. A few little bumps in the road, but very solid as per usual.

First, I want to offer my thanks to Dave Lauer for his tireless efforts as league stat. A very tough job for sure, but he does it so well. Thanks for all you do Dave!

Second, congratulations to our Playoff Bound Teams!

In the AL, my AL East Division winning Route 66 Hot Rods will take on John Turnbull’s Wild Card Dayton Dragons, while Joe Dezarlo’s AL West winning South River Gladiators will take on the Wild Card Los Angeles Angels of Don Zminda.

In the NL, well were not quite there yet. We know that Steve Lehman’s defending Champion Seattle Totems just barely held on in the NL East to beat Stan Barkun’s Montreal Royals by 1 game (an Incredible 118 wins to 117 wins!). In the NL West, we have a tie between Rick Ryan’s Speedway Sparkplugs and Gary Plunkitt’s Frankfort Fortress. So we will have a 1 game playoff to determine the winner. The winner of that game will get home field advantage for the first round and face the Montreal Royals, while the loser will get a trip to Seattle.

Because this is still a regular season game, all usage still carries over from previous games, however, I have increased the threshold now to 110%, so if a player isn’t over 110%, you can use them in the one game playoff.

Rick and Gary, the attached database has the 1 game playoff added, so you can play at your convenience.

December 18, 2022

1974 Pre-Season Prognosis

People yell and scream like litle children until they receive it. Why? Cause it's that good! Thank you again to John Ungashick with his 1974 Pre-Season prognosis. Enjoy!

October 28, 2022

Pre 1974 draft roster moves

As I had stated I would do before, the Oceanside Seagulls were allowed to pull from the available Free Agents Cuts to fill out a proper 27-Man Roster. Here were those moves for the Seagulls:

Add C Vic Correll (Hot Rods) - Cut C Ron Hodges
Add 2b Larry Lintz 2b (Elephants) - Cut: 1B Hal Breeden
Add SS Ed Brinkman SS (Barons) - Cut: Orlando Cepeda
Add SP Lerrin LaGrow (Barons) - Cut: MR Jim York
Add RP Orlando Pena (Royals) - Cut: Leo Cardenas
Add RP Vincente Romo (Sparkplugs) - Cut: Eddie Solomon

September 6, 2022

1974 Stadium Change

The Route 66 Hot Rods have vacated Veterans Stadium for the more cozy midwestern confines of Metropolitan Stadium.

The Hampton Road Cruisers vacate Candlestick Park for Veterans Stadium This leaves Candlestick Park, Oakland Coliseum, Arlington Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium available.

September 6, 2022

1973 Use or Lose Players

I have looked at the under usage for 1973 and it looks really good, with the exception of some relievers. I think in the case of using batters faced with RP’s, the 50% threshold is too high, as the number of innings RP’s in this era can throw can be incredibly difficult to replicate with the DMB game.

That said, with the small out there was, with no players of any real significance less their aforementioned relievers, I am waiving ANY and ALL use or lose losses for the 1973 season, and will re-evaluate these thresholds with the other commissioners and rule committee, likely lower it for Relievers.

Thanks for your understanding,

September 6, 2022

1974 Lottery results

Number was 2-5-9. Congratulations goes out to Chris Longo and his data city Schema Buster for landing the top overall pick! Order didn’t change much, just a swap of 1 and 2.

Data City Schema Busters (Chris Longo) - 63 Wins (3 Chances)
Oceanlake Seagulls (Marc Hollingsworth) - 54 Wins (4 Chances)
Portland Beavers (Rich Applegate) - 65 Wins* - (2 Chances)
East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer via Trade) - 65 Wins (1 Chance)


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