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Steve Lehman
Chicago Stampers


The Stampers defeated the Royal Giants in six games to take the 1950 crown. Jackie Robinson is the MVP with a great showing late in the series.

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August 10, 2020

1951 End of season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we bring to you the 1951 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports for SPB3-1951.

August 9, 2020

1951 September stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1951 are now posted. Congratulations go out to Don Rahn (Brooklyn Royal Giants), our American League champion, and to Steve Lehman (Chicago Stampers), our National League Champ, on winning the right to battle in the 1951 SPB World Series. We will have the schedule for the World Series ready file soon and I will send it out to them so that they can get their plans made to play the Series.

Be sure to check out the League leaders for our 1951 season, and see how many of your teams players were among league leaders. Some very nice stats here, both on batting and pitching, with some surprises among the leaders.

I will soon publish the annual Overuse and 50% Players lost reports for you as well. Thanks again guys on a great conclusion to our 1951 season, and good luck to Don & Steve in the World Series.

February 28, 2020

1951 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for penning his much loved 1951 Pre-Season Prognosis. Thanks John!

December 13, 2019

1951 Protected roster numbers

Now that the date has been set for January 4th, and with Christmas and New Year's just around the corner as well, it is best to get the Rule V draft over with before all the busyness begins. So, with that being said, I am setting this coming Saturday, December 14th as the date to have your protected roster for the 1951 season to me, so that I can set up the draft to started on Sunday. The entire R5 draft will be by email.

I have attached the latest set of 1951 files with all rosters being up to date. Here are the numbers of players each SPB III team can protect:

19 Players
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)

20 Players
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)
DeVilbiss Tigers (M. Murphy)

21 Players
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer)
Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)

I know it is pretty short notice, but with the draft being on 1/4, and the holidays just ahead, it is best to get this completed while we can. Send me your protected player lists ASAP, and if they should all arrive before Saturday deadline (12/14, 7PM EST) I will get the draft grid set up and send the email so we can move on the draft. Thanks guys. Good luck.

August 20, 2019

1950 End of year reports

According to Commish Plunkitt, some great jobs on most teams for theis overusage. Click on the link for OVERUSE REPORT and USE OR LOSE REPORT.

August 20, 2019

1950 End of year Comparisons

Linked is my annual comparison of actual and expected wins against my preseason prognosis. The actual versus expected wins was very close with the National League right on except that the Grays and Arsenal should have tied for the lead whereas the Grays eked out a three game win over the Arsenal. In the American League, the Larks modestly overachieved and snuck into fifth whereas the Muck Dogs and Rugrats underachieved and fell in the final standings. However, someone (i.e. me) must have been on drugs when preparing the preseason prognosis as it bore little resemblance to the actual or expected results. I had the Giants as odds on favorites in the AL and even though they won 99 games it was only good enough for third place. I did mention in the preseason writeup that the Carp's ultimate success or lack thereof would hinge on the pitching staff and they were sensational, especially ace reliever Jim Konstanty. The offense was also pretty good. The Thunderbolts hung in there all year long, finishing only one game out and they also had some great pitching performances, especially from Hal Newhouser who looked just like the wartime ace he had been in 1944 and 1945. The Muck Dogs were picked for a solid second place but fell all the way to sixth.

In the NL I did pick the Grays to win the pennant in a runaway but they squeaked in by just three games. The Arsenal was picked for fifth and the Blues for third but they switched places. Maybe I need to rethink my forecasting module for future years! Good luck to the Carp and Grays in the World Series!

August 17, 2019

1950 Final stats and Power Rankings posted

All SPB III - 1950 Managers, All week # 4 reports are in the races are decided. Both were very close, with 3 teams in contention in each league. But in the American League Chris Williams' Maumee River Carp won the pennant winning 102 games, the best mark of 1950. In the National League Hugh McElaney's Worcester Grays won 90 games to take the pennant. So it will be the Carp versus the Grays in the 1950 World Series!

Both leagues were tight, and the final standings in the A.L. saw Gary Plunkitt's Hoosier Thunderbolts take down 101 wins, in a real rush for the pennant, but they fell 1 game short, even with the second best record in the league. Finishing a close third was Don Rahn's Brooklyn Royal Giants (last years World Series champions). The N.L. had Terry Baxters Rock Island Arsenal win 2nd place, finishing just 3 games behind the N.L. champion Grays. And Steve Lehman's Chicago Stampers came in 3rd place, just 5 games off the pace. Some very good seasons from several teams. Congratulations to all managers for doing a decent job all year long!

I will have the Use or Lose and the Overuse reports out soon. Also, the 1950 World Series files will be coming up shortly as well.

March 8, 2019

1950 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick, for his in-depth analysis of each team in his Pre-Season prognosis for SPB-3 1950. Thanks John!

November 24, 2018

1950 Call for Protected rosters

It is now time to set up and send your teams protected lists for the coming 1950 Rule 5 draft to me. I will set the due date for rule 5 protected lists being received by me as no later than Sunday, November 25th. You can send your protected rosters in beginning today 11/15, and continuing through the deadline of 11/25.

Here is the list of players each team must protect:

19 Protects - Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn), Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt), Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman), & DeVilbuss Tigers (M.Murphy).

20 Protects - Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick), Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan), Worcester Grays (H. McElaney), Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter), South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo), & River City Rugrats (J. Cada).

21 Protects - East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer), Goshen Aces (S. Brunner), Maumee River Carp (C. Williams), & Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate).

Once all protected lists are determined I will send out updated 1950 files, via email, to all managers with unprotected players listed as farmed. At the same time an accompanying email will also include the listing of teams in the Rule 5 order with 2 selections to be made by each team, as their turn arrives. The first team is then up for his picks ASAP. Each manager will select his 2 picks, and then hit "reply to all". The next listed manager then makes his picks. As always all teams are limited to 4 player loses before their rosters are "frozen" for the balance of the R5 draft. The picks will continue until the final manager has made his R5 selections. I expect managers to make their picks in a timely manner, and if there is a problem in keeping the draft moving, managers can send me a list to use. We should take no more than 3-4 days to complete this short email draft.

As for trading, there can be normal trading up until the protected lists have all arrived. Once the protected lists are all in, only protected players may be traded until the email Rule 5 draft is complete. Then of course, normal trading for all players will resume.

Finally, the 1950 rookie draft will be held on one of the following January Saturdays. The dates are 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, & 1/26. Send me your top TWO choices for the draft, and I will set the actual date for the rookie draft. Send your rookie draft date choices to me no later than Wednesday, November 28th.

September 12, 2018

1950 Lottery Results

Winning Lottery number was 9-2-2

Congratulations to Dave Lauer for finally getting some luck in one of these lotteries!!!! Draft Order Attached.

East Kenosha Larks (Dave Lauer)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)

Tough shakes Steve B. That’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes….. : )


Sept 1, 2020

Trading begins begin

January, 2021

1952 Draft

Power Rankings

  1)  Royal Giants (1)
  2)  Hawks (2)
  3)  Stampers (3)
  4)  Thunderbolts (4)
  5)  Grays (4)
  6)  Arsenal (7)
  7)  Tigers (6)
  8)  Muck Dogs (8)
  9)  Carp (8)
  10)  Aces (11)
  11)  Blues (8)
  12)  Clowns (12)
  12)  Rugrats (12)
  14)  Larks (12)

1951 1st rd draft results

1) Muckdogs-W.amys
2) Larks-M.Mantle
3) Rugrats-F.Thomas
4) Clowns-B.Friend
5) Tigers-G.McDougald
6) Blues-P.Runnels
7) Aces-S.Jones
8) Hawks-J.Logan
9) Stampers-B.Turley

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