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The Brooklyn Royal Giants defeated the Chicago Stampers in 4 games. It is the Royal Giant's second consecutive WS win and their fourth AL Pennant in a row.

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September 12, 2018

1950Lottery Results

Winning Lottery number was 9-2-2

Congratulations to Dave Lauer for finally getting some luck in one of these lotteries!!!! Draft Order Attached.

East Kenosha Larks (Dave Lauer)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)

Tough shakes Steve B. That’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes….. : )

September 6, 2018

1949 Champion Crowned!

Our 1949 World Series has concluded as manager Don Rahn's Royal Giants sweep the Chicago Stampers in a series that proved Rahn has not lost his touch after all. This was Don second consecutive World Series win, and came after winning their 4th A.L. pennant in a row.

August 21, 2018

1949 End of Season reports

Enclosed are the links to the annual end of season USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the 1949 season. Enjoy!

August 21, 2018

1949 Comparisons to predictions

Putting his money where his mouth is, John Ungashick has penned his 1949 Comparisons to see how his pre-season predictions worked out. Great stuff John!

August 21, 2018

1949 Final stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1949 are now posted.

Don Rahn has captured his 4th pennant in a row, including the 1946 pennant when he was in the N.L., with his Brooklyn Royal Giants. Once again he has outdistanced my Hoosier Thunderbolts for the title, as the T'Bolts have also been the runner up over these four years of Brooklyn championships. This time was by far the biggest distance between the two teams as he won by 13 full games. In 1946 it was 2 games, in 1947, 6 games, and in 1948, again by two games. Hats off to Don! He has had my number every year!

In the N.L., the Chicago Stampers of Steve Lehman have taken the pennant this year. But that was not decided until the final weekly series when Chicago took on the second place (at the time) Schaumburg Hawks of John Ungashick. Chicago took it to Schaumburg by besting them 6 of the 7 games, which allowed the DeVilbiss Tigers of Mike Murphy to slip into second place when the final bell rang. Talk about a tough pill to swallow! Poor John.

So the 1949 World Series will soon begin with the Royal Giants being the favored team by the Vegas bookies.

This is based on the Royal Giants 106-48 record, as opposed to the Stampers record of 88-66 season mark. But in a short series, any team can get hot and score an upset, as we have often seen in SPB W.S. history.

As for the seasons offensive leaders in the A.L. slugger Ralph Kiner scored first in so many categories, that there is little reason to doubt he will be the exclusive 1949 A.L. MVP with his .373 B.A., his .495 OBP, and that amazing .831 Slugging Avg. The reason for that is the mind boggling 70 HR's, and 197 RBI to back up this claim! Kiner also led with 201 hits, and 152 runs scored. Wow, what a year!! The East Kenosha Lions Bobby Thomson led with 39 doubles, and the River City Rugrats featured the triples leader in speedster Bob Dillinger who hit 18 three-baggers. Dillinger also captured the SB lead with a mere 13, as it shows the A.L. was just sitting back waiting for the hitters to lead the way.

In the N.L., another huge reason for their pennant was the great season put forth from 2B Jackie Robinson, sure to be N.L. MVP as he also led the N.L. with a .352 batting average, (barely beating out fellow teammate Carl Furillo by a single point!). Jackie, like Kiner, also captured the league OBP with a .439 mark, and even took the slugging crown at .531. He also led his league in doubles with 38, runs (114), hits (206), and SB (33). Another whew! The combo of Robinson and Furillo were just too much for the other teams to overtake when it comes to Stamper Stars. The Stampers Furillo led the league with 10 triples and drove in 131 runners to win that title as well. Rock Islands second year star Larry Doby edged out Schaumburgs Hank Sauer for the HR crown 34 to 32. There were many good pitchers in the A.L. Larry Jansen of the Royal Giants fashioned a 21-8 mark to tie Hoosier's Hal Newhouser, also a 21 game winner (21-12). The South River Muckdogs also had a pair of 20 game winners in Harry Brecheen (20-12), and Virgil Trucks (20-13). Nineteen game winners featured 3 players, Brooklyn's Dick Fowler (19-6), Hoosier's Ken Heintzleman (19-8), and the Maumee River Carps Bob Lemon at 19-12. East Kenosha Lions hurler Ned Garver at 2.32, edged South River V. Trucks (2.35) for the ERA crown. South Rivers Don Newcombe took a slight lead in whiffs over Maumee's B. Lemon, taking the strikeout crown 146-140. The River City Rugrats featured the leagues top reliever as Bobby Hogue led with 17 saves in only 31 appearances. Quite a feat there, as well.

In the N.L., there were no 20 game winners, as the Stampers Howie Fox (19-8), edged out the Tigers Mel Parnell, who fashioned an 18-9 record, for the top winners. The ERA battle featured 3 outstanding marks, with the top one belonging to the Indianapolis Clowns Gerry Staley who fashioned a nice 2.06 mark. Others with great ERA's this season were the Stampers ace H. Fox at 2.29, and the Tigers M. Parnell at 2.32. The Rock Island Arsenal's Tommy Byrne led with 136 strikeouts. The Clowns G. Staley tied up with the Tigers Joe Page, both recording 19 saves to lead the N.L. firemen.

So be sure to check out the leader boards to see where your favorites finished. There are just a ton of good performers out there this season. Many of whom did not lead their leagues in any catagory. Check out all the stats. It is one of the rewarding things about playing the games in SPB. Enjoy! And once again congratulations to Don Rahn and Steve Lehman for their championship seasons of 1949.

Oh, last but not least, thanks to Chris Williams for another great year serving as our SPB III League Statistician, and for already preparing the W.S. file.

March 6, 2018

1949 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for his SPB3-1949 Pre-Season prognosis! Enjoy reading accounts of each team as they start the 1949 campaign.

January 24, 2018

1949 Free Agent player claims

The following players were claimed in the free agent draft:

The Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter) select P Alex Carrasquel.

The River City Rugrats select C Babe Martin, 2B Jay Difani, and pitchers Johnny Van Cuyk, Ray Yochim, Irv Medlinger, Denny Galehouse, Andy Tomasic, and Buzz Dozier.

The free agent players claimed have been added to the rosters. No other teams submitted any free agent claims. This means the following unclaimed players have been released from the 1949 files: pitchers, Jim Bilbry, Mort Cooper, Orval Grove, Dizzy Sutherland, Johnnie Wittig, and PH/PR's Jim Kirby, Steve Kuczek, Frank Pack, & Bob Mavis. They are now history.

December 28, 2017

1949 Protected roster numbers

Here are the number of players that each team can protect in advance of the Rule 5 draft:

19 Protected Players:
1. Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
2. Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
3. River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
4. Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)

20 Protected Players:
1. Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
2. Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
3. Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)
4. DeVilbus Tigers (M. Murphy) 5. Chicago Stampers (S, Lehman) 6. Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)

21 Protected Players:
1. Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
2. Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)
3. South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
4. East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer)

Sep 20, 2017

1949 Roster Drops

Here is the updated list of teams that have released players prior to the draft:

Hoosiers: J. Dobernic, A. Carrasquel, T. Jacobs (55)
Blues: P. Marchildon, J. Van Cuyk, O. Grove
Larks: D. Galehouse, J. Blackburn (51), J. Levan (54)

Players not listed with future years next to their names will be placed in the upcoming rookie draft.

Sep 9, 2017

1948 World Series Complete. New Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Don Rahn and his Brooklyn Royal Giants to a convinvcing 4 games to one victory of the Kansas City Blues, helmed by Rich Applegate. Complete WS Coverage can be found on the World Series link on the left. We are on to 1949!

August 29, 2017

1949 Lottery Results

The Lottery for 1949 has been completed. Here are the results:

The number was : 552

Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)- 65* Wins (2 Chances)
East Kenosha Larks (Dave Lauer) (Dave Lauer) - 59* Wins (4 Chances)
South River Muckdogs (Joe Dezarlo) - 62* Wins (3 Chances)
Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman) - Acquired Via Trade (1 Chance)

There was a 3 way tie for the final two spots for the 1949 Lottery Tiebreaker between the Clowns, Aces and Arsenal. Because of the 3-way tie, we went to the 2nd Tiebreaker, which was Run Differential, which was won by the Aces and Clowns. They were still tied, but the Aces won the Tiebreaker based on worst H2H record. The Clowns traded the 1949 1st RDP to the Chicago Stampers however, so that 4th Chance in the lottery will belong to Steve Lehman.

August 24, 2017

1948 Predictions Comparisons

John Ungashick has put together a post-season script that looks back at his pre-season predictions compared to the actual standings.

"Things pretty much followed the script right down the line in the American League. The Royal Giants modestly overachieved and were able to sneak by the Thunderbolts who were picked by me to win but just by a hair. The rest of the league fell right into line in terms of actual versus expected finish. The Carp did the best in terms of beating my prognosis, rising to fourth versus a pick of a solid sixth.

In the National League I picked my own Hawks in a dogfight with the Blues and that just what happened except I was on the losing side of the fight. The Arsenal (negative) and the Clowns (positive) had significant differences in actual versus expected wins but it didn't do either team any good in terms of their finish in the standings. The Stampers did rise from a projecvted sixth place finish to an actual tie for fourth and the Clowns sank to the cellar despite being picked for fifth but the prognosis did say that the last three slots were virtually interchangeable. On to the World Series and then 1949!"

August 24, 2017

1948 End of Year Reports

Quickly released is the 1948 end of season reports. Click on the word below for the link to the article:  USE OR LOSE // OVERUSAGE

August 24, 2017

1948 September final stats posted

The stats and power rankings for September of 1948 are now posted. Congratulations to the pennant winners. Don Rahn’s Brooklyn Royal Giants steamed to the AL title by filleting the hapless Carp in 7 straight games. The NL race turned out much closer, but the Blues won enough to surge past the Hawks and dethrone the 1947 champions by one game.

The Comish takes his hat off to Don and Rich as their teams head to the 1948 World Series. In a couple of real battles these two managers led their teams to respective titles, edging out the 2nd place finishers by 2 and 1 games. Congratulations to both our 1948 Champions!

Don pulled of a very slick sweep of the Carp in week # 4, when his Brooklyn Royal Giants pulled off 106 wins to put the Hoosier Thunderbolts, who went into the final week with slight 1 game lead, into 2nd place with 104 wins. This gave the Royal Giants the American League pennant. The T'Bolts were running on air during the final weeks games, during which they lost 14 hitters (Yes, you read that right) to PA's in week 4, and finished 2 games off the pace as they barely edged out the 3rd place finishing River City Rugrats during the final week's series by a mark of 4 games to 3.

Rich Applegate pulled off his win by only a single game, as his K. C. Blues won 84 games to take the National League pennant at the last minute, while the Schaumburg Hawks missed out gaining only 83 season wins. Too close for comfort!

February 22, 2017

1948 Pre-Season Prognosis

A highlight of every pre-season is the prognosis put together by John Ungashick. He has boldly predicted himself as a pennant winer, but we shall see! Click HERE for the 1948 version. Great work John!

January 8, 2017

1948 Player pink slips

All 1948 Managers, Four players have been released from rosters on the call for protected lists. The Brooklyn Royal Giants release OF Danny Gardella (1950). He will show up in the 50 rookie draft. The Kansas City Blues released P Buzz Dozier (1949) He will be in next years rookie draft. The Hoosier Thunderbolts released pitchers Les Webber & Butch Wensloff. They will be thrown back into this years rookie draft.

December 21, 2016

1948 Rookie draft date set

All SPB III - 1948 Managers, Thanks to all of you for submitting your choice dates for the 1948 drafts recently. I am happy to announce that the official draft date will be Saturday, January 14th, beginning at 11AM EST time. This date was listed in the top 3 choices by 13 of our 14 managers, which gives us the most to be available for drafting.

Sep 2, 2016

1948 Team name change

Just a note to let everyone know of a new team name for Mike Murphy's team. They were formerly known as the Perrysburg Stingers. He has decided to change the team name to the DeVilbiss Tigers. This will be reflected on the 1948 files when they are sent. No park change, staying in Crosley Field.

Aug 28, 2016

1948 Team name and ballpark change

Manager Dave Lauer, who took over the Baltimore Natti Bohs team late in 1947 season, has decided to revamp his team name and move into a new ball park. His team is now the East Kenosha Larks, and his new home park will be in Boston's Braves Field. The this makes the available ballparks for 1948 to be Clevelands Municipal Stadium and Philadelphia's Shibe Park (N.L. version). If you wish to move into one of the available parks, let me know soon.

Aug 28, 2016

1948 Lottery Results

Number was 7-7-6. Congrats to Joe Dezarlo for securing to top slot in the draft.

1. South River Muckdogs (Joe Dezarlo) - 65 Wins (4 Chances)
2. Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)- 68 Wins (3 Chances)
3. Indianapolis Clowns (Rick Ryan)- 72 Wins - (1 Chance)
4. East Kenosha Larks (Name TBD) (Dave Lauer) - 70 Wins (2 Chances)

Aug 22, 2016

1947 End of Season reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we bring to you the 1947 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports.

Aug 22, 2016

1947 Standings comparison

SPB-3 beat writer John Ungashick provides us with his 1947 standings comparisons for this past season.

Aug 22, 2016

1947 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to John Ungashick on managing the 1948 World Series Champion Schaumburg Hawks to a somewhat surprising win over Don Rahn's favored Brooklyn Royal Giants. A well played series from both managers.

John Ungashick also had some kind words: A sentimental kudo to Tom Falduto who has been gone for almost fifteen years now but this was the team I inherited from him. Complete World Series writeups and scores are on the left menu.

Aug 17, 2016

1947 Final Results

The stats and power rankings for September of 1947 are now posted.

The Brooklyn Royal Giants won the A.L. pennant by a comfortable margin. As did the Schaumburg Hawks in taking the N.L. crown. My congratulations to both Don Rahn and John Ungashick, the two managers on winning the Leagues Championship, and earning the right to move on to the 1947 World Series.

In the A.L. the Royal Giants scored 102 wins, gaining the advantage over the second place Hoosier Thunderbolts (95 wins) by 7 games. This was a case of a team with a little better defense, and much better pitching, especially in the bullpen, besting the offense laden T'Bolts, managed by yours truly. The Bolts were 1947's offensive juggernaut, but their average defense, and their mostly pitiful bullpen led to their downfall. My personal Congrats to Don on his convincing win. I believe he led from the start to the finish.

In the N.L. The Hawks scored 94 wins, gaining the advantage over the second place Chicago Stampers, by 8 games. The Hawks just won on overall balance, but they were the best hitting team in the N.L., and their fielding was the best in both leauges, especially for this era.. While the Stampers, managed by Steve Lehman, were not on nearly the same level field with their offense. Their fielding was okay, but their strength was pitching, and it was easily the best overall in the '47 season! My personal congrats to John for his convincing win as well.

The 50 % loss, and the overuse reports will be posted soon, and once those are out the World Series file will be set up. Thanks to everyone for a very interesting timely and well played season. Job well done, everyone!


Sept. 1, 2018

Trading begins

Jan ? 2019

1950 Drafts

Power Rankings

  1)  Royal Giants (1)
  2)  Thunderbolts (1)
  3)  Hawks (3)
  4)  Stampers (5)
  5)  Tigers (4)
  6)  Clowns (7)
  7)  Arsenal (9)
  7)  Grays (7)
  9)  Blues (10)
  9)  Larks (6)
  9)  Muck Dogs (12)
  12)  Rugrats (11)
  13)  Aces (12)
  14)  Carp (14)

1947 1st rd draft order

1) Hawks
2) Stampers
3) Arsenal
4) Grays
5) Stingers
6) Rugrats
7) Muck Dogs
8) Blues
9) Natti Bohs
13)Royal Giants

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Starting Season: 1927
Seasons: 21
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Trades: 467

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