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April 5, 2022

1984 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to the Bloomington Hoosiers, managed by Steve Lehman, who upset the Blue Ridge Mountaineers to take the crown. It is to be noted that the Hoosiers cliced through the entire playoff field with a sterling 12-2 record in his three playoff series. Congratulations Steve! Now it's on to 1985.

March 17, 2022

1985 Draft Lottery results

Here are the official order of the first six picks:

1) Milwaukee Road (Mace Matayc) Holds serve with #1 seed
2) Preble Zorros (Jim Wheeler) Moves up 2 spots from 4 seed
3) Beast Coast Brushbacks (Chris Longo) stays at #3
4) Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) receives #4 as default for not getting top 3 pick
5) Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) moves up one spot
6) Collierstown Highlanders (John Moore) Moves down one spot

March 15, 2022

1984 Use or lose players

As is customary at the end of each season, I give to you the 1984 50% Use or Lose list.

August 29, 2021

1984 New manager

Gentlemen: I would like to introduce the newest addition to SPB-1, who will be taking over Bill's Wabash Rivers franchise. Marc Unger will be the new manager and he will be renaming the team to the Bolton Hill Scotties (F Scott Fitzgerald lived a few houses down from him). His logo will be an angry Scottish Terrier. He has moved out of Arlington Stadium and into Exhibition Stadium. Marc's email is Welcome aboard Marc! Bill was a good man and I know you will do well by his franchise.

April 11, 2021

1984 New manager

I wish this replacement were under better circumstances, but I am happy that we have a great manager to take John's place. Longtime SPB Manager Bill Lanke will be taking the reigns of the Barking Owls. He will be renaming the team to the "Wabash Rivers" and will be vacating Dodger Stadium and will be moving into Arlington stadium. This leaves Dodger Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium, Exhibition Statium and Olympic Stadium as the four avaialable. Welcome aboard John!

January 27, 2021

1984 Team name and Stadium Changes

This is where we will officially log the Team name and Stadium changes for the 1984 off-season

Team Name Changes:
The Las Vegas Reyes de Plata have renamed their team to the Las Vegas Thunder
The San Diego Conquistadors are now known as the Milwaukee Road.

Stadium Changes:
The Thunder will vacate Arlington Stadium and move back into the Metrodome.
The Milwaukee Road will move out of Jack Murphy Stadium and into County Stadium

Available Stadiums: Jack Murphy Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Exhibition Stadium, Arlington Stadium

January 24, 2021

1983 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to John Moore, and his Collierstown Highlanders for besting the Evanston Black Sox, guided by John Ungashick in a hard-fought 7 game series. This is John's firs ever SPB title in any of our SPB Leagues. A great accomplishment indeed. John U. also had a great season, and got to share it with his drinking buddy Al Holland. We are now on to 1984!

January 17, 2021

1983 End of season reports

Here will be the last ever set of OVERUSE and USE OR LOSE reports for SPB-1.

January 16, 2021

1984 Team changes

I will post any team name changes and stadium changes here.

The Las Vegas Reyes de Plata (Mike See) are renaming the team to the Las Vegas Thunder.

The San Diego Conquistadors have rebranded their team to the Milwaukee Road.

June 9, 2020

1983 Free Agent pickups

The following teams have picked up a few of the remaining Free agents:

Cleveland Buckeys: Scott Loucks

Fairfax Peppers: Jeff Keener

April 9, 2020

1983 Call for protected rosters

It is time to send in your rosters in preparation for Rule 5. Below is the following numbers that each team can protect. A reminder that we will be using the split DH starting in 83.

22 Players
Las Vegas Reyes de Plata
Flushing Rats
Asheville Tourists
New York Mets
Kenosha Eagles
Ottawa Lynx

21 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Frankfort Tigers
San Diego Conquistadors
Nanoose Bay Barking Owls
Cleveland Spiders
Preble Zorros
Bloomington Hoosiers
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes
Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Wabash River Catfish
Collierstown Highlanders
Rockford Forest Citys

20 Players
Cuyahoga River Flames
South Bend Cubs
Evanston Black Sox
Dayton Triangles
Fairfax Peppers
Cleveland Buckeyes

You may send me an export file/MP with unprotected players farmed. DO NOT farm uncarded players. They DO NOT count towards the numbers above. All rosters must be in by Friday, April 17th.

March 20, 2020

1983 Stadium Changes

The Blue Ridge Mountaineers will leave County Stadium for Anaheim Stadium.

This leaves County and Exhibition Stadiums as the two open parks.

February 17, 2020

Zorros players released

The Preble Zorros have released the following, and will enter the 1983 rookie draft:

Don Cooper
Bob Tufts
Curt Kaufman
Casey Parsons

The following will be released and will enter the rookie draft during their next carded season: Jim Dorsey, Phil Huffman, Mike Kinnunen.

February 16, 2020

Catfish players released

The Wabash River Catfish have released the following, and will enter the 1983 rookie draft:

Bud Bulling
Edwin Rodriguez
Bob Skube
Nick Capra

February 14, 2020

New manager for Las Vegas Thunder

With Mike See taking over the Pine Barons, the Thunder franchise has been claimed by John Pieschalski. He will be renaming his team to the Cleveland Buckeyes. He will remain in the Metrodome. Welcome aboard John!

February 14, 2020

Reyes de Plata players released

The following players have been released. The 1985 players will come back in the 1985 rookie draft. The remaining players will be placed in the 1983 rookie draft.

Butch Benton-1985
Joe DeSa-1985
Alan Fowkels - 1985
Junior Kennedy
Randy Martz
Roger Erikson
Glenn Gulliver
Brad Mills
Mike Jorgensen

February 11, 2020

Manager Resignation and team restructuring

Guys. Marc Shaw has resigned from SPB-1 and he leaves in good standing. Due to the current state of the team roster, I am implementing the following changes:

1) Move his 1st round draft pick to the #7 position behind the lottery teams. Analyzing the 1983 draft, this one is pretty deep. The #24 rated player by WAR is Jose Oquendo with a 13.3 WAR. There is no real cliff in this first 2 rounds like in some drafts. This will not adversely affect teams that would have to move down one slot. If this were done at season's end, he would have been in the lottery with no worse than a #3 overall pick.

2) Give team a compensatory pick at the end of round 1. This would equal the first pick in round 2, which is what he would have had if he quit right after the season. If I slipped him into the #1 spot, I would have to renumber all of the trades below that on the trade page, which I would rather not do.

3) Give team the first pick in the Rule 5 draft. This is the position that the team would have had if he quit right after the season.

I believe this will allow the least amount of disruption in the draft, and give the team four solid players to quickly add to their roster.

In addition to this, Mike See has volunteered to give up his World Championship team to make the Thunder the open team that we will be filling. Mike will aggressively use his talents to restock the team along with the provisions above. He will rename the Pine Barons to the Las Vegas Reyes de Plata.

Making the Thunder available will make filling the team much easier to do. Plus you wont have to worry about Mike being in the playoffs for the next few years as he rebuilds the team!

January 21, 2020

1982 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and his Las Vegas Thunder, for capturing the 1982 World Series in five games over Rick Ryan's South Bend Cubs. This was Mike's third SPB-1 crown....his first since 1977. Mike also has amassed 14 overall SPB titles. Complete coverage can be found on the SPB-1 page.

January 15, 2020

Two team name changes for 1983

Two changes to report as we head into the 1983 off-season:

1) Jim Wheeler, who took over the Charlotte Cougars, will be renaming his team to the Preble Zorros. He will be moving out of Exhibition Stadium, and into the Oakland Coliseum, so Exhibition Stadium and the Kingdome are available.

2) The Niskauyna Nationals (Don Rahn) have renamed their team to the New York Mets.

January 15, 2020

1982 End of Season Reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we present to you the 1982 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the season that has just ended.

January 10, 2020

1982 Pre-Season Prognosis Comparison

Linked is a comparison of actual and expected wins plus the results of my preseason analysis based on my standard formulas. I did not produce a written preseason prognosis but if I had it would have been based on these formulas. The actual and expected wins were pretty close in almost all cases. The River Flames who underachieved by one game were overtaken by the Triangles who overachieved by six games in the AL West. With a few ups and downs here and there everyone else pretty much ended up where they should have. In terms of the prognosis; the formula picked three of the four division winners with only the Cubs rising to the top instead of favored Rockford. The Cougars made it to third in the AL East as opposed to a projected sixth but the forecast showed them only a few points out of fourth.The Brushbacks were picked for third in the AL West but fell to fifth despite overachieving by three games from expected wins; sometimes those things just happen!

In the NL East my Black Sox made it all the way to second (and had the fourth best record in all of SPBI) despite a solid forecast of fourth and only a hair out of fifth. The Spiders were picked for a very close third and easily should have contended for the pennant but they finished fifth. The Pine Barons were picked for fourth (but only a hair above the next two teams) but finished a distant sixth.

Good luck to the playoff teams and then on to 1983 and the new DH/non-DH format!

January 10, 2020

1983 Lottery draft order

The Illinois evening pick 3 number last night was :  038.

The lottery draft order will be as follows:

1) Flushing Rats (Joe Dezarlo) 59 wins
2) Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer) 67 wins
3) Beast Coast Brushbacks (Chris Longo) 71 wins
4) Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate) 63 wins
5) Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn) 69 wins
6) Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) 68 wins


January 5, 2020

1982 Final Stats and Power rankings posted

The final stats and power rankings for the 1982 season are now posted.

The American League Championship series will pitt the Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) against the Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)

The National League Championship Series will match the Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson against the South Bend Cubs (Rick Ryan)

Good luck to all participants.

July 11, 2019

New manager

Please welcome SPB-4 Manager John Lippincott into SPB-1. He will be taking over the Damage franchise and will be renaming it to the Charlotte Cougars. This name change will appear on the May Database. Welcome aboard John!

June 20, 2019

Free Agent pickups (Updated)

The Wabash River Catfish have cut Rick Wise and Del Unser, and have picked up Eddie Vargas and Bob Skube.

The Ottawa Lynx have claimed the following players: Larry Ray, Dan Firova, Ron Pruitt, and Juan Espino

January 14, 2019

1981 World Series complete

Congratulations to the Rockford Forest Citys, skippered by Terry Baxter for sweeping Mike See's Las Vegas Thunder in four games to break the dynasty and capture his first SPB-1 crown. Congrats to Mike on a great season and another WS appearance. Complete writeups and boxscores can be found in the playoff links. We are done with the split-season and onto 1982!

January 10, 2019

1982 Ballpark Changes

The Wabash River Catfish are vacating the Metrodome and will move into Riverfront Stadium. The Las Vegas Thunder will then take the Metrodome and vacate the Kingdome

This will leave the Kingdome and Oakland Coliseum as the two open stadiums.

January 3, 2019

1981 End of Season files

Now that the split season is over, I present to you the end of season Use or Lose and Overusage results for each team. Considering the challenge with usage, we actually as a whole had fewer games of penalties handed out than we did in 1980!

January 2, 2019

September stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September of 1981 are now posted.

Guys....a huge thank you for getting the last week's stats in early.

The Playoff opponents will be :
AL: Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) vs Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
NL: Fairfax peppers (Ron Peterson) vs. Rockford Forest Citys (Terry Baxter)

I will have the playoff database out to the playoff managers soon.

Batting Crown: Carney Lansford .353
HR: Mike Schmidt 52
RBI: Mike Schmidt 149 He batted .347, 3rd in batting
Stolen Bases: Omar Moreno 74. Rickey says he beat out Rickey by 2SB

Wins: Bob Knepper 22-7
ERA: Bob Kneper 1.87
Strikeouts: Nolan Ryan 259
Saves: Jeff Reardon/Dan Quisenberry 34

I will have the website updated in the next few days, along with the Draft lottery and usage reports. I will send one final spreadsheet out in the next few days as well.

Thank you everyone for finishing a challenging season. I know it was confusing at times with the pro-rated stats, but we made it through.

We are onto 1982...the year I graduated High School

November 24, 2018

1981 August stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for August of 1981 are now posted.

We now head into week to week play.

Active rosters can be set to up to 40 players.

I have farmed all players on rosters that are either future players or those who have met or exceeded their limits according to the attached spreadsheet. Please contact me if you have any questions about a particular player.

A reminder that the 50% use or lose is based on the REAL LIFE stats for the 81 season, meaning they are more relaxed for this season. The usage meter is an accurate guide for hitters, as well as pitchers, along with meting the 50% Games pitched.

We have a few very close races that are still yet to be decided. The Triangles and River Flames are in a dead heat in the AL West, while the AL East is separated by just 1 game.

Netplay is encouraged.....especially for those series that are playoff-dependent.

Usage has been reset for the Final time this season. Starting with your first game, your pitching rotations must be in chronological order for the remainder of the season plus the post season. Starters must have at least 3 days calendar rest between starts.

Do NOT reset player usage after playing your series.

February 28, 2018

1981 New Manager in place

Gentlemen: Mike Boling and the Terre Haute Phillies have decided to relinquish their franchise. I would like to thank Mike for his many years in SPB-1 and he leaves in good standing. He will remain in SPB-2. Taking his place is long-time DMB player Chris Longo, who will be renaming his team the "Beast Coast Brushbacks." He has given up rights to Riverfront Stadium and is now claiming Yankee Stadium for his team, leaving Riverfront and the Oakland Coliseum as the two available parks. Welcome aboard Chris!

February 5, 2018

1980 Usage reports

My apologies for the late posting on the website. Linked here are the 1980 end of season overusage and use or lose reports for 1980.

January 14, 2018

1980 Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Mike See and his Las Vegas Thunder for outlasting the Asheville Tourists, managed by
I will not reveal the will have to read and see for yourself!

This was Mike's third SPB-1 crown and 13th SPB title overall! Congratulations to Rich on a great season, and his NL Crown. We are onto 1981!

December 28, 2017

1980 Final stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1980 are now posted. I am having technical difficulties with some of the monthly stats, and hoped to get that fixed soon. Congratulations to the four division winners:

AL East: Las Vegas Thunder- Mike See
AL West: Ottawa Lynx- Stan Barkun
NL East: Cleveland Spiders- Chris Williams
NL West: Ashville Tourists- Rich Applegate

I have sent them the playoff database and should get their results soon.

May 9, 2017

Stadium change

The Las Vegas Thunder are vacating the venerable Yankee Stadium and are moving into the launching pad known as the King County Coliseum, or the "Kingdome." Yankee Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum are available.

April 24, 2017

Team name change

The Rossville Cubs will be moving north, and will become the South Bend Cubs. Thank you to Rick for graciously waiting until after the draft to commence this maneuver.

April 10, 2017

BBHOF "White Glove Tour" Announced

From Mike See: For the past several weeks, I have been working with Baseball HOF VP of Development Ken Meifert and Director of Development Jason Schiellack and I am very excited to announce that our SPB Managers attending our Cooperstown Draft will be recieving a very special tour following the completion of our draft on Saturday.

This tour, which is normally reserved for very high level donors a celeberties, is called "The White Glove Archives Tour."

We will be taken into the very secure and private HOF Archives room, where they keep more that 40,000 artifacts that are not on display to the general public. Items like Babe Ruth's and Ted Williams bat that he took his last swing with, Babe's Jersey, Ty Cobb Baseball Balls sweaters, balls used to throw perfect games, and so much more. And the best part. We will be able to hold, touch and take photos with these artifacts (wearing the white gloves of course).

Below is a link to a similar tour experience that another person you can see exactly what we'll be doing (with pics)

It is a once in a lifetime experience, that most who visit the Hall of Fame would never get to do, but for the Seasons Past Baseball Group, we will get the VIP Treatment.

Now, a few details. Tour space is VERY limited as we will be going into very confined area, so it will be limited to just our 13 managers and our official photographer Dorothy. 14 people total. That will be very tight at that amount, but that was the most we could get, so my sincerest apologies to the other wives who are coming. The tour will be about 60 to 90 minutes and will start at 3pm Saturday, giving us an hour or two to explore the HOF before we start.

Also, dont forget that The Mayor of Cooperstown, the Honorable Jeff Katz, will be their with us Saturday morning prior to the draft, talking about his book Split Season 1981, signing books and taking pics. He'll have books with him too if you dont have one to sign. Book Cost is $20.00

Myself, John and Don are doing all that we can to make this the greatest SPB get together ever, and we hope that you will all enjoy it very much.

March 20, 2017

Protected roster numbers

Here are the number of protected players (not including uncarded players) who can be protected by each club prior to the Phase 2 draft:

21 Protected players allowed
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Marc Hollingsworth)
Thunder Bay Damage (Rob Capizzano)
Nanoose Bay Barking Owls (John Measor)
Bloomington Hoosiers (Steve Lehman)
Collierstown Highlanders (John Moore)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)

20 Protected players allowed
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
Terre Haute Phillies (Mike Boling)
San Diego Conquistadors Mace Matayc)
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)
Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Flushing Rat (Joe Dezarlo)
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Rockford Forest Citys (Terry Baxter)
Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson)
Manchester Pine Barons (Marc Shaw)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)

19 Protected players allowed
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)
Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun)
Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn)
Wabash River Catfish (Steve Ehresman)
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)
Cuyahoga River Flames (Marc Robinson)

January 18, 2017

Stadium Carousel

With the change in stadiums from one of the new managers, it has brought about a domino effect with regards to park changes. Here is a running list prior to the start of the 1980 Season:

1) Kenosha Eagles move out of County Stadium and into the Astrodome
2) Barking Owls move out of Metropolitan Stadium and into Dodger Stadium.
3) Blue Ridge Mountaineeers move out of Oakland Coliseum into County Stadium
4) Wabash River Catfish move out of Veterans Stadium into Metropolitan Stadium
5) Collierstown Highlanders move out of the Kingdome into Veterans Stadium
This leaves the Oakland Coliseum and the Kingdome available.

January 17, 2017

Second New Manager in place

Gentlemen: I am very happy to announce that we have a new member to SPB, who is a longtime friend of mine that some of you may know. Welcome Marc Shaw to SPB-1! Marc will be taking over the Hatteras Pelicans franchise. He will rename his team the Manchester Pine Barons, and will move out of Dodger Stadium into Anaheim Stadium. This will leave Dodger Stadium and the Astrodome as the two open stadii. Marc can be reached at Welcome Aboard Marc!

January 15, 2017

New Manager in place

Gentlemen: I am glad to announce the return of Marc Robinson, who will be taking over the Canton franchise. He will rename his team the Cuyahoga River Flames, and will remain in Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Welcome back to SPB-1 Marc!

December 30, 2016

1980 Lottery Results announced


Here are your 1980 Lottery Results: 5-4-3

So here is your 1980 Lottery Order:
1. Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
2. Nanoose Bay Barking Owls (John Measor)
3. Thunder Bay Damage (Rob Capizzano)
4. Bloomington Hoosiers (Steve Lehman)

Rob gets the short stick as the #1 seed overall, but gets no worse than the 3rd pick per the constitution. I will have the complete draft order out at the completion of the World Series, which is scheduled to be played by the end of next weekend.

December 30, 2016

1980 Draft Announcement!

I am very excited to let everyone know that I have made arrangements and received confirmation this evening for a VERY special guest speaker who will spending some time with our group prior to our annual draft on April 22nd. Joining us for a very special discussion will be....The Mayor of Cooperstown, NY, The honorable Jeff Katz, who also happens to be an acclaimed author. His most recent work is "Split Season, 1981 - Fernando Mania, The Bronx Zoo and the Strike that saved Baseball." Mayor Katz will be sharing stories from the book and have an open discussion about the 1981 season at the Otesaga with us prior to our draft. Good timing since this is the era that SPB-1 is moving into. So excited for all who will be there!

December 27, 2016

1980 Lottery teams set

With the 1979 Season Completed, the four (4) lottery winners for the 1980 Rookie Draft are now decided. The Lottery will be held this Thursday evening December 29th. It will be based on the Evening Pick 3 Number of the Illinois State Lottery.

Two teams would have qualified for this years lottery that was in it last year (Volcanoes, Highlanders) so they will have another crack again in 1981.....

Thunder Bay Damage (Rob Capizzano) - 58 Adjusted* Wins (4 Chances)
Nanoose Bay Barking Owls (John Measor)- 64 Adjusted* Wins (3 Chances)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)- 66 Wins (2 Chances)
Bloomington Hoosiers (Steve Lehman)- 67 Adjusted* Wins - (1 Chance)

*Adjusted wins include any overusage penalties a team incurred during the previous season

So, the rules for the lottery are below. Note: If the team with the worst record does not win either the 1st, or second pick (Damage), they will pick NO LOWER than pick 3. This way the team with the lowest wins is protected from getting the last pick in the lottery.

December 27, 2016

1979 Usage Reports

I know you have been anxiously staring at your computer hitting refresh until you get these. Well, they are here! The 1979 Use or Lose and Overusage reports. Enjoy!

December 23, 2016

1979 Playoff pairings set

Gentlemen: While we are still waiting on a few results to trickle in, I can tell you from the series already played in week 5 that all four division winners have clinched.

In the American League: The Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) withstood a hard charge by the Wabash River Catfish to take the division by two games. Mike will face the Ottawa Lynx, helmed by Stan Barkun, who will represent the AL West after the Canton Moondogs have been ruled out of the playoff hunt.

The National League saw a stunning turn about in the last series of play, where the Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams) took five of six from the Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick) to claim the division by three games. It was not so close in the NL West, where the Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn) ran away with the division by 19 games.

Once the rest of the series results are in, I will update the website, send out the final end of season database, prepare the overuse and use or lose lists, start the 1980 draft order and anxiously await the playoff results. Then will come the hot stove which will culminate with our 25th Anniversary draft in Cooperstown in April.

December 21, 2016

25th Anniversary Draft location set!

Christmas has come early for the members of SPB-1

While attempts to hold our live draft at the Hall of Fame Museum proved to be unsuccessful – after brainstorming with Mike See – we have come up with something even better!!!

I have secured the Natty Bumppo Room at the historic Otesaga Hotel & Resort in Cooperstown New York from 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturday April 22nd, 2017

For those who aren’t familiar with the Otesaga – it is the hotel that MLB players and executives stay at when in Cooperstown. I have never been there when you didn’t run into a player in the lobby. It is also 0.2 miles from the Museum!!!!! I will also be looking to reserve a tour for the group at the HOF.

While I can also look to reserve hotel rooms in other local hotels – I have arranged a rate of $199/night at the Otesaga.

Check out the link below to find out more about the Otesaga.

December 19, 2016

Upcoming SPB-1 Milestones

Just a few more important SPB-1 Milestones for your enjoyment

· Flushing's Lou Brock stole his 1,000th SPB Base is 1978 and currently stands at 1,012 for his career.
· The Triangles Pete Rose now in 2nd on the ALL TIME SPB-1 hit list with 3,420 hits in his career, trailing Hank Aaron by 215 hits. With two series left, he has a chance to get a little close, and will likely get very close in 1980, mostly likely taking over as the SPB “Hit King” in 1981.
· The Triangles Pete Rose also took over 2nd place on SPB-1’s all time doubles list, currently having 578 Doubles. He trails Hank Aaron by 41 and should surpass him sometime in 1981.
· Las Vegas's Rod Carew’s career batting average of .340 after 13 seasons is tops amongst ALL SPB-1 career hitters. Next closest is Mickey Mantle’s .327. Carew has 2.245 hits and with several productive seasons left, should easily hit 3,000 and while it won’t stay at .340, could hit well enough to maintain his lead over Mantle.
· The Pelicans Carl Yastrzemski took over 2nd place on SPB-1’s all time walks list, currently taking the free pass to 1st base 1515 times. He needs just 37 more to become the all time leader, passing Mickey Mantle’s 1551.
· Ottawa’s Willie Stargell is now the ALL Time SPB-1 strikeout leader with 1593 whiffs, passing up Frank Robinson’s 1517. That number will likely be eclipsed late next season by Mr. October Reggie Jackson, who is currently in 3rd with 1474 strikeouts.

In additional to Gaylord Perry’s 300th win and 3,000th strikeout (he is the career leader in both SPB-1 Categories) there were also several other pitching milestones:

Jim Kaat, has some dubious honors as he completes his SPB- Career:
· Jim Kaat leads in career losses with 234 career losses. He could be caught one day by Steve Carlton, who currently stands at 191.
· Jim Kaat is the ALL TIME SPB Leader in Games Started with 620 starts
· Jim Kaat has given up an incredible 4,591 hits in his SPB Career. No one else is even close. This is probably one of those “Unbreakable” records. Wow.
· Kaat has also given up an amazing 478 HR’s in his career. Next closest is Catfish Hunter, who has given up 375.
· Gaylord Perry is your Strikeout King with (3108) . Next closest in Tom Seaver with (2,914) and Nolan Ryan with (2,775). Gaylord could hold this for a few more seasons since he can pas his numbers from 1980-83.
· Gaylord Perry is also the wins king with (304), the next closest active pitchers are Catfish Hunter (252) Jim Kaat (241), Tom Seaver (231) and Fergie Jenkins (230).

December 12, 2016

2 SPB Milestones reached

A huge thank you goes out to Lynn Miller for ressurecting the SPB player encyclopedia database. With this achieved, we have found out that two important baseball milestones in SPB have been reached by the same player. Gaylord Perry has nothced his 300th win and his 3000th strikeout this season. The boxscores from each of these events can be found by clicking on the corresponding number in the previous sentence. Congratulations to Gaylord Perry!

November 21, 2016

1979 August stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for August 1979 season are now posted. All SPB-1 1979 Managers, Attached are the stats through the end of August. Now is the time to begin playing our weekly schedule in SPB 1 for the first week of September. Head to head play is strongly encouraged during the final month of play, in order to prevent overuse penalties, as well as to ensure proper series play that effect the pennant races, and other races for position in the standings. Players who are ineligible due to overusage are listed in the email that was sent out.

June 18, 2016

Stadium Change

The Dayton Triangles have vacated the Astrodome, and are moving into Royals Satdium. This leaves the Astrodome and Anaheim Stadium as the two open parks.

June 18, 2016

New Manager in place

I would like to welcome back Jim Wheeler as the new manager of the Wilmont Dodgers. His email is Please direct any trade inquiries concerning the Dodgers to Jim. Jim has renamed his team to his previous SPB-1 team name, the Hatteras Pelicans.

May 31, 2016

1979 Free Agent Claims

3 Teams put in claims, and 2 players were requested. Here is how it panned out:

Barking Owls: Jesus Vega
Tourists: Bob Babcock

The remaining free agents are available on a first come-first served basis.

May 2, 2016

Pre-1979 Draft roster cuts

The following teams have cut players to trim their roster to the 38-man limit

Eagles: Bob Molinaro, Terry Humprey
Spiders: Jim Gaudet. *Spiders roster is at 39, so he can lose up to 5 players in Phase 2
Tigers: Ellie Hendricks, Karl Pagel, Bruce Robinson

The Rookie lists have been updated to reflect these changes.

April 27, 2016

1979 Phase 2 Protected roster numbers

Before I call out for protected rosters, here are the numbers of players that each team can protect:

21 Players
Thunder Bay Damage
Nanoose Bay Barking Owls
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes
Collierstown Highlanders
Ashville Tourists
Blue Ridge Mountaineers

20 Players
Frankfort Tigers
San Diego Conquistadors
Terre Haute Phillies
Dayton Triangles
Canton Moondogs
Flushing Rats
Fairfax Peppers
Cleveland Spiders
Evanston Black Sox
Bloomington Hoosiers
Rockford Forest Citys
Rossville Cubs

19 Players
Las Vegas Thunder
Niskayuna Nationals
Ottawa Lynx
Kenosha Eagles
Wabash River Catfish
Wilmont Dodgers

April 26, 2016

Phase 2 10-5 rule enacted

This is to inform the masses that Mike See has tagged Catfish Hunter as his 10-5 rule selection, thus leaving him with only one Phase 2 selection. The phase 2 draft results will reflect this selection.

April 21, 2016

1979 New Manager

The Richmond Braves franchise, helmed by Nick Milford has been dissolved. Nick is welcomed back at anytime. Taking his place is SPB-2 expasion manager John Measor. He has renamed the team to the Nanoose Bay Barking Owls and has vacated Royals Stadium for Metropolitan Stadium, so the two available parks are Royals Stadium and Anaheim Stadium. John's email address is Welcome aboard John!

March 17, 2016

1979 Disk report

With the 1979 disk being released, I am including a REPORT that entails which players have had positions removed due to the 400PA/4G rule, along with updates to the real-time DH's and the positions that are assigned to them for the SPB1-1979 season.

February 11, 2016

1979 New Manager

Gentlemen: Marc Robinson (KC Pit masters) has decided to relinquish his franchise to lighten his league-load. In his place will be current SPB manager Nick Milford. His email address is He will be changing the team name to the Richmond Braves. Welcome aboard Nick!

February 7, 2016

1979 Draft lottery results

Here are you lottery results for the upcoming 1979 Rookie Draft......congrats John Moore on winning the top pick in the draft.....

1. Collierstown Highlanders (John Moore)
2. Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
3. Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
4. Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Marc Hollingsworth)

January 31, 2016

1978 End of season reports

My apologies for the delay in this report, as my vacation got caught in the way of this. With the end of every season, the USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports will help guide you in shaping your rosters for next season.

January 27, 2016

SPB-1 Repeat champion

Congratulations to Mike See and the Las Vegas Thunder, besting the Niskayuna Nationals and Don Rahn in 5 games to take the 1978 crown. Complete playoff coverage can be found on the appropriate links in the left menu.

January 13, 2016

Manager replacement

Jerry Anderson has relinquished his SPB-1 Franchise, and it has been taken over by former SPB Manager John Moore. John has renamed his team to the Collierstown Highlanders. All of the contact information has been changed. John's email is Welcome aboard John!

January 2, 2016

1978 September stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1978 are now posted. Congratulations to the Ottawa Lynx (Stan Barkun) and Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See) in the AL, along with the Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn) and Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson) in the NL. Good luck in the playoffs! I will have the end of season reports out within the next week or so.

May 29, 2015

Another 1978 Stadium Change team name change

Stan Barkun has gone to his Canadian roots. He has claimed Olympic Stadium, and has changed his name to the Ottawa Lynx. This leaves Anaheim Stadium and Metropolitan Stadium open.

May 24, 2015

1978 Stadium Change and Roster Note

The Frankfort Tigers release Fran Healy and lay claim to Karl Pagle. Also, the Dayton Triangles (that would be me) are moving from the friendly confines of Olympic Stadium into the Astrodome. This leaves Olympic Stadium and Metropolitan Stadium as the two open parks.

May 17, 2015

1978 New manager

I would like to formally announce Stan Barkun to the league, who will be taking over for Michael Leuck. He is changing his team name to the Ottowa Rough Riders, and has also taken up roots in Anaheim Stadium. The two open stadiums are now the Astrodome and Metropolitan Stadium.

May 1, 2015

1978 draft call for protected rosters

With the draft a little more than 2 weeks away, now is the time to turn in your protected rosters.

Here is how many players each team can protect:

21 Players
Bloomington Hoosiers
Thunder Bay Damage
Kansas City Pit Masters
Canton Moondogs
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes
Hollywood Stars

20 Players
Frankfort Tigers
Wilmont Dodgers
Niskayuna Nationals
Rockford Forest Citys
Flushing Rats
Sumter Generals
Dayton Triangles
Cleveland Spiders
Colorado Fourteeneers
Rossville Cubs
Fairfax Peppers
Evanston Black Sox

19 Players
Terre Haute Phillies
Kenosha Eagles
Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Asheville Tourists
San Diego Conquistadors
Las Vegas Thunder

February 19, 2015

1978 Player release

In order to get closer to the 38 man roster limit prior to phase 2, the Kenosha Eagles have released Gerry Hannahs and Dennis Blair. Hannas will go into the 78 rookie draft, while Blair will reappear in the 1980 rookie draft.

February 8, 2015

1978 Player losses

I have compiled a list of players that will not be on the 1978 disk as players. Some will come back, and some will not. The link above will identify those players and their futures in SPB.

January 24, 2015

Divisional Reallignment

For the first time in many years we have started our occassional reallignment of divisions. The manager lsiting for SPB-1 will now reflect this. Good luck with your new neighbors!

January 16, 2015

1977 End of season reports

I forgot to put this on the website after mailing. Here it is at last, the 1977 Use or Lose and overusage reports for this past season.

January 6, 2015

1978 Lottery results

The 1978 Lottery is now complete with the following results:

Number was 3-5-5
For the 1st time I can remember doing this, lottery order goes in order of wins. Will it be Molitor OR the Wizard with pick #1???

Congrats to Marc Robinson.....

1) Kansas City Pit Masters (Marc Robinson)
2) Bloomington Hoosiers (Steve Lehman)
3) Hollywood Stars (Steve Ehresman)
4) Thunder Bay Damage (Rob Cappizano)

January 4, 2015

Two New Managers

The Hollywood Stars franchise has changed hands. I would like to thank Jerry Cada for his years in SPB-1. I would like to introduce Steve Ehresman as the new manager, who will be naming his team the Wabash River Catfish. He has moved out of the Astrodome and will be making Veterans Stadium his home stadium. Jim Wheeler has also relinquished the Dayton Flyers franchise to Michael Leuck, who will rename the team to the Sumter Generals. Welcome aboard Steve and Mike!

December 22, 2014

1977 Final stats posted

The final stats and power rankings for September of 1977 season has been posted. Congratulations to all of the division winners! There is one division in which the first place team was disqualified due to overusage. The second place team will be contacted and will have all the playoff matchups on here shortly.

July 6, 2014

1977 Pre-Season Prognosis

SPB-1 beat writer Joe Dezarlo puts on his magic cap and looked into his crystal ball. This is what he came up with. Thanks Joe!

July 6, 2014

1976 Season Recap

A little late, but better late than never. Thanks goes out to our scribe Joe Dezarlo for putting together the final peice of the 1976 season, with his Season Recap. Thanks Joe!

May 4, 2014

Pre-Draft notes

Managers, attached is the Pre-Phase 2 database. Those players on rosters that are farmed (green) are eligible to be drafted in Phase 2. For those of you who farmed uncarded players when you sent in your

list via MP, they were promoted back onto your roster, and did not count towards your roster number. The two expansion teams (Bowmen and Damage) were exempt from having to leave anyone unprotected, therefore noone from those two rosters will be chosen in Phase 2.


The draft will be starting at 10AM Eastern time, 9AM Central (Draft Central), 8AM Mountain Time, and 7AM Pacific Coast Time. This is an hour earlier than the usual time. We have lunch reservations for @130PM in Milwaukee, therefore we will be on a time schedule while we are there. I apologize to those on the left coast, but at least you will be done an hour earlier.

With that in mind, we will go until NO LATER than 1PM Central/2PM Eastern. Any remianing picks that are left after 1PM if we do not finish will be distributed via a free agent draft based on the Phase 2 order. Each manager will have 7 days to send a list of the remaining players that they would like. If you do not send an email you will have a player assigned to you via computer. There are by my count 216 players in this years draft, which is exactly 9 rounds, so if we get through 8 rounds, there will not be that many players left to distribute, and those players are less than filler-quality anyways.

In order to ensure that we can fit in 8 rounds (or more) I STRONGLY EMPLORE each and every one of you to be prepared when your pick arrives. I know that many manager's picks are affected by those players picked ahead of them, but since most managers will have 20-30 minutes between picks, it is a good idea to have a short list ready when it is your turn. I would like to keep the pace at 30 minutes per round or quicker.

Due to the deadline for Phase 1 and the fact that we will be either eating or at the ballgame on Saturday evening, the entire Phase 2 draft will be conducted via email. Chris Williams will be monitoring the draft and ensuring it goes smoothly (Thank you Chris!). Those who will be in Milwaukee will be able to monitor and make picks while we are out.

The following players were released from their respective rosters. Those players who were uncarded (listed with an asterisk(*)) will not be in the rookie draft this year, but will in their next year of active play. The rookie draft list on the website has been amended to add those players listed below.

Eagles: Joe Hoerner, Bruce Kimm
Conquistadors: Bill Plummer, Rick Auerbach, Sergio Ferrer*, Randy Elliot, Mike Lum, Denny Walling, Steve Busby*, Larry Dierker, Mike Pazik, Fred Holdsworth, Mike Proly*, Frank Riccelli*

Trades: There were two more trades made within the past few days, and are reflected on the database:
#911: The San Diego Conquistadors trade Jim Gantner and Tim Foli to the Moondogs for Chris Speier and Terry Whitfield.
#912: The Canton Moondogs turn around and trade Tim Foli to the Kenosha Eagles for Rusty Staub.

You may still trade unprotected players, but those trades must include roster changes as well.

I think that is it. It may be worth reading twice to make sure you understand all the details. I would like to thank Chris Williams for doing the draft database and Phase 2 (I will email the draft database after Chris puts it together) and also Mike See for making all of the arrangements for the folks going to Milwaukee. He did a lot behind the scenes work, and has saved us a lot of money and aggravation with his wit and charm in the process.

Attached is the ITINERARY for the trip. We will have a projector at Draft central so all in attendance can see the chat room.

April 29, 2014

Manager Change

Unfortunately but understandably, Bill Lanke has decided that three leagues were too many and has dropped SPB-1. I wish him the best and he is welcomed back anytime. He will remain in the other two SPB leagues.

Taking his place will be Mace Matayc. He has the database, and will be quickly ramping up for this years draft in 11 short days. Mace has changed the name of the Wabash Seven to the San Diego Conquistadors. They have moved out of Royals Stadium and into sunny San Diego Stadium. This leaves Veterans Stadium and KC Royals Stadium as open parks. I will have the website updated tonight to reflect these changes.

I would like to thank Mace, and am grateful that we have managers who can step up on a moment's notice.

Welcome aboard!

April 27, 2014

1977 Call for Protected Rosters

1977 Managers: This is the official call for protected rosters for the upcoming draft in Milwaukee. Emailed will be an updated database so you can send your roster in the form of an export file if you wish. Please have your list (BOTH protected and unprotected players) or export file to me by Saturday May 3rd.

Here are the numbers that each team can protect: Uncarded players do NOT count towards the protected player numbers. They are carried over on your roster until carded again, and will not be drafted at all during the 1977 draft.  If you make a trade after your protected roster is submitted and it involves an unprotected player, you must submit an update with the trade. 

20 Players:
Rockford Forest Citys
Canton Moondogs
Dayton Triangles
Colorado Fourteeneers
Terre Haute Phillies
Wilmont Dodgers

19 Players:
Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Bloomington Hoosiers
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes
Kenosha Eagles
Asheville Tourists
Frankfort Tigers
Hollywood Stars
Flushing Rats
Rossville Cubs
Fairfax Peppers

18 Players:
Cleveland Spiders
Dayton Flyers
Wabash Seven
Evanston Black Sox
Niskayuna Nationals
Las Vegas Thunder

April 27, 2014

Administrative addition: Manager Change

Just so this is on record, Jim Wheeler has taken over the Schaumburg Saxons franchise and renamed it to the Dayton Flyers. A belated welcome aboard on the website Jim!

March 16, 2014

Ballpark Shuffle

The Dayton Triangles have moved out of Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium and have taken up home in Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

The Rock Forest Cities have moved out of Cleveland's Municipal Stadium and have taken up residence in Fulton County Stadium

The Canton Moondogs have moved out of San Diego Stadium and have taken up residence in Cleveland's Municipal Stadium

That leaves Veterans Stadium and San Diego Stadium as the two available parks.

March 4, 2014

New manager on board

I would like to introduce our new manager into the fold, taking over the Amboy Dukes franchise.

Jerry Anderson is now a member of joining SPB-1 and new to the SPB family. His complete bio is on the website.

He will be naming his team the Colorado Fourteeneers, and will be moving into the spacious Kingdome, leaving the "launching pad" of Fulton County Stadium as available along with Jarry Park. Jerry's email is Please take note that there is an underscore in his email address.

Welcome aboard Jerry!

January 4, 2014

1977 Rookie draft lottery results

Pick 3 Evening Number was:

3-0-9. And I confirmed this through a second set of eyes as well this time! : )

So, your 1977 Rookie Draft Lottery is as follows.....

1. Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
2. Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
3. Amboy Dukes (Doc Schweitzer)
4. Terre Haute Phillies (Mike Boling)

Congrats to Terry Baxter! Worst record gets the pick this time! With guys like Eddie Murray, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Lance Parrish, Jack Morris and Mario Soto, even the expansion teams, who will be at 5 and 6 are gonna get some great players!!

The 1977 Draft is the first draft in which we will use the new rules where anyone who played as a rookie in 1977 qualifies to be draft. Below is a link to a list of all players who debuted in 1977 (keep in mind some of these players on this list are Blue Jays and Mariners, so those players are already one the expansion teams). Happy studying!

January 3, 2014

Team name change

Bill Lanke has decided to change the name of the Gonzaga G's to the Wabash Seven. He has elected to remain in K.C. Royals Stadium.

December 31, 2013

1976 Champion crowned!

Congratulations to the Niskayuna Nationals, managed by Don Rahn, for taking a thrilling 7-game series victory over Mike See and his Las Vegas Thunder. Complete World Series coverage can be found on the links on the left menu. The voting booth will be opened shortly, which will be the last official act of the 1976 season. Trading is now open for 1977!

December 29, 2013

1976 End-of-Season Reports

As is customary at the end of each season, I bring to you the end of season Use or Lose and Overusage reports for the 1976 season. Enjoy!

December 29, 2013

1976 World Series set

This year's league Championship will be contested between reigning Champion Mike See and thie Las Vegas Thunder, versus Don Rahn and his Niskayuna Nationals. Good luck to both!

December 26, 2013

1976 September Stats and power rankings posted

Gentlemen: The 1976 Regular season has ended, and we are on to the playoffs! I will have the monthly leaders and the website updated within the next few days.

Congratulations to our four division winners:

AL East: Don Rahn-Washington Nationals (109-53) won by 19 games over the Saxons
AL West: John Dewan- Gonzaga G's (91-71) won by 4 games over the Cubs

NL East: John Ungashick-Evanston Black Sox (92-70) won by 3 games over the Spiders
NL West: Mike See-Las Vegas Thunder (120-42) won by 33 games over Peppers

The Eastern Divisions will have home field advantage in the LCS. I will be sending them a database by this evening.

Average: Fred Lynn-Thunder .357
Home Runs: Dave Kingman-Tigers 45
RBI: Fred Lynn-Thunder / George Brett-Saxons 113
Stolen Bases: Rod Carew 91

Wins: Catfish Hunter-Thunder 26-7
ERA: Jim Slaton-Stars 2.01
Saves: Rawley Eastwick-Thunder 49
Strikeouts: Nolan Ryan- Phillies 317

We also had 1 no-hitter, by Jim Palmer on April 13th against the Black Sox.

Good luck to all in the off season, I will have the over and underusage reports out sometime in the next week or so.

December 2, 2013

Wilbur Wood caps a great SPB-1 Career

Manager Mike See writes a great expose highlighting the last start and career of Wilbur Wood in SPB-1. Great stuff Mike!

August 17, 2013

In-season manager change

The leadership of the Wilmont Dodgers has changed from Greg Nolen to Peter Reoch. I would like to thank Greg for his time in SPB, but he has decided to take a sabbatical. Welcome aboard Peter, and I will remind everyone of the change again with the next database.

July 23, 2013

1977 Expansion draft results

The 1977 expansion draft between the Thunder Bay Damaage and the Esgaroth Bowmen is complete. THIS FILE has the results of who was taken by which team.

July 6, 2013

Expansion managers announced

In my first communique as SPB-1 Commissioner, I would like to thank Gary again for his hard work and dedication through the years. It is sometimes a thankless job with many tough decisions to make. Enjoy your SPB-1 retirement Gary!

As we start the 76 campaign (with a certain player going 9-10 against my beloved Triangles!) I would like to announce that we have our two expansion managers already in the fold for the 1977 season. Below is their information:

Manager Team Park E-mail Jim Condon Esgaroth Bowmen Anaheim Stadium
Rob Capizzano Thunder Bay Damage Exhibition Stadium

I would like to welcome Jim and Rob to SPB-1. They are both very solid SPB managers and I am sure will do a great job!

Very soon, these two SPB-1 greenhorns will pick the carcasses of the 1977 Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays rosters clean. Some of those players are on your teams. Below is a link to a list of those players and what teams they are coming from. Players with no team name next to them are rookies in 1977 and will not be included in the normal 1977 rookie draft.:

The following draft rules will be in effect for these two teams entering the 1977 season:

--Rob will pick first in the expansion player draft.
--Jim will have first pick of stadiums (already accomplished)
--Jim will be ranked ahead of Rob in the 77 lottery
--Rob will have first pick in 77 Phase 2 draft

The 1977 lottery will consist of 6 teams for this year only instead of 4. The two expansion teams will have the numbers 3 and 4 seed in the lottery. Both teams will be ineligible for the 78 lottery just like any other 77 lottery team.

The managers listings will be updated today. Player draft results will be posted after the draft is complete.

Please welcome Rob and Jim aboard!

July 3, 2013

New SPB-1 Commissioner

In order to lighten my load a bit concerning the Seasons Past Leagues, I am officially turning in my badge as Commissioner of SPB - I. John Turnbull has agreed to take over as Commissioner immediately. I plan on staying in the league as manager of the Frankfort Tigers. So please send any league information, and all MP's, stats, trades (when in season) etc. to John from now on. I have enjoyed my 17 year run as Commissioner of SPB - I. I have made lots of friends, and seen several ups and downs during the years. I am sure SPB - I will "live long and prosper" under the guidance of our webmaster. I now pass the torch to John as leader of our original Seasons Past league.

July 1, 2013

1976 Season Preview

Our esteemed SPB-1 beat writer, Joe Dezarlo, has crafted his 1976 pre-season prognosis. Great job as always Joe! Enjoy!

May 10, 2013

1975 Year in Review

Thanks to SPB-1 beat writer Joe Dezarlo for another sterling writeup of the 75 Year in Review. Thanks Joe!

April 13, 2013

Manager Change

I would like to announce that we have a new manager for the Hollywood Stars, as Don Zminda has decided to step down from SPB I. Don has had the Stars team for many seasons, but as we are getting into the mid 70's now, he admits from this point to the present that he really holds much less interest than in the era from the 20's through the 60's, and he says he thinks this is the time to step away from the Stars. I want to thank Don for his longtime commitment in SPB I. He had many solid teams over the years, and he will be remaining in his other SPB leagues, which is the good part.

At the same time, it is my pleasure to announce the new manager will be another veteran SPB manager, Jerry Cada, who will take over the Stars and retain the same team name. However, he has chosen to leave Dodger Stadium behind, and relocate his team into Houston's Astrodome. So this will leave Dodger Stadium open in SPB I, along with Montreal's Jarry Parc (which becomes Olympic Stadium next season). Welcome to SPB I Jerry.

April 7

1976 Call for proptected rosters

With the drafts only 17 days away, it is now time for me to issue the call for your 1976 protected rosters. These will be due by Friday, April 12. Be sure to have yours in by then.

Following is the number of players each team may protect for 1976:

20 Players
Canton Moondogs (Tom Kackley)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
Hollywood Stars (Don Zminda)
Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson)
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)

19 Players
Ashville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Gonzaga G's (John Dewan)
Terre Haute Phillies (Mike Boling)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
Bloomington Hoosiers (Steve Lehman)
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Marc Hollingsworth)
Wilmont Dodgers (Greg Nolen)
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn)
Amboy Dukes (Al Schweitzer)
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)

18 Players
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)Flushing Rats (Joe DeZarlo)
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)
Schaumburg Saxons (Greg Stillwagon)

I will see a lot of you guys real soon. Should be fun. Don't forget the deadline for your protected roster is Friday April 12th, by 8PM.

December 29, 2012

End of year reports

A belated Christmas present for all of you......the 1975 Use or lose report and the Overusage report. Please adjust your rosters and media guides accordingly.

December 23, 2012

September Stats Posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1975 season is now posted. Commissioner Pluknitt will announce the playoff participants shortly, then it will be posted on here.

July 13, 2012

New Manager on Board

Taking over immediately the reigns of the Schaumburg Saxons will be Greg Stillwagon, who replaces Vin Onstott. Greg will be sending out MP's for the April series for the Saxons no later than Monday (7/10), so be expecting them soon. Greg will be playing all April home games for the Saxons too. Welcome back a former SPB I manager in Greg. He is happy to get in on the start of the season.

July 8, 2012

1975 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to SPB-1 beat writer Joe Dezarlo for giving us his insights into the upcoming season with his Pre-Season Prognosis.  Thanks Joe!

May 27, 2012

1975 Park Changes

The Amboy Dukes, managed by Al "Doc" Schweitzer has left the spacious confines of Milwaukee's County Stadium. They have replanted the Dukes in Atlanta's cozy Fulton County Stadium, where they air is lighter and the balls carry much better. This leaves Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium and Milwaukee's County Stadium as the available parks in SPB I. Dave Lauer, manager of the Kenosha Eagles, moved out of the Astrodome, and into County Stadium (Mil-A). And Vin Onstott, manager of the Schaumburg Saxons, has left Shea Stadium (NY Yanks), and moved into cozy Metropolitan Stadium, home of the Twins. Mike See of the Las Vegas Thunder has claimed Shea Stadium (AL - Yankee version) as his home park. He leaves Riverfront Stadium to do so. Mike Boling, manager of the Terre Haute Phillies has abandoned 3 Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh), and is relocating his franchise in Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati) for 1975 home games. Manager Don Rahn of Niskayuna moves out of Jarry Parc (Mont. - N.L.) and into Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers Stadium for the coming season. Available Parks - Parc Jarry (Mon) - Astrodome (Hou).

May 20, 2012

1975 Managerial Replacement

It is my privilege to announce that our ranks are once again complete with the appointment of veteran SPB manager Steve Lehman taking over the former Lafayette Blue Sox team. Steve has renamed the team as theBloomington Hoosiers, and will relocate them back to Candlestick Park, one of their old haunts. I have added Steve to the email list for SPB I. Please welcome him to the "original" SPB league. The trading deadline for 1975 is now set for June 25th, with the season to begin on July 1st. John T. will add Steve L. as new manager, the trade deadline, etc. to the SPB I webpage soon. This makes the available SPB I parks as Metropolitan Stadium (Min-A) and Fulton County Stadium (Atl-N), both known as excellent hitters parks. If anyone wishes to change their home park, now is the time, before the season begins.

April 22, 2012

1974 Season in Review

Thanks goes out to our beat writer Joe Dezarlo for providing us with a great Year in Review.  Thanks Joe!

April 15, 2012

1975 Call for Protected Rosters

Now is the time to submit your protected rosters for the Phase II draft preparation. The draft is 2 weeks from today. Following is the list of how many players each team may protect this year:

20 Players:
Canton Moondogs (Tom Kackley)
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)
Niskayuna Nationals (Don Rahn)
Wilmont Dodgers (Greg Nolen)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)

19 Players:
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Marc Hollingsworth)
Schaumburg Saxons (Vin Onstott)
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)
Terre Haute Phillies (Mike Boling)
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
Ashville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Lafayette Blue Sox (Steve Ehresman)
Amboy Dukes (Doc Schweitzer)
Hollywood Stars (Don Zminda)
Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson)

18 Players:
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)
Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
Flushing Rats (Joe DeZarlo)
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)
Gonzaga G's (John Dewan)

The deadline for protected rosters will be Saturday, April 21st, one week before draft day. You may send your lists in anytime between now and next Saturday. I will send out the P2 draft ready files next Sunday, or earlier if everyone submits them before hand. This will give you about a week to set up for Phase II.

January 8, 2010
New manager on board.  
I received word from Mike Cascarano, manager of the Glendale Cougars, that he has resigned as manager of the team due to increasing health issues. Mike, had just returned to SPB for the 1972 season, after a 10 year absence. He was a long time SPB manger though, serving through the first 8 years of Seasons Past history, back in the 1990's. I was very sorry to hear that he will not continue, and I wish him the best, and hope he gets back to the point where he can field another SPB team in the future. Thanks Mike for all your years of being a manager in Seasons Past Baseball. Taking over the franchise will be an eager new manager in Seasons Past. His name is Don Brenner. Don is a 46 year old general contractor, who makes South Carolina his home. He is a huge Phillies fan, and therefore his new team name will be the Piedmont Phillies. He will retain Yankee Stadium for his home park. He is anxious to join our league and establish himself as a solid manager. If you would like to welcome Don to SPB, or to contact him, his email address is Welcome aboard to SPB, Don. May your stay be a long and fruitful one. :-) His full manager bio page will be pasted to the managers page, and he will be added to the SPB - I manager listing on our website

January 1, 2010
1972 Voting booth open.  
The voting booth is now open and ready to accept your votes for the 1972 All Star teams AND the '72 Award Winners. With the New Years holiday weekend coming up, this would be a great opportunity to get you voting done early! So, be sure to vote soon for BOTH Awards & All Stars of 1972. It will be considered your final act of the 1972 season. Thanks for taking care of this.

December 28, 2009
1972 World Series goes 7 games......Spiders top Rats.  
SPB I Commissioner Gary Plunkitt gives his highest congratulations and a hearty hats off salute to Chris Williams, also known as the "Professor", and to his Cleveland Indians, the true surprise team of 1972. The Spiders held of last years championship team, the Flushing Rats, managed by the Italian Stallion, Joe DeZarlo, and beat them in a taut 7 game series, one of our best, and certainly one of the more surprising upset wins in SPB - 1's long 19 year history. 

Plunkitt, the veteran Commish, also announced that with this upset win, a victory that polishes off the 1972 season with a flourish, that the trading lamp for preparing for the 1973 season, our (20th!) is now lit. Please send all confirmations of trades in SPB I to the league office, as you make the trades. Remember, trades must be confirmed by both managers with the Commishes office, before they will become official. Thanks to all for a highly successful SPB I 1972 season!

December 23, 2009
1972 Usage reports
Just what you have been waiting for......the much-anticipated end of year usage reports. Congrats to everyone who were able to keep their players within their limits.   

December 21, 2009
1972 Final stats posted
The final stats and power rankings for the 1972 season are now posted. Congratulations to the following managers and teams on their winning these titles: AL East: Flushing Rats (Joe Dezarlo) 105-57 AL West: Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull) 99-63 NL East: Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams) 95-67 NL West: Rockford Forest Citys (Terry Baxter) 103-59 Usage reports and draft order will be posted soon, as will Playoff coverage.

July 11, 2009
1972 Fearless predictions
Joe Dezarlo puts himself out on a limb bye making his 1972 predictions.  Good Stuff Joe!

June 18, 2009
Belated 1971 Season recap
Our crack beat writer, Joe Dezarlo, has provided us some juicy nuggets and a recap of the 1971 season.  Thanks to Joe for putting this together. It's a good read! 

May 18, 2009
Drafts complete
I will echo Commissioner Plunkitt's comments that the draft weekend was great as usual!  Trading is open until Gary sets a deadline for sometime in late June.  Joe Dezarlo has captured Saturday's draft transcript from this weekend's festivities.  Thanks joe! 

May 8, 2009
Protected player numbers
This is the official call for all protected rosters to be submitted for the 1972 season. The drafts will be held early on May 16th, but I will be starting email picks on Thursday (May 14th). So because of this, you MUST have your protected roster to me by Saturday, May 9th. I will set 8PM as the final due time this coming Saturday. If you do not have your list to me by that time I will have to set the rosters myself, for all missing teams. Of course, I will do this to the best of my ability, but I hope your all able to get you lists in yourselves, to avoid my having to do them. I will then get the 1972 files out on Sunday with all Phase II players (unprotected) showing on each roster.

Here is the number of players each team can protect:

18 Protected Players
Flushing Rats (Joe DeZarlo)
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)

19 Protected Players
Schaumburg Saxons (Vin Onstott)
Niskayuna Red Storm (Don Rahn)
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
Baltimore Stallions (Greg Henning)
Lafayette Chiefs (Steve Ehresman)
Kansas City Bombers (Bob Calicchia)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
Amboy Dukes (Al Schweitzer)
Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson)
Hollywood Stars (Don Zminda)

20 Protected Players
Twin City Replacements (Marc Robinson)
Glendale Cougars (Mike Cascarano)
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Marc Hollingsworth)

Thanks everyone for meeting this deadline in SPB I.

April 29, 2009
Changes for Rookie Draft day
I am having to change the draft structure and time because Don Zminda notified us a few days ago that he has scored 8 tickets for the Cubs game. :) Since the game has a noon start, we will have to move the draft time for Saturday up from the normal SPB 11AM Eastern start, and in addition begin the rookie draft earlier by email. 

Managers making live picks will come into the auditorium around 8:30AM CENTRAL (Chicago) time on Saturday morning and we will finish it up. ALERT: This would be 6:30 AM on the West Coast! 

We will start the email part of the rookie draft mid Thursday May 14th, say 4PM for the 1st round one pick. We should get at least the first two full rounds (if not more) in during this email draft before Saturday mornings Auditorium start time. Of course managers MUST make their picks as quickly as possible for both the email part, and during Saturdays LIVE draft in the SPB chat room (Auditorium).

The LIVE Auditorium online draft begins Saturday morning at 8:30 AM Central (Chicago) and we will finish it up as early as possible. We will have to be able to complete the remaining rounds in 2 to 2 1/2 hours Saturday morning, or we will have to switch to email to finish it. But since we will only be going 8 picks into round 6, we should be ok. Of course, if managers have plans for that morning, you will have to send me a draft list for your team. I would have to HAVE TO HAVE YOUR LIST by Thursday, May 14th. 

We have 8 managers attending in person at the Chicago draft. They are Chris Williams, Gary Plunkitt, John Turnbull, Joe DeZarlo, Dave Lauer, Don Zminda, John Ungashick, and Rich Applegate. 

Additionally, we do have ONE (1) ticket left for any manager not listed above, as Dave will not be attending the Cubs game. So if anyone wants to change their mind, and join us in Chicago, we can fix you up with a nice ticket for just a small price. Let me know ASAP, if this enticement puts you over the edge, and you would like to go. If I hear from no other SPB I manager by Wednesday (April 29th), we will search among Chicago friends to use it.

March 1, 2009

Draft date set for 1972
All SPB I -1972 Managers, The date is now set in stone. We will have our 1972 rookie and Phase II drafts on Saturday, May 16th. Starting time will be announced later. But the draft is certainly going to be on the weekend of Friday the 15th through Sunday the 17th. 

Right now there are six managers who will be attending for sure. Then there are another 5 who say there is a chance they could be there. If all 5 make it we will have 11 in attendance for this event. The "I will be there guys" are: John Turnbull, John Ungashick, Dave Lauer, Joe DeZarlo, Chris Williams, and myself. The ones still hoping to work out being able to attend are: Steve Brunner, Rich Applegate, Don Zminda, Al "Doc" Schweitzer, and possibly Ron Peterson.

Anyway, for those who say they probably will not be attending, your allowed to change your minds at any time. :) I hope some of you will consider coming to the Windy City after all. Regardless though, I will be there on Friday probably mid afternoon, arriving with John Turnbull, and possibly another. Should be a lot of fun for everyone.

I will announce the starting time for the draft in the near future, once we have a better idea of what is happening and when. For those attending this event, I will be looking forward to seeing you again in May. :-)

February 1, 2009
Team Name change
Marc Robinson has decided to change the name of the Mill City Millers to the Twin City Replacements. All team stationery has now been changed. 

February 1, 2009
Managerial Changes
It is my duty to announce the resignation from SPB I, for two long time managers. Lynn Miller has given up the Elkhart Eels and Mike Boling is dropping the Kansas City Red Streaks. I hate to see these guys go, for both have a long history in this particular league. However, the good news they both will remain in SPB with the other two leagues they belong to. Thanks for your years of faithful service guys!

The good news is John Turnbull came up with a manager from the early years of Seasons Past, as Mike Cascarano will be taking over the Eels team. Welcome back Mike! It has been a while. I hope you enjoy your return to SPB.  *Note*....The Eels Franchise was originally Mark's when he left SPB-1.  It is also my privilege to announce that another long ago manager from the past is joining SPB I. Bob Calicchia is our newest addition, returning to SPB after quite a spell. Welcome back Bobby! He will be taking over for Mike Boling who left the Kansas City Blues recently. Bob will be keeping the team in K.C., but they will have a new nickname. The team will now be known as the Kansas City Bombers. Also our other returning manager Mike Cascarano has decided to pull the Elkhart team name, and they will now be know as the Glendale Cougars. Both managers also decided to keep playing in the same home park as before. No park changes occur this time.

January 18, 2009
1971 World Series Champions!
My very best congrats goes out to hard driving Joe DeZarlo for leading his Flushing Rats to a hard fought and convincing World Series win. He took on the mighty Las Vegas Thunder, led by the boy wonder, Mike See, and took them down in just 5 games. To the entire story and stats of the 1971 World Series, just click on the results highlighted on the LH side of this webpage. There you will not only find stats, but boxscore, game reports from the managers, and other goodies. Also the full story of the '71 A.LCS & NLCS can be found there as well. So check it out! Well worth the read! Way to go Joe, you finally nailed down the SPB I # 1 title.

January 6, 2009
1971 World Series set
Congratulations to "Mover Mike" See's Las Vegas Thunder for his stirring come from behind win knocking off a very tough Tourists team, led by the hard charging Parson, Rich Appplegate, to win the N.L. crown. Sounds like it was a real rock'em sock'em series guys! So the World Series is set now set to play with the Thunder taking on the Flushing Rats, a constant dominant force in the A.L. over the last few seasons. The Rats have "Jersey Joe" DeZarlo at the helm, so it should be a match of two young and clever managers who get the best from their teams in this years series. The Rats defeated their A.L. opponents, the Frankfort Tigers led by "The Old Curmudgeon" Gary Plunkitt a few days earlier. For those of you who missed it, the entire story of both 1971 LCS series can be found on the SPB I webpage. 

Good luck to both Joe & Mike in this coming series. It should be a real Battle Royale!!

December 22, 2008
1971 Usage reports
As is customary at the end of each SPB season, we present to you the following:  Overusage and Use or lose reports.  Enjoy!

December 22, 2008
1971 Final Stats posted
The Final stats and power rankings are now posted for 1971.  Congratulations goes out to our 4 division winner for the just completed season.

In the American League East, the Flushing Rats, led by Mgr. "Super Joe" DeZarlo rolled up 104 wins on the way to outdistancing both the Schaumburg Saxons, and the Niskayuna Red Storm who tied for 2nd place with 91 wins. "Terrific Tim" Johnson managed Schaumburg from April through July before having to resign for health reasons, and "Valuable Vin" Onstott led them down the stretch for August and September games. The Red Storm are managed by "Dandy Don" Rahn. Congratulations Joe on another fine job with this consistently good team

In the National League East, the Asheville Tourists, led by their peerless leader, "Reverend Rich" Applegate also won 104 games, but this was the closest race of all, thanks to another fine job by the astute "Old Professor" Chris Williams, who coaxed 101 win out of his Cleveland Spiders, just missing the title. Congratulations to Rich on another fine job!

In the American League West, the Frankfort Tigers racked up the crown by picking up 108 wins. This team was a constant hodgepodge of lineup changes, with most all players contributing to the "Old Curmudgeon's" (manager Gary Plunkitt) success. Finishing 9 games behind the Tigers, were "Trader Rick" Ryan's charging Rossville Cubs who garnered 99 wins on the year.

Finally, "Marvelous Mike" See led the pitching rich Las Vegas Thunder also to 108 wins in a virtual walk over "Terrible Terry" Baxter's Rockford Forest Cities, who finished 2nd, a distant 19 games behind with 89 wins.

A job well done! Hats off to our winners!! 

November 6, 2008
New manager in place
I have the new manager taking over the Saxons from Tim Johnson for play of all August series. Vin Onstott, a current SPB manager in two other leagues will be taking the reigns of this team. I told Vin to have his MP's out by the 5th. He will be sending his August MP's to Chris Williams and Steve Brunner. Feel free everyone to welcome Vin as the manager. His email is:  Be sure and keep Tim and family in your thoughts and prayers.

June 25, 2008
1971 Season Preview
Our local beat writer, Joe Dezarlo has given us some keen insight into the upcoming campaign.  Available in DOC and PDF format. Thanks Joe!

June 15, 2008
Kenosha Eagles preview
SPB-1 manager Dave Lauer has released his personal review of his 1971 team for the upcoming season.  

June 15, 2008
Position additions
Here is a list of 12 players who will regain positions for the 1971 season due to the recent passage of the rule reducing the number of games played at a position from 10 to 5 for retaining that rating in SPB. This only concerned players with more than 400 AB's. (See Constitution for complete change.)

Cesar Tovar 3B
Maury Wills 3B
Willile Montenez 1B
Ron Santo LF
Bob Bailey 1B
Joe Rudi 1B
Carlos May LF
Rick Reichardt 1B
Ray Fosse 1B
Dick McCauliffe SS
Dennis Menke 2B
Al Kaline 1B

June 12, 2008
Manager change / Team swap
SPB I, II, and IV Managers, Following a most unusual request from a pair of seasoned SPB managers, I have decided to approve their strange "trade". Bill Lanke is giving up his teams in SPB I & IV in the move. Greg Henning is giving up his SPB II team. 

Greg will take over as manager for the Wabash Ravines in SPB I (1971) immediately. The league is due to start play on July 1st. So if you have any last minute deals involving the Ravines, please contact Greg during the next 10 days, before trading season ends. Greg will rename the Wabash Ravines to the Baltimore Stallions.

May 15, 2008
Stadium Change
The Mountaineers have decided to give KC Municipal Stadium the pink slip, and will move into the Oakland Coliseum as their home park. This makes KC Municipal (soon to be Royals) Stadium and Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers Stadium as the available parks for 1971.

May 11, 2008
Manager replacement
I am happy to announce that we have a new manager just in time for the 1971 season. Don Rahn will be taking over as leader of the former Lincoln Tunnel, due to Greg Stillwagon resigning suddenly from his leagues. Don will rename the team as the Niskayuna Red Storm, and will remain with the Montreal Parc Jarry as his home field. Welcome aboard Don! 

April 20, 2008 
Another  Team name change 
FRANKFORT, IN - Manager Marc Hollingsworth of the former Cascade Glaciers has decided to give his team a new identity for the coming season of 1971. The team has been renamed the Spirit Mountain Volcanoes, and will be dropping 3 Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh) as their home park. The will now reside is spacious RFK Stadium (Washington), in the coming year. This makes Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers park, and the Oakland Coliseum as the available parks in SPB I.

April 18, 2008 
Slight Team name change 
FRANKFORT, IN - The Elkhart team will no longer be shocking to it's opponents! Manager Lynn Miller has dropped the Electric part of the team name, and will now be known as just the Elkhart Eels.

April 17, 2008 
1971 Call for protected rosters 
FRANKFORT, IN - With the Cooperstown draft now just slightly more than 2 weeks away, I am calling for your protected roster for the coming 1971 Phase II draft. Here is a list of how many players each team can protect:

18 Players
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)
Hollywood Stars (Don Zminda)
Flushing Rats (Joe DeZarlo)
Lincoln Tunnel (Greg Stillwagon)
Fairfax Peppers (Ron Peterson)

19 Players
Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)
Cascade Glaciers (Marc Hollingsworth)
Elkhart Electric Eels (Lynn Miller)
Wabash Ravines (Bill Lanke)
Amboy Dukes (Albert Schweitzer)
Mill City Millers (Mark Robinson)

20 Players
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Kansas City Red Streaks (Mike Boling)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
Lafayette Chiefs (Steve Ehresman)
Schaumburg Saxons (Tim Johnson) 

Deadline for your protected rosters will be Sunday, April 20th at 8PM Eastern time. Be sure to have your roster in by that time, or the League Commissioner will make the picks for your team. :-) Thanks everyone, and I hope to see many of you at the HOF draft!

February 10, 2008 
1970 All-Star winners announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - The news is out and the players have been named to the 1970 edition of our All Star teams for each league! Here are the teams:

C - Johnny Bench, Flushing Rats - 108
1B - Boog Powell, Rossville Cubs - 110*
2B - Felix Millan, Schaumburg Saxons -54**
3B - Tony Perez, Flushing Rats - 106
SS - Leo Cardenas, Lincoln Tunnell - 93
LF - Carl Yastrzemski, Flushing Rats - 110*
CF - Tony Oliva, Schaumburg Saxons - 106
RF - Billy Williams, Dayton Triangles - 102
SP - Tom Seaver, Wabash Ravines - 89
RP - Clay Carroll, Lincoln Tunnell - 88

* unanimous winner!

** Millan won the only close A.L. battle edging out Ted Sizemore of the Dayton Triangles by a mere 3 points, 54-51!

NATIONAL LEAGUE ALL-STARS (Points - 110 Maximum)
C - Tom Haller, Hollywood Stars - 91
1B - Willie McCovey, Fairfax Peppers - 84
2B - Joe Morgan, Rockford Forest Cities - 101
3B - Brooks Robinson, Amboy Dukes - 80**
SS - Denis Menke, Evanston Black Sox - 104
LF - Cito Gaston, Fairfax Peppers - 87
CF - Jimmy Wynn, Rockford Forest Cities - 96
RF - Bobby Bonds, Ashville Tourists - 106
SP - Fergie Jenkins, Ashville Tourists -110*
RP - Ken Tatum, Las Vegas Thunder - 99

* unanimous winner!
** Robinson beat out the Cleveland Spiders Joe Torre by 10 points 80-70 in the only close N.L. decision.

There you have it, guys! A couple of close ones, but most players won by fairly handy margins. Congratulations to our 1970 All-Star players! 
For a total look at all voting, and the chance to see if your players garnered any points, be sure and check out the results in the SPB Voting Booth area. Complete voting results for the Awards and All-Stars can be found there

February 10, 2008 
1970 Awards winners announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - The voting is over! Thanks to everyone for participating! The Award Winners for our 1970 season are as follows:


Wynn captures the award in a reasonably close battle over Ashville Tourist RF, Bobby Bonds, and Hollywood Stars 1B Wes Parker. The final tally saw 55 points for Wynn, 41 for Bonds, and 37 for Parker. Fairfax Peppers 1B Willie McCovey made this a 4 way battle picking up 23 points! One of our most contested titles ever!

A very close race saw the slugging Powell edge Flushing Rats LF Carl Yastrzemski by 8 points 92 to 84.

Flushing picks up another 2nd place finisher in crafty Ray Culp, but Seaver won easily by a margin of 90 to 52.

Fergie was a very rare unanimous winner. And it was also a unanimous 2nd place finish by Hollywood Star Bob Gibson, hero of the 1970 World Series. Fergie gained the max point possible with 110, while Gibson had 66.

Carroll easily outdistanced Frankfort Tiger Fred Gladding by a vote of 82 to 43.

Again an easy win for this award winner, as the Amboy Dukes Ted Abernathy finished a very distant 2nd at 95-40. 

A close one here as Singleton held off the Habana Robustos Terry Crowley by a mere 84-73 score.

Finishing 2nd, not to far off the pace was Hollywoood Stars Bernie Carbo.

The Amboy Dukes take another 2nd place finish with Don Gullett. Final tally was decisive though at 74-45.

Habana Robusto Wayne Simson gave him a run for the money, finishing in 2nd place by 75-63.

Don rode roughshod over his competition taking the title by 99-42 mark over Rich Applegate, who finished 2nd with his Ashville Tourists.

Rick won handily over Joe DeZarlo of the Flushing Rats by a 90-69 margin. Joe saved face though, when his Rats put the Cubs away in the ALCS.

Congratulations to each manager and players who score these Awards by voting of their fellow SPB managers! The 1970 All-Star teams will be announced soon.

January 28, 2008 
Team Name change 
DAYTON, OH - The Habana Robustos, belonging to Marc Robinson will now be known as the Mill City Millers

January 20, 2008 
1970 Post-Season newsletter 
DAYTON, OH - SPB-1 Beat writer Joe Dezarlo is at it again, with his recap of the 1970 season revealed in this document.  Great work Joe!

January 15, 2008 
1970 Voting booths are now posted 
DAYTON, OH - The voting booths are now posted for the previous season.  Please stop by and vote for the deserving participants.  Commissioner Plunkitt will be announcing a deadline soon.

January 10, 2008 
Stars ride Gibson to series comeback title!! 
FRANKFORT IN - All SPB I 1970 Managers, My heart felt congratulations goes out once again to Don Zminda and his Hollywood Stars, as they defeated a really tough opponent, Joe DeZarlo and his Flushing Rats in a most exciting seven game affair, the 1970 SPB - I World Series. For the total story check out the SPB -I webpage for this wild, wild, series where the Rats held a 3 game to 1 lead after 4 games, before the Stars REALLY began to shine! Not only did the team come back, but Bob Gibson threw a NO-NO as well. Whew!! What a Series!!

For a total story on every game as well as all the boxscores and scoresheets, be sure to check out all the action of this eventfull series on the SPB IV webpage. Congratulations once again, Don. Better luck next time Joe. I know this took it's toll on you. :-(

December 30, 2007 
Rats Flush Cubs in 70 ALCS 
DAYTON, OH - The Flushing Rats outscore the Rossville Cubs by a 29-7 clip in a 3-game sweep, to advance to the World Series.  Carl Yastrzemski was named MVP. Yaz was 6 for 7 with 7 walks, 3 home runs, 9 runs scored and 5 rbis. 

December 28, 2007 
1971 Draft visits Baseball Mecca 
DAYTON, OH - I am proud to announce that the SPB-1 1971 rookie draft will be held in Cooperstown NY on May 3rd, 2008.  Travel and lodging arrangements are TBD at this time.  If there is one draft that is a must-goto, this is the one!  More details will be posted as they become available.  Contact myself or Mike See if you have any questions.


December 28, 2007 
1970 Use or lose and over usage reports 
DAYTON, OH - As with the end of every season, we give to you some of our finest literature.  The 1970 use or lose and over usage reports.  Overall a very good year in terms of player usage.  

December 28, 2007 
1970 Final stats posted 
DAYTON, OH - The final stats and power rankings for the 1970 season are now posted.  Congratulations are in order to the following managers for winning their divisions: Joe DeZarlo (Flushing Rats - A.L. East); Rick Ryan (Rossville Cubs - A.L. West); Rich Applegate (Asheville Tourists - N.L. East); Don Zminda (Hollywood Stars - N.L. West).

There were a couple of blowouts, and a couple that were fairly close in the races this season. The closest win was by the Rats, where Joe held off the Lincoln Tunnel of Greg Stillwagon by a mere 3 games. The Stars also had a slight challenge from Ron Peterson's
Fairfax Peppers, but Don held them at arms length winning by six games. The Tourists won easily, with John Ungashick's Evanston Black Sox finishing 2nd, but 13 games off the course. And it was even easier for the Cubs, as the Frankfort Fortress finished a dismal 2nd 15 games out!

August 21, 2007 
Change to Phase 2 draft procedures 
FRANKFORT, IN - There will be a new twist to the Phase II drafts starting with the SPB II draft in November. When protected rosters are called for, all teams with over 38 rostered players (including both protected and unprotected) will have the option of .....MORE

July 4th, 2007 
1970 Predictions 
DAYTON, OH - Joe Dezarlo has graciously put together his now yearly installment of his predictions for this season, along with a brief recap of the draft that we had in Chicago earlier this year.  You can also find the pictures for this past year's draft HERE.  

June 8th, 2007 
Trade deadline set 
FRANKFORT, IN - The trading deadline for the 1970 season has been set. The final day for trading in SPB I will be Thursday, June 20th. All trades must be reported by midnight Eastern time on this date. Remember, all trades made must be confirmed by each manager involved.

May 3rd, 2007 
Rookie draft start time 
FRANKFORT, IN - This Saturdays draft is unique simply because of the much earlier starting time. We are beginning this draft at 8AM Eastern time on Saturday morning, this will be 7:00 A.M. Central (Chicago) time, on May 5th. This was announced some time ago, but I am putting this reminder of the changed time at the top of my note list today. Reason for the change is the Cubs game that 13 managers will be attending. It is an early afternoon game featuring the Washington Nationals. So rise and shine early enough to get the draft started on time. Apologies to Marc H. on the west coast!! :( If any manager is not in for the start, your picks will be made by those in charge at draft central! Hopefully, all of us will be in the Auditorium chatroom 5 to 10 minutes ahead of time. 

If your sending in a draft list; they are due today!!! Please send a copy to me and another to John Ungashick as well, for the draft will be taking place with draft central located at Johns office buildings. So far, the only list I have received has been from Tim Johnson. It is imperative that you have your lists in today, if you need to use one.

We hope to have the draft completed by 10:30 A.M. or 11:00 at the latest. We will take the first few teams to make Phase II picks, that are still in the draft room, at the finish of the rookie draft. So if you have an early Phase II pick, please remain on line to get those picks in. Due to the day game, we may have to curtail Phase II on line picks earlier than normal. We will play that by ear! ;) At that time, we will switch over to email picks for the balance of Phase II, and be able to monitor emails even while at the game. 

The total list of players available in the rookie draft, and the Phase II draft are now on the SPB IV webpage. 

Be sure to try and keep the rookie draft moving throughout the morning, when your pick arrives. Let's shoot for 2 minutes maximum at all times for your pick. I hope each of you has a successful draft this weekend. :-)

April 27th, 2007 
Call for protected rosters 
FRANKFORT, IN - Here are the amount of players each manager may protect on his 1970 team:

18 Players
Lincoln Tunnel (Stillwagon)
Frankfort Tigers (Plunkitt)
Asheville Tourists (Applegate)
Hollywood Stars (Zminda)
Rossville Cubs (Ryan)

19 Players
Schaumburg Saxons (Johnson)
Flushing Rats (DeZarlo)
Cascade Glaciers (Hollingsworth)
Habana Robustos (Robinson)
Dayton Triangles (Turnbull)
Wabash Ravines (Lanke)
Lafayette Chiefs (Ehresman)
Cleveland Spiders (Williams)
Evanston Black Sox (Ungashick)
Fairfax Peppers (Peterson)
Rockford Forrest Cities (Baxter)
Las Vegas Thunder (See)

20 Players
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Brunner)
Kansas City Red Streaks (Boling)
Elkhart Electric Eels (Miller)
Kenosha Comets (Lauer)
Amboy Dukes (Schweitzer)

March 23rd, 2007 
New manager in place 
FRANKFORT, IN - This is just to let you know that we are welcoming a new manager into SPB I just in time for the May 5th drafts for our coming 1970 season.

First off, Marshall Tom has decided to leave SPB I because of several personal reasons, and he wants everyone to know that he wishes he did not have do this, as many of you are trusted friends and managers. But Marshall is pulling up stakes with his Las Vegas Tarantulas. Sorry to see you go Marshall!

The good news of this is that Ron Peterson will be stepping in as the new manager of this team. He will be renaming the team as the Fairfax Peppers. Ron is currently a member of two other SPB leagues; IV and NOW. Ron's email is: for those who would like to welcome him into SPB I. He will be staying in Memorial Stadium.

Thanks for stepping right up and taking this team Ron. Welcome to our original SPB league!

February 8, 2007
1969 Post-Season newsletter by Joe Dezarlo
SOMEWHERE IN NEW JERSEY - The 1969 season could be described as “all or nothing”, as 9 teams won 90 or more games, and 8 teams lost 90 or more games......MORE

January 24, 2007
Further Notes on 1970 Rookies
FRANKFORT, IN - I forgot to mention when I sent out the files that the following 1970 rookies had previous stats from former cups of coffee in MLB added in....more.

January 24, 2007
Ballpark Changes
FRANKFORT, IN - Manager Greg Stillwagon of the World Champion Lincoln Tunnel is abandoning Washington's RFK Stadium and moving north across the border into Montreal's Jarry Park for the '70 season. The open parks in 1970 are now Washington's RFK Stadium and Cincinnati's Crosley Field (last year).

Manager Mike See has decided to pull his team out of the Oakland Colisium and move into Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium for the 1970 season. This move eliminates Crosley Field, Cincy's other home park in '70. This move leaves Washington's RFK Stadium & Oakland's Coliseum as the available parks.

January 24, 2007
Two team name changes.
FRANKFORT, IN - Steve Ehresman has changed the name of his team from the Tennessee Smokies to the Lafayette Chiefs, and Greg Stillwagon has changed his W.S. champions from the Lincoln Grays to the Lincoln Tunnel. These will be effective for 1970

January 21, 2007
Lincoln Grays take series in seven.
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to announce that Greg Stillwagon's Lincoln Grays have defeated last years champs, Don Zminda's Hollywood Stars, in an exciting 7 game match, where they came from being down 3 games to 2 and managed to whip the Stars, thanks to their longball tactics in the final couple of games. 

I have to say the reports on this years games from Greg and Don really tell the total story of this series. Once again, just as they did in the ALCS against Frankfort, the Grays came back and took it all with their backs to the wall. Greg managed this team for 5 of the 6 months after replacing Paul Kenyon, and he rolled to some rather convincing wins throughout the season as well as the post season. Hats off to Greg on a job well done!

Each game report, boxscore, scoresheet, etcetera has been posted to the SPB I webpage for your enjoyment. Read the game reports on both ALCS & NLCS, and on the World Series, as they are well written and exciting to read. One last time, congratulations to Greg Stillwagon on his 1969 championship team!

January 6, 2007
1969 World Series set
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to congratulate the Hollywood Stars and their manager Don Zminda, and the Lincoln Grays, led by Greg Stillwagon, as they advance into the 1969 World Series, which should begin tomorrow or Saturday.

The Stars defeated Rich Applegate's Asheville Tourists for the National League championship in 3 straight games. All games were fairly close, but the Tourists were defeated each game. In the American League, the Grays defeated the Frankfort Tigers managed by Gary Plunkitt in a 5 game set. The Grays actually were down 2 games to none in their home park, and turned right around and whipped up on the overconfident Tigers 3 straight games in Tiger Stadium, the Frankfort park. Weird thing about this, if you did not notice was that each home game was lost by the home team!

For a total look at these two exciting LCS series, be sure to review each story and boxscore on the SPB - I webpage. The write ups on each game are all very good accounts of these two exciting series.

The coming World Series should be a real battle, with a couple of very tough teams matching up for all the marbles!

As always, upon completion of the World Series, we will move onto the 1970 off-season. At that time the beginning of the league trading session will commence.

January 7, 2006 *Updated*
SPB-1 loses 3 managers, replacements named
FRANKFORT, IN - I have three managers replacements to name:

Mike Boling will be taking over the helm for the former Chicago Ravens team. Mike will remain in San Diego Stadium for his home park. He is re-naming the team to become the Kansas City Red Streaks. Welcome to SPB - I Mike! If you want to welcome Mike to the league, his email is: Mike will assume command of the former Chicago team once the post season for 1969 is completed in January.

Veteran SPB Manager Marc Hollingsworth will be taking over the former Pocono Pelicans team. He will be renaming the team as the Cascade Glaciers. He will be staying in the friendly confines of Forbes Field for this parks final year, for his home games.

Former SPB manager Albert "Doc" Schweitzer will be taking over the former Cooperstown Legends team from Jerry Cada. Doc will rename the team as the Amboy Dukes. He will leave the friendly confines of Crosley Field, and move into the spacious County Stadium in Milwaukee for his home games. He looks forward to re-establishing all his former SPB contacts and is thrilled to be back in SPB I.

December 23, 2006
SPB-1 loses 3 managers
FRANKFORT, IN - I want to let everyone know that we are loosing three SPB I managers. First Jim Wheeler of the Pelicans is resigning due to the time constraints of his new job. Jim will be remaining in SPB as a manager in SPB II & SPB NOW. Jerry Cada of the Legends has also had to drop his team due to business and family commitments. Like Jim, Jerry will be remaining in SPB, as a manager. He is in SPB III, IV, and V. I have also heard from John Cusack of the Chicago Ravens, and he is having to resign as well due to time constraints. I thank John for his finishing up the year with us, and he will be remaining in SPB as a manager in Classic and IV for now. John had just finished his first year in SPB I as an expansion manager. 
Thanks to all of these guys for outstanding service in SPB I. I will be announcing new managers for these vacancies soon.

December 23, 2006
1969 Overusage and Use'em or Lose'em report
DAYTON, OH - Our two favorite reports of the year. Click on the appropriate link for Overusage and Use'em or lose'em

December 22, 2006
1969 Final Stats posted
DAYTON, OH - The final stats and power rankings for the 1969 are now posted.  Congratulations to the Lincoln Grays, Frankfort Tigers, Ashville Tourists, and Hollywood Stars for winning their respective divisions. I will have the playoff pages up shortly after the HFA determinations have been made.  Click HERE for more congratulatory words from Commissioner Plunkitt.

July 29, 2006
New Manager for Tennessee Smokies
FRANKFORT, IN - Manager Wade Mitchell has resigned has resigned after April play due to family health issues. His team the Tennessee Smokies will be taken over by veteran managers Steve Ehresman for play beginning in May. So please send all your MP's out to Steve rather than Wade for Mays games. Welcome back Steve!

July 4, 2006
New Manager for Lincoln Grays
FRANKFORT, IN - Effective immediately Greg Stillwagon has returned to SPB I as manager of the Lincoln Grays. Greg has assumed total command of this team for all May 1969 series. Please send your MP's out to Greg if you play the Grays from now on. This change will be posted to the webpage very soon. Welcome back Greg!

July 4, 2006
1969 Season Opening Newsletter from J.D.
DAYTON, OH - SPB-1 beat writer Joe Dezarlo has put together an excellent article encapsulating the 1969 draft and a few snippets on each team for the upcoming season.

May 7, 2006
1969 Draft weekend complete
DAYTON, OH - With the exception of the last phase 2 picks, the SPB-1 1969 draft is just about done. For those of you who were not able to make it to Chicago, it was a great weekend, including the weather, awesome food, plenty of laughs, a few World Series games, and a few Mike See trades to cap it off.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  The rumor mill is stirring about a Garden State draft to usher in 1970.  I will have pictures posted in a few days.

April 21, 2006
1969 Call for protected rosters
FRANKFORT, IN - Now is the time to send me your protected rosters to prepare for the Phase II draft. Have them to me no later than the end of the day on this coming Thursday, April 28th. BUT please send them earlier, if possible. 

Note: During expansion teams first year of existence (1969), they will not submit P2 lists for this draft. But they are listed as the first four teams to select players. This is just another break they receive in SPB. They will have to submit lists in every P2 draft starting in 1970.

Here is the number of protected players each team is allowed:

18 players
Flushing Rats (Joe DeZarlo)
Hollywood Stars (Don Zminda)
Tennessee Smokies (Wade Mitchell)
Frankfort Tigers (Gary Plunkitt)

19 players
Rossville Cubs (Rick Ryan)
Las Vegas Thunder (Mike See)
Pocono Pelicans (Jim Wheeler)
Dayton Triangles (John Turnbull)
Asheville Tourists (Rich Applegate)
Schaumburg Saxons (Tim Johnson)
Rockford Forest Cities (Terry Baxter)
Lincoln Grays (Paul Kenyon)
Evanston Black Sox (John Ungashick)
Wabash Ravines (Bill Lanke)

20 players 
Cleveland Spiders (Chris Williams)
Las Vegas Tarantulas (Marshall Tom)
Cooperstown Legends (Jerry Cada)
Elkhart Electric Eels (Lynn Miller)

Expansion Exempt
Chicago Ravens (John Cusack)
Kenosha Eagles (Dave Lauer)
Blue Ridge Mountaineers (Steve Brunner)
Habana Rubustos (Marc Robinson)

Thanks for being prompt guys!

March 26, 2006
1968 Voting complete
FRANKFORT, IN - The voting is complete! Thanks to all of you for getting your votes in for the 1968 winners!

Frank Howard of the Rossville Cubs was named MVP of the American League.

Willie Horton of the Schaumburg Saxons was named MVP of the National League.

Gaylord Perry won the A.L. Cy Young Award.

Bob Gibson won the N.L. Cy Young Award.

These are just a few of the many winners from our annual season voting!

For the total ballot breakdowns, and to view the other Award winners; be sure to check out the results in the SPB webpage Voting Booth. The A.L. & N.L. All Star teams for 1968 are also listed on this site, along with the total votes cast for each player. Be sure to check these out soon. You may have had one of the top players of the year! 

February 19, 2006
Team name clarifications
DAYTON, OH - Just a few administrative changes to team names that need documented for the time capsule.  Jim Wheeler's team is officially the Pocono Pumas, and Bill Lanke's team name is changed from the Terre Haute Huts to the Wabash Ravines.   

February 13, 2006
1968 Voting booth posted
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my pleasure to announce that the voting booth for both the Awards and All Star team ballots are now up and posted. Please do your voting soon for these two separate ballots soon. I will set up a date of Saturday, February 25th as the deadline. But try to get to this sooner, if you can. If you need any help on how to do this, or have any questions, just let me know.

February 9, 2006
New manager takes over
FRANKFORT, IN - Recent new manager Randy Casebier has resigned due for personal reasons. But the good news is that we are welcoming back an experienced SPB manager from the past to take his place. Marshall Tom is taking over the former Ft. Worth Rifles team from Randy. Marshall will keep the team in Memorial Stadium, but will change the name to the Las Vegas Tarantulas. Marshall has control of this team immediately. Marshall lives in L.V. and that makes him neighbors with Mike See! Please take a minute to welcome Marshall back to SPB! His email is: Welcome back!!

February 9, 2006
1969 Draft venue set
FRANKFORT, IN - The Chicago draft idea has became a reality! Thanks to all who have responded so far. The draft will be in Chicago, at John Ungashick's large and comfortable office building on Saturday, May 6th. Draft will start at 11:00 AM CST. That will be noon EST, and 9:00 Pacific time. If you have not yet responded about attending, or not attending this event please do so by this weekend. Be sure to respond to John U., Mike See, and myself . The food in Chicago is great, best pizza and sandwiches around, and very close by draft headquarters.

We need to know no later than February 17th, if you will want tickets to the K.C. Royals-White Sox Saturday evening 6:00 game. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RESPOND FOR TICKETS BY THE REQUESTED DATE! Mike will be placing the ticket orders from Vegas, so be sure to get the number of tickets you will need to him by the 17th.

Here is some further info in a direct quote from John U. with facts about the area:
"This is the deal. My office is about 20 minutes in non rush hour from O'Hare airport; Midway is the other side of town and I would discourage you from going there unless the fares are much lower and be enough to justify a car rental. Let us know if your coming in Friday or Saturday morning. We could probably work something out to pick you up at the airport, especially if it was Saturday morning but Friday would probably work also. There is a shuttle at O'Hara that comes direct to the Holiday Inn by my workplace. 

The address of my office is 415 West Golf Road, Suite 19, Arlington Heights, IL 6005 and my office phone is 847-228-1800, extension 11. There is a Holiday Inn express just around the corner and the phone number is 847-593-9400. If you stayed downtown and were coming in earlier on Friday you'd have a chance for a lot more sightseeing but the hotel rates are usually outrageous and you'd have to rely on yourself for transportation." 

So far those booked for attending this event in person are:
Mike See
Gary Plunkitt 
John Ungashick
John Turnbull
Joe DeZarlo
Terry Baxter
Don Zminda
Lynn Miller
Dave Lauer

Those for sure using the chatroom, or drafting by list:
Marc Robinson
Paul Kenyon
Rick Ryan 
Tim Johnson
Jerry Cada

This leaves the following managers who have not yet responded:
Jim Wheeler
Rich Applegate
Steve Brunner
Bill Lanke
Wade Mitchell
Chris Williams
John Cusack
Marshall Tom
If you on the bottom list please let us hear from you soon!
Any questions about tickets to game should be sent to Mike See. Further questions about lodging airport, directions, etc. should be sent to John U. Let's make this a main event guys! Sign up to attend, if possible. :-)

January 6, 2006
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB I 1969 Managers, The League is being realigned due to the expansion teams and coming divisional play, starting with the '69 season. Here is how we will shape up for the coming year. I have tried as often as possible to keep divisions of managers who are fairly close together area wise. Of course, this is not always possible. The new realignment can be found on the managers listing page. There are 5 Teams each in the Eastern Divisions, and 6 teams in the Western Divisions. Also each division has only one of the four expansion teams

January 3, 2006
Team name change
FRANKFORT, IN - Randy Casebier has decided to move the Alma Rifles to Ft. Worth, Texas. They will now be known as the Ft. Worth Rifles beginning with the 1969 season.

January 3, 2006
Expansion teams now official
FRANKFORT, IN - With the exciting conclusion of the 1968 World Series it is time to announce the following. At this time I am happy to say that the 4 1969 expansion teams are now recognized for the first time in SPB I. For all expansion info see the SPB I webpage for full rosters of each of these 4 teams. Also a list is provided for all expansion available players who went undrafted and will return in rookie drafts or on their former teams rosters. Look for the expansion info in Draft Central; under "1969 Expansion Info".

December 31, 2005
Stars best Rats for 68 crown
DAYTON, OH - Click on the World Series link on the left for coverage of what may have been one of the best SPB world series ever! Congratulations to Don Zminda on his exciting 7 game victory over Joe Dezarlo's Rats.  

December 27, 2005
1968 Final Stats now posted
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1968 are now posted. This includes the 3-game playoff results between the Rats and the Straights, which counts as part of the regular season.  Based on the Power Rankings, the Rats should be the odds-on-favorite to win the series. 

December 27, 2005
Rats sweep straights 2-0 for A.L. Pennant
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to Joe Dezarlo and his Flushing Rats for advancing to the 1968 World Series, where he will face Don Zminda's Hollywood Stars.  The boxscores from the 3-game playoff can be found on the left menu. World Series coverage will be coming soon! 

December 23, 2005
Two team name changes to report
DAYTON, OH - Two managers will have different team monikers come the 1969 season.  Bill Lanke has renamed his Terre Haute Huts to the Wabash Ravines.  Jerry Cada has renamed the Lafayette Blue Sox to the Cooperstown Legends.  These will be reflected on the next season's disk.

December 23, 2005
1968 Use or lose and overusage
DAYTON, OH - At the end of this article, click on the appropriate word to access the webpage to view these two end of year necessities.  Overall we did very well as a league.  Without further adieu, here are the 1968 USE OR LOSE, and OVERUSAGE results. 

December 23, 2005
3-Game playoff needed to decide A.L. Pennant!
FRANKFORT, IN - The A.L. has ended in a tie between the Flushing Rats of Joe DeZarlo, and the Mackinaw Straights, now managed by League President Rick Ryan for the balance of this season. Both teams ended with 97 wins! Congratulations to both the teams and their managers for this exciting finish. Joe D. was in contention all the way, and a late run, got him tied for the top spot at the end. A lot of recognition for the Straights win goes to former manager Greg Stillwagon, who put this team together, and played it through most of the season before resigning recently. A 3 game play-off will soon take place to determine the winning team for the A.L. The Frankfort Tigers made a huge September run, and actually led by a game at the start of their crucial final series with the Straights. They fell flat on their bottoms though and only won one game against Mackinaw, and finished 3 games out of first with 94 wins.

In the N.L., there were no doubts as Don Zminda's Hollywood Stars let most of the time all the way from 2nd month of play. Don's Stars were exactly that finishing with 96 wins. The Terre Haute Huts, managed by Bill Lanke finished a distant 2nd, 8 games off the pace. John Ungashick's Evanston Black Sox ended up in 3rd place just one game behind the Huts, but 9 games out of first. Congratulations again to all the named managers, but mostly to Joe, Don, and Greg for their great seasons in our 1968 SPB league!!

Details on the A.L. playoff games will be announced shortly.

December 23, 2005
New manager refills league
DAYTON, OH - Now that the regular season is completed, it is my pleasure to announce that Wade Mitchell of Tennessee will be taking over the leadership of the former Mackinaw Straights team for the coming 1969 season, due to Greg Stillwagons resignation from SPB. He will be renaming this team as the Tennesse Smokies. He will be staying in Fenway Park for now as his home stadium. Please welcome Wade to our Seasons Past Leagues. This is his first go round in SPB, but he is looking forward to it. :) You can reach Wade at this email:

December 11, 2005
New League President named
DAYTON, OH - Rick Ryan has accepted my offer to take over the office of League President in SPB I (1968). The reason for this is that Greg had been in this position for the last couple of years. Thanks Rick for stepping up to my offer.

November 6, 2005
Another new manager joins SPB-1
FRANKFORT, IN - I am very happy to announce the appointment of Randy Casebier as our newest manager. He will be taking over the Alma Rifles right away for the play of August 1968. Randy, is brand new to SPB, so it might take him a bit to get into the swim, so I ask that you have patience if you play Alma this month. Please send out your August MP's to Randy. If you had already sent them to Bill, then please resend at this time to our new manager. He will be getting his MP's out to you within the next few days.

My thanks goes out to Randy for taking this team over this late in the year. He will do his best in managing the last two months of 1968. Take a minute or two, if you wish, to welcome Randy to SPB I. His email address is: Welcome aboard Randy!

October 27, 2005
New manager on board
FRANKFORT, IN - Welcome aboard goes out to veteran SPB manager Jerry Cada, as he steps right in to take over the Lafayette Blue Sox. Send your MP's out to Jerry in case your scheduled to play this team. His email and info will soon be added to the SPB I webpage. He will handle the Blue Sox for the final two months of 1968, then may change the park and team name if he wishes to do so.

September 18, 2005
New Expansion manager announced
FRANKFORT, IN - I would like to welcome Marc Robinson into the fold as the newest expansion manager for 1969. Marc will be replacing Vin Onstott, and the team name will change from the Minneapolis Millers to the Habana Robustos. Welcome to SPB I Marc!

May 19, 2005
Another new manager takes over
FRANKFORT, IN - I am happy to announce that veteran SPB manager Steve Brunner is taking over one of our recently drafted expansion teams. Steve will be taking over for the former Kennesaw Mountaineers from original manager Richard Pearson. Rich decided that this era was a little to far back for his liking, and that he would rather play in the present day leagues. Thanks goes out to Richard for all his work on putting this team together.
Steve has decided to call the team the Blue Ridge Mountaineers.

May 15, 2005
1968 Draft now over
DAYTON, OH - The 1968 draft season is now closed.  Please send along to me any trade requests you may have.  The draft info and updated rosters are now on the website. 

April 30, 2005
New Manager to start in 1968
FRANKFORT, IN - I am announcing that veteran SPB manager Bill Lanke is our newest member. Bill will be taking over the former Brooklyn Wonders team, and renaming them the Terre Haute Huts. He will take over the team immediately and will be participating in the 1968 rookie draft along with the rest of us, in just a short 2 weeks. Welcome Bill to SPB I! My thanks goes to Peter Reoch for his many years at the helm of this team.

January 8, 2005
1967 Voting booth open
DAYTON, OH - The voting booth for the 1967 season is now open.  Commissioner Plunkitt has announced a deadline of 8PM, Janaury 20th.  Thanks to Lynn Miller as always for compiling and creating the ballots. 

January 5, 2005
1967 World Series....Forest Cities Champs!
FRANKFORT, IN - My congratulations goes to manager Terry Baxter of the Rockford Forest Cities as they have defeated Greg Stillwagon's Mackinaw Straights in the 1967 World Series in six games. Co winners this team for the Series MVP!

For a complete game by game blow, the Series results can be found on the SPB - I web page. So be sure to read each game as it unfolds there. Some solid write ups exist here by both managers. Congrats also goes out once again to Greg for winning the A.L. flag and giving the all powerful Cities a run for the money! Be sure to check these exciting games out, in depth, on the SPB 1967 website page.

December 22, 2004
1967 Over usage report
FRANKFORT, IN - Click HERE for a detailed report for player overusage.  With the new rules in place, we had a much better showing this year.   

December 22, 2004
1967 Use or lose players
FRANKFORT, IN - Click HERE for information pertaining to use or lose players for 1967, and other player happenings for the upcoming season.

October 27, 2004
Expansion managers' Team names and Stadiums
FRANKFORT, IN - I now have heard from all our newest members, the 1969 expansion managers, and here are their team names and ballparks for the expansion teams for 1969:

Dave Lauer- Kenosha Eagles: The Astrodome
Vince Onstott- Minneapolis Millers: Metropolitan Stadium
John Cusack- Chicago Ravens: San Diego Stadium
Richard Pearson- Kennesaw Mountaineers: KC Municipal Stadium

So until 1969 there will be no available ballparks, which means everyone in SPB I will have their same home park in 1968. Then during 1969 the available ballparks will be Jarry Park - Montreal and Sicks Stadium - Seattle. 

I hope to get the expansion player draft set up and finished soon. Will keep you posted.

October 26, 2004
New Expansion managers announced
FRANKFORT, IN - It is with great fanfare, that I announce the following four managers as the new expansion team managers that will come into our league during the 1969 season. A warm welcome goes out to Dave Lauer, John Cusack, Vin Onstott, and Richard Pearson. These managers are all currently involved in at least one other SPB League.

I have asked them for their team names. Next there will be a brief ballpark draft and they can choose from among the parks of the four 1969 expansion teams, as well as the two parks currently available in SPB I. The final step, for now, will be a player draft. As most of you know the available expansion players will be ALL players and pitchers (including rookies of 68 & 69) that appeared, however briefly, on a 1969 real life expansion roster. There are no exceptions on these players. 

Of course, I will keep everyone updated, first as the team names are chosen, then after the ballpark draft, and finally a full list of the players taken in the expansion draft. I hope to have this full process done within 30 days max. 

Doing the drafts now will give plenty of notice to each current manager of exactly who will be lost to them come the 1969 season.

July 19, 2004
1967 Win Share Predictions
DAYTON, OH - Thanks goes out to Tim Johnson for providing us his Win Shares predictions for the 1967 season.  Not sure my third place prediction will hold up! You can see the predictions HERE.

July 1, 2004
1967 Free Agent pickups
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1967 Managers, The following players have been signed as free agents for the 1967 SPB season:

Asheville Tourists (R. Applegate) claim pitchers Johnny Klippstein & John Miller.

Frankfort Tigers (G. Plunkitt) claim firstbaseman Dick Stuart (1969).

Rossville Cubs (R. Ryan) claim catcher Dick Bertell.

Cleveland Spiders (C. Williams) claim outfielder Jimmy Piersall.

There were no other claims on any of the other free agents, so they will be deleted from the 1967 files. These are the "pink slip" players:

Lee Elia
Bill Faul
Jack Kralick
Chris Krug (69 expansion)
Skip Lockwood (69 expansion)
John Orsino
Don Schwall
Dwight Siebler
Wes Stock
Bill Virdon

Both Krug and Lockwood will be elgible for the 1969 expansion team drafting. The others are gone from SPB I for good.

June 29, 2004
1967 Free Agent release list
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1967 Managers, Here is the total list of players that have been released by their teams. If more than one team claims a player, he will be awarded to the team with the worst record in 1966. Here are the players:

Dick Bertell, c
Lee Elia (1968)
Bill Faul (1970)
Johnny Klippstein, mr
Jack Kralick, mr
Chris Krug (1969) expansion player
Skip Lockwood (1969) expansion player
John Miller, mr
John Orsino, ph
Jim Piersall, of
Don Schwall, mr
Dwight Siebler, mr
Wes Stock, mr
Dick Stuart (1969)
Bill Virdon (1968)

Future players Lockwood and Krug are in the expansion draft in '69 and have no value so claims will not be taken for them. Other future players will reappear in the seasons listedif not claimed, and if they have enough to qualify for the rookie drafts.

If you wish to put a claim in on any of these players, please notify me by tomorrow evening (June 30) by 7 P.M. CST. At that time I will make the claims, adjust the rosters, and send out the official files for SPB I play. The trading deadline was last Saturday, and there were no last minute trades made. The season is scheduled to open on July 1st. MP's for the first month (April) of play will be due by July 5th for this opening month, since I am late getting things out. Then for following months MP's will go back to being due on the 1st of each month.

June 25, 2004
1967 Players recommended for release
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB I 1967 Managers, With the season fast approaching, it is now time to make the call for released players from your rosters. The following players have been recommended to be released (but they certainly are not required to be), due to their little bit of stats left in their M.L. careers. I am listing them by team. IF YOU HAVE ANY PLAYERS OR PITCHERS LISTED HERE, PLEASE REPLY TO ME ASAP IF YOU WANT THEM KEPT ON ROSTER OR RELEASED TO FREE AGENCY.

Also you may release ANY other players or pitchers on your roster that will have no value to you, or is just to terrible to play on your team. I will set a deadline of Saturday, May 27, by 5 P.M. CST. But please send me ALL players or pitchers to release quickly if possible. If your team is not listed that does not mean you cannot release anyone. Those teams can just drop me a line, if they have someone to release.

Here is the recommended personnel for release: (real life stats left in parenthesis)

L . ELIA - (68) (17 AB)
DAL. GREEN (9 G 15 IP)
D. SIEBLER (2 G, 3 IP)


B. BUHL (3 G 2.2 IP)
B. HEFFNER - (68) (7 G, 8.1 IP)

B. BOOKER (68) (5 AB)
A. EARLEY (2G, 1.1 IP)

J. SCHAFFER (67 & 68) (8 AB)
W. BOND (16 AB)


F. NEWMAN (3 G, 6.1 IP)
D. SCHWALL (1 G 2/3 IP)

B. VIRDON (68) (3 AB)

B. DULIBA (7 G, 9.2 IP)



C. KRUG (69) (17 AB)
B. FAUL (70) (7G, 9.2 IP)
W. STOCK (1G 1 IP)

J. KRALICK (2 G, 2 IP)

J. MILLER (2G, 6 IP)

Remember to reply for ALL the above, and any others getting your "pink slip" ASAP. On Saturday evening, I will send out the total list of all players released so that any claims can be made. There will be a 48 hour window for claims to be made. In the case of any player being claimed by more than one team, the player will be awarded to the team with the worst 1966 W-L record. (A maximum of 2 players can be claimed by any one team, just to prevent others from getting a chance at these beauties! :)

May 20, 2004
1967 Stadium Changes
FRANKFORT, IN - Manager John Turnbull of the Dayton Triangles has decided to abandon Dodger Stadium and is changing his home park to Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia. Don Zminda, of the Hollywood Stars has claimed Dodger Stadium as his home park.  

May 4, 2004
1967 Call for protected players
FRANKFORT, IN - Please send me your protected rosters for 1967 ASAP. No later than Saturday, May 7th. Deadline time is 5:00 P.M. CST for your list.

Here is the number of players each team may protect:

20 Players

Ashville Tourists (R. Applegate)
Brooklyn Wonders (P. Reoch)
Las Vegas Thunder (M. See)
Pocono Pelicans (J. Wheeler)

19 Players

Alma Rifles (B. Linn)
Flushing Rats (J. DeZarlo)
Rockford Forest Cities (T. Baxter)
Elkhart Electric Eels (L.. Miller)
Lincoln Grays (P. Kenyon)
Hollywood Stars (D. Zminda)
Dayton Triangles (J. Turnbull)
Schaumburg Saxons (T. Johnson)
Frankfort Tigers (G. Plunkitt)
Evanston Black Sox (J. Ungashick)

18 Players

Cleveland Spiders (C. Williams)
Rossville Cubs (R. Ryan)
Lafayette Blue Sox (S. Ehresman)
Mackinaw Straights (G. Stillwagon)

February 25, 2004
1967 Draft info
FRANKFORT, IN - The official date for this draft will be May 15th. It will be held in Chicago, Il. The drafts will take place in the offices of John Ungahick's employment. I plan on arriving on Friday evening, the 14th. Please contact John ASAP if your going to attend this gala event. He will send you phone numbers of hotels that are close by his office. Prices are reasonable, and sharing rooms will make them even more so. Be sure to indicate to John if you want to share a room with another manager.
A White Sox game on Saturday evening is part of the activities for this weekend event. Tickets can easily be purchased at the gate on Saturday evening by each of us wanting to attend the game. John has assured me that there is no reason to book in advance for this game. I'm not sure who the visiting team is at this stage.
John says that he is willing to go to the Sox game on Friday evening too, should any of you wish to attend that one. Just let him know. 
Be sure to let John & I know your plans for draftday 1967 ASAP. If your unable to attend, but will be in the chatroom for this one, let us know that as well. Or finally, if your unable to attend in person, and will participate in the drafts with a list you will need to have the lists to me by Thursday, May 13th.
We hope to hear from each of you soon on what your plans will be. Don't miss this one! I encourage each of you to come to the Windy City for this get together. We have not had a draft for over a year away from the Indiana area, so this is your chance to get together for a really fun weekend in Chicago!

February 13, 2004

Another Stadium change
FRANKFORT, IN - Tim Johnson is making a change of ballparks for his Schaumburg Saxons. He is leaving Metropolitan Stadium (Minn.) and taking up residence in Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium for the 1967 season.

January 10, 2004
Stadium change
FRANKFORT, IN - Hollywood Stars manager Don Zminda has decided that his team will probably fare better in the Astrodome, and so his giving up Atlanta's ballyard, still practically brand new in 1967. The available parks are now Crosley Field Cincinnati, which becomes Riverfront in a few more seasons, and Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium, both of these are good hitting parks if you have that kind of team!

December 31, 2003
66 Voting booth now open
FRANKFORT, IN - Just a quick note to let you know that the voting booth is now open for both the 1966 All-Star & Awards voting. Please go to the league website and click on voting booth on the left hand side of the title page. You will then fill out your name and team name and cast a TWO ballots, one for each category. Please have your voting done by Sunday January 11th. This is your final action to make concerning the 1966 season. Thanks for taking care of this league duty!!

Ex manager Bob Buonaccorsi and new manager Mike See are both asked to vote too. Any time a manager change happens around voting time, both managers are asked to vote. 

December 28, 2003
67 Trading season opens early!
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1966 Managers, Even though the 1966 World Series is just getting underway, there are a lot of managers who have gotten together and are chomping at the bit to have me announce a few trades that they have been working on in preparation for the 1967 season. 

I see no harm in going ahead and announcing that trading season for 1967 is open early. So, let the trade gates open, and feel free to report any trades made to me, if you have not already. Thanks for your attention! :)


December 24, 2003
New manager for 67 Season and beyond
FRANKFORT, IN - Veteran manager Bob Bounacorssi has resigned his position as manager of the Smithfield Seniors. Bob has been strictly an SPB I manager since the 1956 season, and we wish him well.

Mike See will be taking over the reigns of this team. He has been our the backup list for SPB I for a long time now, and is very happy to finally land a team. He has announced his new team name for 1967 will be the Las Vegas Thunder. He has also decided to take K.C. Municipal Stadium as his new home park, and give up the Astrodome. So the open parks in SPB I are now: Astrodome (Hou) and Crosley Field (Cin.). He is looking to make many trades, once the '66 W.S. is over and trading season is opened. Good luck to Mike in SPB I. 

December 24, 2003
66 50% use or lose players
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players will be lost to their respective teams in the future because they were not used half the time by their 1966 teams. For this list I will only give you the players who actually play in 1967. These players will be back in the '67 rookie draft:

Dick Egan, P (Rifles)
Al Spangler, OF (Triangles)
Curt Simmons, P (Triangles)
Jake Wood, 2B (Rats)
Sam Bowens, OF (Tigers)
Mike Ryan, C (Blue Sox)
John Kennedy, inf (Blue Sox)
Willie Smith, OF (Blue Sox)
Johnny Lewis, OF (Blue Sox)
Vic Roznovsky, C (Grays)
Bo Belinsky, P (Grays)
Ted Savage, OF (Straights)
Aurelio Monteagudo, P (Straights)
Ed Kirkpatrick, utl (Pelicans)
Ray Barker, 1B (Forest Cities)
Al Weis, inf (Forest Cities)
Bob Raudman, OF (Forest Cities)
Manny Jimenez, OF (Forest Cities)
Eddie Bressoud, inf (Cubs)
Ray Oyler, SS (Cubs)
Jim Landis, OF (Cubs)
Tom Egan, C (Cubs)
Ed Spezio, 3B (Seniors)

The following 5 players will be in future rookie drafts, but did not play in 1967:

Mike Ferraro (68) 3B, (Rats)
Garry Roggenburk (68) P, (Grays)
Lou Klimchock, (69) 3B, (Straights)
Jim Hicks, (69) 1B, (Forest Cities)
Julio Navarro (70) P, (Triangles)

The following 1966 players were also not used 50%, but never again play enough to return to SPB:

Dallas Green, p, Darrell Sutherland, p, Joe Cunningham, 1b, Joe Gaines, of,  Frank Kreutzer, p, Ed Roebuck, p, Gene Freese, 3b, Bob Friend, p, Jim Gentile, 1b, Ron Campbell, inf, Wes Covington, of
Jerry Lynch, of, Dan Napoleon, of, Jim Gilliam, inf, Albie Pearson, of
Bob Skinner, of, Ralph Terry, p, Larry Bearnarth, p, Vern Handrahan, p, Gordy Richardson, p, Frank Bolling, 2b, Lou Clinton, of, Dick Rusteck, p, Dick Phillips, 1b, Larry Miller, p, John Tsitouris, p, Choo Choo Coleman, c, Willie Kirkland, of, Marty Keough, of, Don Landrum, of, Frank Thomas, of, Arnie Umbach, p, Terry Fox, p
Ken Hamlin, inf, Gordy Coleman, 1b, Jim Duckworth, p, Buster Narum, p, Ron Piche, p

 July 15, 2003
66 Predictions posted
DAYTON, OH - Thanks goes out to Tim Johnson for putting together this interesting preview for the 1966 season. Tim's predictions can be found by clicking HERE

May 7, 2003
66 Draft pictures posted
DAYTON, OH - The much-anticipated pictures from the SPB-66 draft held at John Turnbull's are now posted in the photo album.  You can also access them by clicking HERE

May 1, 2003
66 Draft expansion elegible players
DAYTON, OH - Gentlemen...while you are preparing your draft strategies, I have assembled a listing of players who will be expansion-elegible for the 1969 Season that will be in this draft.  That means if you draft them, you own them for 3 seasons, then they are elegible to be taken away from you.  Here is the list:

Batters:  Ollie Brown, Joe Foy, Mike Hegan, Ed Spezio, Jackie Hernandez, John Donaldson, Steve Whitaker, Mike Ferraro

Pitchers:  Gene Brabender, Bucky Brandon, Dooley Womack, Carroll Sembera

Please plan accordingly

May 1, 2003
66 Draft preparations continue
DAYTON, OH - The rosters for the 1966 teams are now updated through the most current trades.  The Phase 2 cuts/available players are also now online under the DRAFT CENTRAL section.  Good luck to everyone on Saturday! 

April 26, 2003
66 Draft protected rosters due soon
FRANKFORT, IN - I am now asking each of you to prepare your protected rosters for the 1966 Phase II draft. The deadline for having these rosters in to me is on Wednesday, April 30 at 8:00 P.M. CST. Every manager must have his protected roster to me by then.

Following are the number of players that each team can protect:

18 Protected Players 
Frankfort Tigers (Plunkitt)
Cleveland Spiders (Williams)
Lafayette Blue Sox (Ehresman)
Alma Rifles (Linn)

19 Protected Players 
Lincoln Grays (Kenyon)
Rossville Cubs (Ryan)
Flushing Rats (DeZarlo)
Hatteras Pelicans (Wheeler)
Mackinaw Straights (Stillwagon)
Elkhart Electric Eels (Miller)
Rockford Forest Cities (Baxter)
Evanston Black Sox (Ungashick)
Brooklyn Wonders (Reoch)

20 Protected Players
Asheville Tourists (Applegate)
Dayton Triangles (Turnbull)
Smithfield Seniors (Bounoccorsi)
Hollywood Stars (Zminda)

March 30, 2003
SPB-1 Yearly Archives unveiled
DAYTON, OH - Since this is the first of all five SPB leagues, I have decided to unveil the first of the five SPB league yearly Archive pages.  It can be found on the left hand menu.  This will combine the stats archive and the Hall of Champions into one section, with everything having to do with a particular season all on one page.  I have yet to load any of the past yearbook pages, but that will be forthcoming in the future.  All five leagues will eventually have the SPB-1 look front page plus the yearly recap pages.  Enjoy! 

March 30, 2003
1966 Rookie list reposted
DAYTON, OH - I have reconfigured the rookie list for this year's draft.  The more useful stats are still posted, but I have added ratings for each position, so you can tell who is qualified at what position. I have also added running ratings at the end for those who want a speedster in the 7th round!  Hopefully the new format will be easier and more useful.  Let me know what you think or if you want anything else on the report. 

January 29, 2003
New owner for Torrerros
FRANKFORT, IN - Yet another manager change for the coming 1966 season has taken place. Former 1st year manager Bob Gibson has resigned due to "being in too many leagues." Veteran SPB manager Rich Applegate takes over the former San Diego Toreros immediately. He is now available to make trades for this team, which he intends to due according to the latest I have from him.

He has renamed the team the Asheville Tourists and will be dropping Crosley Field as his home park and taking on St. Louis Busch Stadium for the 1966 season. By taking over this team, Rich joins a handfull of SPB managers who are in all 5 leagues. Welcome aboard Rich!

So this means that the available parks for SPB I are now K.C. Municipal Stadium (Kansas City), and Crosley Field (Cincinnati).

January 21, 2003
New owner for Saxons
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB - Veteran SPB manager Tim Johnson will be taking over the control of Tom Falduto's Schaumburg Saxons as of now. His first season as manager will be the 1966 year. Tim will keep the same team name for this team in honor of Tom's memory. 
Tim can be reached at: 

January 19, 2003
New SPB-1 President announced
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB - I Managers, Manager Greg Stillwagon will be taking over the office of SPB - 1 President immediately. This is due to the recent death of Tom Falduto who had been President since the 1958 season. This is a sad circumstance which causes the change, but I'm sure Greg will do the same dedicated job that Tom did as one of our officers.

January 19, 2003
Tigers clinch exciting World Series crown!!
FAIRBORN, OH - Congratulations to the Frankfort Tigers...the 1965 SPB-1 champions!  Complete World series coverage can be seen on the WORLD SERIES link under MISC SPB-1 links.

December 28, 2002
65 Pennant Playoff decided in two games
FRANKFORT, IN - The first ever divisional playoff has been played, and the results can be found under MISC SPB-1 links. World Series to start soon. 

December 21, 2002
65 Pennant Playoff an SPB first!
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1965 Managers, The tie between the Cleveland Spiders and the Frankfort Tigers will mean that a 3 game play off will have to be held between the Spiders, led by manager Chris Williams, and Gary Plunkitt's Tigers (yes, they're mine). These 3 games will be an extension of the regular season and the stats will count with the regular season stats just as they did in real life baseball playoffs of 1951, 1959, and 1962. However, all rules for the W.S. will be followed during this series. The games will rotate back and forth between ballparks. Who ever is home team for game one will also be home team if a 3rd game is needed. Of course the first team to take 2 games will have the privilege of advancing to the World Series to take on the Alma Rifles, managed by Bill Linn.

This is certainly a first in the annals of SPB history! Who would have guessed how tight both races were this year! In the American League the Tigers and Spiders each won 95 games giving us the first play off in all of SPB's history. The Lafayette Blue Sox with Steve Ehresman at the helm could have made it really interesting forcing a 3 way play off if they had just managed one more victory. Alas, the best they can do now is a 3rd place finish with their 94 wins. Paul Kenyon's Lincoln Grays only finished 4 games out with their 91 wins, and they get an honorable mention here for that one.

In the American League the race was also very tight with Bill Linn's Alma Rifles (92 wins) edging the Schaumburg Saxons (90 wins), with Tom Falduto at the helm, by a mere two games. Finishing in a tie for 3rd place were Lynn Millers Elkhart Electric Eels and the Nags Head Reefers under the guidance of Rod Witten. Both of these teams won 88 games and finished just 4 games behind. 

Never before have both Leagues, in any given SPB season, had so many teams in the race right down to the wire! Congratulations go out to all of the mentioned managers for the most exciting pennant races ever during an SPB season. Thanks for all the thrills.

Thanks to each of you other managers, and to stat man John Turnbull, for your excellent play during this season. There were no serious delays and everyone just did a great job!!

I will keep all of you informed while Chris and I get down to the business of having SPB's first ever play off!

October 27, 2002
New look to league pages
TUCSON, AZ - Starting with SPB-1 page, each individual page will get an updated look.  The links on the left have been organized into categories with all the links you need underneath them 1 click away.  The idea behind this is to clean the page up some, and reduce the amount of scrolling down as much as possible.  Enjoy!

June 28, 2002
65 free-agent pickups
FRANKFORT, IN - Surprisingly eight players have just been signed in the free agent draft from among the 12 players that were available. Here are the player and the teams that signed them for the 1965 season:

1. Gino Cimoli, of Nags Head Reefers
2. Yogi Berra, c Rossville Cubs
3. Frank Baumann, p Rossville Cubs
4. Tom Butters, p San Diego Toreros
5. Johnny Werhas, 1b San Diego Toreros
6. George Banks, 3b Brooklyn Wonders
7. Steve Boros, 3b Brooklyn Wonders
8. Mike White, 3b Brooklyn Wonders

The 4 unsigned players are released out of existence in SPB. They are Tom Cheney, Dave Roberts, Dick Smith, and Morrie Stevens. 

May 18, 2002
Ballpark changes
TUCSON, AZ - Jim Wheeler has reclaimed his old park Forbes Field and will be moving into it after spending a couple of years in Candlestick Park.  Chris Williams has claimed Candlestick Park, and is giving up Chavez Ravine. Peter Reoch takes Chavez Ravine and gives up Connie Mack Stadium.  C.M.S joins the Cleveland Mun. park as the two parks available.

June 28, 2002
65 free-agent pickups
FRANKFORT, IN - Surprisingly eight players have just been signed in the free agent draft from among the 12 players that were available. Here are the player and the teams that signed them for the 1965 season:

1. Gino Cimoli, of Nags Head Reefers
2. Yogi Berra, c Rossville Cubs
3. Frank Baumann, p Rossville Cubs
4. Tom Butters, p San Diego Toreros
5. Johnny Werhas, 1b San Diego Toreros
6. George Banks, 3b Brooklyn Wonders
7. Steve Boros, 3b Brooklyn Wonders
8. Mike White, 3b Brooklyn Wonders

The 4 unsigned players are released out of existence in SPB. They are Tom Cheney, Dave Roberts, Dick Smith, and Morrie Stevens. 

May 18, 2002
Ballpark changes
TUCSON, AZ - Jim Wheeler has reclaimed his old park Forbes Field and will be moving into it after spending a couple of years in Candlestick Park.  Chris Williams has claimed Candlestick Park, and is giving up Chavez Ravine. Peter Reoch takes Chavez Ravine and gives up Connie Mack Stadium.  C.M.S joins the Cleveland Mun. park as the two parks available.