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September 3, 2021

1952 Use or Lose

All 1952 Managers, The following player did not meet the minimum usage requirements during the 1952 season. They all return is 1953, and will be in the rookie draft when it is held. I will list them by name, primary position, and '52 team they were formerly on.

Eddie Pellagrini, SS Arsenal
Barney McCosky, OF Arsenal
Brandy Davis, OF Arsenal
Dick Bokelmann, P Alrsenal
Virgil Stallcup, SS Blues
George Lerchen, OF Tigers
Jackie Mayo, OF Larks
Paul Burris, C Hawks
Billy Hitchcock, 2B Hawks

No biggies here, so good job! Also, some of these guys really have hardly any usage in '53.

September 3, 2021

1952 Season Prediction comparisons

Thanks again to John Ungashick for providing us with his look back at the comparison of his 1952 predictions to actual.

September 3, 2021

1953 Upcoming Ballpark changes

They Worcester Grays will leave St. Louis Sportsmans park and move into the the vast Cleveland Municipal Stadium for 1953's home games.

The Lark's home ballpark will transition from Braves Field into County Stadium.

This leaves St. Louis's Sportsmans Park and the Phillies home park Shibe Park (NL version) as the available ballparks

September 3, 2021

1952 Season finished. new Champion crowned!

Congratulations to the Maumee River Carp and Chris Williams for defeating the Arsenal in 5 games. Complete World Series coverage can be found on the World Series Link. Congrats also to Terry on a great season!

March 23, 2021

1952 Pre-Season prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for providing his riveting 1952 pre-season prognosis. Thanks John!.

January 14, 2021

1952 Player usage rules

SPB3-1952 will be a transitional season when it comes to player usage, as a final solution is found. With that in mind here are the rules for the 1952 season:

Hitting: Non-bonus hitters: 105% then farmed. Bonus hitters: +100PA
Pitching: Starters: 110% of GS Relievers: 130% of appearances. Same as it has been.

November 13, 2020

1952 call for protected rosters

Now is the time to prepare and send me your protected rosters for 1952, as I am announcing plans for the Rule 5 draft. First off, the draft will be done be email as usual, but with a slightly different twist. Each team will still pick 2 players, but instead of picking 2 at once, we will go through a 2 round draft (The order is on the current file, which I have attached.) Most of us have already done it this way in a couple of other SPB leagues, and it seems to have been a very popular move, so we will go with it as well.

Also, my team the Hoosier Thunderbolts was the only team with more than 38 players. We had 39 players so I had to cut one, and P Ken Johnson has been released, and will be added to the 1952 rookie draft. All other teams had 38 or less players, and are okay with no cuts.

Here is the number of players each team may protect heading while preparing for this draft:

19 Protected Players
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)

20 Protected Players
Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)
DeVilbiss Tigers (M. Murphy)
South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)

21 Protected Players
East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)

The deadline for having your protected lists to me will be this coming Sunday 11/15 by 7PM EST. I will then send out the up to date files with protected players in place, and we will begin the draft right away by email. The 1952 rookie draft will be held in January, and I will announce that date in December.

August 10, 2020

1951 End of season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we bring to you the 1951 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports for SPB3-1951.

August 9, 2020

1951 September stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1951 are now posted. Congratulations go out to Don Rahn (Brooklyn Royal Giants), our American League champion, and to Steve Lehman (Chicago Stampers), our National League Champ, on winning the right to battle in the 1951 SPB World Series. We will have the schedule for the World Series ready file soon and I will send it out to them so that they can get their plans made to play the Series.

Be sure to check out the League leaders for our 1951 season, and see how many of your teams players were among league leaders. Some very nice stats here, both on batting and pitching, with some surprises among the leaders.

I will soon publish the annual Overuse and 50% Players lost reports for you as well. Thanks again guys on a great conclusion to our 1951 season, and good luck to Don & Steve in the World Series.

February 28, 2020

1951 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for penning his much loved 1951 Pre-Season Prognosis. Thanks John!

December 13, 2019

1951 Protected roster numbers

Now that the date has been set for January 4th, and with Christmas and New Year's just around the corner as well, it is best to get the Rule V draft over with before all the busyness begins. So, with that being said, I am setting this coming Saturday, December 14th as the date to have your protected roster for the 1951 season to me, so that I can set up the draft to started on Sunday. The entire R5 draft will be by email.

I have attached the latest set of 1951 files with all rosters being up to date. Here are the numbers of players each SPB III team can protect:

19 Players
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)

20 Players
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)
DeVilbiss Tigers (M. Murphy)

21 Players
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer)
Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)

I know it is pretty short notice, but with the draft being on 1/4, and the holidays just ahead, it is best to get this completed while we can. Send me your protected player lists ASAP, and if they should all arrive before Saturday deadline (12/14, 7PM EST) I will get the draft grid set up and send the email so we can move on the draft. Thanks guys. Good luck.

August 20, 2019

1950 End of year reports

According to Commish Plunkitt, some great jobs on most teams for theis overusage. Click on the link for OVERUSE REPORT and USE OR LOSE REPORT.

August 20, 2019

1950 End of year Comparisons

Linked is my annual comparison of actual and expected wins against my preseason prognosis. The actual versus expected wins was very close with the National League right on except that the Grays and Arsenal should have tied for the lead whereas the Grays eked out a three game win over the Arsenal. In the American League, the Larks modestly overachieved and snuck into fifth whereas the Muck Dogs and Rugrats underachieved and fell in the final standings. However, someone (i.e. me) must have been on drugs when preparing the preseason prognosis as it bore little resemblance to the actual or expected results. I had the Giants as odds on favorites in the AL and even though they won 99 games it was only good enough for third place. I did mention in the preseason writeup that the Carp's ultimate success or lack thereof would hinge on the pitching staff and they were sensational, especially ace reliever Jim Konstanty. The offense was also pretty good. The Thunderbolts hung in there all year long, finishing only one game out and they also had some great pitching performances, especially from Hal Newhouser who looked just like the wartime ace he had been in 1944 and 1945. The Muck Dogs were picked for a solid second place but fell all the way to sixth.

In the NL I did pick the Grays to win the pennant in a runaway but they squeaked in by just three games. The Arsenal was picked for fifth and the Blues for third but they switched places. Maybe I need to rethink my forecasting module for future years! Good luck to the Carp and Grays in the World Series!

August 17, 2019

1950 Final stats and Power Rankings posted

All SPB III - 1950 Managers, All week # 4 reports are in the races are decided. Both were very close, with 3 teams in contention in each league. But in the American League Chris Williams' Maumee River Carp won the pennant winning 102 games, the best mark of 1950. In the National League Hugh McElaney's Worcester Grays won 90 games to take the pennant. So it will be the Carp versus the Grays in the 1950 World Series!

Both leagues were tight, and the final standings in the A.L. saw Gary Plunkitt's Hoosier Thunderbolts take down 101 wins, in a real rush for the pennant, but they fell 1 game short, even with the second best record in the league. Finishing a close third was Don Rahn's Brooklyn Royal Giants (last years World Series champions). The N.L. had Terry Baxters Rock Island Arsenal win 2nd place, finishing just 3 games behind the N.L. champion Grays. And Steve Lehman's Chicago Stampers came in 3rd place, just 5 games off the pace. Some very good seasons from several teams. Congratulations to all managers for doing a decent job all year long!

I will have the Use or Lose and the Overuse reports out soon. Also, the 1950 World Series files will be coming up shortly as well.

March 8, 2019

1950 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick, for his in-depth analysis of each team in his Pre-Season prognosis for SPB-3 1950. Thanks John!

November 24, 2018

1950 Call for Protected rosters

It is now time to set up and send your teams protected lists for the coming 1950 Rule 5 draft to me. I will set the due date for rule 5 protected lists being received by me as no later than Sunday, November 25th. You can send your protected rosters in beginning today 11/15, and continuing through the deadline of 11/25.

Here is the list of players each team must protect:

19 Protects - Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn), Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt), Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman), & DeVilbuss Tigers (M.Murphy).

20 Protects - Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick), Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan), Worcester Grays (H. McElaney), Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter), South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo), & River City Rugrats (J. Cada).

21 Protects - East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer), Goshen Aces (S. Brunner), Maumee River Carp (C. Williams), & Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate).

Once all protected lists are determined I will send out updated 1950 files, via email, to all managers with unprotected players listed as farmed. At the same time an accompanying email will also include the listing of teams in the Rule 5 order with 2 selections to be made by each team, as their turn arrives. The first team is then up for his picks ASAP. Each manager will select his 2 picks, and then hit "reply to all". The next listed manager then makes his picks. As always all teams are limited to 4 player loses before their rosters are "frozen" for the balance of the R5 draft. The picks will continue until the final manager has made his R5 selections. I expect managers to make their picks in a timely manner, and if there is a problem in keeping the draft moving, managers can send me a list to use. We should take no more than 3-4 days to complete this short email draft.

As for trading, there can be normal trading up until the protected lists have all arrived. Once the protected lists are all in, only protected players may be traded until the email Rule 5 draft is complete. Then of course, normal trading for all players will resume.

Finally, the 1950 rookie draft will be held on one of the following January Saturdays. The dates are 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, & 1/26. Send me your top TWO choices for the draft, and I will set the actual date for the rookie draft. Send your rookie draft date choices to me no later than Wednesday, November 28th.

September 12, 2018

1950 Lottery Results

Winning Lottery number was 9-2-2

Congratulations to Dave Lauer for finally getting some luck in one of these lotteries!!!! Draft Order Attached.

East Kenosha Larks (Dave Lauer)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)

Tough shakes Steve B. That’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes….. : )

September 6, 2018

1949 Champion Crowned!

Our 1949 World Series has concluded as manager Don Rahn's Royal Giants sweep the Chicago Stampers in a series that proved Rahn has not lost his touch after all. This was Don second consecutive World Series win, and came after winning their 4th A.L. pennant in a row.

August 21, 2018

1949 End of Season reports

Enclosed are the links to the annual end of season USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the 1949 season. Enjoy!

August 21, 2018

1949 Comparisons to predictions

Putting his money where his mouth is, John Ungashick has penned his 1949 Comparisons to see how his pre-season predictions worked out. Great stuff John!

August 21, 2018

1949 Final stats posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1949 are now posted.

Don Rahn has captured his 4th pennant in a row, including the 1946 pennant when he was in the N.L., with his Brooklyn Royal Giants. Once again he has outdistanced my Hoosier Thunderbolts for the title, as the T'Bolts have also been the runner up over these four years of Brooklyn championships. This time was by far the biggest distance between the two teams as he won by 13 full games. In 1946 it was 2 games, in 1947, 6 games, and in 1948, again by two games. Hats off to Don! He has had my number every year!

In the N.L., the Chicago Stampers of Steve Lehman have taken the pennant this year. But that was not decided until the final weekly series when Chicago took on the second place (at the time) Schaumburg Hawks of John Ungashick. Chicago took it to Schaumburg by besting them 6 of the 7 games, which allowed the DeVilbiss Tigers of Mike Murphy to slip into second place when the final bell rang. Talk about a tough pill to swallow! Poor John.

So the 1949 World Series will soon begin with the Royal Giants being the favored team by the Vegas bookies.

This is based on the Royal Giants 106-48 record, as opposed to the Stampers record of 88-66 season mark. But in a short series, any team can get hot and score an upset, as we have often seen in SPB W.S. history.

As for the seasons offensive leaders in the A.L. slugger Ralph Kiner scored first in so many categories, that there is little reason to doubt he will be the exclusive 1949 A.L. MVP with his .373 B.A., his .495 OBP, and that amazing .831 Slugging Avg. The reason for that is the mind boggling 70 HR's, and 197 RBI to back up this claim! Kiner also led with 201 hits, and 152 runs scored. Wow, what a year!! The East Kenosha Lions Bobby Thomson led with 39 doubles, and the River City Rugrats featured the triples leader in speedster Bob Dillinger who hit 18 three-baggers. Dillinger also captured the SB lead with a mere 13, as it shows the A.L. was just sitting back waiting for the hitters to lead the way.

In the N.L., another huge reason for their pennant was the great season put forth from 2B Jackie Robinson, sure to be N.L. MVP as he also led the N.L. with a .352 batting average, (barely beating out fellow teammate Carl Furillo by a single point!). Jackie, like Kiner, also captured the league OBP with a .439 mark, and even took the slugging crown at .531. He also led his league in doubles with 38, runs (114), hits (206), and SB (33). Another whew! The combo of Robinson and Furillo were just too much for the other teams to overtake when it comes to Stamper Stars. The Stampers Furillo led the league with 10 triples and drove in 131 runners to win that title as well. Rock Islands second year star Larry Doby edged out Schaumburgs Hank Sauer for the HR crown 34 to 32. There were many good pitchers in the A.L. Larry Jansen of the Royal Giants fashioned a 21-8 mark to tie Hoosier's Hal Newhouser, also a 21 game winner (21-12). The South River Muckdogs also had a pair of 20 game winners in Harry Brecheen (20-12), and Virgil Trucks (20-13). Nineteen game winners featured 3 players, Brooklyn's Dick Fowler (19-6), Hoosier's Ken Heintzleman (19-8), and the Maumee River Carps Bob Lemon at 19-12. East Kenosha Lions hurler Ned Garver at 2.32, edged South River V. Trucks (2.35) for the ERA crown. South Rivers Don Newcombe took a slight lead in whiffs over Maumee's B. Lemon, taking the strikeout crown 146-140. The River City Rugrats featured the leagues top reliever as Bobby Hogue led with 17 saves in only 31 appearances. Quite a feat there, as well.

In the N.L., there were no 20 game winners, as the Stampers Howie Fox (19-8), edged out the Tigers Mel Parnell, who fashioned an 18-9 record, for the top winners. The ERA battle featured 3 outstanding marks, with the top one belonging to the Indianapolis Clowns Gerry Staley who fashioned a nice 2.06 mark. Others with great ERA's this season were the Stampers ace H. Fox at 2.29, and the Tigers M. Parnell at 2.32. The Rock Island Arsenal's Tommy Byrne led with 136 strikeouts. The Clowns G. Staley tied up with the Tigers Joe Page, both recording 19 saves to lead the N.L. firemen.

So be sure to check out the leader boards to see where your favorites finished. There are just a ton of good performers out there this season. Many of whom did not lead their leagues in any catagory. Check out all the stats. It is one of the rewarding things about playing the games in SPB. Enjoy! And once again congratulations to Don Rahn and Steve Lehman for their championship seasons of 1949.

Oh, last but not least, thanks to Chris Williams for another great year serving as our SPB III League Statistician, and for already preparing the W.S. file.

March 6, 2018

1949 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to John Ungashick for his SPB3-1949 Pre-Season prognosis! Enjoy reading accounts of each team as they start the 1949 campaign.

January 24, 2018

1949 Free Agent player claims

The following players were claimed in the free agent draft:

The Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter) select P Alex Carrasquel.

The River City Rugrats select C Babe Martin, 2B Jay Difani, and pitchers Johnny Van Cuyk, Ray Yochim, Irv Medlinger, Denny Galehouse, Andy Tomasic, and Buzz Dozier.

The free agent players claimed have been added to the rosters. No other teams submitted any free agent claims. This means the following unclaimed players have been released from the 1949 files: pitchers, Jim Bilbry, Mort Cooper, Orval Grove, Dizzy Sutherland, Johnnie Wittig, and PH/PR's Jim Kirby, Steve Kuczek, Frank Pack, & Bob Mavis. They are now history.

December 28, 2017

1949 Protected roster numbers

Here are the number of players that each team can protect in advance of the Rule 5 draft:

19 Protected Players:
1. Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
2. Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
3. River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
4. Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)

20 Protected Players:
1. Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
2. Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
3. Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)
4. DeVilbus Tigers (M. Murphy) 5. Chicago Stampers (S, Lehman) 6. Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)

21 Protected Players:
1. Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
2. Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)
3. South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
4. East Kenosha Larks (D. Lauer)

Sep 20, 2017

1949 Roster Drops

Here is the updated list of teams that have released players prior to the draft:

Hoosiers: J. Dobernic, A. Carrasquel, T. Jacobs (55)
Blues: P. Marchildon, J. Van Cuyk, O. Grove
Larks: D. Galehouse, J. Blackburn (51), J. Levan (54)

Players not listed with future years next to their names will be placed in the upcoming rookie draft.

Sep 9, 2017

1948 World Series Complete. New Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Don Rahn and his Brooklyn Royal Giants to a convinvcing 4 games to one victory of the Kansas City Blues, helmed by Rich Applegate. Complete WS Coverage can be found on the World Series link on the left. We are on to 1949!

August 29, 2017

1949 Lottery Results

The Lottery for 1949 has been completed. Here are the results:

The number was : 552

Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)- 65* Wins (2 Chances)
East Kenosha Larks (Dave Lauer) (Dave Lauer) - 59* Wins (4 Chances)
South River Muckdogs (Joe Dezarlo) - 62* Wins (3 Chances)
Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman) - Acquired Via Trade (1 Chance)

There was a 3 way tie for the final two spots for the 1949 Lottery Tiebreaker between the Clowns, Aces and Arsenal. Because of the 3-way tie, we went to the 2nd Tiebreaker, which was Run Differential, which was won by the Aces and Clowns. They were still tied, but the Aces won the Tiebreaker based on worst H2H record. The Clowns traded the 1949 1st RDP to the Chicago Stampers however, so that 4th Chance in the lottery will belong to Steve Lehman.

August 24, 2017

1948 Predictions Comparisons

John Ungashick has put together a post-season script that looks back at his pre-season predictions compared to the actual standings.

"Things pretty much followed the script right down the line in the American League. The Royal Giants modestly overachieved and were able to sneak by the Thunderbolts who were picked by me to win but just by a hair. The rest of the league fell right into line in terms of actual versus expected finish. The Carp did the best in terms of beating my prognosis, rising to fourth versus a pick of a solid sixth.

In the National League I picked my own Hawks in a dogfight with the Blues and that just what happened except I was on the losing side of the fight. The Arsenal (negative) and the Clowns (positive) had significant differences in actual versus expected wins but it didn't do either team any good in terms of their finish in the standings. The Stampers did rise from a projecvted sixth place finish to an actual tie for fourth and the Clowns sank to the cellar despite being picked for fifth but the prognosis did say that the last three slots were virtually interchangeable. On to the World Series and then 1949!"

August 24, 2017

1948 End of Year Reports

Quickly released is the 1948 end of season reports. Click on the word below for the link to the article:  USE OR LOSE // OVERUSAGE

August 24, 2017

1948 September final stats posted

The stats and power rankings for September of 1948 are now posted. Congratulations to the pennant winners. Don Rahn’s Brooklyn Royal Giants steamed to the AL title by filleting the hapless Carp in 7 straight games. The NL race turned out much closer, but the Blues won enough to surge past the Hawks and dethrone the 1947 champions by one game.

The Comish takes his hat off to Don and Rich as their teams head to the 1948 World Series. In a couple of real battles these two managers led their teams to respective titles, edging out the 2nd place finishers by 2 and 1 games. Congratulations to both our 1948 Champions!

Don pulled of a very slick sweep of the Carp in week # 4, when his Brooklyn Royal Giants pulled off 106 wins to put the Hoosier Thunderbolts, who went into the final week with slight 1 game lead, into 2nd place with 104 wins. This gave the Royal Giants the American League pennant. The T'Bolts were running on air during the final weeks games, during which they lost 14 hitters (Yes, you read that right) to PA's in week 4, and finished 2 games off the pace as they barely edged out the 3rd place finishing River City Rugrats during the final week's series by a mark of 4 games to 3.

Rich Applegate pulled off his win by only a single game, as his K. C. Blues won 84 games to take the National League pennant at the last minute, while the Schaumburg Hawks missed out gaining only 83 season wins. Too close for comfort!

February 22, 2017

1948 Pre-Season Prognosis

A highlight of every pre-season is the prognosis put together by John Ungashick. He has boldly predicted himself as a pennant winer, but we shall see! Click HERE for the 1948 version. Great work John!

January 8, 2017

1948 Player pink slips

All 1948 Managers, Four players have been released from rosters on the call for protected lists. The Brooklyn Royal Giants release OF Danny Gardella (1950). He will show up in the 50 rookie draft. The Kansas City Blues released P Buzz Dozier (1949) He will be in next years rookie draft. The Hoosier Thunderbolts released pitchers Les Webber & Butch Wensloff. They will be thrown back into this years rookie draft.

December 21, 2016

1948 Rookie draft date set

All SPB III - 1948 Managers, Thanks to all of you for submitting your choice dates for the 1948 drafts recently. I am happy to announce that the official draft date will be Saturday, January 14th, beginning at 11AM EST time. This date was listed in the top 3 choices by 13 of our 14 managers, which gives us the most to be available for drafting.

Sep 2, 2016

1948 Team name change

Just a note to let everyone know of a new team name for Mike Murphy's team. They were formerly known as the Perrysburg Stingers. He has decided to change the team name to the DeVilbiss Tigers. This will be reflected on the 1948 files when they are sent. No park change, staying in Crosley Field.

Aug 28, 2016

1948 Team name and ballpark change

Manager Dave Lauer, who took over the Baltimore Natti Bohs team late in 1947 season, has decided to revamp his team name and move into a new ball park. His team is now the East Kenosha Larks, and his new home park will be in Boston's Braves Field. The this makes the available ballparks for 1948 to be Clevelands Municipal Stadium and Philadelphia's Shibe Park (N.L. version). If you wish to move into one of the available parks, let me know soon.

Aug 28, 2016

1948 Lottery Results

Number was 7-7-6. Congrats to Joe Dezarlo for securing to top slot in the draft.

1. South River Muckdogs (Joe Dezarlo) - 65 Wins (4 Chances)
2. Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)- 68 Wins (3 Chances)
3. Indianapolis Clowns (Rick Ryan)- 72 Wins - (1 Chance)
4. East Kenosha Larks (Name TBD) (Dave Lauer) - 70 Wins (2 Chances)

Aug 22, 2016

1947 End of Season reports

As is customary with the end of each season, we bring to you the 1947 USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports.

Aug 22, 2016

1947 Standings comparison

SPB-3 beat writer John Ungashick provides us with his 1947 standings comparisons for this past season.

Aug 22, 2016

1947 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to John Ungashick on managing the 1948 World Series Champion Schaumburg Hawks to a somewhat surprising win over Don Rahn's favored Brooklyn Royal Giants. A well played series from both managers.

John Ungashick also had some kind words: A sentimental kudo to Tom Falduto who has been gone for almost fifteen years now but this was the team I inherited from him. Complete World Series writeups and scores are on the left menu.

Aug 17, 2016

1947 Final Results

The stats and power rankings for September of 1947 are now posted.

The Brooklyn Royal Giants won the A.L. pennant by a comfortable margin. As did the Schaumburg Hawks in taking the N.L. crown. My congratulations to both Don Rahn and John Ungashick, the two managers on winning the Leagues Championship, and earning the right to move on to the 1947 World Series.

In the A.L. the Royal Giants scored 102 wins, gaining the advantage over the second place Hoosier Thunderbolts (95 wins) by 7 games. This was a case of a team with a little better defense, and much better pitching, especially in the bullpen, besting the offense laden T'Bolts, managed by yours truly. The Bolts were 1947's offensive juggernaut, but their average defense, and their mostly pitiful bullpen led to their downfall. My personal Congrats to Don on his convincing win. I believe he led from the start to the finish.

In the N.L. The Hawks scored 94 wins, gaining the advantage over the second place Chicago Stampers, by 8 games. The Hawks just won on overall balance, but they were the best hitting team in the N.L., and their fielding was the best in both leauges, especially for this era.. While the Stampers, managed by Steve Lehman, were not on nearly the same level field with their offense. Their fielding was okay, but their strength was pitching, and it was easily the best overall in the '47 season! My personal congrats to John for his convincing win as well.

The 50 % loss, and the overuse reports will be posted soon, and once those are out the World Series file will be set up. Thanks to everyone for a very interesting timely and well played season. Job well done, everyone!

July 18, 2016

New Manager in place

All SPB Managers, It is a privilege to announce that Dave Lauer, known to most of us in SPB as Trader Dave is NOW the manager of the Baltimore Natti-Bohs for the coming September 1947 games. Dave is taking the reigns from former manager Jim Scott immediately, and will be providing the MP's for September games by August 1st to all concerned. Please send your MP's to Dave as well for all September games involving the Baltimore team. Congratulations to Dave, he has wanted back in SPB for many seasons now, and finally has made it.

My sincere thanks goes out to Jim Scott former manager of the team for his long tenure in the SPB manager ranks. I for one am sorry to see him go. He leaves a very good team here, and is regretful in that regard. Jim your welcome to come back anytime to the ranks of SPB managers. Thanks so much!

March 1, 2016

1947 Pre-Season Prognosis

Thanks to SPB-3 scribe John Ungashick for providing us with the 1947 Pre-Season prognosis. Enjoy his musings!

January 31, 2016

1947 Phase 3 Free Agent draft results

Here are the round by round results of the F.A. draft:

Round One- Ox Miller SP (Stingers), Mario Picone SP (Arsenal), Cot Deal SP (Rugrats), Frank (Lefty Hoerst MR (Grays), Buzz Dozier MR (Blues), Jesse Levan OF (Natti Bohs), Pat Cooper 1B (T'Bolts), Fuzz White OF (Aces).

Round Two- Cal Ermer 2B (Stingers), Ken Polivka MR (Rugrats), Hal Toenes MR (Grays), Ernie Groth MR (Blues), Bill Butland MR (T'Bolts).

Round Three- Ray Poole PH (Blues), Strick Shofner 3B (T'Bolts).

Round Four- Mike Schultz MR (Blues).

Round Five- Johnny Van Cuyk MR (Blues)

The following free agents went unclaimed and have been removed from the 1947 files: pitchers Rugger Ardizoia, Cal Dorsett, & Lyman Linde, and hitters Tom Kirk, Ben Steiner, and HOF Mel Ott.

January 18, 2016

1947 Phase 3 supplemental draft

Now that the Phase II draft is complete, we can move onto the final drafting stage of 1947. And that is what we now call the supplemental draft. And that is where teams have a chance in reverse order of last years W-L record to draft any players to your roster that were not taken in the rookie draft. These guys can be found by going to Oranize, then Players, and these free agents are the ones who do not have a team designation. For example, pitchers R. Ardizoia, B. Butland,and 1b P. Cooper are the first three you will find scrolling down through the player list. I believe there are 23 players who were undrafted, but that is not the official count.

If you wish to claim any of these players, you have until Tuesday, 1/19 to put in your claims. You can send me a list of the players you would like, in your order of preference. I would ask that all managers respond ASAP. Even if you do not wish to draft any of them, please let me know that as well. That way, once I have heard from all 14 active 1947 managers, I can release the results as soon as I hear from the last manager to respond. With a little luck we can have this done even before the Tuesday deadline which officially ends at 8PM EST on the 19th.

Until this draft if finished, please hold off on reporting your trades. And when this free agent draft is over, I will then light the trading light for sure.

Here is the official draft order for the free agent draft, based strictly on the final W-L records for all 14 teams during play of the '46 season:

1. Perrysburg Stingers (Murphy)
2. Schaumburg Hawks (Ungashick)
3. Rock Island Arsenal (Baxter)
4. Chicago Stampers (Lehman)
5. River City Rugrats (Cada)
6. Worcester Grays (McElaney)
7. South River Muckdogs (DeZarlo)
8. Kansas City Blues (Applegate)
9. Baltimore Natti-Bohs (Scott)
10. Indianapolis Clowns (Ryan)
11. Maumee River Carp (Williams)
12. Hoosier Thunderbolts (Plunkitt)
13. Brooklyn Royal Giants (Rahn)
14. Goshen Aces (Brunner)

This free agent draft will be limited to five rounds, but you can list as many players as you wish, in the order you want/need them. I will then take all choices and run through the draft order five times (if necessary), then adjust the rosters with the picked players and re-issue a new set of files no later than Tuesday night (or earlier if all managers respond promptly).

January 13, 2016

1947 Call for Rosters

All SPB III - 1947 Managers, Now is the time to turn in your protected rosters as we prep for the drafts, which will happen on Saturday, 1/16. Here are the amount of players each team can protect in 1947:

19 Players
Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)

20 Players
Indianapolis Clowns (R. Ryan)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)
Baltimore Natti-Bohs (J. Scott)
South River Muck Dogs (J. DeZarlo)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)

21 Players
Perrysburg Stingers (M. Murphy)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)

Your list are due this Sunday (1/10) by 8 PM EST. Updated 1947 files are attached. All rosters are up to date through trade # 437.All updated traded rookie picks are included in this set of files too. John Turnbull will be updating the SPB III 1947 webpage soon with all rookies, and an update on the traded picks. Be sure to get your protected lists in by this Sunday evening (1/10).

December 27, 2015

1947 Draft date set

As always it is hard to get everyone lined up for the drafts where everyone is available, and this year is not any different. However, after hearing from everyone January 16th has been set for the coming SPB 1947 drafts. This weekend allowed the most managers to at least make it into the chat room on draft day. Only three of our fourteen managers had a problem with this one of all the five weekends offered. So, if your one of the three, you will need to either have a draft list to me by Thursday, Jan. 14th, or have appointed and SPB manager to do your drafting for you. (If that is the case you have to let me know who it will be standing in for your team.

October 23, 2015

Divisional Reallignment results

Here are your re-alignment results and your divisions for the next 5 seasons....enjoy!

South River Muckdogs 024
Goshen Aces 063
Brooklyn Royal Giants 127
Hoosier Thunderbolts 232
Baltimore Natti Bohs 241
Maumee River Carp 241
River City Rug Rats 334

Kansas City Blues 361
Chicago Stampers 400
Western Panthers 453
Perrysburg Stingers 506
Schaumburg Hawks 755
Rock Island Arsenal 788
Worcester Grays 961

September 22, 2015

1947 Lottery Results

Pick 3 in Illinois for 9/21/15 Evening was:


So your top 4 picks for 1947 are:

1. Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
2. Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman)
3. Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)
4. Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)

Order remained unchanged. Congrats to John Ungashick....

September 7, 2015

1946 World Series goes to the Aces!

Congratulations to Steve Brunner, for capturing his first ever SPB Title by beating the Roayal Giants in 6 games. Complete coverage can be found on the links on the left menu. There are some great writeups for this series as well! .

August 24, 2015

1946 usage reports

As is SPB tradition, I give to you the 1946 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports. It does appear that the week by week Sept. schedule is making a positive impact on the player usage. .

August 24, 2015

3-Game Pennant playoff

The 1946 national League pennant was decided by a 3 game playoff between the Hoosier Thunderbolts and the Brooklyn Royal Giants. The results of this series can be found HERE.

August 24, 2015

September stats and post season notes

The stats and power rankings for the final month of the 1946 season are now posted. Congratulations go out to Steve Brunner, and his Goshen Aces for capturing the A.L. pennant, winning 93 games on the season, and finishing by 8 games over the second place Maumee River Carp, managed by Chris Williams. The Aces will move on to the 1946 World Series very soon. In the N.L., we ended up with a bit of a different situation. Both the Brooklyn Royal Giants, managed by Don Rahn, and the Hoosier Thunderbolts, my own team, ended up with 90 wins each to tie for the N.L. crown. There will be a play off series scheduled soon and sent out by Chris Williams in the near future with that series schedule in the loop. The Western Panthers of Rick Ryan's were the runner ups (3rd place) to Brooklyn and Hoosier, finishing 9 games out. The World Series will be played shortly after the N.L. play-off winner is determined.

I will have the season ending reports (50% Use Em or Lose Em & Overuse reports) sent out no later than tomorrow, and maybe even today. Again, thanks of all 16 of our managers, and to Chris Williams our stat, for their prompt work making the 1946 season in SPB III another successful run.

July 27, 2015

Notes on September play for 1946

As statistician Chris Williams pointed out, this will be the first season for SPB III to go to the newly adapted rule for all SPB leagues of playing the month of September on a week by week basis. Your MP's for week # 1 must be sent to you opponent by Saturday, July 25th. The stats should be returned to the Stat (Chris), the Comish (me), and to the visiting managers by Saturday, August 1st. The first weeks series are games scheduled between 9/1/46 to 9/7/46. Here is the schedule for our first week of play:

South River Muckdogs at Goshen Aces
Schaumburg Hawks at Baltimore Natti-Bohs (4 games only)
Perrysburg Stingers at Worcester Grays
Rock Island Arsenal at Maumee River Carp
Chicago Stampers at Hoosier Thunderbolts
Western Panthers at Brooklyn Royal Giants
Kansas City Blues at River City Rugrats

All series are encouraged to be Netplayed when possible. These are the only series to be played this week. All are 7 game series unless noted above. I will announce next weeks scheduled series (week two) once Chris has sent out stats for week number one. Again these are due by Sat. Aug. 1st. There will be no exceptions, so please be on time. Sending in stats early during this weekly play is encouraged. Any week one series not reported by 9PM Eastern time on 8/1 will be netplayed by the Stat or Commissioner if needed.

You will find that playing the final month on a weekly basis will help tremendously in keeping your usage in check, as well as making the divisions where pennant races are fairly close, to unfold in a more timely and exciting manner. Remember, you are allowed to have up to 40 roster players active during the final month of play. But again, watch you usage and farm guys who are close on their PA's, or appearances for relievers, when Net Play can not be done, if your playing as the visiting team.

It is okay to send out special instructions as well for a few players during the final month. Example: "Use G. Smith in only 3 relief games this series, and farm him for balance of games once he makes 3 games" or "Limit M. Jones to 15 PA's this series, and farm him for balance of series once he has 15 PA's." Just use common sense if you do this, and don't send special instructions out for more than 3-5 players during any given series. Good luck to all of you during our final months play of the 1946 season.

July 23, 2015

1946 August stats now posted

The stats and power rankings for August 1946 season are now posted. Those of you who are in other SPB leagues know the new drill: in order to make usage easier to manage and September play a little more fun, the four weeks of the month will be played one at a time, in sequence. The current 1st week will be due Saturday August 1, so check if you are on the road and send your road profile to your hosting opponent and to me at the league office ASAP and by Friday at the latest.

You can have as many as 40 active players for September roster expansion. 40 is the upper limit because of the game mechanism.

February 26, 2015

1946 Cut player draft

The following text file outlines the 1946 cut player draft and its results.   

January 9, 2015

1946 Call for Protected Rosters

With the drafts only ten days away now, it is time for you to submit to me your protected rosters for the coming 1946 season. Please have your lists to me no later than this coming Sunday, January 11th. Deadline time for your lists will be 8PM Eastern time on 1/11. Remember that all uncarded players are now automatically protected, and need not be listed on your protected player roster. Following is the number of players each team is allowed to protect: (Keep in mind that the Phase 2 draft is for 2 players instead of 3 starting with this season.

19 Protected Players
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo)
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)

20 Protected Players
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman)
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Baltimore Natti Bohs (Jim Scott)

21 Protected Players
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)
Perrysburg Stingers (Mike Murphy)
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)

September 21, 2014

1946 Lottery results

Below are the results from the SPB-3 1946 draft lottery:

The Illinois Pick 3 Fireball (, Evening numbers on Tuesday, Sep. 16th are 509.  The top 4 spots in round 1 are:

1. River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada) - 63 wins (2 Chances)

2. Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams) - 71 wins (1 Chance)

3. Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn) - 54 wins (4 Chances)

4. Perrysburg Stingers (Mike Murphy) - 60 wins (3 Chances)

September 2, 2014

New manager on board

I would like to announce the appointment of a new manager to SPB III for the coming 1946 season. The new man is Mike Murphy (his email is in the "to" list above). Mike is stepping in to take over the team formerly known as the Over-the-Rhine Hudys, as Marc Robinson has resigned from SPB III. Thanks to Mike for stepping in, and to Marc for his many years of service in SPB III.

Manager Murphy has decided to rename the former Hudys team. They are now known as the Perrysburg Stingers. He will remain in Crosley Field. Welcome to SPB III, Mike. I know his is very enthusiastic about this particular SPB league, and he should do very well. If you like, please welcome Mike to SPB .

September 2, 2014

1945 American League divisional playoff results

The Muck Dogs will advance to the 1945 W.S to take on the Western Panthers. The Muck Dogs win the 3 game playoff versus the Arsenal in 3 games. The boxscores from the game can be found HERE.

September 2, 2014

1945 End of season reports

As is customary with the end of each season, the 1945 Use or Lose and Overusage reports are now prepared for your viewing pleasure.

August 24, 2014

1945 Season finale

And, the season ends with a tie in the American League, between Terry Baxter’s Rock Island Arsenal and Joe Dezarlo’s South River Muckdogs, which both ended with dominating 107-47 records. They were remarkably even and balanced acts of domination. The teams went 7-7 against each other, and while the Arsenal sported a 53-24 home and 54-23 road record, the Muckdogs went 54-23 at home and 53-24 on the road. According to the SPB constitution, a best-of-3 series will resolve the tie, and the second tie breaker gives home field advantage to the team who scored more runs. So the Arsenal, who outscored the Muckdogs by 74 runs, will open the playoff series at home. Congratulations to Rick Ryan, whose Western Panthers won the National League pennant outright.

January 16, 2014

1945 Draft Call for Rosters

With the draft being next weekend, I find I am a bit behind with this one. So involved with other SPB leagues, I missed out earlier calling for protected rosters. Please have your protected lists to me by Wednesday, Jan. 15th. That is just 4 days from now. Be sure to have your in by 9PM Wednesday. Here is the list of how many each team may protect for 1945.

20 Players
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn)
Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)

19 Players
Baltimore Natti Bohs (Jim Scott)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Over the Rhine Hudys (Marc Robinson)
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)

18 Players
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo)
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan)

December 19, 2013

1945 Draft date set

Thanks to each SPB III manager for responding to my request to vote for a draft day for the 1945 season. The draft will be held on January 18th, as this appears to be a date that will match up with all managers being able to participate in the chatroom, or in person. I am working on the 1945 files and should hopefully have them out during the first week of January.

September 29, 2013

1945 Lottery results

The top 4 spots in round 1 are:
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick) - 75 wins (2 Chances)
Baltimore Natti Bohs (Jim Scott) - 74 wins (3 Chances)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner) - 73 wins (4 Chances)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate) - 76 wins (1 Chance)

October 14, 2013

1944 World Series Champion Crowned

Hugh McElaney and his Worcester Grays bested the Maumee River Carp for the 1944 crown. My heartiest congratulations go out to Chris Williams, manager of the A.L. Champions of 1944, the Maumee River Carp; and to Hugh McElaney, manager of the N.L. Champions, the Worcester Grays. Both teams and managers handily won their league championships with identical 104 - 50 W-L records. There was not overusage by either of these pennant winning clubs, so all their players are cleared for the coming 1944 World Series, which should happen soon. Finishing 2nd in each league, and drawing an honorable mention are Joe DeZarlo with the South River Muckdogs, who finished a very solid season finishing just 6 games behind the River Carp, with a 98 - 56 record; and Rick Ryan with the Western Panthers who finished runner up to the Grays while compiling an 84-70 mark, but a distant 20 games behind. Still these guys gave it a run.

September 29, 2013

1944 end of year reports

As is tradition with the end of each season, we bring to you your two favorite reports. The 1944 OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports. Enjoy!

September 24, 2013

1944 Final stats and power rankings posted

The 1944 Regular season has come to an end. Congratulations to the Worcester Grays and the Maumee River Carp in a rematch of frequent league powerhouses—this time, however, with completely different rosters. In accordance with the alteration of home field advantage, the series will open on the banks of the Maumee River. Hugh and Chris will meet up for a H2H matchup at a time not yet determined, but soon. The Grays cruised to the pennant. The Carp continued their strong performance, by winning a series played H2H against league runner-up, Joe DeZarlo’s Muckdogs.

February 10, 2013

1944 Draft thanks

First, my large thank you goes out to all our 1944 managers for all of your co-operation in getting through the 1944 rookie draft and the entire 1944 Phase II drafts in just over 3 hours and 3 minutes. This is a mark to be proud of as all our SPB III managers made the day a very successful one, no doubt about that! I wish all SPB drafts would run as smoothly as this one did.

Now that the drafts are finished, we are in the trading season, and will be until shortly before the start of the regular season on April 1st. When reporting your trades, each manager is to send me the full name of all players involved, their primary positions, and the full team names of each team in the trade. Seems like sometimes, I report trades and make some mistakes with my assumptions of all that is involved, when these things are not not clearly listed. So being inclusive with all this info, would help me out a bunch. Also if traded picks are involved, be sure to identify the round, and (if draft order is already announced) the number in that round of the picks being traded.

January 20, 2013

1944 Draft Call for protected rosters

As we are now nearing the coming rookie & P2 drafts for 1944, it is now time to ask that everyone submit their protected lists for their teams. Following is the amount of players each team may protect this year:

20 Players
South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
Over the Rhine Hudys (M. Robinson)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)

19 Players
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)
Baltimore Natti Bohs (J. Scott)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)

18 Players
Western Panthers (R. Ryan)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)

The deadline date and time for your rosters to be in to the Commissioner is Saturday, January 26 by 9PM EST. Thanks to all.

January 4, 2013

1944 Draft date set

The 1944 rookie draft and P2 draft will be held on Saturday, February 2nd. Drafts will begin at 11AM EST. Let me know very soon if you will be sending a list, or participating "live" in the SPB chatroom, the Auditorium. Rick Ryan and I will be here for sure, running the draft, and Chris Williams may attend, if it works out for him. Either way, Chris will be recording the picks. Thanks to all for sending your draft date preferences to me.

January 4, 2013

1944 Draft lottery results

The Illinois Lottery Pick 3 was 5-5-3

The results are:

Hoosier Thunderbolts Pick 1 (Based on First number - 5)
Brooklyn Royal Giants Pick 2 (Based on second number - 5)
River City Rugrats Pick 3 (Based on third number - 3)
Chicago Stampers Pick 4

November 15, 2012

1943 Overusage Report

And finally, here is the list of all overusage for the 1943 season. Again, a great job by all, as no team incurred a permanant penalty and only 2 teams went over more than 2 games.

November 15, 2012

1943 Players lost to underusage

Finally, here is the report on all players lost during the recently completed 1943 season. Not many, and really no one of consequence, so a great job by all of you in this area. I will list the player name, main position, and team loosing the player. I will also list whether or not the player plays again in SPB seasons.

Al Todd c,  K.C. Blues *
Dixie Parsons c, Maumee *
Babe Barna of, Maumee *
Kerby Farrell 1b, OTR (45)
Don Heffner 2b, OTR (44)
Bill Brubaker 3b, OTR *
Leo Durocher ss, OTR
Tom Sunkel p, OTR (44)
Andy Lapihuska p, OTR *
George Fallon 2b, Rock Isl. (44)
Moose Solters of, Rock Isl. *
Dick Conger p, Rock Isl. *
Chubby Dean p, Rock Isl. *
Lefty Gomez p, Rock Isl. *
Chuck Aleno 3b, South River (44)
Tal Abernathy p, Western *
Ben Geraghty ss, Worcester (44)
Alex Kampouris 2b, Wor. *
Earle Brucker c, Wor. *
* never plays enough to be in SPB again.

September 30, 2012

New Champion Crowned

Congratulations to Rick Ryan and the Western Panthers, who defeated the Rock Island Arsenal in 6 games. Complete coverage can be found in the playoff section on the left

September 24, 2012

1943 September Stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for September 1943 are now posted. Congratulations to Terry Baxter and his Rock Island Arsenal and Rick Ryan of the Western Panthers for winning their respective pennants. I believe that this is the first SPB-III pennant for either team or manager. I trust that Terry and Rick will hook up for an exciting H2H match.

May 1, 2012

1942 Voting results announced

Thanks very much to all 14 managers for getting their votes in over the last couple of weeks for the '42 Awards and All Stars. Always great when our managers all come through. Check out the Voting Booth to see the total of all votes cast, and who the winners were.

January 28, 2011

Change of plans for War player protection (1942-1946)

It seems that I was wrong about the way imcarded players should be protected during the WWII era. Thanks to Chris Williams for his in depth look at the overall war years picture, which featured a convincing spreadsheet, I called Chris and had a lengthy discussion about all of this on Wednesday afternoon.

After we had the chance to discuss his findings regarding uncarded players and the question of trading military players, we came up with the following, which we will implement in time for the 1942 draft:

All players who missed a year because of their service in the military will be exempt from Phase II drafting. In addition, in 1942, teams will be able to protect up to 4 other uncarded players for free, beyond the 18, 19, or 20 players they may protect normally. In 1943, this number drops to 3, 2 in 1944. Then, in 1945-46, the number of “freebie” uncarded players drops to 1, the same as it is in all of our leagues.

Teams may protect more than the above number of uncarded players at any time, but any additional protections must be taken from the 18-20 protected players (not all the 18-20 players have to be carded).

The overall number of “uncarded” players does grow quite dramatically from year to year during 1942-1945. However, as Chris convincingly showed, by 1944-1945, almost all of the uncarded players did not play in MLB because they were in the military and are given complete protection anyway.

Chris and I also discussed issues concerning military players. The 7 players he mentioned in his email that he felt should have been given military protected status for 1942, actually played in the minor leagues in 1942. I had access to more precise information about this than he did. Most of them did serve in the military, but it was not until after 1942. Other players did not do their time in the military until after they had played their final game in the major leagues. Of course, these player are of no consequence in SPB.

About trading or not trading military players: I have two big concerns about trading military players. First, I have been able to find no examples in real life where teams traded players while they were in the military. SPB was founded to reproduce, as far as possible, the conditions of play in any era. That is why we have some of the usage rules we do and do not use the usage meter (except in SPB NOW). The only case I was able to find of a player who came back from the war with a different team than the one he played with before the war was Walker Cooper, but he was traded after his return, during the winter meetings.

My other concern is that a team might trade its entire future away if these military protected players can be traded too easily. Many are not coming back until 1946 and the temptation to trade them for immediate help could be great. Now, I don’t think we have that sort of manager in SPB III. But still there is always the possibility of this occurring. These manager types tend to be more common in modern-day leagues anyway. Anyway, Chris convinced me that we can open up the issue for further discussion, and it won’t affect the draft too much, as the military players are exempted from Phase II drafting anyway. If we do open up the possibility of trading military players, I would like it to be discouraged as much as possible. Chris suggested putting some limitations on the trading of them, but we didn’t really get into any specifics about that.

So, anyway, with our call for protected rosters for this next month’s draft, when the time comes, 4 uncarded, non-military players can be protected for free (not 2, as I originally said).

October 7, 2007
River Carp topple Grays in 38 World Series
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations to Chris Williams and his Maumee River Carp who defeated Hugh McElaney's Worcester Grays.  Complete WS box scores and write ups are chronicled in the World Series link to the left.  

September 25, 2007
1938 Player losses
FRANKFORT, IN - The player losses for the 1938 season are chronicled in this file.  I combined the use or lose and overusage due to the small size of the articles.   

September 25, 2007
Final stats posted for 1938
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations are in order to Mgr. Hugh McElaney of the Worcester Grays of the National League, and to Mgr. Chris Williams of the Maumee River Carp in the American League on capturing their respective pennants. These two teams will soon move on into the 1938 World Series! The Grays won 92 games and easily beat out the runner up team, Rick Ryan's Western Panthers by 7 games. The Carp won 96 games and edged out Rich Applegate's Kansas City Blues by a mere two games.

August 21, 2007 
Change to Phase 2 draft procedures 
FRANKFORT, IN - There will be a new twist to the Phase II drafts starting with the SPB II draft in November. When protected rosters are called for, all teams with over 38 rostered players (including both protected and unprotected) will have the option of .....MORE

February 16, 2007
Call for protected rosters
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB III 1938 Managers, This is the official call for your 1938 protected rosters. Here are the limits on how many protected players each team may have:

19 Players
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan)
Elkhart RV'ers (Lynn Miller)
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)

18 Players
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Pocono Tomahawks (Terry Buchanan)
Odessa Files (John Saunders)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn)
Baroda Barons (Mike Galbreath)
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo)

17 Players
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)

Please send your lists in ASAP. The deadline is Tuesday, February 20th at 9 PM EST. IMPORTANT: Any manager not submitting their list by this time will have their protected roster selected by the league office. All lists should be sent in email text. Thanks for taking care of this right away. As soon as all lists are in I will forward the Phase II ready files to everyone so that they may begin looking over the players. 

Reminder: Once the Phase II files have been released only players that can be traded are the protected ones. Trades can continue to be made untill the rookie draft is completed. All trades will then be frozen untill the P2 draft is finalized. 

The 1938 rookies have long since been posted to the SPB III webpage for your convinience. The rookie draft begins Saturday, Feb. 24th.

January 7, 2007
1938 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN - The draft date for the 1938 draft has been set for February 24th, here in Frankfort Indiana.  Please contact me if you are able to make it. If not, please let me know if you will be participating via list or the chat room.   

November 4, 2006
1938 files and rookie player stats!
FRANKFORT, IN - The 1938 database is now out and the rookie list posted as well. All inactive players of 1938 have been added to the rosters. Please check your rosters for accuracy at once, and let me know if you spot anything wrong. The rookies should be posted soon to the SPB III webpage. Enjoy! I have added in previous MLB stats, prior to 1938, on the following rookie players:

Red Barrett, Emil Bildilli, Bill Cox, Emerson Dickman, Gene Ford, Lee Gamble, Bob Garbark, Sam Harshaney, Kirby Higbe, Fred Johnson, Ken Jungels, Ken Keltner, Joe Kohlman, Bob Logan, Bill Lohrman, Lefty Mills, Chet Morgan, Red Nonnenkamp, Nelson Potter, Steve Sundra, Hal Wagner, Skeeter Webb, Bill Zuber

This will allow us to have the total MLB stats for each player, and also help out a bit on seasonal usage. The rest of the rookies made their first MLB appearance in 1938.

October 11, 2006
SPB-3 welcomes 3 new managers!
FRANKFORT, IN - I am happy to announce that we already have 3 new managers on board to replace the 3 who resigned at the conclusion of the 1937 season. The 3 new managers and their teams are as follows:

1. Don Rahn takes over from Joe Terry as manager of the former Louisiana Purchase team. Don will rename the team the Brooklyn Royal Giants and will play his home games in Ebbetts Field.

2. Hugh McElaney takes over from Mike See as manager of the former (current World Champion) Detroit Wolverines franchise. Hugh will rename the team as the Worcester Grays and will play his home games in Fenway Park.

3. Terry Buchanan takes over from Jim Wheeler as manager of the Pocono Tomahawks team. Terry will keep the same team name and will play his home games in Braves Field.

All new managers have already been posted to the SPB - III webpage, and also have been added to these teams in their manager/bios page. So their email addresses can be found there. 

Don hails from New York state, Hugh is from Massachusetts, and Terry is from Australia. Please take a minute to welcome our newest managers in for the 1938 season. They are now in full command and will make all trades, draft picks, etc.
Welcome aboard for the 1938 season fellows. It is good to have all of you in the fold. I am sure you will enjoy your tenures as managers in Seasons Past Baseball - III.

October 8, 2006
Wolverines sweep Carp for second straight title!
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to  Mike See, as he ends his tenure in SPB-3 on a high note with a sweep of the Carp.  Write ups and box scores are provided on the left menu.  

October 1, 2006
Ballpark change
FRANKFORT, IN - Lynn Miller, manager of the Elkhart RV'ers has announced that the team will pull out of Cleveland's League Park, and take up residence in Sportsmans Park (A.L.) for the coming 1938 season. This leaves us with Cleveland's League Park (soon be become Cleveland Municipal) and Chicago's Comiskey Park as the open parks in 1938.

September 27, 2006
Two manager resignations
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my sad duty to inform you that we will be in the hunt for two new SPB III 1938 managers, as we have had two 1937 managers resign at the close of the 1937 season.

First off, long time manager of the Pocono Tomahawks, Jim Wheeler, has decided that he will no longer play in SPB III because of time constraints concerning his new job. Jim will be remaining in some other SPB leagues, which is good. :)

Next, Joe Terry has had to leave his managers job with the Louisiana Purchase due to a family illness that is preventing him from taking the time needed to continue as skipper. This is always a tough situation for managers, so our best to you Joe, and I pray things turn out well for you and yours. Joe also resigned his post in SPB V.

So I will be working on coming up with a couple more managers for the coming 1938 season. I will keep you posted as we fill these positions.

September 27, 2006
1937 Playoffs set
FRANKFORT, IN - To All SPB III 1937 Managers, I offer my sincere congratulations to both of our League Champions of 1937! 

First up is Mike See. His Detroit Wolverines are proving to be a dynasty team as he captured his 2nd consecutive SPB III American League title with an astounding record of 106-48. This team looks to be the team to beat in the coming 1937 World Series. Mike easily coasted over the final two months beating the 2nd place Hoosier Thunderbolts, managed by yours truly, Gary Plunkitt by a whopping 10 game margin. And here I thought 96 winning games might be enough. Silly me!

Next up for the congrats is Chris Williams. His Maumee River Carp also captured 96 wins in taking the National League title. This is a return to form for the Carp as they missed out in 1936 when the Hurley Honshos took the N.L. crown with the Carp 2nd last year. The Carp did have the top spot in 1935 though. Finishing 2nd this year were the Rock Island Arsenal, managed by Terry Baxter. They were just 6 games off the pace.

Should be a sterling World Series between these two championship clubs, both piloted by proven SPB managers. But the oddsmakers in Vegas (surprise!) are giving the points to the Wolverines in pre season betting. You never know for sure though, as we all know anything can happen in a short series. Good luck to both Chris and Mike in this one.

September 27, 2006
1937 Overusage report
DAYTON, OH - Click HERE for a listing of those players who were overused during the 1937 season.   

September 23, 2006
1937 Use or lose culprits
DAYTON, OH - Click HERE for a listing of those players who were lost to rosters because of underusage.   

September 23, 2006
1937 Final stats posted, Wolverines to defend
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to Mike See’s Detroit Wolverines in the National League and Chris Williams’ Carp of the Maumee River in the American League for winning their respective pennants. Neither was a particularly close contest once inter league play took over. The games for the World Series are already set up on the disk. Thanks to all for another successful season!!

April 28, 2006
New manager on board
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my duty to announce that we have a new manager in place for SPB III to take over the Louisiana Purchase. He is Joe Terry. He is very happy to assume the role of manager in SPB III. Joe belongs to SPB V also. He is taking over the team beginning with the play of May 1937. Please send your MP for May to Joe. His email address is: If you like, send a note to Joe welcoming him to the league.

January 27, 2006
1937 Phase 2 player limits and player lists due
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB III 1937 Managers, I am now calling for your protected rosters in advance of the rookie & Phase II drafts for 1937. Please have your protected rosters into me this weekend if possible. Send your roster by text email, please. Here are the number of players each team is allowed to protect:

17 Players
Detroit Wolverines (M. See)
South River Muckdogs (J. DeZarlo)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Louisiana Purchase (L. Schilling)

18 Players
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Odessa Files (J. Saunders)
Western Panthers (R. Ryan)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Baroda Barons (M. Galbreath)

19 Players
Pocono Tomahawks (J. Wheeler)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
Elkhart RV'ers (L. Miller)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)

If for any reason you cannot get your rosters in on time this weekend (by Monday morning), please let me know when you will have it ready.

Thanks everyone!

January 11, 2006
1937 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN - The drafts for 1937 will be held on Saturday, February 11th at my place. I invite each and everyone of you to attend. Please respond ASAP and let me know if you think you might be able to come here for the drafts. Or if you cannot, that you will be in the chatroom Auditorium, or if your using a draft list. All lists will be due in email format to me no later than Thursday, February 9th. Rookie draft will start promptly at 11: AM EST. 
There is plenty of room at my place for those needing overnight stays. Also room for a few guys at Rick Ryan's place. Also for those who prefer it, we have a Holiday Inn Express here in Frankfort, as well as a Super 8 Motel.
I hope to see many of you here for this event! :-)

December 11, 2005
New manager in for 37
FRANKFORT, IN - Rick Ryan will be back into SPB III after a 3 year absence as the manager taking over the former Motor City Purple Gang. Rick will stay in beautiful Wrigley Field, but will take on a new team name and that will be the Western Panthers.

December 11, 2005
Team name change
FRANKFORT, IN - Lynn Miller has changed the name of his SPB III team from the Brooklyn Beasts to the Elkhart RVers (as in recreational vehicle). 

November 6, 2005
New manager joins for 1937 and beyond
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my pleasure to announce that John Saunders, a veteran SPB V manager, is our newest manager for the coming 1937 season. John will be taking over the Alma Amphibians team that Bill Linn managed previously. John will stay in the same ballpark, but will change the team name for the coming season. The team will now be known as the Odessa Files. Please welcome John into SPB III. His email address is: John is a Western Canada native. Welcome aboard in SPB 1937. I'm sure you will have a great time in this league.

October 1, 2005
Lauer steps down. DeZarlo to take over
FRANKFORT, IN - At this time I am both sad and happy to make this announcement. First off, the sad thing is Dave Lauer is leaving SPB III and the Hurley Honshos will be take over by veteran SPB man Joe DeZarlo. Joe will be changing ballparks as well, leaving Comiskey Park for Shibe Park He is also renaming the team the South River Muckdogs. Sorry to see Dave leave, but his extra duties with his calling to become a permanent Deacon within the Catholic church means he has to free up some extra time, and SPB III is one of two Leagues he will be leaving. :( But he still plans on remaining in 4 leagues. Thanks Dave for your years in SPB III. At the least your leaving as a pennant winning team from 1936. Welcome back Joe to SPB III with your newest managership entry! :) Joe will be handling the team throughout the drafts in getting ready for the 1937 season.

October 1, 2005
Wolverines sweep Honshos for 36 crown
DAYTON, OH - We welcome another SPB-Champion first-timer in Mike See, as his #1 ranked Wolverines swept the Hurley Honsos in SPB-3's tenth championship series.  Complete coverage of the World Series, to include some excellent writeups can be found in the WORLD SERIES link on the left.   

September 23, 2005
1936 Use or lose and overusage results
BOWLING GREEN, OH - Now that the season is over, here are the tabulations for the use or lose and overusage penalties.  Click on the link for USE OR LOSE.  Click on the link for OVERUSAGE. 

September 23, 2005
1936 Final stats posted....pennant shocker!
BOWLING GREEN, OH - The end result of the season was a bit of a shocker. Both the Hurley Honshos and Maumee River Carp suffered through mediocre overall records in the final month, but the real story was Terry Baxter's Arsenal squad, who played spoiler in a very big way by sweeping the Carp, and dashing their hopes for a pennant repeat. 

Congratulations to Mike See's Detroit Wolverines and David Lauer's Hurley Honshos on their pennant victories. This season really was determined at the last moment. 

April 30, 2005
New Manager on board 
FRANKFORT, IN - I would like to announce that veteran manager Lynn Miller will be taking over the Brooklyn Beasts for the month of May's play in the 1936 season. Lynn has long been on the backup list for SPB III, and his happy to take over this franchise. Welcome to SPB III Lynn! My thanks goes out to long time manager Peter Reoch for his years of service.

January 31, 2005
1936 Phase 2 changes 
FRANKFORT, IN - I am letting you know now that there have been very few usable players being exposed in the last few Phase II drafts of SPB III. I know many of you have noticed this in the past, and I believe it is even more apparent this year (1936). I have recently learned that many M.L. owners of this time period held down the rosters due to the depression, thereby saving themselves and their teams money, and players were not promoted or shifted around to much during this time. 

For this reason starting with the SPB III 1937 Phase II draft next year, I will allow one less player to be protected by each team. Instead of 18, 19, and 20 protects, there will be only 17, 18, or 19 starting next season. Hopefully this will expose 14 more players with better quality for this draft. This rule will remain in effect untill the available players on team rosters reach a higher number.

As for this time around, looks as though many of us will be drafting P2 players mainly for their future use here, as not to many of the exposed players for '36 have much immediate value for the 1936 season. Trading will therefore play a much bigger part in getting your needs for the coming year. Sorry that it has came to this. But in order for the P2 draft to work as normal, it will be necessary to reduce protected rosters for SPB III only in our future drafts.

Check your rosters to make sure every P2 exposed player is correct. Let me know ASAP if there are any problems.

January 29, 2005
1936 Draft protected roster allotments 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1936 Managers, At this time I am asking for you to submit your protected rosters from your SPB III teams for the coming Phase II draft. Here is the amount of players each team may keep this year:

20 Protected Players

Brooklyn Beasts (Peter Reoch)
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)
Louisiana Purchase (Larry Schilling)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)

19 Protected Players

Baroda Barons (Mike Galbreath)
Alma Amphibians (Bill Linn)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)
Pocono Tomahawks (Jim Wheeler)
Hurley Honshos (Dave Lauer)
Motor City Purple Gang (Greg Stillwagon)

18 Protected Players

Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Detroit Wolverines (Mike See)
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)

Please have these protected lists to me no later than this Sunday (January 30) at 5 P.M. EST.

January 29, 2005
1936 Draft update 
FRANKFORT, IN - Our rookie draft and Phase II drafts for the coming 1936 season is now only a little more than a week away. I anticipate a fairly good crowd for February from the initial response. 

For those of you not attending in person, and who cannot be in the chat room on Saturday, February 5th, you will need to send me an email draft list for the draft no later than Wednesday, Feb. 2nd. Please let me know now, if you intend to send a list.

Right now, here are the plans I have from each of you. Those planning to be hear in person are Dave Lauer, Terry Baxter, Mike See, Mike Galbreath, John Ungashick, Rick Ryan (just to visit and help out), and myself. At least rumor has it I should be here. :-) Those not attending for sure are Peter Reoch, Jerry Cada, Larry Schilling, Jim Wheeler, and Greg Stillwagon. If your not able to attend, again be sure to let me know whether your in the chatroom or sending a list. Those who had been indicated an interest in coming here, but have not said for sure if they can make it are Bill Linn, Chris Williams, and Rich Applegate. I will need to hear from you fellows about this ASAP.

Anyway, the usual Mexican dinner extravaganza will be in place for the weekend, as well as a ton of trading, and draft strategies. The big raffle prizes of course are Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Johnny Mize, and Claude Passeau. There are also some other very talented players available this go round, so be sure to be here on draftday for all the action. :)

December 10, 2004
1936 Draft date set 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB III 1936 Managers, This is just an advance notice that our 1936 rookie & Phase II drafts will be held on Saturday, February 5th. Draft will start at 11:00EST for this one. I scheduled it on this weekend as the next weekend would be too close to Valentines Day, and in the past this has caused a conflict on attending, which I understand. So plan on being here if you can. As always, I encourage each of you to attend in person. I already have committments on this one from Dave Lauer, Terry Baxter, and Mike See for attending. I have also sent this out to a few SPB managers who are not in SPB III, but don't live to far away, and might like to attend anyway. Let me know guys, if any of you might make it here. It would be great to see you again.

October 4,  2004
1936 Draft order posted 
DAYTON OH - The draft order for the 1936 draft is now posted.  All trades involving 1936 draft picks have been included. 

October 4,  2004
1935 Voting Ballots now posted 
DAYTON OH - The voting booth for the 1935 awards are now posted.  Commissioner Plunkitt will issue a deadline shortly.

September 26,  2004
1935 World Series complete 
FRANKFORT. IN - A sincere congratulations is due the Schaumburg Hawks Manager John Ungashick after his harrowing experience in the 1935 W.S. where he watched the Maumee River Carp of Chris Williams come back from being down 3 games to 1, to tying the Series. But then John's Hawks came back in game 7 to nail down his first SPB III Championship! Tom Falduto would have been proud since this team was really his baby.

A good try by Chris for a 3rd consecutive championship that just fell short of being a success.

September 26,  2004
1935 Final Stats posted 
DAYTON, OH - The final stats are now posted for the 1935 season. Congratulations to the two league winners, John Ungashick and Chris Williams!  They will soon meet to determine the WS winner.  

September 22,  2004
1935 Player Over usage 
FRANKFORT, IN - The list is now out for the player over usage for the 1935 season.  Click HERE for the details. Penalties will start with round 2 of the 36 draft.

September 22,  2004
1935 Use or lose players 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players will be removed from team rosters after not playing their required 50% of the time during the 1935 season. Batters must make 1/2 their at bats (or be listed at or over 50% of the DMB tracker). Pitchers must make 1/2 their total appearances (games).

Here is the list of players lost with their team names, that play in 1936 or future years:

Play in 1936 (will all be placed in rookie draft for '36)

Mickey Haslin, inf Detroit
Myril Hoag, of Louisiana
Boze Berger, inf Pocono
Fred Schulte, of Pocono
Walt Stephenson, c Rock Island

Play in future years (will come back in rookie draft of specified season)
Tommy Heath, c Baroda (1937)
Debs Garms, of Kansas City (1937)

The following players will just be released now, and are finished:
Leon Chagnon, p Louisiana
Max Bishop, 2b Pocono
Adam Comorosky, of Pocono
Joe Mowry, of Rock Island
Jocko Conlan, of Rock Island
Ernie Orsatti, of Rock Island
Clyde Hatter, p Pocono
Glenn Wright, inf Schaumburg
Dib Williams, inf Schaumburg
Buzz Boyle, of Schaumburg

That is all for now. Overuse list for 1935 season to follow shortly.


August 20,  2004
1935 August stats posted 
DAYTON, OHIO - The stats for August 1935 season have now been posted. It looks like both leagues could come down to the wire with any luck.   

January 23,  2004
1935 Rookies posted 
DAYTON, OHIO - The rookie list for the 1935 rookie draft is now posted.  Start plotting your strategies now! 

January 17,  2004
1935 Protected roster numbers 
FRANKFORT, IN - This is to let you know that your protected roster, needed to ready for the SPB Phase II draft, is due into League Office within one week from today. (Saturday, Jan. 24th). Please have them to me by 8:00 P.M. Of course, you may send them in immediately, if your ready. Following is a list of how many players each team may protect:

18 Players Protected
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Detroit Wolverines (M. See)
Brooklyn Beasts (P. Reoch)
Hurley Honshos (D. Lauer)

19 Players Protected
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
Alma Amphibians (B. Linn)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
Motor City Purple Gang (G. Stillwagon)
Pocono Tomahawks (J. Wheeler)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)

20 Players Protected
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Louisiana Purchase (L. Schilling)
Baroda Barons (M. Galbreath)
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)

January 8,  2004
1935 Draft date set 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1935 Managers, It is my duty to inform you that the 1935 Rookie & Phase II drafts will be held here in Frankfort on Saturday, February 7th, beginning at 11:00 A.M. EST. I would like to invite all of you who have not yet responded to my earlier questions about attending this draft. If there is any chance you might make it here for this one, please let me know ASAP!! 
So far, those indicating they have a good chance to be here for this draft are Dave Lauer, Terry Baxter, and John Ungashick. Mike Galbreath said there is a slight chance he might be able to attend too. Those who will not be here this time are: Mike See, Rich Applegate, Jim Wheeler, and Greg Stillwagon. Those I have yet to hear from are: Peter Reoch, Bill Linn, Larry Schilling, Jerry Cada, and Chris Williams.
Let me know guys, ok? Be sure to indicate whether you will be staying overnight for Friday, Saturday, or both, if your attending.
Finally, if your not attending in person, be in the SPB chatroom by 10:50 for the start of this draft. If your NOT able to be in the chatroom, please send me a draftlist. The email only list should be sent so that I have it by Thursday, February 5th. 


December 17,  2003
Another new Manger in the fold 
FRANKFORT, IN - Due to the resignation of Greg Henning from SPB III, I am naming a 2nd new manager to the 1935 ranks. First off, Greg resigned due to the ill health of a parent, and added responsibilities and hours from his job with the USPS. 
Greg will remain a member of SPB V though. 

The new manager (at least to SPB III will be Dave Lauer, another veteran manager of the SPB ranks. Welcome aboard Dave to our SPB III roster! He has decided to rename the team. So, the former Baltimore Cardinals are history, and starting in 1935 the team will become the Hurley Honsho's. Dave has also determined he would like to keep Comiskey Park as his home field. 

December 13,  2003
New Manager in the fold 
FRANKFORT, IN - Don Zminda has given up his team, the former Vernon Lions, due to his ever increasing workload. We hate to loose Don in SPB III, but he remains active as a manager in both SPB I & II.

However, we have a very capable new manager for the team in Greg Stillwagon, another veteran manager who has just added a 5th team to his SPB stable. Greg is currently active in all SPB leagues, except for SPB Now. Greg has decided to continue playing his home games in 1935 in the currently used park, Wrigley Field, rather than change to one of the open parks. But he has also renamed the team, so the former Vernon Lions are now the Motor City Purple Gang. If your an old fan of the 50's & 60's TV show "The Untouchables", you may know that this was the name given to the Michigan set of mobsters who often worked in cahoots with Al Capone and the Chicago hoods. Anyway, welcome to Greg in SPB III.

This is our first manager change in at least 2, if not 3 seasons for SPB III.

October 31,  2003
SPB2-1934 Voting booth now open 
DAYTON, OH - The 1934 Voting booth is now open.  A deadline of 15 November at 8PM Eastern has been set. 

October 1,  2003
SPB ballplayers get the boot 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations are due out to Chris Williams on his victory in the recently completed 1934 SPB World Series. Chris's Maumee River Carp have been crowned the Champions of SPB1934. They beat the Detroit Wolverines of Mike See in a 5 game W.S. Thanks to both Chris & Mike for getting this series played and reported so quickly!! Congratulations Chris on your victory!

September 25,  2003
SPB ballplayers get the boot 
FRANKFORT, IN - Now that the 1934 season is finished, several faces will no longer be seen in SPB.  For the compete list, click HERE.

September 20,  2003
Team Name change 
FRANKFORT, IN -  Jim Wheeler has renamed his team for 1935 to be the Pocono Tomahawks, rather than the Wetumpka Tomahawks.

September 20,  2003
Divisional Reallignment for 1935 
FRANKFORT, IN -  Here is how the Leagues will be for 1935 after our realignment for this coming season:

American League
Kansas City
River City
Rock Island

National League

September 20,  2003
Two stadium Changes for 1935 
FRANKFORT, IN -  Manager Jim Wheeler has given up Forbes Field (Pit) and claimed Braves Field (Bos) as his new home park. Chris Williams has announced he will vacate Sportsmans Park (AL, STL) and take up residence in Forbes Field (Pit) beginning with the 1935 season

September 20,  2003
1934 50% Use or lose results
FRANKFORT, IN -  The following players will be lost to their old teams, due to the fact that they were not used the required 50% of their real life at bats or games pitched by their respective teams:

George Uhle, p (1936) Baltimore Cardinals
Jim Bucher, utility Detroit Wolverines
Lou Finney, of-1b Detroit Wolverines
Alan Strange, ss Maumee River Carp
Marty Hopkins, 3b Rock Island Arsenal
Al Niemiec, 2b (1936) Vernon Lions
Boom Boom Beck, p (1939) Vernon Lions
Larry Benton, p Vernon Lions
Ed Phillips, c Wetumpka Tomahawks
Bill Brubaker, 3b Wetumpka Tomahawks
Lynn Nelson, p (1937) Wetumpka Tomahawks

These players will appear in the next rookie draft during which they appeared in real life. All should appear in 1935 except for the players with a year listed after their posions. (which is when they will return).

Also the following players were not used 50%, but also never appear again in the Major Leagues:

Jim Shevlin, Detroit
Earl Clark, Maumee
Clyde Manion, Rock Island
Hack Wilson, Rock Island
Dave Harris, Rock Island
Frenchy Uhalt, Rock Island
John Kerr, Schaumburg
Riggs Stephenson, Schaumburg
Charlie Uhlir, Scharumburg
Joe Judge, Vernon
Lincoln Blakely, Vernon
Phil Gallivan, Vernon
Burleigh Grimes, Vernon

This concludes the 50% report for the 1934 season.

September 20,  2003
1934 FINAL Stats posted
DAYTON, OH -  The final stats for September 1934 have now been posted.  Congratulations to Michael See and Chris Williams for reaching the "show". I will have the World Series page up shortly.

February 18,  2003
Three free agents claimed
FRANKFORT, IN -  The following players have been claimed by teams in recent free agent signings. 

Harry McCurdy 1b - claimed by K.C. Blues (Applegate)
Fred Muller 2b - claimed by Alma Amphibians (Linn)
Art Scharein ph - claimed by R.C. Rugrats (Cada)

The following free agents have been deleted from 1934 files since they were not claimed.

Glenn Wright
Ed Baecht
Joe Cicero
Bobby Coombs
Gus Dugas
Tom Robello

No surprises here. Wright will return in the 1935 rookie draft. The others are history in SPB.

February 14,  2003
Stadium change
FRANKFORT, IN -  Mgr. Rich Applegate of the K.C. Blues is switching stadiums and giving up Shibe Park, while adapting Griffith Stadium as the new home park for the Blues. This will be effective for the 1934 season.

February 14,  2003
Team name change
FRANKFORT, IN -  First off, manager Mike See of the formerly known Sacramento Solons has pulled up stakes in California, and moved the team to Detroit. The team will now be known as the Detroit Wolverines.

February 11,  2003
1934 Players recommended for release
FRANKFORT, IN -  Now that both 1934 drafts are over, it is time to send out my yearly list of players recommended for release. As always these players have very little usage in 1934, and are of little or no value. Mainly the are just cluttering up rosters. However, this is the one chance to clean up your rosters of unwanted, or unneeded players. 

So besides the players on this list, you can remove any other players that you know you will have no use for, and will not use during the coming 1934 season. Be sure their futures do not merit keeping them, because once they are released, they will be dropped from your roster. Today is Monday, Feb. 10th, so let's set a deadline of this Friday Feb. 14th, by 8:00 P.M. EST to let me know about the players on this list, (either release or keep) and any other players that you care to release from your team. 

Once the deadline is reached I will send out an email to all 1934 managers with the total list of actual players released. If anyone wants to they may put in a claim for these players and they will be awarded to the team with the worst record from the 1933 season who puts in a claim. Any players unclaimed will be removed from the 1934 seasonal files. This is SPB's answer to the Free Agent signings of spring training. :-) Of course, these players are always very bad and have little or no future value, or redeeming qualities.

I will list the players by name, position, and current team. Let me know whether or not you wish to keep them Also notify me if you want to release anyone else from your team.

Bobby Coombs (1943) p, Cardinals
Harry McCurdy 1b, Thunderbolts
Joe Cicero (1945) of, Blues
George Pipgras p, Blues
Jim Peterson (1937) p, Blues
Bill Shores (1936) p, Blues
Ed Baecht (1937) p, Arsenal
Tommy Robello ph, Solons
Art Scharein ph, Lions
Fred Muller 2b, Tomahawks

February 11,  2003
1933 All-Star game posted
DAYTON, OH -  The results from the 1933 All-Star game are posted on the left menu.  Thanks to Greg Stillwagon for putting this together! 

January 29,  2003
Call for protected rosters
FRANKFORT, IN -  Now is the time to prepare your protected rosters, and send them to me ASAP. This is in prepartion for the coming 1934 Rookie & Phase II drafts which take place on February 8th. 

Following is the breakdown for how many players each team may protect:

18 Players

Alma Amphibs (Linn)
Brooklyn Beasts (Reoch)
Schaumburg Saxons (Ungashick)
Sacramento Solons (See)

19 Players

Rock Island Arsenal (Baxter)
Kansas City Blues (Applegate)
River City Rugrats (Cada)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Plunkitt)
Vernon Lions (Zminda)
Maumee River Carp (Williams)

20 Players

Louisiana Purchase (Schilling)
Baltimore Cardinals (Henning)
Wetumpka Tomahawks (Wheeler)
Baroda Barons (Galbreath)

Please have your lists to me no later than this Sunday evening, February 2nd.

January 19,  2003
New Manager for Schaumburg Hawks
FRANKFORT, IN -  All SPB III Managers, John Ungashick has been named as manager for the Schaumburg Hawks effective now, and for the 1934 season. He is taking over for his long time friend Tom Falduto, who passed away suddenly on Friday evening. Thanks to John for stepping up to take over with this team. He will guide the team during the 1934 draft on February 6th. His email address is: 

November 23,  2002
1934 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN -  All votes have been received and after turning in the info to SPB III Comish, Jim Wheeler, he has asked me to inform everyone that the 1934 rookie draft will be held on 2/8/2003. The draft will begin promptly at 11:00 EST. Be sure to mark this on your calenders now, and plan to attend in person if at all possible for this gala event. If you have not already done so, please let me know if there is even a slight chance of your attending. 

The draft will be held at my home in Frankfort, Ind. as usual. We hope to see you there!

October 20,  2002
1934 Final year players
TUCSON, AZ -  Jim Wheeler was gracious enough to provide a list of those players who play their final year in the league in 1934. Since we don't have a league prior to this one, these players will probably never be seen again. Click HERE for the list. 

October 14,  2002
New manager on board 
TUCSON, AZ -  Veteran SPB manager Mike Galbreath will be taking over the Williamsburg Whacker franchise. Mike has renamed his team the Baroda Barons and they will continue to play in Crosley Field. Mike's e-mail address is Please drop Mike a note to welcome him into the league and maybe a trade offer as well!

October 5,  2002
Carp captures 33 crown!
TUCSON, AZ - Congratulations to Chris Williams for winning the SPB-3 1933 crown from the defending champion Alma Amphibians.  Complete World Series coverage can be found on the link to the left.  

September 22,  2002
1933 Final stats now posted
TUCSON, AZ - The stats for September 1933 are now posted.  Congratulations to the Amphibians and Carp for reaching the World Series. The monthly recap with the exception of the player awards are also posted. The World Series page will be posted shortly as well.  

February 20,  2002
SPB-33 Phase 2 draft complete
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players are approved for release by their teams prior to the 1933 season. These players are nearly useless, and have no futures at all. Here are the hapless players:

Ed Baecht, p, Arsenal
Lu Blue, 1b, Arsenal
Clise Dudley, p, Purchase
Marv Olson, 2b, Cardinals
Carroll Yerkes, p, Cardinals

That is it for this time. Indeed a short list! Please notify me within 48 hours if you wish to release, or keep, these players. This only involves 3 teams (Terry, Larry, & Greg).