Seasons Past Baseball Manager Listing
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  1985 1973 1953 1994 1962 1936
Rich Applegate Tourists Beavers Blues MudHens Saints Colonels
Stan Barkun Lynx Royals   Rough Riders   Buddhas
Terry Baxter Forest Citys Wild Weasels Arsenal Nighthawks Jakes Gassers
Mike Boling   Barons        
Steve Brunner Mountaineers Monarchs  Aces Gnomes Argonauts Red Sox
Jerry Cada     Rugrats Yaks    
Sean Comerford       Yard Goats    
Jonathan Dalton Kingsmen
Joe Dezarlo Rats Gladiators Muckdogs Zoo Crew Bears Mutuals
Gary Hill       Dukes    
Marc Hollingsworth Volcanoes Seals        
Dave Lauer Eagles Lions Larks   Colt 45's  
Steve Lehman Hoosiers Totems Stampers Vaqueros Tarheels Glaziers
Chris Longo Brushbacks Schema Busters   Brushbacks Bullies  
Mace Matayc Road Spacemen
Hugh McElaney    Seals Grays Grays    
Paul Meyering           Titans
John Moore Highlanders          
Mike Murphy     Tigers   Rockets Dodgers
Greg Nolen       Surf    
Ron Peterson Peppers Colts   Canaries Grays Atlantics
Gary Plunkitt Tigers Fortress Thunderbolts Firebugs Frigates Frogs
Don Rahn Nationals Mets Royal Giants  Metropolitans Mets Blue Sox
Marc Robinson Flames     Whiskey Rebels    
Rick Ryan Cubs Hornets Clowns Racers Black Cats Sprudel
Mel Schwarz       Guardians    
Mike See Thunder Hot Rods   Lightning  
Dean Toso       Dwarves    
John Turnbull Triangles Dragons   Plainsmen Bombers  
John Ungashick Black Sox Elephants Hawks   Tigers Seals
Marc Unger Scotties          
Jim Wheeler Cougars     Crawfords    
Chris Williams Spiders Bishops Carp Magpies Ahabs Whiffenpoofs
Don Zminda   Angels        
OPEN TEAMS          
  In memory of those managers who have passed as members of Seasons Past Baseball  
Tom Falduto-2003 Saxons Whales Hawks Oaks    
Larry Schilling-2006     Purchase Revenge    
Jim Hekel-2007       Oaks    
Tim Johnson-2009  Saxons Monarchs TBA  Storm    
John Measor-2021 Barking Owls Bay Sox        
Bill Lanke-2021 Rivers       Six