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The Beard Black Cats overcame a 3 games to 1 deficit to win his second consecutive SPB-60 crown! The series included a record 20-inning game in game 3. MVP was Tito Francona who was 12 for 31, .387, 3 HR’s. Hector Lopez was 7 for 25, .280, but had a 2B, 2-HR’s and 8 RBI

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SPB-60 News that's fit to print

March 28, 2020

1961 Stadium Changes

Wabash Six (Bill Lanke) is vacating Griffith Stadium to move to the new, cold and windy Candlestick Park.

Steve Brunner is moving out of Comiskey Park into Yankee Stadium.

That leaves Griffith and Comiskey Park as your two available parks for 1960.

February 9, 2020

1961 Expansion owners announced

I am pleased to announce that veteran SBP Managers Dave Lauer and Steve Ehresman will be our Expansion team owners for the 1961 Expansion Drafts. Dave will be running his existing team through the end of the 1960 season, at which time I will find a new owner for that franchise.

I’ll have more info on the draft as we get close to the end of the 1960 season (rules have been online for a few years now), but we will likely hold the drafts live in the SPB Chat Room (as it will be the very first time we’ve conducted an expansion draft like this.

Very happy to have two veteran managers running these teams….and welcome Steve E. to SPB-60!

January 21, 2020

1960 Call for Protected rosters

It is now time to start the processing of cutting down those rosters in preparation for the Rule 5 draft. This cutdowns will be due back to me by Saturday Feb 8, 2020, so that we can begin the draft via email the next day or two after that. So you have almost 3 weeks to make deals.

Here are the cutdown numbers for each team

19 Players
Beard Black Cats (Ryan)
Massillon Tigers (Ungashick)
Joliet Jakes (Baxter)
Asbury Argonauts (Brunner)

20 Players
Newark Bears (DeZarlo)
Frankfort Frigates (Plunkitt)
East Kenosha Lakers (Lauer)
Wabash Six (Lanke)
Schenectady Patriots (Rahn)
Riverside Robbers (Turnbull)

21 Players
New Bedford Ahabs ( Williams)
Mound City Saints (Applegate)
Louisiana Lightning (See)
Raleigh Tarheels (Lehman)

Please send an MP with you unprotected players farmed along with the breakdown listed in an email for backup. Remember, uncarded players do not have to be protected.

Also, as a reminder….at the conclusion of the upcoming 1960 season, we will be having our first ever cutdown for the new way we are doing expansion. Please keep this in mind when making trades and deciding who you will keep.

October 28, 2019

1960 Stadium Changes

The Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull) vacate Yankee Stadium for the more cozy confines of KC Municipal Stadium.

The Joliet Jakes (Terry Baxter) has vacated the brand new, cold, chilly and windy Candlestick Park for the more cozy confines of Connie Mack Stadium (And Maris and Mantle are thanking him).

That leaves Yankee Stadium and Candlestick Park as your (2) available ball parks for 1960. First come first served.

October 22, 2019

1959 Champion Crowned!

My sincere congratulations goes out to the manager of the Beard Black Cats (Rick Ryan) as his team pulled off an amazing 7 game series win by besting John Ungashick's Massillon Tigers, with three straight 1 run game wins during the final matches. Down 3 games to 1, it was truly an incredible series win for Ryan's Black Cats. Congratulations also to John Ungashick for mounting a match for the ages, that just came up a tad short with his Tigers. The World Series link on the left will give you all the exciting coverage.

October 18, 2019

1959 Predictions Summary

Thanks to John Ungashick, we have the results of his pre-season prognosis and how it panned out withi his 1959 Post-Season Summary. Great work as always John!

October 15, 2019

1960 Lottery Results

Number was: 3-4-8. Lottery winners below:

1. Louisiana Lightning (Mike See) - 61 Wins (4 Chances)
2. Raleigh Tarheels (Steve Lehman) – 64* Wins - (2 Chances)
3. Riverside Robbers (John Turnbull) – 66** Wins (1 Chance)
4. Mound City Saints (Rich Applegate) – 62 Wins (3 Chances)

October 15, 2019

1959 End of season reports

Gentlemen: Thanks to Gary for getting out quickly the 1959 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for this past season. A great job by everyone!

October 25, 2019

1959 Final stats and Power rankings posted

The Stats and Power Rankinngs for the final month of 1959 are now posted.

My congratulations go out to Rick Ryan and John Ungashick for capturing their respective pennants for 1959. Rick's Beard Black Cats cruised all the way to 104 victories over the season, 1959's most wins by any team. They easily outdistanced the second place Asbury Argonauts, as Steve Brunner's team were 20 games out in second place! So, the Black Cats will be the National Leagues entry into the 1959 World Series.

In the American League, it was a two horse race all the way through the season, and it was not finalized until the fourth and final week of September as to who the winner would be. But John Ungashick's mounts, the Massillon Tigers went 6-1 against Riverside during that final week, while Terry Baxters Joliet Jakes "only" went 4-3, thereby the Tigers take the A.L. pennant by a single game. Talk about an exciting race! Good luck to both combatants in the World Series!

April 30, 2019

1959 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks as always to John Ungashick for penning the pre-season prognosis for the upcoming season. His team assessments always seem to be on point. You can read the entire article HERE.

March 28, 2019

1959 Stadium Change

Dave Lauer, manager of the East Kenosha Lakers has announced the team will abandon Philly's Connie Mack Stadium, and move into the more pitcher controlled Milwaukee County Stadium beginning with the coming 1959 season.

This leaves Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium and Kansas City's Memorial Stadium as the open parks in SPB 60.

January 28, 2019

1959 Call for protected rosters

Also now is the time to call for your protected rosters prior to the Rule 5 1959 draft. Here are how many players each team may protect:

19 Players
Frankfort Frigates (Plunkitt)
Beard Black Cats (Ryan)
Massillon Tigers (Ungashick)
Schenectady Patriots (Rahn)

20 Players
Asbury Argonauts (Brunner)
New Bedford Ahabs ( Williams)
Mound City Saints (Applegate)
Newark Bears (DeZarlo)
Wabash Six (Lanke)
Joliet Jakes (Baxter)

21 Players
Raleigh Tarheels (Lehman)
Riverside Robbers (Turnbull)
Louisiana Lightning (See)
East Kenosha Lakers (Lauer)

Please have your rosters in to me no later than Friday at 8PM EST, on February 1st.

October 13, 2018

1959 Lottery Results

Number was 5-7-1

And for first time in a very long time...I can say...Congrats to me for winning the Lottery.

1. Mike See-Lightning
2. John Turnbull-Robbers
3. Steve Lehman-Tarheels
4. Dave Lauer-Lakers

With only 2 chances of the possible 10 numbers, I am stunned, but happy.

I’ll have the rest of the official draft order out to you this weekend.

October 12, 2018

1958 Post-Season prediction comparison

Thanks to John Ungashick, fresh off catarac surgery, he had the time to pen his post-season prediction comparison. Great job John!

October 12, 2018

1958 Post-Season reports

Guys....as is customary each season, we bring you the post-1958 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports.

October 12, 2018

1958 September Stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and Power rankings for the final month of 1958 are now posted.

First off, congratulations to Rick Ryan, our N.L. champion in 1958 as he compiled the best overall record during the season in all of SPB, while winning the National League crown. His 103-51 record was tops in 1958 play. He easily outdistance the second place Schenectady Patriots, led by Don Rahn, by 11 games, with a 92-62 record.

In the American League Gary Plunkitt managed to bring his Frankfort Frigates in at the top of the heap by putting up a solid 99-55 mark. Finishing 7 games back were the second place Massillon Tigers, led by John Ungashick, at 92-62. And honorable mention goes to Terry Baxter of the Joliet Jakes who also won 90 games this season, while dropping 64, in finishing 9 games off the pace in third place in the A.L.

Both the Black Cats and Frigates were in control most of the way throughout 1958 play. But the second place teams were right on their tales until late in the season. As a matter of fact in the A.L. there were 4 teams tussling closely for the top spot. The Wabash Six, led by Bill Lanke, were the other team involved in the A.L. fight for much of the year.

April 30, 2018

1958 Pre-Season prognosis

A must-read tradition by John Ungashick, we present to you the 1958 Pre-Season Prognosis. Thanks John!


March 21, 2020

1960 Rookie draft

May 1st, 2020

Season starts

Power Rankings

  1)  Black Cats (1)
  2)  Jakes (2)
  3)  Tigers (4)
  4)  Argonauts (3)
  5)  Frigates (6)
  6)  Lakers (5)
  7)  Bears (6)
  8)  Patriots (8)
  9)  Ahabs (10)
  9)  Six (9)
  11)  Robbers (14)
  11)  Saints (10)
  13)  Lightning (13)
  14)  Tarheels (12)

1959 1st rd results

1) Lightning-B.Gibson
2) Robbers-B.Williams
3) Tarheels-W.McCovey
4) Lightning-J.Kaat
5) Argonauts-J.Perry
6) Ahabs-T.Davis
7) Saints-M.Wills
8) Bears-M.Cuellar
9) Lightning-E.Wilson
10) Robbers-C.Short
11) Patriots-T.McCarver
12) Tigers-L.Maye
13) Tarheels-G.Peters
14) Cats-J.Kralick

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