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The Mets bested the Lightning in six games to take the '61 crown. Frank Robinson takes MVP honors with 3 homers, 7 runs scored and 7 RBI.

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July 2, 2022

1962 Pre-Season Prognosis

A must-read each season, the SPB60-1962 Pre-Season prognosis is the primer to read before the 62 campaign begins. Congrat John on another great article!

March 14, 2022

Wild Card teams coming to SPB-60!

Now that expansion is completed, and we are a full 16 team league, it is time be make the announcement about an important change to our post season.

Since SPB-60 begun 14 years ago, we have only had pennant winners, 1 in the AL and one in the NL. That changes beginning in 1962.

Starting this year, each 8 team league will also have (2) Wild Card Teams in addition to a League Winner. The winner of the league will get a 1st Round Bye, going straight to the LCS, while the (2) wild card teams will play for the right to play that League Winner.

So instead of only 2 teams making the post season (World Series), now 6 will make it.

Once again, this will allow for more teams to have a chance at a SPB Title, with more teams making move to try to win, and hopefully generate much more excitement to our seasons and weekly play.

March 14, 2022

Tweak in drafting procedures

I was not happy at all at how the Phase 2 draft went. It was long, clunky, and completely botched by me from the beginning, from only doing a 5 round live draft, to the Google Spread Sheet issues and then the pivot to timed emails. Just a mess. I am sorry.

So…..moving forward, IN BOTH SPB-60 and SPB-2, I am making a minor adjustment to the way we do the Phase 2.

Phase 2 is a lot different now then the old phase 2. Instead of roster cuts down to 19-20-21, each team is protecting 27 then we go through a full 6 round draft and the quality of the Phase 2 as it exists now is nowhere near what it once was. Taking 3 days via email to draft such low quality players, really just meant to fill out rosters……in my opinion is not a good use of my time, or yours…..so……

From here forward, it will work like this:
Each team will cut to 27 players as usual prior to the rookie draft
We will go with our normal 6 Round Draft Live. No google spread sheets. (I’m sure they work great in other leagues, they just aren’t for me just yet)

Here is where the change comes in:
We are going back to the old way we used to do Phase 2, where each team, from worst to best, drafts 3 players each, just once. No 3 separate rounds, but supplementary round. One Round, 3 picks each, worst to first. And it will be done via email with NO timed picks. IF anyone ends up over or under 36 players after this, they will just release players or pick up player to get to 36 on a first come first served basis. So once you pick the 3 players you want, you are done. This gets us back a little closer to the old way we used to do Phase 2, where the lesser teams get first crack at filling holes. Now, since you’ll have 6 rounds of picks prior to it to take guys, I doubt this will be much of an issue, but it will make this Phase 2 much smoother for you, and more importantly, much smoother for me. Thanks for your understanding.

March 14, 2022

New Statistician

I am excited to announce that we have had a volunteer that has stepped to the plate to assist me in the running of SPB-60. My long-time friend Dave Lauer will be assuming the role of league statistician and League President, effective immediately, which also means that he will now be the 11th member of our rules committee! Welcome Dave!

I am so very grateful for him to step into this roll and can not thank him enough for volunteering for this job.

So what does this mean?

Basically, once the season begins, ALL MP changes and Results Files will be sent to Dave Lauer for SPB-60, in which he will take over compiling and sending out results and playball files each week. He will also be processing trades (you will still need to copy me though) and free agent claims (once the season begins). He will have the honor of choosing players and pitchers of the week, and doing any league write-ups. He will also simulate games when needed. We’ll be doing some training with him when he has some breaks from Taxes. The good news is that this league happens mostly while tax season is quiet, so Trader Dave will have some free time for us all!

I am confident that Dave is going to do a great job at this, and put his own unique spin on it as well. I will remain as league commissioner, and continue to handle all other league functions (databases, off season trades, drafting, etc etc), but once the season begins, Dave will take the wheel for me, so that I can enjoy just being a manager again just a little.

Thank you my old friend and Pops! I hope that you stepping into this role will help to keep me in and enjoying SPB once again.

February 5, 2022

1962 Draft date and notes

Pretty obvious based on almost all the of the responses I have gotten that Saturday March 12 is a very clear date that we need to have the 1962 Rookie Draft. Many could not make the 5th at all, and a few of you couldn’t make the two late days in the month, so the 12th it will be (Clocks don’t jump forward until that evening, so you wont be too tired).

Since we are just over 5 weeks away from this date, I will now issue the call for your 27 player protected rosters (only carded players count towards this number). The two expansion teams may protect 32 (just for this season).

The Cutdown/Trade Deadline will be Friday February 25th at 8pm est, 5pm PST, so please send me your MP with unprotected players farmed, and go ahead and leave your uncarded players farmed as well. Only Protected carded players should be active and also please provide me with the list of your protected players in your email to me as backup. You won’t get the players you cut back, as they will move into the Rookie and Phase 2 Drafts. This gives you 3 more weeks to make roster moves and draft pick trading. Trading will re-open once the draft kicks off, and is encouraged!

As for the Rookie Draft, I need to hash it out with John, but since this will be our first time using Zoom for a full draft, we may only do 4 or 5 rounds live, then switch to an all email draft for the rookies and phase 2 using Google Docs. More on this over the next few weeks.

January 31, 2022

1962 Important change

Now that expansion is completed, and we are a full 16 team league, it is time be make the announcement about an important change to our post season.

Since SPB-60 begun 14 years ago, we have only had pennant winners, 1 in the AL and one in the NL. That changes beginning in 1962.

Starting this year, each 8 team league will also have (2) Wild Card Teams in addition to a League Winner. The winner of the league will get a 1st Round Bye, going straight to the LCS, while the (2) wild card teams will play for the right to play that League Winner.

So instead of only 2 teams making the post season (World Series), now 6 will make it.

Once again, this will allow for more teams to have a chance at a SPB Title, with more teams making move to try to win, and hopefully generate much more excitement to our seasons and weekly play.

January 31, 2022

1962 Expansion Draft results

Guys: In the DRAFT CENTRAL area you will see a link for the expansion results. Thanks to everyone who participated. A great time was had by all!

January 5, 2022

1962 Expansion Draft rules

In a few short weeks our two expansion teams will have players! In preparation for that the expansion draft list has been given to the two managers. Also, click HERE for the full set of rules on how draft day will go.

December 30, 2021

1962 Stadium Changes

Mike Murphy’s Toledo Rockets have abandoned Memorial Stadium and taken up residence in spacious Dodger Stadium.

That leaves, Memorial Stadium, County Stadium, Comiskey Park and Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium AL – Anaheim in a few seasons)

December 30, 2021

1962 Team name Changes

Dave Lauer’s East Kenosha Lakers have completed relocated and re-branded, abandoning County Stadium and chilly Wisconsin, and moved to warmer Houston and Colts’ Stadium and will now be known as the Houston Colt 45’s. Don’t forget your can’s of OFF when you travel there!

John Turnbull’s Riverside Robbers are now the Gem City Bombers.

December 30, 2021

An historic season crowns a Champion

Congratulations to Don Rahn and his New York Metropolitans for taking the 1961 Crown. I knew going into the series it would be an uphill battle. The strength of Don’s pitching and his team power was far better then mine. The fact that we overcame 27 walks and nearly took the series a full 7 games was a victory in itself.

As Don said, probably one of the most enjoyable WS I’ve played, being on the phone and just chatting the entire time about life and baseball with such a great longtime friend. It reminded me about what is so great about our league.

1961 was truly one of the seasons for the Ages, and SPB-60 1961 was as well. The move to weekly play was super smooth and the addition of the little things like players and pitchers of the week, in season trading and drop/adds and following the great HR race of the Jakes, made this one of the best SPB seasons that I can remember. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it along with all of the changes.

The GREAT NEWS is, that even with ALL of the chaos going on in the world around us, we can now look forward to more seasons like this, SO onto to 1962 and the first Expansion Draft with our new expansion model, and my best wishes to all for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2022.

December 28, 2021

1962 Draft lottery results

Number was 8-5-6

So…..it’s the Dave Lauer show for pick 3 and 4……..congrats Dave! It’s not 1 and 2, but its still good…..

East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer - 67 Wins (2 Chances)
East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer) - 54 Wins (4 Chances) - **acquired Trade #471
Newark Bears (Joe Dezarlo)- 71 Wins - (1 Chance)***
Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman)- 60 Wins - (3 Chances)

December 28, 2021

Important 1962 Off-Season news

As we head into the 1962 odff-season, some very important news has been broadcast by Commissioner Mike See. This covers a wide range of topics from roster changes to the upcoming 62 expansion draft. PLEASE READ!!.

December 28, 2021

1961 Prediction comparisons

Enclosed is a comparison of actual versus expected wins and how that stacks up with my preseason prognosis. The top three teams (Mets and Jakes in the AL and Lightning in the NL) weren't too hard to figure out as they were head and shoulders above everyone else. One interesting fact was that the Jakes only finished two games behind the Mets in real life but they wildly overachieved (by 14 games!) in terms of actual versus expected wins. The only way I can explain this is that the cozy confines of the AL version of Wrigley Field led to a lot of high scoring games where the Jakes prevailed 10-8 which skewed the numbers. The Bears and Black Cats tied for sixth while per expected wins the Bears should have been last all by themselves. In terms of the AL forecast, the first four teams all fell into line while the bottom three traded places. In the NL the Lightning had a relatively easy time and even given that the second place Ahabs underachieved by eight games, Louisiana would still have finished first. All in all the actual versus expected wins would have had the exact positions. The forecast had several teams switch places but nothing dramatic. Good luck in the World Series to the Mets and Lightning and too bad we have no wild cards this teat as the Jakes essentially "wasted" a 112 win season. After that on to 1962 and expansion! Happy New Year to everyone!

December 28, 2021

1961 Use or lose players

CLICK HERE for the list of players lost to use or lose for the 1961 season.

August 28, 2021

1961 New manager

Special Announcement” – I think everyone is now aware of the passing of our dear friend Bill Lanke. While this is a sad day for our family of SPB leagues, I am happy to say that we have a very strong and capable replacement to take the helm of Bill’s old team in the person of SPB Veteran Mike Murphy. Mike will be renaming the team the Toledo Rockets and relocating them the cavernous Griffith Stadium to the slightly more friendlier confines of Memorial Stadium (Both of these changes have been made on this database). Thank you to Mike for taking on this franchise under these difficult circumstances and please join me in welcoming Mike to our great league!

July 4, 2021

1961 Pre-Season prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for penning his yearly Pre-Season prognosis for each team, along with his divisional predictions, which usually are quite accurate. Enjoy!

December 18, 2020

1961 League Notes

An early Christmas Present for each of you. The Official Files for the upcoming 1961 season have been emailed out. Everything is ready to go, including removal of any position rating for players over 400 PA and 4 game or less, ALL uncarded players have been added, the week to week schedule for weekly play is ready (thx to John T for his help on that), the Draft Modules have been added and ALL traded picks have been reflected along with ALL current trades.

**WE WILL BE USING THE NEW DMB12** that comes out next week for the 1961 season, so all of you will need to make sure to get that from Diamond Mind. Once everyone has it, I will convert these files to Version 12 and begin only sending in that Format. Please try to have it purchase no later than January 10th as the Rule 5 draft will begin the following week and I’ll be sending the files for that in V12.

November 21, 2020

1961 Ballpark Changes *Updated 12Jan21

Terry Baxter is shifting from Connie Mack Stadium to the friendlier Confines of (AL) Wrigley Field – The one from the TV Show HR Derby.

Second, Don Rahn is vacating Memorial Stadium, to move into the new Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis. He is also renaming his team to the New York Mets.

Thirdly, the Wabash Six are leaving Griffith Stadium for Candlestick Park.

Lastly, the Riverside Robbers are leaving KC Municipal Stadium for Connie Mack Stadium. This Leaves (4) Stadiums available to teams (Comiskey Park, Memorial Stadium, KC Municipal Stadium and Forbes Field)

November 21, 2020

1961 Important Changes and League Notes

Click on the text file HERE in to see the latest and greatest from SPB-60 Commissioner Mike See.

October 25, 2020

1961 Draft lottery results

Number was:

1-2-0. Here is the result…

1. Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate) – 56 Wins (4 Chances)
2. East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer) – 67 Wins - (2 Chances)
3. Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman) – 62* Wins (3 Chances)
4. Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull) – 70 Wins (1 Chance)

Congrats to Rich Applegate on landing the top pick of 1961. Dave’s prediction of 4th is WAY wrong……: )

Some pretty darn good players could top this draft….Yaz, Brock, Fregosi, Freehan and Boog just to name a few. With no expansion, should be quite interesting…..

October 25, 2020

1960 end of year reports

This will be the last season in SPB 60 that we will be posting thses. So, for the last time the 1960 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports.

October 25, 2020

1961 Regular season finished

The regular season for SPB-60 1960 is now complete. Congrats to all of us on another well played season.

Congrats go out to Rick Ryan’s Beard Black Cats (who will be attempting to win their 3rd consecutive SPB-60 World Series Title) for their National League Pennant…and in the AL, my own Louisiana Lightning, who arrived a year earlier than expected, for their first AL Pennant since the 1957 season.

The database attached contains the World Series Schedule (2 days off between Red season and World Series) and will be played sometime in the next few weeks as time permits.

The Use Or Lose/Overusage Reports are finished and will be out shortly, as well as the 1961 Lottery.

Remember…we will NOT be expanding in 1961 (only 1962) and our new rules and weekly play will go into play in 1961 (including 27 man protected rosters).

Some great performances in the 1961 season.

We had TRIPLE CROWN winners in BOTH LEAGUES!!!

Willie Mays won the Triple Crown in the NL, batting .334, 51 HR and 143 RB!’s for Newark! He also added 30 stolen bases on top of that!

Roger Maris won the Triple Crown in the AL smashing 46 HR, with a .323 BA and 130 RBI’s for Joliet, setting up for 1961

Obviously, there are your 2 league MVP’s.

On the Pitching side…your Cy Young Winners and Rolaids Relief Award Winners were…

In the AL, the Lightning’s Don Drysdale wins the Cy Young Award and was the leagues only 20 game winner (20-6), with a sparkling 1.69 ERA with 208 strikeouts.

The Lightning’s Lindy McDaniel took home the Rolaids Relief Man Award, with a league leading 39 saves.

In the NL, it was a little tougher, but the Cy Young goes to Beard’s Bob Friend, who went 17-9 with a 2.40 ERA with 187 K’s.

Beard’s Roy Face took home the Rolaids Relief Man Award, with a league leading 31 saves.

Trading will not begin until AFTER the 1960 World Series in completed.

Thanks again to all for a fine season.

September 26, 2020

1961 Change in Statisticians

Beginning with the 1961 season, Mike will be taking over as league Stat with weekly play, and at this time, I would like to thank Rich Applegate for the many years of being our league statistician. Rich makes so many great contributions to our family of leagues, and being league stat is not an easy task. He has done an amazing job. Thank you Rich for your many years of service to our league.

April 30, 2020

1960 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick, he has provided us with a well written pre-season prognosis, which gives insight into each team as we enter the 1960 season. Thanks John!

March 28, 2020

1960 Stadium Changes

Wabash Six (Bill Lanke) is vacating Griffith Stadium to move to the new, cold and windy Candlestick Park.

Steve Brunner is moving out of Comiskey Park into Yankee Stadium.

That leaves Griffith and Comiskey Park as your two available parks for 1960.

January 21, 2020

1960 Call for Protected rosters

It is now time to start the processing of cutting down those rosters in preparation for the Rule 5 draft. This cutdowns will be due back to me by Saturday Feb 8, 2020, so that we can begin the draft via email the next day or two after that. So you have almost 3 weeks to make deals.

Here are the cutdown numbers for each team

19 Players
Beard Black Cats (Ryan)
Massillon Tigers (Ungashick)
Joliet Jakes (Baxter)
Asbury Argonauts (Brunner)

20 Players
Newark Bears (DeZarlo)
Frankfort Frigates (Plunkitt)
East Kenosha Lakers (Lauer)
Wabash Six (Lanke)
Schenectady Patriots (Rahn)
Riverside Robbers (Turnbull)

21 Players
New Bedford Ahabs ( Williams)
Mound City Saints (Applegate)
Louisiana Lightning (See)
Raleigh Tarheels (Lehman)

Please send an MP with you unprotected players farmed along with the breakdown listed in an email for backup. Remember, uncarded players do not have to be protected.

Also, as a reminder….at the conclusion of the upcoming 1960 season, we will be having our first ever cutdown for the new way we are doing expansion. Please keep this in mind when making trades and deciding who you will keep.

October 28, 2019

1960 Stadium Changes

The Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull) vacate Yankee Stadium for the more cozy confines of KC Municipal Stadium.

The Joliet Jakes (Terry Baxter) has vacated the brand new, cold, chilly and windy Candlestick Park for the more cozy confines of Connie Mack Stadium (And Maris and Mantle are thanking him).

That leaves Yankee Stadium and Candlestick Park as your (2) available ball parks for 1960. First come first served.


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