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The Beard Black Cats, skippered by Rick Ryan, outlasted the Frankfort Frigates in 7 gaems to capture the 58 crown. The Series MVP was RF’er Jackie Jensen for the Black Cats who hit .348, going 8/23 with 2 2B’s, 3 HR’s and 6 BB’s 6 RBI and an OF assist.

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October 13, 2018

1959 Lottery Results

Number was 5-7-1

And for first time in a very long time...I can say...Congrats to me for winning the Lottery.

1. Mike See-Lightning
2. John Turnbull-Robbers
3. Steve Lehman-Tarheels
4. Dave Lauer-Lakers

With only 2 chances of the possible 10 numbers, I am stunned, but happy.

I’ll have the rest of the official draft order out to you this weekend.

October 12, 2018

1958 Post-Season prediction comparison

Thanks to John Ungashick, fresh off catarac surgery, he had the time to pen his post-season prediction comparison. Great job John!

October 12, 2018

1958 Post-Season reports

Guys....as is customary each season, we bring you the post-1958 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports.

October 12, 2018

1958 September Stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and Power rankings for the final month of 1958 are now posted.

First off, congratulations to Rick Ryan, our N.L. champion in 1958 as he compiled the best overall record during the season in all of SPB, while winning the National League crown. His 103-51 record was tops in 1958 play. He easily outdistance the second place Schenectady Patriots, led by Don Rahn, by 11 games, with a 92-62 record.

In the American League Gary Plunkitt managed to bring his Frankfort Frigates in at the top of the heap by putting up a solid 99-55 mark. Finishing 7 games back were the second place Massillon Tigers, led by John Ungashick, at 92-62. And honorable mention goes to Terry Baxter of the Joliet Jakes who also won 90 games this season, while dropping 64, in finishing 9 games off the pace in third place in the A.L.

Both the Black Cats and Frigates were in control most of the way throughout 1958 play. But the second place teams were right on their tales until late in the season. As a matter of fact in the A.L. there were 4 teams tussling closely for the top spot. The Wabash Six, led by Bill Lanke, were the other team involved in the A.L. fight for much of the year.

April 30, 2018

1958 Pre-Season prognosis

A must-read tradition by John Ungashick, we present to you the 1958 Pre-Season Prognosis. Thanks John!


Nov 1, 2018

Trading begins

March, 2019

1959 Drafts

Power Rankings

  1)  Black Cats (1)
  2)  Frigates (2)
  3)  Patriots (3)
  4)  Tigers (4)
  5)  Jakes (5)
  6)  Bears (6)
  7)  Six (7)
  8)  Ahabs (11)
  8)  Saints (8)
  10)  Argonauts (10)
  11)  Lakers (9)
  12)  Lightning (12)
  13)  Robbers (13)
  14)  Tarheels (14)

1958 1st rd results

1) Lightning-V.Pinson
2) Saints-O.Cepeda
3) Lightning-N.Cash
4) Robbers-F.Howard
5) Tarheels-J.Callison
6) Ahabs-F.Alou
7) Six-B.Allison
8) Bears-B.Monboquette
9) Lakers-M.Grant
10) Black Cats-L.Wagner
11) Six-J.Davenport
12) Tigers-G.Bell
13) Patriots-R.Fairly
14) Patriots-K.Johnson

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