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The Louisiana Lightning won their fifth consecutive SPB-60 Championship by beating the Schenectady Patriots, managed by Don Rahn in an epic 7 game series. Gil Hodges and Mickey Mantle were named Co-MVP’s of the series. Gil had some clutch hits and smashed 2 HR and 3 triples, and Mickey of course with the game winner in game 7

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August 21, 2018

1958 July Stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and Power rankings for July 1958 are now posted. With the conclusion of July we find the Frankfort Frigates and Beard Black Cats with a gleam in their eyes as they ponder possible post season play against one another. Please have your August profiles out by September 1st.

April 30, 2018

1958 Pre-Season prognosis

A must-read tradition by John Ungashick, we present to you the 1958 Pre-Season Prognosis. Thanks John!

April 28, 2018

1958 Free Agent News

Of the 4 free agent players due to the maximum of 45 players on a roster, only one of them was signed, and it was the only claim for him. The Frankfort Frigates claimed P John Fitzgerald. The other 3 players Les Moss, Bobby Morgan, and Rod Graber were given their unconditional release from the 1958 season.

February 7, 2018

1958 Call for protected rosters

I am asking that you send me your protected rosters in preparation for the Rule 5 draft very soon. Have your protected lists to me by Friday, February 9th by 8PM EST. The Rule 5 draft will be conducted by email and will begin officially on Saturday morning, the 10th.

With the rookie draft coming in only a little more than 3 weeks now, this is the time to get the Rule 5 draft scheduled, so that all will have time for some trading before the rookie draft begins, and after Rule 5 is complete. Once Rule 5 protected lists are all in, and the official R5 file is released, only the protected players on rosters can be traded until the Rule 5 draft is complete. Be sure to have your rosters in by Friday evening or I will have to make your choices for your team to the best of my ability. Here are the number of protected players each team has for 1958:

19 Protected Players
Louisiana Lightning (Mike See)
Massillon Tigers (John Ungashick)
Frankfort Frigates (Gary Plunkitt)
Schenectady Patriots (Don Rahn)

20 Protected Players
Beard Black Cats (Rick Ryan)
East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer)
New Bedford Ahabs (Chris Williams)
Joliet Jakes (Terry Baxter)
Wabash Six (Bill Lanke)
Newark Bears (Joe DeZarlo)

21 Protected Players
Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull)
Asbury Argonaughts (Steve Brunner)
Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate)
Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman)

January 24, 2018

1958 Stadium Changes

Mike See, manager of the Louisiana Lightning has moved out of K.C. Municipal Stadium, and relocated his team in Pittsburgh's Forbes Field.

Dave Lauer is finally passing the baton, and giving up his long time haunts. His Lakers will be leaving Milwaukee's County Stadium, and he will move into Philly's Connie Mack Stadium.

The available parks are now County Stadium (Mil.) and the K.C. Memorial Stadium.

December 2, 2017

1958 Players released

The East Kenosha Lakers release SS Bobby Henrich and the Frankfort Frigates release PH Frank Ernaga. Both players have been placed back into the '58 rookie selections.

November 2, 2017

1957 Lottery Results

Number was 1-2-5...so here are your official results. Congrats to Rich Applegate on the top pick!

Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate) - 62 Wins (4 Chances)
Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull) - 68 Wins (2 Chances)
Asbury Argonauts (Steve Brunner)- 67 Wins (3 Chances)
Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman)- 71 Adjusted Wins* - (1 Chance)

November 1, 2017

1957 End of Season reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we bring to you the 57 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports. Enjoy!

October 30, 2017

1957 Champion crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and the Louisiana Lightning for capturing his 5th consecutive SPB-60 crown! Complete coverage can be found on the WS link. Break up the Lightning!

October 24, 2017

1957 Final stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the end of 1957 season is now posted. A big tip of the hat goes out to both Mike & Don for winning their respective leagues in SPB 1957. Mike's Lightning won the American League with a fine mark of 102-52. Finishing in 2nd place were the Massillon Tigers, managed by John Ungashick. They were 94-60, 8 games off the pace. Don's Patriots put up a nice 89-65 record to nail down the N.L. flag. Finishing in 2nd place were the Beard Black Cats with a 85-69 record, just 4 games behind Schenectady. So, the World Series will probably be played next week as Mike has some committments to take care of, but it won't be too long before the Series is played. Again, congratulations to Mike and to Don on their solid season in SPB 60 during the 1957 season.

April 30, 2017

1957 Pre Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick, he brings to you the 1957 PRE SEASON PROGNOSIS. Thanks John!

February 25, 2017

1957 Call for protected rosters

With the 1957 Rookie & Phase II drafts just two weeks away, now is the time for me to ask everyone to send your teams protected rosters in as this is needed ahead of time for us to prepare and scout players for the P2 draft on Saturday, March 11th. Draft begins promptly at 11AM, as usual.

Here are the number of protected players each team is allowed to have this time around:

19 Protected Players:
Louisiana Lightning (Mike See)
Beard Black Cats (Rick Ryan)
Massillon Tigers (John Ungashick)
East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer)

20 Protected Players:
Frankfort Frigates (Gary Plunkitt)
Newark Bears (Joe DeZarlo)
Schenectady Patriots (Don Rahn)
Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull)
Asbury Argonaughts (Steve Brunner)
Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate)

21 Protected Players:
Wabash Six (Bill Lanke)
Joliet Jakes (Terry Baxter)
New Bedford Ahabs (Chris Williams)
Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman)

Please have these lists to me no later than Wednesday, March 1st. Deadline time is 8PM EST.

January 26, 2017

1957 Draft date set

It is now official, both 1957 drafts will be held in their entirety on Saturday, March, 11, 2017, beginning promptly at 11AM EST. Thanks to all managers for their voting. This date was by far, the most accessible for all managers to be in chatroom.

November 13, 2016

Future Expansion changes

Effective immediately, the Rules Committee has unanimously approved by a vote of 10-0, the following changes beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season - For those that are in that league to, including that the info purposes as well). Beginning with those seasons, Seasons Past Baseball will be changing the way that we conduct Expansion Drafts.

In the past, we have used the actual real life expansion players for these teams, and required managers to only select from that expansion player pool from that season. Most of us have already played through these seasons at least once, and it gets quite challenging, especially with the drafts, so know who is an expansion player sometimes and who’s not. As we found in our most current 1968 draft, it can be quite confusing.

But that was not the most important reason. We really wanted to change things up a bit and allow our current managers to potentially own some of these players (Whom no one outside of expansion teams have really ever had) down the line. In addition, we believe changing to a protection and draft format the will result and a very exciting period of real drafting decisions and trading leading up to and during these seasons. It will also add a new dimension to our Rookie Draft Pool, which should be greatly strengthened over the next few seasons in both SPB-60 and SPB-4 with these new players. Most of all, we feel that it will give a new Expansion manager an even better shot at not only competing sooner, but the ability to build their own team, the way they want to build it.

So, with that said, beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season), we will be no longer using the “Actual” Expansion Teams for these drafts and will move to a real expansion draft format where the teams choose their protected players (Formats for 1961,1962 and 1993 are below).

With still being (4) years out from these seasons, we feel the impact should be minimal, though we do recognize that there will be some isolated cases of teams who have these “former” expansion players, whom they will now get to keep. Most of the good young expansion players in these seasons have not been drafted yet, but there are a few good ones, and for those who have them, from here forward, they are part of that team and that team will not lose them unless you choose not to protect them when the time comes. To be clear, there was never going to be a “perfect” time to make this change with 6 leagues, but in evaluating this, there probably was not a better time with minimal impact than right now.

You will note that each format is a little different depending on the season, and number of teams, but we tried to keep it as consistent as we could. We also conducted some mock drafts to determine what number of protected players each season would put the expansion teams in a position where they could at the very least be somewhat competitive and be in a position where could have at least one (1) marquee talent right away. We feel strongly that starting the teams with each team’s 15th best player is fair, and that the remaining allocation of players is fair as well. Beginning with these seasons, the Expansion teams will also draft 1-2 in the drafts, before the lottery teams. Because of this, during expansion seasons ONLY, we will be waiving the rule regarding appearing in consecutive lotteries. We also decided that since teams will be losing players in these seasons to expansion that during these seasons there will be no Phase 2 drafts, to minimize the existing team’s player losses.

Because we have already conducted the SPB-2 1969 Expansion Draft, these teams will remain in place the SPB-2 (1969) owners will still lose these actual expansion players from the Expos, Royals, Padres and Pilots. 1969 Teams will also still draft in the order determined prior to the draft, which is right after the 1969 lottery. So all stays the same as it was for 1969, because all of it has already happened. We do not yet have the plans for SPB-2 (1977), which is 10 years away and SPB-4 (1998), also 10 years away, but they will likely be similar to the 1993 plan. We have a while before those happen.

We hope you all enjoy this new twist to SPB. It is several years away still, but as we said, it will have an immediate impact on our drafts and your future planning as well, so we thought it was very important If we were going to make this change, to do it now, so that each of you have plenty of time to prepare.

Your Seasons Past Baseball Rules Committee (Gary Plunkitt, John Turnbull, Mike See, Chris Williams, Joe DeZarlo, Don Rahn, Terry Baxter, Rich Applegate, John Ungashick, Rick Ryan)

Expansion Draft Rules 1961 and 1962:

Round 1 Expansion

1. Existing SPB-II teams will be allowed to protect 14 players prior to the Round 1 of the Expansion Draft. All players on a roster will be eligible for the expansion draft, included un-carded players. There will also be no 10-5 or Military exemptions for the expansion draft.
2. The Expansion teams will draft players from the existing teams unprotected rosters in a snaked format (1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1 etc.) until each Expansion team has a roster of 21 players (This number will be 28 in 1962).
3. Existing teams will lose a maximum of 3 players to the Expansion draft in Round 1 before their roster is locked down. (In 1962 Round 1, each team will lose 4 players)
4. Once an existing team has lost their max number of players for Phase 1, their roster will be locked down and they will be allowed to pull back (2) two more players for protection.

Round 2 Expansion

5. Phase II of the Expansion Draft takes place after the Existing teams have submitted (2) additional pullbacks. As in Round 1, no team may lose more than 3 players before they are locked down (This number will be reduced to two (2) in 1962), so the max number of players a team can lose in the expansion draft is still 6 for both.
6. Round II will be a snaked format (reverse of Phase I).
7. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 35.

Rule Changes during Expansion Seasons:
1. There will be NO Phase 2 Draft after the Rookie Draft during the 1961 or 1962 expansion seasons.
2. Expansion teams will pick 1-2 in the Phase 1 Draft during their first season.
3. During Expansion seasons, the restrictions on the SPB Lottery will be suspended as lottery teams will be picking 3-6, so a team will be allowed to appear two seasons in a row following an expansion season.
4. Once the trade deadline is completed in the season prior to expansion, no trades will be allowed and all rosters will be frozen prior to the following seasons Expansion Draft.
5. In 1962, the 1961 Expansion Teams WILL NOT participate in the Expansion Draft (meaning they will not be eligible to lose any players)

November 1, 2016

1957 Draft lottery results

Here is your 1957 Lottery Order based on the Illinois Lottery Results:

1. Joliet Jakes (Terry Baxter)
2. Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate)
3. New Bedford Ahabs (Chris Williams)
4. Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull)

Congrats to Terry Baxter on winning the top pick!

October 25, 2016

1956 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and the Louisiana Lightning for winning a record-tying fourth consecutive SPB Championship in 6 games over the Beard Black Cats of Rick Ryan. It was an epic matchup between Rick Ryan powerful Beard Black Cats and Mike See’s 3 time defending SPB-60 World Champion Louisiana Lightning. Vegas odds makers put the line on this series as EVEN, with two great hitting teams with solid pitching. It looked to be a very high octane series with the likes of Mantle and Adcock at the plate.

Series Notes: The 4th consecutive SPB title matches an all-time record for all of SPB. Mike Cascarano’s Hollywood Stars are the only other SPB Team to win 4 straight (SPB-3 1928-31).

Mickey Mantle batted .111 for the series in no extra base hits after nearly winning the triple crown. He did have 11 walks (7 intentional) for a .448 OBP though.

The Black Cats out hit and out pitched the Lightning for the series, but the Lightning found a way to get the right hits at the critical moments, and the Lightning bullpen, Narleski and Harshman, proved to be a big difference maker.

A World Series MVP Quadrella – Since there was not really one standout, l have (4) players sharing the MVP award, they are SP Don Newcombe (2 wins) along with CL Ray Narleski (5 scoreless innings, with a save and 3 critical scoreless inning in the extra inning Game 3 win. RP Jack Harshman proved to be a force in the pen with a critical game 3 win and a game clinching save, and 1B Gil Hodges got on base a lot via the walk, but his 13th inning HR in game 3 was really the moment that swung the momentum of the entire series to the Lightning in a game they probably should have lost. I am still quite stunned that we were outhit and out pitched so badly, and managed to win this series. Really was a lot like the real 1960 World Series.

All in all a very fun series that Rick and I played H2H. Congrats of course to Rick on a great season, he has a great team, one that will be a force to be reckoned with for year to come.

October 17, 2016

1956 Wins comparisons

Thanks goes out to SPB-60 scribe John Ungashick, with his end of the year COMPARISON of his pre-season predictions. My team really threw a wrench in his crystal ball. Sorry John!

October 17, 2016

1956 Usage reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we bring you the 1956 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the end of this season. Enjoy!

October 17, 2016

1956 Final stats posted

The final stats and power rankings for the 1956 season are now posted. Congratulations to both Pastor Rick Ryan, N.L. manager of the Beard Black Cats, who ended up 21 games ahead of the 2nd place team. The Black Cats won 110 games on the year, only loosing 44. That was two games more than the A.L. Champion Louisiana Lightning, managed by Miracle Mike See. The Lightning finished 108-46 and finished 15 games ahead of the 2nd place finishers. The Lightning were last years W.S. champs, as most of us remember. So, the World Series will commence over the next few days, once the file has been set up for that series. By the way, the second place team from the A.L. was the Massillon Tigers managed by John Ungashick, who finished up with 93 wins, and the 2nd place finisher in the N.L. was Dave Lauer's East Kenosha Lakers who pulled out 89 wins.

April 29, 2016

1956 Pre-Season Prognosis

Our SPB-60 Beat writer, John Ungashick has graced us once again with his yearly Pre-Season Prognostication. Please, this is for informational, and not recreational purposes.....no betting please!

March 19, 2016

1956 Free Agent Claims

Only 3 free agents were signed by teams in the recent P3 Free Agent draft. Here are the results:

Raleigh Tarheel (Steve Lehman) drafted P Ron Moeller.
East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer) drafted C Bruce Edwards.
New Bedford Ahabs (Chris Williams drafted OF Chick King.

The others, all pitchers have been removed from the '56 files. They were Bill Bradford, Jim Brady, George Piktuzis*, and Bob Ross.

* Piktuzis is actually still in the file because he was used in an earlier trade, and cannot be removed from the files because of this. But he is not available for 1956 after going unclaimed in this draft.

March 17, 2016

1956 Released players

All SPB 1956 Managers, All of the following players have been released from their respective teams in the last few days. Here is the complete list of them:

Asbury - Owen Friend*PH & Gordie Sundin * P
Beard - Billy Shantz * C (60) & Richie Myers * PR
Frankfort - Bruce Edwards C & Wally Westlake * ph
Joliet - Roy Wright * P, George Piktuzis P, & Bob Ross P
Massilon - Bob Harrison* P, Bill Bradford* P, & Bob Kelly* P (58)
Mound City - Tom Wright* PH
Newark - Tom Flanigan* P (58), Jim Brady P, & Ron Moeller P
Wabash - Frank Smith* P, George Werley* P, Lynn Lovenguth* P (57), & Chick King OF

* indicates players removed from 1956 files,as they were just terrible, played in just a game or two as ph, pr, or relief, had ERA's over 9, and never appear in real life MLB seasons again.

But a few of the can be claimed by other teams, as they do have some value in that they can play a position, or can make a few appearances on the mound. Some of these will be on the rookie lists in the future year in which they come back, but again most of them will not be have much going for them even then. I will send out another note soon on who the players are that can be claimed, and how to claim one, if any managers are interested.

March 13, 2016

1956 Draft transcript

For those of you who missed the draft last night, here is the transcript from the draft. Joe Dezarlo had the line of the night in my opinion. Enjoy!

March 5, 2016

1956 Phase 2 draft notes

Thanks to all of your for getting your protected lists in on time. I have sent out the SPB1956 files updated so that we are now ready for the Rookie & P2 drafts on Saturday, March 12th. As usual, the players listed as farmed are the ones that can be selected during the Phase II (P2) d raft on the 12th. This will take place on line, in the Auditorium, as soon as the 8 round rookie draft is completed. Also I have updated traded picks in the draft module contained in these files.

Also, the following few players have been released from their rosters by various teams.

Louisiana Lightning - P Bill Tremel
Frankfort Frigates - P Bob Darnell
Wabash Six - P Al Lary (1962)
New Bedford Ahabs - C Matt Batts (ph) - OF Wally Westlake (ph)

These players will all be placed back in this years rookie draft except for Lary, who returns in 1962.

November 18, 2015

The Louisiana Lightning bid farewell to their first ever player

Baton Rouge – Lightning General Manager Frank "Trader" Lane called a press conference yesterday afternoon to announce the trad of the original Louisiana Lightning player and 1954 World Series MVP Del Ennis. The Lightning sent Ennis to the Newark Bears in exchange for infielder Billy Martin and a 4th RDP in the 1956 Rookie Draft.

“It is with great joy and sadness that were are here today," stated a visibly upset Lane, "to announce the trade of the first ever member of the Louisiana Lightning, Mr. Del Ennis.”

Ennis has been a key member if the last three World Championship teams for the Lightning, and Louisiana’s first ever draft player in the inaugural 1948 Draft. “Del has been so important to this franchise, and we will be forever grateful to him for his contributions to our success,” said team owner Mike See, “With the emergence Wally Post and Elston Howard, along with vaunted rookie Jim Lemon (who is expected to arrive in 1956), Del’s playing time has been greatly reduced, as we both agreed that a trade would be best for him to continue what can still be a very productive career” added See.

To the applause of the Baton Rouge reporters in attendance, Ennis then took the podium with tears in his eyes, “Winning the past three World Series here with Louisiana is something I will forever remember, and I want to thank Mike (See), manager Bill Terry, and all of my teammates and the fans, for making this the best 8 years of my life. I will miss my teammates, the fans.......and especially the Cajun food.” (as the reporters erupted in laughter).

After pausing a moment, Ennis added “In all seriousness, last year was great winning again, but it was frustrating not being able to contribute as an everyday player. Frankie showed me great respect by allowing me to try to find a team that I could play every day that would be a good fit, and getting to play every day for the Newark Bears beside two great young players like Henry Aaron and Willie Mays….I could not ask for a better situation than that.”

The Lightning players were saddened to see Ennis go, but there was also excitement for the future. Centerfielder Mickey Mantle was the most excited, as he counts infielder Martin as his best friend in the game “I am sad to see Del go, as he taught me so much,” said Mantle, “But Billy and I are already planning on rooming together, and we are looking forward to having some good times now that we are teammates.”

Nightclubs in Louisiana and visiting cities be forewarned.

November 18, 2015

1956 Draft Lottery Results

Number was 0-6-8

1. East Kenosha Lakers (Dave Lauer)
2. Wabash Six (Bill Lanke)
3. Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman)
4. Asbury Argonauts (Steve Brunner)

Congrats to Dave Lauer on the miracle win.......statistically....it had to happen eventually.....

November 18, 2015

1956 Divisional Reallignment

Mike See has conducted the random lottery to give us the new divisions in SPB-60 for the next 5 years. The new divisions will be on the website shortly.

October 30, 2015

1955 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See on winning his third consecutive SPB 60 World Series. Truly a force to be reckoned with, those Lousiana Lightning keep scooting right down the road! Also, congrats to John Ungashick and those Evanston Elephants. They should be trumpeting their weight around SPB 60 for a few more seasons as well.


Sep. 1, 2018

Aug MPs due

Sep. 20, 2018

Aug stats due

Power Rankings

  1)  Black Cats (1)
  2)  Frigates (2)
  3)  Tigers (3)
  4)  Patriots (9)
  5)  Jakes (4)
  6)  Six (6)
  7)  Saints (6)
  8)  Lakers (5)
  9)  Bears (11)
  9)  Lightning (8)
  11)  Argonauts (10)
  12)  Ahabs (12)
  13)  Robbers (13)
  14)  Tarheels (14)

1958 1st rd order

1) Lightning
2) Saints
3) Lightning
4) Robbers
5) Tarheels
6) Ahabs
7) Six
8) Bears
9) Lakers
10) Black Cats
11) Six
12) Tigers
13) Patriots
14) Patriots

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Starting Season: 1948
Seasons: 9
Games: 9702
Trades: 321

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