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March 8, 2019

1991 End of Season reports

As is customary at the end of each season, we bring to you the 1991 Use or Lose and Overusage Reports.

March 8, 2019

1992 Stadium Carousel

Here are the Stadium Changes so far this off-season:

Nidavellir Dwarves - Leaving Astrodome. Taking Three Rivers Stadium
Portland Pickles - Leaving Dodger Stadium. Taking Fulton County Stadium
Kingsmen - Leaving Fulton County Stadium. Taking Dodger Stadium
Guardians - Leaving Kingdome. Taking Astrodome.

Available Stadiums are: Kingdome, Anaheim Stadium.

March 8, 2019

New Managers for SPB4 1992

Dave Lauer and Steve Eury will be leaving SPB-4 at the end of the 91 season. I thank them for their time and are welcomed back anytime. Taking over will be the following:

Dean Toso will be taking over the Lemur franchise. He will be renaming it to the Nidavellir Dwarves. He will be occupying Three Rivers Stadium

Marc Hollingsworth will be taking over the Game Sox franchise. His new team name will be the Portland Pickles and will move into Fulton County Stadium.

Welcome aboard guys!

March 8, 2019

1991 September stats and Power Rankings posted

Gentlemen: The stats and rankings for the final month of 1991 season are now posted. Congratulations to the following playoff mathcups:

AL: Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney) vs. Lafayette Aviators (Steve Ehresman) LAF will have home field advantage
NL: Wright-Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull) vs. Fog CIty Phantoms (Mike See) FCP will have home field advantage

This will be a best of SEVEN series.

End of season reports and lottery results will be out soon.

December 23, 2018

1991 Halfway projection review update

Thanks to Steve Brunner....he must have been bored! We get bonus coverage as he pens his mid-season projection review. Thanks Steve!

November 9, 2018

1990 belated post season prediction lookback

Thanks to Steve Brunner for looking back in the rear view mirror one last time at the 1990 season review. Great work Steve!

August 1, 2018

1991 Free Agent pickups

The following players were claimed after the Phase 3 Free Agent draft:

Mark Knudson
Eric Nolte

Chris Howard

RELEASE Terry Puhl and Sal Campusano to get down to the 45 man limit.

Rough Riders
Accuire Mauro Gozzo and Barry Lyons. Release Jim Presley and Luis Quinones

Accuire Luis Quinones, Release Rod Booker

Accuire Sil Campusano

June 28, 2018

1991 Pre-Draft roster cuts

Guys.....the following players have been cut from their respective rosters. Those players who are carded will go into this year's rookie draft. Those players who were uncarded and cut will be deleted from the database and will appear in the appropriate year's rookie draft.

Rich Garces-92
Eric Gunderson
Mark Huisman
Randy Kramer-92
Dave Leiper-94

Gus Polidor-93
Rob Ducey
Tim McIntosh
John Shelby
Mauro Gozzo
Jay Baller-92
Fred Toliver-93
Jose Segura

Mark Knudson

Dave Rohde

June 7, 2018

1991 Call for protected rosters.

With the 1991 draft approaching, and to allow for a little extra time with the 4th of July holiday, I will be calling for protected rosters. Rosters are due to me by Friday June 29th.

2 VERY Important things:

1) If you are sending an export file, DO NOT FARM YOUR UNCARDED PLAYERS. They do NOT count towards your protected roster number. Again, Do NOT farm your uncarded players.

2) If you are sending me a typed list, I MUST have a list of your Protected players, unprotected players and uncarded players, if any. This will ensure that we have all of your players accounted for. If you send me a list of just your protected players then I will return to sender.

If you wish you can send me a screenshot of your roster in lieu of an export file or typed list.

Here is how many each team can protect:

21 Players
Ottawa Rough Riders
Punxsutawny Pachyderms
Hartford Yard Goats
Edmonton Magpies
Minneapolis Millers
New York Metropolitans

20 Players
Los Angeles Kingsmen
Lafayette Aviators
Anok Island Gnomes
East Kenosha Lemurs
Thunder Bay Damage
Carolina Game Sox
Frankfort Firebugs
Baltimore SpaceMen
Astoria Zoo Crew
Toledo Mud Hens
Asgaard Guardians

19 Players
Beast Coast Brushbacks
Fairfax Canaries
San Diego Vaqueros
Worcester Grays
Rossville Rockets
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Fog City Phantoms

There is an extra team that can only carry 19 protected as two teams tied for the last spot. Contact me if you have any questions.

June 7, 2018

1991 Stadium Changes

Dave Lauer (Lemurs) has vacated Comiskey Park and has saddled up inside the Astrodome.

Steve Ehresman (Aviators) has claimed Comiskey Park and has vacated Three Rivers Stadium

This will leave Three Rivers Stadium and Fulton County Stadium as the two available parks.

May 30, 2018

1991 Another New manager in place

Gentlemen: Scott Saxon has relinquished the reigns of the Houston Colt 45's. In his place I would like to welcome Sean Comerford. He will rename the team to the Hartford Yard Goats, and will vacate the Astrodome for Oakland Coliseum. The two available parks now are the Astrodome and Fulton County Stadium. You can check out his complete bio on his bio page. Welcome aboard Sean!

March 28, 2018

1991 New manager in place

Guys...there is a new SPB4 Manager for the Buckhead Crackers franchise.

Jonathan Dalton will be taking over the franchise and will be renaming it to the Los Angeles Kingsmen. He will also vacate Fulton County Stadium and move into Anaheim Stadium leaving Fulton County and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

Jonathan's email address is

March 26, 2018

1991 Stadium Change and team name change

The Monsters have agreed to trade The Skydome to the New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn) for Candlestick Park (And future Pac Bell Park/AT&T)

With that, the Otsego Lake Monsters have decided to re-locate their franchise to San Francisco Bay Area, so Mike can be in the same town as his daughter : ) It's also closer to Balco Laboratories for Bonds and Clemens : )

The team name will also change, and we will now be called: The Fog City Phantoms

March 22, 2018

1990 World Series complete

Congratulations to Rick Ryan and the Rossville Rockets for winning the SPB-4 Crown for the second consecutive year in five games over the 2-time runner up Wright-Patt Plainsmen. Complete coverage of all the boxscores and writeups can be found on the website. Congrats Rick!

March 18, 2018

1990 End of season reports

Better late than never! Here are the 1990 end of season OVERUSAGE and USE OR LOSE reports. Enjoy!

March 16, 2018

1991 Manager Shuffle

Two managers have decided to turn in the franchise to the league. I would like to thank Don Hunt and Marc Robinson for their time in SPB-4, and they are welcomed back anytime. Taking over Don's Goldeyes franchise is Chris Longo. He will be renaming the team to the Beast Coast Brushbacks, and will move out of Oakland Coliseum and settle into Veterans Stadium, so Oakland Coliseum and Anahein Stadium are the two open stadii. Chris' email is Welcome aboard Chris! The Crackers franchise is still unclaimed, so if you know anyone who would like to join, please send them my way.

March 11, 2018

1990 Final stats and Power Rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1990 are now posted.

Congrats to Hugh McElaney and the Worcester Grays, the defending champions Rossville Rockets and Rick Ryan, The Otsego Lake Monsters and Mike see who rebuilds in short order, and myself.

August 24, 2017

1990 Draft day review

Thanks to Steve Brunner for issuing his SPB-4 1990 draft day doings for each team. I am glad he was able to make his first ever SPB-4 live draft. Thanks Steve!

July 26, 2017

1990 Stadium Change

The Lafayette Aviators have abandoned Veterans Stadium and have taken up residence in Three Rivers Stadium. This leaves Veterans and Anaheim Stadium as the two available parks.

July 26, 2017

1990 Free Agent Claims

The following players were claimed after the Free Agent draft was complete:

Scott Anderson
Jeff Mussleman
Kevin Belcher
Ozzie Canseco
Bob Malloy
Rich Yett

FIREBUGS-Gary Plunkitt
Ray Stephens

PACHYDERMS-John Lippincott
Al Nipper
Hector Wagner

Jeff Stone
Rodney McCray
Dar Smith

July 3, 2017

1990 Draft day doings

Thanks to Steve Brunner for penning this excellent article outlining each of our clubs prior to the draft.

June 25, 2017

New manager on board

Geneltmen: I would like to introduce Don Hunt to the SPB family! He will be taking over the Cavaliers/Honey Badgers franchise and will be renaming it to the Winnepeg Goldeyes. He will be vacating Three Rivers Stadium for the Oakland Coliseum. This leaves Anaheim Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium are the two open parks. Don's email address is Welcome aboard Don!

May 28, 2017

Protected roster numbers

This will be the first league in which the Rule 5 draft will formally begin before the rokie draft. For that reason we will be on a schedule for both of drafts. He is the schedule:

Call for protected rosters: Saturday June 17th
Protected rosters due: Saturday June 24th
Rule 5 draft (via email): Wednesday, June 28th
Rookie Draft: Saturday July 15th.

Below are the numbers that each team can protect:

21 Players
Stan Barkun- Ottawa Rough Riders
Steve Lehman- San Diego Vaqueros
Mike See- Otsego Lake Monsters
Marc Robinson- Buckhead Crackers
Terry Baxter- Minneapolis Millers
Don Merlenbach- Pittsburgh Honey Badgers

20 Players
Dave Lauer- East Kenosha Lemurs
John Lippincott- Punxsutawney Pachyderms
Rich Applegate- Toledo MudHens
Joe Dezarlo- Astoria Zoo Crew
Mace Matayc- Baltimore SpaceMen
Steve Brunner- Anok Island Gnomes
Don Rahn- New York Metropolitans
Gary Plunkitt- Frankfort Firebugs
Steve Ehresman- Lafayette Aviators
Ron Peterson- Fairfax Canaries
Scott Saxon- Houston Colt 45's
Rick Ryan- Rossville Rockets

19 Players
Mel Schwarz- Asgaard Guardians
Rob Capizzano- Thunder Bay Damage
Steve Eury- Carolina Game Sox
Hugh McElaney- Worcester Grays
Chris Williams- Edmonton Magpies
John Turnbull- Wright-Patt Plainsmen

I will send a database out prior to the call for protected rosters. Do not send any rosters at this time until that date.

May 18, 2017

New manager on board

Geneltmen: I would like to introduce Don Merlenbach to the SPB family! He will be taking over the Cavaliers franchise and will be renaming it to the Pittsburgh Honey Badgers. He will be vacating Anaheim Stadium for Three Rivers Stadium, so Anaheim and the Oakland Coliseum are the two open parks. His email address is Welcome aboard Don!

March 26, 2017

1989 Season post script

SPB-4 manager Steve Brunner has put closure on his 1989 predictions with a look back plus a comparison now that the season has ended. There are three documents below listed in his wrap-up. CLick on the text below for each document.

1989 Predictions and final outcomes
Final 1989 Standings and compared predictions
1989 Team by team analysis

Thanks Steve!

March 8, 2017

1989 End of Season reports

With the end of each season, we prepare the USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the past season. Please contact me if you have any questions. .

March 3, 2017

1989 A.L. West 1-game playoff results

The Rossville Rockets defeated the Huoston Colt 45's in a 1-game playof to take the AL West Crown. Here is the BOXSCORE from the game. They will move on to face the Worcester Grays for the AL pennant. .

February 28, 2017

1989 September stats and Power rankings

The stats and power rankings for September 1989 are now posted. A one game playoff in the A.L. West between the Rockets and Colt 45's will be played. They will face the Grays in the ALCS, while the NLCS pits the Magpies against the Plainsmen. .

November 21, 2016

Musings from Dave: Eric Rasmussen

SPB Stalwart Dave Lauer tells of his connection with Eric Rasmussen in this article. Thanks Dave! .

November 13, 2016

Expansion Rules changes

On behalf of myself, your SPB-4 Commisioner, and the SPB Rules Committee, we wanted to let you know that effective immediately, the Rules Committee has unanimously approved by a vote of 10-0, the following changes beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season - For those that are in that league to, including that the info purposes as well). Beginning with those seasons, Seasons Past Baseball will be changing the way that we conduct Expansion Drafts.

In the past, we have used the actual real life expansion players for these teams, and required managers to only select from that expansion player pool from that season. Most of us have already played through these seasons at least once, and it gets quite challenging, especially with the drafts, so know who is an expansion player sometimes and who’s not. As we found in our most current 1968 draft, it can be quite confusing.

But that was not the most important reason. We really wanted to change things up a bit and allow our current managers to potentially own some of these players (Whom no one outside of expansion teams have really ever had) down the line. In addition, we believe changing to a protection and draft format the will result and a very exciting period of real drafting decisions and trading leading up to and during these seasons. It will also add a new dimension to our Rookie Draft Pool, which should be greatly strengthened over the next few seasons in both SPB-60 and SPB-4 with these new players. Most of all, we feel that it will give a new Expansion manager an even better shot at not only competing sooner, but the ability to build their own team, the way they want to build it.

So, with that said, beginning with the SPB-60 (1961 Season) and SPB-4 (1993 season), we will be no longer using the “Actual” Expansion Teams for these drafts and will move to a real expansion draft format where the teams choose their protected players (Formats for 1961,1962 and 1993 are below).

With still being (4) years out from these seasons, we feel the impact should be minimal, though we do recognize that there will be some isolated cases of teams who have these “former” expansion players, whom they will now get to keep. Most of the good young expansion players in these seasons have not been drafted yet, but there are a few good ones, and for those who have them, from here forward, they are part of that team and that team will not lose them unless you choose not to protect them when the time comes. To be clear, there was never going to be a “perfect” time to make this change with 6 leagues, but in evaluating this, there probably was not a better time with minimal impact than right now.

You will note that each format is a little different depending on the season, and number of teams, but we tried to keep it as consistent as we could. We also conducted some mock drafts to determine what number of protected players each season would put the expansion teams in a position where they could at the very least be somewhat competitive and be in a position where could have at least one (1) marquee talent right away. We feel strongly that starting the teams with each team’s 15th best player is fair, and that the remaining allocation of players is fair as well. Beginning with these seasons, the Expansion teams will also draft 1-2 in the drafts, before the lottery teams. Because of this, during expansion seasons ONLY, we will be waiving the rule regarding appearing in consecutive lotteries. We also decided that since teams will be losing players in these seasons to expansion that during these seasons there will be no Phase 2 drafts, to minimize the existing team’s player losses.

Because we have already conducted the SPB-2 1969 Expansion Draft, these teams will remain in place the SPB-2 (1969) owners will still lose these actual expansion players from the Expos, Royals, Padres and Pilots. 1969 Teams will also still draft in the order determined prior to the draft, which is right after the 1969 lottery. So all stays the same as it was for 1969, because all of it has already happened. We do not yet have the plans for SPB-2 (1977), which is 10 years away and SPB-4 (1998), also 10 years away, but they will likely be similar to the 1993 plan. We have a while before those happen.

We hope you all enjoy this new twist to SPB. It is several years away still, but as we said, it will have an immediate impact on our drafts and your future planning as well, so we thought it was very important If we were going to make this change, to do it now, so that each of you have plenty of time to prepare.


Your Seasons Past Baseball Rules Committee
(Gary Plunkitt, John Turnbull, Mike See, Chris Williams, Joe DeZarlo, Don Rahn, Terry Baxter, Rich Applegate, John Ungashick, Rick Ryan)

Expansion Draft Rules 1993 (Specific to SPB-4)

Round 1 Expansion

1. Existing SPB-II teams will be allowed to protect 14 players prior to the Round 1 of the Expansion Draft. All players on a roster will be eligible for the expansion draft, including un-carded players. There will also be no 10-5 or Military exemptions for the expansion draft.
2. The Expansion teams will draft players from the existing teams unprotected rosters in a snaked format (1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1 etc.) until each Expansion team has a roster of 12 players.
3. Existing teams will lose a maximum of 1 player to the Expansion draft in Round 1 before their roster is locked down
4. Once an existing team has lost their max number of players for Round 1, their roster will be locked down and they will be allowed to pull back (1) one more player for protection.

Round 2 Expansion

5. Round II of the Expansion Draft takes place after the Existing teams have submitted (1) additional pullbacks. As in Round 1, no team may lose more than 1 players before they are locked down
6. Round II will be a snaked format (reverse of Phase I).
7. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 24.

Round 3 Expansion

1. Round 3 of the Expansion Draft takes place after the existing teams have submitted (1) additional pullback. As in Round 1 and 2, no team may lose more than 1 players before they are locked down
2. Round 3 will be a snaked format (reverse of Round 2).
3. The Expansion teams will be allowed to draft until their roster reaches 36.

Rule Changes during Expansion Seasons:
1. There will be NO Phase 2 Draft after the Rookie Draft during the 1993 expansion season.
2. Expansion teams will pick 1-2 in the Phase 1 Draft during their first season.
3. During Expansion seasons, the restrictions on the SPB Lottery will be suspended as lottery teams will be picking 3-6, so a team will be allowed to appear two seasons in a row following an expansion season.
4. Once the trade deadline is completed in the season prior to expansion, no trades will be allowed and all rosters will be frozen prior to the following seasons Expansion Draft.

Thank you to Mike See and the rules committee for doing what we think is an improvement to our process. Please contact me if you have any questions about this. The most immediate ramifications is that those players who you thought you were going to lose automatically in 1993 because they were expansion players will no longer be the case. You will be able to keep those players as long as they are protected.

The list of expansion players will be kept on the website for the time being so you can easily identify who on your roster would have fallen into possibly being lost who are now not in that category. .

September 5, 2016

1989 Preseason Picks

Thanks goes out to Steve Brunner for a great team by team synopsis of the upcoming 1989 season. The article can be found HERE.

August 21, 2016

1989 Team Name change

Tom Kackley has changed his team name from the Canton Moondogs to the Canton Cavaliers. He is getting a kickback from LeBron I am sure!

August 16, 2016

1989 Draft day review

SPB-4 beat writer Steve Brunner has penned an excellent article about the recent 1989 draft and how each team fared. Great work Steve! The article can be found HERE.

August 16, 2016 *UPDATED*

1989 Free Agent Pickups

Here are the first wave of FA pickups. I will add onto this as more players are claimed:

Lemurs: Ed Whited, Billy Jo Robideaux
Grays: Tommy Hinzo, Mark Ryal
Monsters: Urbano Lugo
Pachyderms: Matt Kinzer
Moondogs: Pickup Jose Segura and drop Mike Rochford
Garays (19 Aug): Pickup Marcus Lawton, Mike Young, Jim Weaver

July 18, 2016

1989 Draft Day notes

A big set of thanks goes out to SPB-4 beat writer Steve Brunner for penning this excellent article outlining each team as we headed into the 1989 draft. Great job Steve!

July 9, 2016

1989 Rookie draft list additions

The following Players have been added to the rookie draft pool as a result of roster cuts by teams to get to the 38 player limit. No teams will be subject to extra possible Phase 2 roster extractions.

Al Pardo, Skeeter Barnes, Chris Bando, Tommy Hinzo, Julio Solano, Ray Krawczyk, Scotti Madison, Lou Thornton, John Castillo, Urbano Lugo, Steve Shields, Mark Ryal, Adam Peterson, Roger Mason, Brad Komminsk, Jim Traber, Dick Schofield, Mickey Brantley

July 8, 2016

Team Name Change

The Chesapeake Spacemen have change their city name to the Baltimore Spacemen to reflect their stadium location.

July 7, 2016

New manager on board

I am sad to announce that Jim Scott of the Baltimore Natti Bohs fame has decided to leave SPB-4 for greener pastures. He is welcomed back anytime. In his place to quickly get up to speed before the draft is SPB veteran Dave Lauer. Dave has renamed his team to the East Kenosha Lemurs and will continue to reside in Comiskey Park. Thank you Dave for stepping up to the plate when you were needed!

June 27, 2016

1989 Phase 2 Protected roster numbers

The following list shows how many players each team is allowed to protect for Phase 2. If you have a 10/5 player and you want to petition the league to keep an extra, please let me know soon.

Manager- Team

21 Players
Steve Lehman- San Diego Vaqueros
Tom Kackley- Canton Moondogs
Marc Robinson- Buckhead Crackers
Mike See- Otsego Lake Monsters
Gary Plunkitt- Frankfort Firebugs
Rich Applegate- Toledo MudHens

20 Players
Jim Scott- Baltimore Natti Bohs
Stan Barkun- Ottawa Rough Riders
Steve Eury- Cariolina Game Sox
Don Rahn- New York Metropolitans
Scott Saxon- Houston Colt 45's
Terry Baxter- Minneapolis Millers
Mel Schwarz- Asgaard Guardians
Mace Matayc- Chesapeake SpaceMen
Steve Brunner- Anok Island Gnomes
Ron Peterson- Fairfax Canaries
John Turnbull- Wright-Patt Plainsmen
Rob Capizzano- Thunder Bay Damage

19 Players
John Lippincott- Punxsutawney Pachyderms
Steve Ehresman- Lafayette Aviators
Hugh McElaney- Worcester Grays
Rick Ryan- Rossville Rockets
Chris Williams- Edmonton Magpies
Joe Dezarlo- Astoria Zoo Crew

June 27, 2016

New manager and Stadium Change

Gentlemen: Terry Baxter has taken over the Hoover Grizzlies Franchise and has renamed them to the Minneapolis Millers. He has also moved out of Dodger Stadium and has moved into the Metrodome. This leaves Dodger Stadium and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

June 23, 2016

1989 Rookie draft date

The SPB-4 1989 rookie draft will be held Saturday July 16th in Dayton Ohio. Please let John Turnbull know if you will be able to attend in person. Call for protected rosters will go out 2 weeks prior.

June 21, 2016

1989 Stadium change

The newly minted Carolina Game Sox has exchanged Three Rivers Stadium for Dodger Stadium. This leaves Three Rivers Stadium and Oakland Coliseum as the two open parks.

May 10, 2016

1989 Team city name change

Manager Mace Matayc has decided to rename his team from the Boston SpaceMen to the Chesapeake SpaceMen aligning with his move into Memorial Stadium.

May 8, 2016

1989 Team name change

Manager Marc Robinson has decided to change his team name from the Atlanta Crackers to the Buckhead Crackers. All league correspondence will updated immediately.

April 26, 2016

1989 New Manager part 2

The Cedar Rapids Hired Guns franchise has disbanded. We will have to see Jerry Cada go, but he is welcomed back at anytime. Taking his place is a new SPB manager by he name of Steve Eury. He has renamed his team the Carolina Game Sox, and has traded in the Metrodome for Three Rivers Stadium. This leaves the Metrodome and Oakland Coliseum as the two availble stadiums. Welcome aboard Steve!

April 12, 2016

1989 New Manager

This is to inform you that Nick Milford has resigned his SPB-4 franchise (River City Vipers) under good terms and is welcomed back at anytime. Taking his place is current SPB manager Stan Barkun. He has renamed his team the Ottawa Rough Riders, and has vacated Baltimore Memorial COliseum for Olympic Stadium. The two open stadii are now Memorial Coliseum and Oakland Coliseum. Welcome aboard Stan!

March 29, 2016

1989 Team Name change

The Bradway Colts, managed by Steve Ehresman will now be known as the Lafayette Aviators. All team letterhead will be changed immediately.

March 29, 2016

1989 Draft Lottery results

Here are the results of the 1989 Rookie Draft Lottery. Number was 2-4-3. I must say that I gave Steve L. the choice of the date so that he could pick his own destiny, unfortunately, his choice worked out a little better for the Monsters than his Vaqueros.

1. Otsego Lake Monsters (Mike See)- 68 Wins (3 Chances)
2. Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)- 71 Wins (2 Chances)
3. San Diego Vaqueros (Steve Lehman) - 62 Wins (4 Chances)
4. Toledo Mudhens (Rich Applegate)- 71 Wins - (1 Chance)

March 24, 2016

1989 Manager Replacement

John Laburda has relinquished his SPB-4 Franchise. Taking over is veteran SPB Manager Mike See, who has renamed his team the Otsego Lake Monsters. He has also abandoned Olympic Stadium for TOronto's Exhibition Stadium. That leaves Olympic Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum as the two open stadii. Welcome back to SPB-4 Mike!

March 24, 2016

1988 World Series Champ Crowned!

Congratulations to Joe Dezarlo and the Astoria Zoo Crew for winning a tough 7 game series against Hugh McElaney's Worcester Grays. All World Series coverage can be found on the left menu. It is now officially time to annoint the 1989 off season. Trading may now commence!

March 13, 2016

1988 End of season reports

As is typical with the end of every season, that we bring to you the yearly USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE reports for the 1988 season. THank you to everyone for a smooth September week to week playing schedule.

March 5, 2016

1988 Playoffs to begin

The 1988 regular seson has come to an end with a great 1-game playoff finish between the Bradway Colts and the Rossville Rockets. The 1-game boxscore can he found HERE. The playoff pairings will be announced pending a rewview of usage stats. The overusage and use or lose reports will be coming in the next week or so.

August 4, 2015

Free Agent play claim

The Athabasca Lakers have claimed 1b Mike Fitzgerald onto their roster. Free Agent claims may be made on a first-come, first-served basis until the trade deadline.

June 27, 2015

Protected roster numbers

Gentlemen: Here are the number of players each roster can protect. There was a 3-way tie for the last spot for the 21 players, and was decided by run differential since two teams tied with runs scored. I will call for rosters later this week.

Cedar Rapids Hired Guns
Canton Moondogs
River City Vipers
Atlanta Crackers
Anok Island Gnomes
Thunder Bay Damage

Baltimore Natti Bohs
Hoover Grizzlies
San Diego Vaqueros
Toledo Mud Hens
Fairfax Canaries
Asgaard Guardians
Athabasca Lakers
Boston SpaceMen
Punxsatawny Pachyderms
New York Metropolitans
Houston Colt 45's
Rossville Rockets

Bradway Colts
Edmonton Magpies
Frankfort Firebugs
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Astoria Zoo Crew
Worcester Grays

June 6, 2015

The Bradway Colts have Moved out of the Astrodome, and into Veterans Stadium. The Houston Colt 45's has moved out of Oakland Coliseum and has occupied the Astrodome. This leaves Oakland Coliseum and Exhibition Stadium as the two available parks.

June 6, 2015

Divisional reallignment

Every few years we mix things up and create new rivalries by realligning the divisions.This will be reflected in the new manager listing as well as the next database to be sent out. Thanks to Mike See for conducting this.

June 2, 2015

Team name change

Mel Schawrtz has changed his team name from the old Hawaii 5-O's to the Asgaard Guardians.

March 20, 2015

1987 World Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Hugh McElaney and his Worcester Grays, who bested Don Rahn and his New York Metropolitans in 5 games for the series win. Complete playoff coverage is now on the webpage.

February 27, 2015

1987 End of Year reports

As is customary with each league season, we present to you the 1987 Use or lose and overusage reports. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

February 22, 2015

September stats and power rankings posted

The stats and power rankings for the final monthy of the 1987 campaign are now posted. Congratulations goes out to the following playoff participants:

American League: New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn) will face the Wright-Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull). Two teams in the AL West did not qualify due to excessive overusage.

National League: The Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney) will meet the Astoria Zoo Crew (Joe Dezarlo).

The Plainsmen and Zoo Crew will have Home Field Advantage in the LCS, with the American League holding HFA in the World Series.

Here were your league leaders for 1987:

Batting Average: W.Boggs .375
Home Runs: M.McGwire 48
RBI: D.Strawberry 137
Stolen Bases: V.Coleman 68

Wins: R.Reuschel 23-6
ERA: T.Higuers 1.92
Strikeouts: N.Ryan 308
Saves: J.Robinson 49

Complete playoff coverage will be contained in the playoff links on the left menu. Trades will be officially announced after the end of the World Series. Good luck to all in the playoffs!

February 6, 2015

New manager for September

Gentlemen: Greg Stillwagon has relinquished his Frostbite Falls Moose franchise to brand new SPB manager Nick Milford. Greg was going to stay through the end of the season, but Nick wanted to get his feet wet in September, and Greg was gracious enough to accomodate. I would like to thank Greg for his many years in SPB, and is welcomed back anytime. Nick already has contact with the September managers for his games. After the end of the season, he will be renaming the team to the River City Vipers. I have changed the webpage already to reflect this but the database will remain the same for now. Welcome aboard Nick!

December 23, 2014

Manager Change for August games

SPB4 Managers: Jeff Thomas has resigned the Hawaii 5-0's franchise due to time constraints. Taking his place is new manager Mel Schwarz. He will be taking over starting with August's games. If you are playing the 5-O's in August please send your profiles to Mel. His email is: Welcome aboard Mel!

October 23, 2014

Manager Change

Vin Onstott (Mott Marauders) has been replaced by Scott Saxon. He can be reached at He has named his team the Houston Colt 45's. Welcome aboard Scott!

September 21,2014

Manager Change

Mike See has relinquished the Captiva Island franchise. Taking his place is fellow SPB Manager Rob Capizzano. The team name and stadium will remain unchanged through the regular season. Please send all Pirates files to Rob instead of Mike. Welcome aboard!

July 13,2014

Team name change

Marc Robinson has decided to rebrand his Kansas City Barons to match Fulton County Stadium. His new team name will be the Atlanta Crackers. The draft order was changed from an old Chicago Dogs name to his current monicker.

July 4,2014

Call for Protected rosters

It is time to set your protected rosters for the upcoming Phase 2 draft. Here are the numbers that each team can protect:

18 Players:
Astoria Zoo Crew
Mott Marauders
Hawaii 5-0's
Edmonton Magpies
Canton Moondogs
Worcester Grays

19 Players:
Frostbite Falls Moose
Preble Zorros
East Kenosha Legends
Rossville Rockets
Fairfax Canaries
Wright Patt Plainsmen
Kansas City Barons
Frankfort Firebugs
Anok Island Gnomes
Captiva Island Pirates
Athabasca Lakers
New York Metropolitans

20 Players:
Boston SpaceMen
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns
San Diego Vaqueros
Toledo Mud Hens
Hoover Grizzlies
Baltimore Natti Bohs

The deadline to get your rosters in will be Saturday, July 12th. You can either send me an export file or a list of BOTH your protected and unprotected players. UNCARDED PLAYERS who do not play this year do NOT count towards your protected number...they are added above and beyond that, so if you have 19 players that you can protect and 1 uncarded player, you will be keeping 20. If you are sending me an export file, please farm your unprotected players. Uncarded players will be left protected.

May 18,2014

New manager on board

A hearty welcome to Jim Wheeler, who will be taking over the reigns of the Massasoit Tomahawks. Jim has renamed the team to the Preble Zorros, and will remain in Cleveland's Municipal Stadium.

April 22,2014

Moondogs best Zoo Crew for 86 crown!

Congratulations to Tom Kackley, and his Canton Moondogs for a hard fought 7 game series win over Joe Dezarlo's Astoria Zoo Crew. Games 6 and 7 were both extra inning affairs, which only added to the drama. Complete playoff coverage is located on the left menu under the playoff links. I will soon be announcing the 1987 draft order.

April 17,2014

1986 World Series set!

Congratulations to our two Pennant winners. The ALCS winning Canton Moondogs (Tom Kackley) will face off against the NLCS winner Astoria Zoo Crew (Joe Dezarlo). Complete LCS coverage can be found on the left menu. Good luck to Both in the World Series! The Zoo Crew will have home field advantage.

April 3,2014

87 Lottery Results

The Illinois pick 3 number was 0-8-3

For the first time since we started the lottery system, Team 4, Jim Scott's Baltimore Natti Bohs, beat the odds and wins the 1st pick AND Team 3 beats the odds and gets pick 2 as well. With Team 1 unable to pick no worse than pick 3, they land in that spot, and Steve Lehman's Vaqueros come up 4th (sorry Steve).

Final Results
1. Baltimore Natti Bohs
2. Hoover Grizzlies
3. Boston SpaceMen
4. San Diego Vaqueros

March 27,2014

86 Usage Reports

As is a tradition at the end of each season, I present to you the 1986 OVERUSAGE and and USE OR LOSE

March 24,2014

September stats and Power rankings posted

The stats and Power Rankings for September 1986 are now posted. In keeping with the ongoing pattern of alternating home field advantage by division, and league, the West division champions are hosting the first round of the playoffs. The National League champion will have home field advantage in the W.S. Participants are urged to play H2H and should await the final report on overusage in case any players have penalties that may affect their post-season usage. On my own glance, none of the four experienced managers who move on experienced much in the way of overusage. Congratulations to Tom Kackley’s Moondogs, Vin Onstott’s Marauders, Gary Plunkitt’s Firebugs, and Hugh McElaney’s Grays. Let’s try to get the LCS completed within the next two weeks, if possible.

March 2,2014

New manager

Please welcome aboard Mace Matayc, who will be taking the reigns of the Oyster Creek Nukes. He will be playing the September games, and will rename the Boston SpaceMen. Welcome abaord Mace!

September 30,2013

New Manager on board

The Oakland Athletics franchise has been taken over by Vin Onstott, who is a former SPB manager. Please send Vin any MPs for Aprils game. His renamed team will show up on the May database.

August 17,2013

Manager change

The Surfside Sharks franchise has been handed over to Jim Condon, after Greg Nolen has decided to leave SPB. I would like to thank Greg for his time in the league, and he leaves in good standing and is welcomed back anytime. Jim will announce his new team name shortly. Jim has named his team the Massasoit Tomahawks

July 28,2013

Team name change

Jim Scott has changed the Hayward Faults to the Baltimore Natti Bohs. This will be reflected on the managers and bio pages.

July 28,2013

Roster Cuts

There were 5 players cut by their teams to get down to the maximum predraft roster size of 38 players. The Magpies cut C Brad Gulden, 1B/OF Mike Stenhouse, and pitchers John Pacella & Rick Langford. The Legends cut P Steve Davis as well. All 5 of these players are added to the rookie list for the coming draft.

July 23,2013

Stadium Roulette

The following Stadium changes have been made
TEAM............... OLD...........................NEW
Legends........... Riverfront Stadium..... Astrodome
Metropolitans.... Exhibition Stadium .....Candlestick Park
Plainsmen......... Kingdome .................Riverfront Stadium

July 21,2013

Player Released

1B Razor Shines was removed from the Fairfax Canaries roster, as he was lost in the 50% draft, and it was missed when making the rosters. Shines SPB career is over as he never appears enough in MLB to be included again. (Poor Razor, a nice triple A career for a long time, but never could produce anything in MLB. He spent a lot of years with the Indianapolis Indians teams as a regular productive player).

May 24,2013

1985 Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Tom Kackley and his Canton Moondogs, who cap off a 124-win season with his first SPB Championship! Congrats also go out to the Astoria Zoo Crew for a fine season. Complete playoff coverage can be found on the links to the left.

April 7,2013

1986 Draft Lottery results

Number was 6-6-8

Congrats to Jerry Cada on this first pick! Don.....even the 3rd choice at Heff's place looks pretty darn good! : )

1. Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Jerry Cada) - 62 Wins (3 Chances)
2. Wright Patt Plainsmenn (John Turnbull) - 68 + 1 (2 Chances)
3. New York Mets (Don Rahn) - 49 Wins (4 Chances)
4. Toledo Mudhens (Rich Applegate)- 69 Wins (1 Chance)

March 30,2013

End of year reports

With the end of the 1985 season, the OVERUSAGE and UNDERUSAGE reports are available for your perusal.

March 30,2013

Team and Park Change

Now that the final stats are out, and the regular season is over, I can announce this change for the coming 1986 season. John Laburda, one of our newer SPB IV managers, has changed the team name from the Lake City Lakers to the Athabasca Lakers. The team will also vacate San Francisco's Candlestick Park, and move into Montreal's Olympic Stadium for the coming years, thus giving them a definite Canadian theme. This leaves Candlestick and the Astrodome as the open parks in SPB IV.

February 10,2013

New manager on board mid season

It is my pleasure to announce that Jim Scott will be taking over the reigns of the Haywood Faults for the August games this month. Jim has been an SPB III manager for around 3-4 seasons and knows the ropes of the SPB league. Please welcome Jim as the new manager of the Faults. His email is contained in the managers list this is sent to. He is taking over for Jeff Thomas, who resigned a few days ago. Thanks Jim for stepping up and taking this team. Send your August MP's (if your playing the Faults on the road) to Jim Scott as soon as possible, and he will be sending his out for the Faults away series within the next couple of days.

December 3,2012

New manager on board mid season

Starting with the play of the June home series, John Laburda will be taking over the reigns of the Lake City Lakers from Wade Mitchell. All managers who play the Lakers this month at his place, have been notified already, so the MP's have been sent to John L. instead of Wade. (John T. your MP was forwarded by Wade to John L. for the Plainsmen). Wade had already sent out the June MP's for the team, and these are good to go for this month. Wade resigned the team due to time constraints. John is an experienced SPB manager, and is welcomed to SPB IV by me. Thanks to him for stepping right up to take on this team in mid-season. Be sure if you play the Lakers from this point on, that you correspond with John Laburda from now on.

August 7, 2012

Another New manager on board

It is my good fortune to introduce our newest SPB IV manager. He is Wade Mitchell, a veteran SPB guy. He will be taking over the Moose Jaw Corsairs team, and has decided to rename them as the Lake City Lakers. He will also be abandoning Montreal's Olympic Stadium, and taking up his new residence in Candlestick Park. If you would like to welcome Wade to SPB IV, his email address can be found in the "To" section, above. Good to have you on board Wade. Hope your stay is a long one.

August 7, 2012

Roster Cuts announced

Several teams were faced with getting down to the pre draft 1985 allowable limit of 38 rostered players. Here is the wrap up on what players were cut, and by which teams.

- Edmonton cut 1B Dave Hostetler and SS Nelson Norman. (both were uncarded and never play enough in the future to make a comeback)
- Fairfax cut 1B/OF Rusty Kuntz (placed in the rookie draft for 85.
- Toledo cuts C Ron Tingley. He will return in SPB in 1988 for several more seasons.
- Frankfort cut pitchers Ralph Citarella, and Phil Huffman. (Citarella is done, and Huffman goes in the draft)
- Legends cut Fran Mullins, but he will return briefly for the 1986 season.
- Hawaii cut OF Scott Loucks, and pitchers Danny Boone, Al Hargeshimer, & Dave Tomlin (Loucks & Tomlin in the draft, Hargeshimer and Boone are done)
- Hoover cut INF Edwin Rodriguez, 1B Mike Squires, and pitchers Fernando Arroyo, Curt Brown, Mike Norris, and George Riley. (Rodriguez and Squires enter the draft, Arroyo & Riley are done, Brown comes back briefly in 1987, and Norris in 1990).
None of the above players are more than roster fillers at best.

August 6, 2012

1985 Ballpark and team name change

Mike See has decided to move his Pirates into K.C. Royals Stadium, and is giving up Candlestick Park (S.F). So this leaves us with Candlestick and The Astrodome as the available parks in SPB IV.

Also Greg Stillwagon has changed his team name from the Asylum Inmates to the Frostbite Falls Moose. And manager Jeff Thomas has corrected his team name from the Haywood Faults to the Hayward Faults. That one was due to my misinterpretation. All this will be reflected on the next send of the 1985 files, once all protected rosters are in by Tuesday morning.

November 29, 2011 
Managerial Change  
FRANKFORT, IN. - As your preparing for sending out June MP's in SPB IV, I must announce an immediate change in managers for the Asylum Inmates. I would like to welcome back to this league, former SPB IV manager Greg Stillwagon who will assume the reigns immediately for the Asylum team. Former Inmates manager Ed Bupp is no longer manager of this team. If your playing the Inmates this month on the road, be sure to send your MP's to Greg. If you had sent an MP to Ed already, please resend it to Greg ASAP. Also if you have a series with this team, Greg will be sending the MP's out for June very soon. Welcome back Greg!

July 29, 2011 
84 rookie draft call for protected rosters 
FRANKFORT, IN. -Below are the amount of players each team may protect is posted below. The bottom 6 teams from 1983 get 20 protects, the middle 12 teams 19 protects, and the 6 teams with the best records in '83 get 18 protects. This changed from 5 to 6 when we expanded to 24 teams in SPB IV a few years ago. I am not sure why it has not been changed in the Constitution yet. But I have asked John to update it there.

20 Protected players:
Los Angeles Missions (Robinson)
Surfside Sharks (Nolen)
Rossville Rockets (Ryan)
Wright-Patt Plainsmen (Turnbull)
Asylum Inmates (Bupp)
Anok Island Gnomes (Brunner)

19 Protected Players
Preble Pelicans (Wheeler)
East Kenosha Legends (Lauer)
Toledo Mud Hens (Applegate)
Astoria Zoo Crew (DeZarlo)
Oyster Creek Nukes (Schweitzer)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Cada)
Hawaii 5-0's (Baxter)
Shelby Stars (Onstott)
Moose Jaw Corsairs (Laburda)
Prarie Bison (Ehresman)
Frankfort Firebugs (Plunkitt)
Worcester Grays (McElaney)

18 Protected players
San Diego Vaqueros (Lehman)
New York Metropolitans (Rahn)
Edmonton Magpies (Williams)
Kansas City Barons (Boling)
Canton Moondogs (Kackley)
Fairfax Canaries (Peterson)

Your protected rosters are due to me by 7PM Eastern time on this coming Wednesday (8/3). NO LATER. I will then send out the rosters with all protected players that evening.

All teams can also protect ONE uncarded player on your roster in addition to your regular number of protected players allowed. Uncarded's are the farmed guys on your roster, listed with their next available season listed after their names. Add this Uncarded player at the bottom of your regular protected players. 

If you have not sent your roster in by that time, the Commissioner will make your choices for you. So be sure to be on time. As always, once protected lists are all received and sent out, only protected players can be traded from that time through the rookie draft on 8/6.

July 29, 2011 
New name for current team 
FRANKFORT, IN. -During the 1983 season, Jim Wheeler took over the Lafayette Snow Bears.  He is now renaming them to the Preble Pelicans.   

July 22, 2011 
New manager on board 
FRANKFORT, IN. -I would like to welcome a new manager on board the Season Past SPB IV league. Ed Bupp will be taking over the reigns from Mike Galbreath. Ed takes over the old Baroda Serranos team and will be renaming them as the Asylum Inmates. He informs me that there is a small town in Pennsylvania, that goes by Asylum, hence the name. Ed has been waiting patiently on our "future managers list" for some time now. He has also decided to remain in Memorial Stadium. Take a few minutes to welcome Ed into SPB IV as our newest manager. His email can be found in the list of managers this is being sent to. (see above)  My thanks goes out to Mike Galbreath, for his many years of taking part in various Seasons Past Leagues. This was the last league that Mike was involved in, for now. Mike did indicate that he may return to SPB sometime in the future, if time permits. You would be welcome back anytime Mike. Just let me know if you ever get the time to return to us.

July 16, 2011 
1984 Rookie draft date and location set 
FRANKFORT, IN. -Thanks to everyone for responding with their input for the 1984 draft. Jim Wheeler, who has just returned to Ohio will host the draft at his home in Eaton at 11 AM Eastern time, on Saturday, August 6th. From the info I obtained from all of you there should be several managers attending, including Jim Wheeler, John Turnbull, Joe DeZarlo, Gary Plunkitt, and Chris Williams. The possible other attendees (by their own input) who may attend this draft are Terry Baxter, Tom Kackley, and Steve Brunner. Of course all you guys who said no originally, are allowed to change your minds. Eaton, Ohio is located about 15 miles east of Richmond, Ind. and about 25-30 miles from Dayton. There are many hotels in the Richmond area, just a few minutes away. There is also one in Eaton. Jim also has some room at his home for other attending managers, on a first come first served basis. Contact Jim by email for further info. Personally, I am looking forward to this draft very much. Especially since Jim has returned to his roots after many jobs that took him all over the country during the last 10 years. I hope to see YOU there.

April 22, 2011 
Vacqueros repeat as SPB-4 Champions 
FRANKFORT, IN. -The Commish would like to add a hearty congratulations to Steve Lehman, manager of the San Diego Vaqueros, our repeat champions in SPB IV. For the 2nd year running they out ran all opponents, by a mile, to lay claim to the 1983 season championship.

An amazing record for the Vaqueros was brought to a stunning conclusion as they swept Chris Williams' Edmonton Magpies in a convincing 4 game World Series.

For the full story on this series, in case you missed it, be sure to check out the SPB IV webpage soon for the full story, stats, and box scores of all games. 
Congratulations Steve on a most convincing win! Chris, a tough loss for you, but I'm sure your Magpies will be in the running again next season.

March 26, 2011 
Usage reports posted 
FRANKFORT, IN. -The moment you have all been waiting for.  Your favorite SPB4-1983 50% use or lose and overusage reports.  

March 26, 2011 
1983 September stats and Power Rankings posted 
BOWLING GREEN, OH. -Congratulations to Don Rahn’s New York Metropolitans and Mike Boling’s Kansas City Barons, who both won their divisions handily. Steve Lehman’s San Diego Vaqueros had already clinched at the end of August and are the odds-on favorite heading into the post-season. The Magpies and the Moondogs went into the final month in a tight race, but the determining factor was their final month road performances. The Magpies went 8-4 on the road, and the Moondogs went 7-11. The Moondogs’ best road performance was a 4-2 H2H series at the Magpies, but it wasn’t enough. The Magpies didn’t have a stellar home stand (10-8), and the Moondogs went 6-6. So, the Magpies squeak into the playoffs for the first time in a few years. 

September 28, 2010 
Manager position filled 
FRANKFORT, IN. -FINALLY we have a full compliment of managers in SPB IV, just in time for the opening of the 1983 season. After Greg Henning, former manager of Baltimore stepped down, I had been searching high and low for a manager for this franchise. I had contacted all SPB managers from other leagues who I thought might be interested. I had contacted several former SPB managers who I considered solid in their time. I had contacted all the future SPB managers from my dwindling list, and I had even had the opening put on the web page and a couple of internet sites with little or no interest from anyone. 

After a couple of weeks, former SPB IV manager Steve Ehresman voiced his desire to return to SPB IV. Steve had resigned shortly after the 1982 season when his team had run into a small permanent penalty assignment at the time. Steve admitted he was wrong to resign and that he should have just taken the penalty and stayed on with his very decent team. He then said it would be totally wrong for him to come back with a good team like the Rifles. (I had to agree.) He then suggested that I open the chance for established SPB IV managers with loosing teams be given the chance to move up and take over the Baltimore franchise. I then told Steve that if no other manager stepped in to take over the Rifles, that I would use this as a last resort to fill the spot and that is what has happened.

I contacted the managers with the worst records about this and presented the idea to them that due to the fact that no one else seemed interested, I was willing to offer this unique switch so that the league could start 1983 with a full compliment of managers. In order, the four managers with the worst 1982 records contacted were: Al "Doc" Schweitzer, Joe DeZarlo, Mike Boling, and Steve Brunner. Doc and Joe said that they were thankful for being considered, but both declined as they believe their teams now are set to improve. Totally understandable, guys. Then Mike Boling figured out that the former Baltimore team was at one time his, from his first stint in SPB IV. He accepted the switch. Thanks Mike for solving our problem!

Mike has asked that he be allowed to keep his same team name, and there is no problem with that. So Mike will be the new manager of the former Rifles, and will change the team name from the Baltimore Rifles to the Kansas City Barons. Steve Ehresman will take over the former K.C. franchise, and has renamed the team to become the Prarie Bison.

September 12, 2010 
Manager resignation 
FRANKFORT, IN. -Greg Henning, manager of the Baltimore Rifles has resigned his manger duties in SPB IV shortly after the 1983 drafts were completed. This was due to the workload that has increased for him, getting to the point where he no longer has time to manage in 5 SPB Leagues. He will be missed in this league. 

In the meantime, I have been searching for a manager to replace him. I first contacted most all SPB managers who were not in SPB IV, and no one expressed interest. I then contacted all the managers who had managed in the past that I would like to have back with us, as well as the managers on our FUTURE managers list. Again, there was no response. A little strange, but that is the way it has went.

I thought maybe you current managers would like to add a friend to SPB IV. So I am asking you managers if you know of anyone who would be willing to come in and take over this team? Please have them contact me, if you know of anyone interested in playing the 1980's era. Baltimore is a good solid team, and we need a manager of known quality to take over for him. Let me know as well about any prospective managers that could do the job. :) I hope we can come up with one from our current ranks, as we are due to start the season on 10/1. If we come up with no one here, I will have to post the opening on the web site, and take a chance that we get a reliable person. Thanks everyone for your consideration.

July 22, 2010 
1983 rookie draft broadcast live! 
DAYTON, OH -The SPB-4 1983 rookie draft will be broadcast live starting 1030AM Saturday morning.  Follow THIS LINK to access the live broadcast feed.  The span of the camera may not be as wide as I would like but I will try to change it up every once in a while.  

July 22, 2010 
1983 Phase 2 protected roster numbers 
FRANKFORT, IN -This is the official call for your 1983 team protected rosters for preparation of the Phase II drafts next weekend. The rookie & Phase II drafts will be held a week from Saturday (August 28th), and draft central will be in Dayton, Ohio after all. I will need to have your protected roster by this Sunday at 8PM Eastern time. If your roster is not received by this time the Comish will do his best to come up with them for you. Hopefully, that will not happen. ;)
Here is the amount of players each team can protect:

20 Players
Oyster Creek Nukes (Al "Doc" Schweitzer)
Astoria Zoo Crew (Joe DeZarlo)
Kansas City Barons (Mike Boling)
Anok Island Gnomes (Steve Brunner)
Toledo Mud Hens (Rich Applegate)
Edmonton Magpies (Chris Williams)

19 Players
Rossville Rockets (Rick Ryan)
Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)
Los Angeles Missions (Marc Robinson)
Lafayette Snow Bears (Steve Ehresman)
Fairfax Canaries (Ron Peterson)
New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn)
Surfside Sharks (Greg Nolen) * team formerly known as Dorsey Lemings
Shelby Stars (Vin Onstott)
Baroda Serranos (Mike Galbreath)
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Wright-Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Jerry Cada)

18 Players
San Diego Vaqueros (Steve Lehman)
East Kenosha Legends (Dave Lauer)
Canton Moondogs (Tom Kackley)
Baltimore Rifles (Greg Henning)
Moose Jaw Corsairs (John Laburda)
Hawaii 5-0's (Terry Baxter)

There you have it managers. Be sure to get your protected list rosters to me before the deadline this coming Sunday (8/22) evening at 8PM Eastern time. I will then be able to send out the draft ready files complete with all recent trades and protected players in place, so that the drafts can proceed on Saturday, August 28th. Good luck to all!

NOTE: If you plan on using a draft list rather than being on line in the Auditorium (SPB chatroom, for any part of the drafts, you will need to have those lists to the Comish (me) by Thursday (8/26). If you have any questions, contact me ASAP. Thanks everyone. 

Those of you with UNCARDED players on your roster may protect ONE of your UNCARDED players free. This player will not count towards you limit number. Example: If your allowed 20 players and you have 3 uncardeds, you can add one of them free, which actually allows you 21 protected.

UNCARDED players are all those who have a future season listed beside their roster names. Example: Firebugs have Funderburk, of 1985 and Werhmeister, mr 1984 on my roster. I can protect name one of these to my protected list thereby giving me 20 players, instead of 19. 

And yes you can protect more than 1 UNCARDED player if you wish, but any more than 1 of them WILL COUNT AGAINST YOUR ALLOWABLE PROTECTED PLAYERS. Of course, if you do not have UNCARDEDS on your roster,all of this will not apply to you.

July 18, 2010 
1983 manager replaced 
FRANKFORT, IN -It is my privilege to announce that I have a new manager in place to take over the FORMER Dorsey Lemmings franchise. The new manager is Greg Nolen, who currently manages in SPB V. Greg will be taking over this franchise immediately and is available by email at : for trading, or other league greetings. Greg is renaming the team as the Surfside Sharks. A hearty welcome aboard goes out here to Greg! 

June 21, 2010 
1983 draft order posted, and manager lost 
DAYTON, OH - I am very happy to release the 1983 draft order (including trades) for all SPB IV managers. Many thanks to manager Rick Ryan for his work on this! The draft will be held in August at John Turnbull's, with the actual date to be released very soon by John T. He will also be posting this draft order to the SPB IV webpage shortly. I will have the pre season 1983 files ready within the next couple of weeks. 

On another note of a totally different nature, we will be bidding good by in SPB IV to long time SPB manager Jim Bendik, who has just resigned due to buying a small business, and trying to get it established. Jim has been in SPB for at least 10 years. He will be missed. But the good news is he hopes to return when he gets his new business off the ground. He will be remaining at least for a while as an SPB V manager for now. Good luck, Jim! 

April 23, 2010 
1982 World Series Champion crowned! 
DAYTON, OH - Congratulation to Steve Lehman, whose San Diego Vaqueros outlasted John Laburda’s Moose Jaw Corsairs to win the 1982 league championship in 7 games, played H2H. Attached is the final database for the season. More detailed write-ups will follow in a couple weeks because of work schedules, but here are the brief summaries, supplied by Steve:

In a well played 7 game series (shouldn’t they all go the distance) the San Diego Vaqueros rose LaMarr Hoyt’s stellar pitching in the final game for a 4-1 win to win the World Series. Not sure who the MVP would be. Maybe Yount, but there is really no clear choice as not hitter stepped up and no pitcher was all that good. Enjoyable series against a great manager

Game 1: at San Diego 4 Moose Jaw 2 - Lamar Johnson game winning pinch hit 2-run HR in 8th. W: George Frazier L: Al Holland S: Dan Quisenberry
Game 2: Moose Jaw 3 at San Diego 2 – Corsairs win on a pinch hit rbi single from Johnny Bench in the 9th. W: Dave Schmidt L: Craig Swan
Game 3: San Diego 7 at Moose Jaw 2 – San Diego gets early homers from DeCinces, Yount and Johnson and never look back. W: Mario Soto L: Scott McGregor
Game 4: at Moose Jaw 7 San Diego 2 – Opposite of previous game. Early lead for Moose Jaw, never in trouble. W: Steve Rogers L: LaMarr Hoyt
Game 5: at Moose Jaw 9 San Diego 3 – Early and often again Dale Murphy and Pete Rose with 2 rbi’s each. W: Ed Farmer L: Milt Wilcox
Game 6: at San Diego 3 Moose Jaw 2 – good game throughout with Larry Herndon’s 3-run 4th inning HR holding up. W: Mario Soto L: Bob Knepper S: Dan Quisenberry
Game 7: at San Diego 4 Moose Jaw 1 – great outing from LaMarr Hoyt as he only threw 86 pitches and no runs until the 9th. Two 1st inning runs hold up. W: LaMarr Hoyt L: Steve Rogers

April 14, 2010 
New manager for 1983 
DAYTON, OH - Jim Wheeler is returning to SPB IV to take over the Lafayette Snow Bears team. Jim is replacing Steve Ehresman, who resigned shortly after the 1982 season ended. He will be leaving Royals Stadium, and taking up in Candlestick Park (S.F.) Welcome back Jim! Glad you decided to take on another SPB league. This change of parks leaves the open SPB IV parks as Royal Stadium (K.C.), and The Astrodome (Houston), as our open parks.

April 14, 2010 
82 World Series set 
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations are in order for Steve Lehman after he guided his red hot San Diego Vaqueros over Greg Henning's strong Baltimore Rifles team, in a well fought 5 game NLCS series. Mario Soto was a huge key as he pitched great ball in the 5th and final game to give the Vaqueros the series. They will now move on to the SPB 1982 World Series to match up against the winner of the A.L. series, John Laburda of the Moose Jaw Corsairs. The Corsairs beat Tom Kackley's Moondogs in a full 5 game series just completed today. The Corsairs will now move onto the 1982 World Series where they will match up with Steve Lehman's San Diego Vaqueros. The total stats and boxscores, will be posted soon to the SPB IV webpage for your viewing pleasure. The 1982 World Series will begin very soon. Stay tuned!

April 4, 2010 
American League East divisional playoff complete 
DAYTON, OH - The East Kenosha Legends and the Canton Moondogs tied for 107 wins apiece.  The Moondogs took the 3-game series 2 games to none.  Boxscores and writeups can be found HERE. The ALCS and NLCS playoff pages are ready to go.

March 22, 2010 
Managerial resignation 
DAYTON, OH - Manager Steve Ehresman has announced his intentions to leave SPB IV with the conclusion of the just completed 1982 season. Steve was a long time manager for us in SPB IV, and will be missed. Always sorry to see good managers leave. I will begin working on finding a new replacement for Steve in the near future. Thanks Steve for your years in SPB IV.   

March 22, 2010 
1982 Use or lose and overusage reports 
DAYTON, OH - As is customary after the regular season is complete, the annual use or lose and overusage reports are now posted.   

March 22, 2010 
1982 Regular season in "bonus play" mode 
DAYTON, OH - The regular season ends with a record number of 100-game-winning teams, including two 107-game winning teams. Unfortunately, those two are in the same division, the AL East. The East Kenosha Legends (Dave Lauer) and Canton Moondogs (Tom Kackley) will meet in a best-of-three playoff to decide who will go on to the LCS. The teams had an even 6-6 record against each other during the regular season, and only one game difference in their road/home splits. I used Pythagorean win projections as the tie-breaker, as the Legends had a slim one-game advantage in that category, which is based on runs score for and against. Once that playoff is decided, the LCS will be best-of-five playoffs, with the Eastern Division winner having the home field advantage. In the World Series, the National League has the advantage. It was indeed a season of extremes. In addition to 5 100-game winners, there were 3 100-game losers, and 10 teams with 90 or more losses. 

August 17, 2009 
1982 Ballpark change 
FRANKFORT, IN - Manager Chris Williams of the Edmonton Magpies has requested a stadium change for his Black & White Birds. He will be leaving the winds of Candlestick Park in S.F., and taking up new residence in Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium for the coming 1982 season

July 21, 2009 
1982 Call for protected rosters 
FRANKFORT, IN - Here is the official call for your 1982 protected rosters. Calling for this now as the 1982 draft is only about 3 weeks away. Deadline for your roster to be submitted is Sunday, July 26th by 8PM Eastern time. You can submit your list anytime between now and then. Thanks to all who have already sent their lists in ahead of time! (Snow Bears, Grays, Rockets, & Gnomes). If you sent your list ahead of time, and I have not listed it here, please resend it.

Here is the official list with the number of players each team may protect:

18 Players
Baltimore Rifles (Greg Henning)
San Diego Vacqueros (Steve Lehman)
Canton Moon Dogs (Tom Kackley)
East Kenosha Legends (Dave Lauer)
Lafayette Snow Bears (Steve Ehresman)

19 Players
Edmonton Magpies (Chris Williams)
Rossville Rockets (Rick Ryan)
Moose Jaw Corsairs (John Laburda)
Fairfax Canaries (Ron Peterson)
Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)
Shelby Stars (Vin Onstott)
Oyster Creek Nukes (Al Schweitzer)
Baroda Serranos (Mike Galbreath)
New York Metropolitans (Don Rahn)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Jerry Cada)
Anok Island Gnomes (Steve Brunner)
Dorsey Lemmings (Jim Bendik)
Hawaii 5-0's (Terry Baxter)
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)

20 Players
Astoria Zoo Crew (Joe DeZarlo)
Los Angeles Missions (Marc Robinson)
Kansas City Barons (Mike Boling)
Toledo Mud Hens (Rich Applegate)
Wright Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull)


June 7, 2009 
1981 Awards announced! 
FRANKFORT, IN - Here are your Award winning players from the recently completed 1981 season.

MVP (American Lg.) - Dwight Evans, hard hitting RF from the Edmonton Magpies captured this prestigious prize. (266, .382., 483, 10-3B 31HR 104RBI 108RUNS 115BB)

MVP (National Lg.) - Mike Schmidt, slugging thirdbaseman from the Baltimore Rifles easily takes the most valuable plaque. (.291, .400, .656, 56HR! 124RBI 116RUNS 92BB 8/1-Steals)

CY YOUNG AWARD - (American Lg.) - Bert Blyleven, also from the Edmonton Magpies took the Award as the A.L.'s best. (20-5, 15CG 288IP 68BB 236K 6HR! 1.75!)
Close 2nd - Phil Niekro, East Kenosha (22-5, 15CG 276IP 123K 6SHO 6HR! 1.99!)

CY YOUNG AWARD - (National Lg.) - Fernando Valenzuela also from the Baltimore Rifles took this prize. (25-3, 20 CG 282IP 256K 5SHO 2.01)

FIREMAN AWARD - (American Lg) - Rollie Fingers of the Louisiana Lightning wins the top relef man prize. (66G 6-5 - 32SAVES 73IP 2HR 55K 11BB! 1.96)

FIREMAN AWARD - (National Lg) - Rich "Goose" Gossage of the Toledo Mud Hens captures the NL reliever prize. (52G 2-0-26SAVES 67IP 22H!! 3ER!! 20BB 73K!! 0HR!! 0.40) MUST BE A RECORD LOW ERA in SPB!!) 

ROOKIE HITTER - (American Lg) - Tim Wallach, 1B of Shelby Stars. (12 HR 48RBI in 105 Games).

ROOKIE HITTER - (National Lg) - Juan Bonilla, 2B of San Diego Vacqueros. (142 G .266)

ROOKIE PITCHER - (American Lg) - Mike Witt, SP of Dorsey Lemings (25ST, 7-10 168IP
109K 6HR 3.15)

ROOKIE PITCHER - (National Lg) - Pascual Perez, SP of the San Diego Vacqueros (21ST, 10-7 147IP 75K 2.88) gives the Vacqueros a rookie N.L. sweep.

MANAGER OF THE YEAR - (American Lg) - Mike See of the Louisiana Lightning captures another manager award proving once again why he is the Boy Genius! He led his Lightning to a 106-56 record posting the best mark in the A.L. while edging out his mentor, Dave Lauer and his amazing East Kenosha Legends by a mere two games in the final month of play. Honorable mention goes to Steve Ehresman, who's Lafayette Snow Bears knocked off the Lightning in a surprise upset during the ALCS series.

MANAGER OF THE YEAR - (National Lg) - Greg Henning of the Baltimore Rifles gave it his all once again as well in the N.L., while showing he is the real thing as he knocked off the Snow Bears in the 1981 World Series in grand fashion while overcoming a 3-1 Lafayette deficit. Greg won an amazing 114 games during the regular season to lead all teams. Honorable mention goes to rookie manager Steve Lehman who led his San Diego Vacqueros to 108 wins to capture his division, before falling to the Rifles in the NLCS.

Here are your winning All Star players.


MILT MAY, C Anok Island Gnomes. (.348, .412, .448 in 129G)

CECIL COOPER, 1B Baltimore Rifles (.354, .388, .504 in 154G. 402B, 88R)

BOBBY GRICH, 2B Rossville Rockets (.279, .354. .501 in 144G. 27HR 101R)

MIKE SCHMIDT, 3B Baltimore Rifles (.291, .400, 656 in 149 G. 56HR, 116 R 124RBI, 92BB; MVP NL)

RICK BURLESON, SS Astoria Zoo Crew (.304, .360, .389 in 159G)

JOSE CRUZ, LF San Diego Vacqueros (.319, .373, .498 in 144G)
Close 2nd! - Rickey Henderson, Fairfax Canaries (.311, .390, .415 in 149G. 67 SB)

ANDRE DAWSON, CF Baltimore Rifles (.292, .322, .530 in 149G. 37HR 114RBI 12/3 Steals)

JACK CLARK, RF Rossville Cubs (.277, .350, .524 in 148 G. 9-3B 30HR 103RBI)

FERNANDO VALENZUELA, SP Baltimore Rifles (22-5 37ST 20CG 282IP 256K 5-SHO 2.01ERA)

RICH "GOOSE" GOSSAGE, RP Toledo Mud Hens (2-0, 26 SAVES in 52G, 67IP 73K 3RUNS!!! 0HR 0.40ERA) 


GARY CARTER, C Louisiana Lightning (.267, .319, .458 in 152 G. 23HR 82RBI)

EDDIE MURRAY, 1B Dorsey Lemmings (.301, .370, .509 in 159 G. 32-2B, 25HR)

LOU WHITAKER, 2B East Kenosha Legends (.291, .367, .444 in 144 G. 11-3B).
Close 2nd! - Jerry Remy, Wright Patt Plainsmen (.318, .360, 380 in 144 G. 16-4 SB)

CARNEY LANSFORD, 3B New York Knights (.333, .395, .399 in 162 G. 18SB)
Close 2nd! - (.280, .340, .448 in 155 G. 21HR 98RBI)

BILL ALMON, SS Oyster Creek Nukes (.299, .338, .405 in 138 G. 328AB)
Close 2nd! - Garry Templeton, Louisiana Lightning (.252, .284, .339 in 136 G 518 AB 

GREG LUZINSKI, LF Baroda Serranos (.272, .385, .505 in 159 G. 32-2B 31HR 109RBI

DWAYNE MURPHY, CF Louisiana Lightning (.288, .387, 462 in 142 G. 25HR 93R 92BB)

DWIGHT EVANS, RF Edmonton Magpies (.266. .382, .483 in 162 G. 10-3B 31HR 108R
104RBI 115BB; MVP- AL)

BERT BLYLEVEN, SP Edmonton Magpies (20-5 35GS 15CG 288IP 236K 68BB 6HR!! 
1.75 ERA)

ROLLIE FINGERS, RP Louisiana Lightning (6-5, 32 SAVES in 66 G. 73 IP, 55K 11BB!!
2 HR!! 1.96 ERA)

Be sure to check out the SPB Voting Booth for a full look at the ballots with every vote cast for the All Stars. See where your players stood! Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for your votes! All SPB IV managers voted. :) 

Be sure to check the SPB Voting Booth for the total balloting results. See how close you or your players might have finished in these important Awards.

May 4, 2009 
1981 World Series Champ Crowned! 
FRANKFORT, IN - My best congratulations go out to manager Greg Henning of the Baltimore Rifles as his team defeated the Lafayette Snow Bears in a wild and truly entertaining 7 game World Series. Baltimore manager Greg Henning wants to give credit for this team to former manager Bill Lanke, whom Greg inherited the team from, as Bill built this years powerhouse. 

Steve Ehresman put up a very staunch fight with his Lafayette White Polars. The S'Bears had a 3 to 1 lead, and looked like they would turn the tables on the favored Baltimore crew. But while leading in the final game, for most of the way, fate took over and the Rifles claimed the lead rather dramatically, and held on late in the game to send the surprised S'Bears to defeat. This series featured several unlikely heroes in nearly every game. Rifle's 2nd Sacker, Tony Bernazard proved a steady AND SPECTACULAR performer for the winning team. His heroics in game 7 were truly off the chart, all things considered. He was unanimously named the series MVP. 

For the full story on this series, the SPB IV Net Page will have the story lines, box scores, and score sheets posted soon. Be sure to check in a few days for the full game by game stories of this truly hard fought series. It is an SPB Classic!

April 25, 2009 
Manager swap 
FRANKFORT, IN - I am sorry to announce that Mike See is leaving SPB IV after many years as a manager in this league. Mike is very sorry to be leaving us, but a growing family and other time commitments have dictated he scale back on his teams. He will be missed.

His team the former Louisiana Lightning will be taken over by another veteran SPB manager, Tom Kackley. Tom will be changing the team name to become the Canton Moondogs. He will also be leaving Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium, while taking on California's Anaheim Stadium as his home park. Welcome to SPB IV Tom! You can reach Tom at: Tom will become official owner as soon as the 1981 W.S. is in the books.

April 18, 2009 
1981 World Series set 
FRANKFORT, IN - Just a quick note of congratulations to manager Greg Henning of the Baltimore Rifles and Steve Ehresman of the Lafayette Snow Bears as they each won their respective LCS series, and will now advance to the 1981 World Series to see who will take home the marbles. ;)

The Rifles came back and won 3 straight in the ALCS against the San Diego Vacqueros, who had taken the opening game behind a shutout by Mario Soto. The San Diego bunch was led by manager Steve Lehman. The Rifes then got hot and San Diego played well but failed to win another game.

The Snow Bears took their NLCS series by winning the 5th game against Mike See's Louisiana Lightning, when Dave Winfield got a big hit in the 6th inning that plated two runs off Lightning ace Tom Seaver, who had a 1-0 to that point. This was a real thriller as the Bears hung on for the 2-1 win. The Bears had won the first two, but the Lightning pulled it even taking the next two games, before Winfield delivered his winning hit off Tom Terrific.

The fulls boxscores, scoresheets, and game write ups for all 9 LCS games will be posted to the SPB IV webpage within the next few days. 

My thanks goes out to all 4 division winning managers for their promptness in getting these all important LCS series in the books. On to the 1981 World Series soon! :)

April 18, 2009 
1981 Voting booth open 
FRANKFORT, IN - The ballots are up and waiting for your votes on the 1981 All Star teams, and the big one, the 1981 Awards. Be sure to cast your votes as soon as possible in both these areas. Remember you have to cast one ballot, then return and cast the 2nd one too, in order to finish up. All 1981 managers are asked to vote, as well as our new manager for 1982. Have your votes in soon. Thanks! 

April 18, 2009 
1981 Overusage players 
DAYTON, OH - Sorry for the delay, but this took a little longer due to the spreadsheet limits.  Here are the overused players for 1981. 

April 5, 2009 
New manager on board for 1982 
DAYTON, OH - I am very happy to announce that we have a new manager on board for the coming 1982 season. Don Rahn is taking over the New York Knights team immediately. Former manager Greg Grover was replaced after failing to finish the 1981 season. Don is a veteran SPB manager, and is currently a manager in several other SPB leagues. This team will now play it's home games in Toronto's Exhibition Stadium, and will be known as the New York Metropolitans. Welcome aboard for 1982 Don! 

April 5, 2009 
1981 Use or lose players 
DAYTON, OH - As is customary with every season, we bring to you those players who will be dropped from their team due to underusage

April 5, 2009 
1981 Final stats and power rankings posted 
DAYTON, OH - The final stats and power rankings for the 1981 campaign are now posted. To All SPB IV 1981 Managers, My best wishes go out, along with a big tip of the old hat, to our four division winning managers from the recently completed 1981 season. 

In the A.L. East division, Mike See, SPB's boy genius, captured the only really close division race when his Louisiana Lightning, winners of 106 games, edged out Dave Lauer, and his team of many faces, the East Kenosha, Legends by a mere two games. This race was decided in a dramatic series at seasons end. Dave did lead the way most of the season, but his veteran crew tired out during the last couple of months allowing the Lightning to strike.

In the N.L. East, rookie manager Steve Lehman inherited a very nice team, the San Diego Vacqueros, took charge and blew the rest of the division far away, capturing 108 wins along the way. The Frankfort Firebugs, due to a solid final two months of play, moved up and finished 2nd, ONLY 28 games off the pace! (LOL) The Old Curmudgeon, Gary Plunkitt was not pleased with his teams showing though, as the Bugs were a real motley crew, still finishing under .500. They barely managed a 2nd place behind San Diego. ;-)

In the A.L. West, feisty, and fiery Steve Ehersman led his Lafayette Snow Bears to 102 wins. This team was led by a fantastic pitching staff, and little offense. They did not need the bats with the way their pitchers performed! Finishing in 2nd, 12 games off the pace were the Moose Jaw Corsairs, led by the reliable John Laburda.

And last but certainly not least, over in the N.L. West, was Greg Henning. This hard charging veteran manager led his Baltimore Rifles to an amazing 114 victories. This team has a LOT of everything. Henning has put together a very solid ballclub. He won by an 18 game margin! Rick Ryan, the silver tongued leader of the 2nd place Rossville Rockets put together a nice year with 96 wins, but his charges were never a threat to the dynasty team in Baltimore this season.

The League Championship Series will begin soon in 1981. They should be some very exciting games! It will feature the Lightning taking on the Snowbears for the A.L. flag, while in the N.L., we will be watching the Rifles and Vacqueros battle it out. Should be a couple of VERRRY INTERESTING series! 
 Check out the playoff links on the left menu for complete playoff coverage.

February 17, 2009 
Increase in playing limits 
FRANKFORT, IN - This is just a remind for our 1981 Managers that the recent change for bonus players was an immediate one and is in effect for these seasons. All bonus batter now get 100 extra AB's instead of 75, and all bonus starting pitchers can now double their starts to a maximum of 26 instead of 24. Just wanting to make sure your all aware.

August 7, 2008 
Notes for 1981 Season 
FRANKFORT, IN - With the drafts now just being a few days away, I would like to remind everyone about the special things concerning this years play. As most baseball purists considered the real life 1981 season a special blight on the history of the game, due to the extended mid-season strike and the stupidity of making MLB play a split season, once play resumed, we here are SPB will set the record straight. ;-)

Which means, in essence that we will play the normal 162 game schedule that was originally intended of course, for real life MLB. This has meant that the real life at bats for hitters, and the starts and reliefs for each pitcher had to be adjusted for SPB to show the probable statistical totals based on "if each player had played a full schedule that season using their real life appearances projected to a full seasons play of 162 games".

Thanks to our more than sufficient webmaster John Turnbull these stats were taken on and you may find the real life allowances for each batter (AB's) and pitchers (Starts & Reliefs) that will be allowed for SPB's play of the full 1981 season. On the SPB IV webpage, in the column on the LH side of the page you will find a 1981 Hitting Limit & the 1981 pitching limits under the first heading (SPB-4 Links). This is an easy to read chart that gives these limits for every player in SPB. John also lists the actual stats that players would have had for other statistics as well, had the players played in their projected limits. The bonus players have had their extra stats figured in as well. Thanks again John!

Most SPB IV managers already know about this, but some may have missed it. I feel it is very important that all 1981 SPB managers know their player limits for this coming season, so it would be a good idea for all of you to check this out and make sure you know your limits heading into the drafts so that you will be able to meet your needs at every position. SPB's AB limits for hitters, and start and relief limits for pitchers will be based on these projected stats and not on real life ones. When the season is completed, player overuse penalties will be based on these projected totals, not real life ones. The good news for 50% is that I will continue to use the real life stats in figuring the 50%. After we do need a break somewhere in all this. :)

If you have any questions on reading the projected totals, concerning your player limits for 1981's SPB season, please contact John T. or myself. I want to wish each of you a solid season in 1981, where we will see what the players really might have done with a 162 game schedule. 

July 28, 2008 
Roster movements 
FRANKFORT, IN - A further note about the East Kenosha team, they were the only 1981 team with more than 38 players going into the rookie draft, so accordingly they have released the following 3 players to get down to 38:

OF Bombo Rivera (82) - This ends Bombo's SPB career as he does not play enough in 1982 to stay in SPB (less than 15 AB's). 

OF Tom Poquette - Poquette is now placed back into the 1981 rookie draft.

P - Eric Rasmussen (82) - Eric will return to SPB in the 1982 rookie draft.

July 9, 2008 
New manager announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to announce a new manager for the former Bronx Storm team has been appointed in SPB IV. The new man is Steve Lehman. His email address is: He will be renaming the team as the San Diego Vaqueros, and will keep Yankee Stadium as his home park. Please take a second to welcome Steve to SPB IV, if you can. He is a veteran DMB manager and plays in a few other leagues. He likes to play head to head games when possible. Welcome aboard Steve.

On the other end, former manager Tim Johnson is giving up the team for health reasons. Tim has had a long run with us in SPB IV. But the good news is he will be staying in SPB I & II. Thanks Tim for all the faithful seasons you put in as manager in SPB IV. 

June 18, 2008 
1980 Awards announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB IV Mangers, As the voting has recently been finished up for the 1980 season, it is now the time to announce the winners!

In the MVP balloting for the American League it was a real battle with RF Reggie Jackson of the Dorsey Lemmings edging out 1B Steve Garvey of the Louisiana Lightning by a very close 79 - 71 point margin. 3B George Brett of the Hawaii 5-0's easily swept the N.L. MVP trophy garnering 122 points. 

Voting for the Cy Young Award in the N.L. had Rick Waits of the Kansas City Barons winning in a close one with Toledo Mud Hens Fergie Jenkins finishing 2nd. Point spread was 89-72. In the A.L., another close battle saw Pocono's Mike Norris win over Dave Steib of Lafayette by a scant 8 points 79-71.

The Firemen of the Year for 1980 saw Kenosha Comet Tom Burgmeier easily outdistance all opposition in the A.L. gathering 131 votes (most of all winners), while in the N.L., Dan Quisenberry of the Bronx Storm had 105 points.

The A.L. Rookie hitter of the year is Pocono Oaks OF Joe Charboneau take honors with 126 rather convincing points. In the N.L., Wabash Revolvers Dave Stapleton won the rookie hitter honors with 93 points.

The N.L. Rookie pitcher of the year was a bit close as reliever Doug Corbett of the Wabash Revolvers made it a Wabash rookie sweep by edging Frankfort Firebugs starting pitcher Britt Burns by a 100-87 margin. The A.L. rookie pitching honors were handed to reliever Al Holland of the Gotham Ghosts with a high total of 113 points.

The American League's Manager of the Year was won by Louisiana Lightnings peerless young dynamo Mike See. Finishing 2nd was the Lafayette Snow Bears veteran manager Steve Ehresman, and in 3rd place was Jim Wheeler finishing up his last year in SPB V with the Pocono Oaks. Mike easily won with 116 points.

The National League's Manager of the Year for 1980 was Frankfort Firebugs gallant leader Gary Plunkitt. (Thank you all!) Finishing in 2nd place was the Toledo Mud Hens grizzled Rich Applegate. Taking the 3rd spot was Monteazuma Revenge's Greg Stillwagon, in his farewell tour. Gary captured 91 points for the Award.

To see the full list of vote getters (every vote is there) be sure to check out the full and complete revealing results on the SPB webpage under the Voting Booth. Quite a story. See how many of your players received votes for these prestigious honors. Book it!

June 12, 2008 
Managers trade teams/leagues 
FRANKFORT, IN - SPB I, II, and IV Managers, Following a most unusual request from a pair of seasoned SPB managers, I have decided to approve their strange "trade". Bill Lanke is giving up his teams in SPB I & IV in the move. Greg Henning is giving up his SPB II team. Greg will also take over the Wabash Revolvers now, in SPB IV (1981). This league will begin on October 1st, and the drafts will be held on August 9th. The Wabash Revolvers will become the Baltimore Rifles

May 22, 2008 
1981 Draft date set 
FRANKFORT, IN - The 1981 Rookie Draft for SPB IV will be held in Frankfort, Indiana on Saturday, August 9th. I would like to invite each of you for a plain old fashioned SPB draft at my place. Please let me know ASAP if you might be able to attend in person, or will be (which is even better!). Or let me know if you will be using a draft list, or attending this draft in the SPB Auditorium chatroom. Plenty of talent to disperse at this one, so feel free to join the festivities in early August. 

May 15, 2008 
New Manager named 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my pleasure to announce that an old standby is returning as manager in SPB IV to take over the former Montezuema Revenge team. This is Greg Stillwagon's old team. Rick Ryan will be returning to SPB IV after missing last season. Rick will rename the team as the Rossville Rockets, and will remain in Fenway Park. Rick's info will be added to the SPB IV managers page shortly by our esteemed webmaster John Turnbull. Welcome back Mr. Ryan!

May 11, 2008 
New President named 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to announce that Steve Ehresman has been appointed as the new President of SPB IV. This is a little past due as former league Pres. Jim Wheeler, resigned a while back from SPB IV. I am very glad to welcome Steve to the position. Steve is an original member of SPB dating back to 1991. He will serve on the Rules Committee as well. 

May 1, 2008 
Revenge go back to back in 7-game series win 
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to Greg Stillwagon's Montezuma Revenge for gutting out a tough 7-game victory over Mike See's Louisiana Lightning.   Complete World Series coverage can be seen on the links to the left.  

April 24, 2008 
1980 World Series set 
FRANKFORT, IN - A hearty congratulations goes out to Mike See & Greg Stillwagon as they advance to begin the 1980 SPB World Series soon. Mike's Louisiana Lightning will represent the American League, as they swept past Steve Ehresman's Lafayette Snow Bears in 3 straight games in the A.L.C.S. Gregs' Montezuema Revenge defeated Gary Plunkitt's Frankfort Firebugs in a hard fought 5 game series to take the National League pennant. 

April 10, 2008 
Two teams enters witness protection program 
FRANKFORT, IN - Marc Robinson, who just changed parks, has decided to give his team a whole new identity for 1981. He is giving up the monicker Iron City Rovers and will now be known as the Los Angeles Missions. An old PCL label.  The Kenosha Comets will become the East Kenosha Legends in 1981. 

April 10, 2008 
Three more ballpark changes 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following ballpark changes are in the books:

Dave Lauer is pulling the plug on Dodger Stadium and moving his Kenosha Comets to his new home park at Riverfront Stadium (Cin)

Marc Robinson is making a move out of Comiskey Park into Dodger Stadium. The team involved is the Iron City Rovers

Mike Boling is leaving his old haunts for the Kansas City Barons. Mike will be abandoning Toronto's Exhibition Stadium for the leisurely Comiskey Park in Chicago. 

Toronto's Exhibition Stadium and California's Anaheim Stadium are the two open parks in SPB IV. 

April 10, 2008 
Three new managers named 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my pleasure to announce that we have 3 new managers in place for the coming 1981 season! Here is the info for our new field leaders:

Taking over the former Spirit Mountain Volcanoes will be a manager familiar to many with history in SPB, Vin Onstott, from Michigan has taken this team and renamed them to become the Shelby Stars. He will remain in the Oakland Coliseum for their home games.
Former manager was Marc Hollingsworth.

Assuming the reigns of the former Gotham City Ghosts will be John Laburda. John has renamed the team the Moose Jaw Corsairs, and has chosen Montreal's Olympic Stadium as his new home park, abandoning Cincinnati's Riverfront. Former manager was John Cusack.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Greg Grover taking over the former Pocono Oaks team. He will rename the club as the New York Knights, and retain the Houston Astrodome as his home park. Former manager was Jim Wheeler.

Welcome to the league Vin, Greg, & John! With your experience in SPB, I know the teams are in good hands. All the information on these changes will be made to the SPB IV webpage very soon by our noted webmaster, John Turnbull.

This will leave the open ballparks in SPB IV as Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium and California's Anaheim Stadium as the available parks. If any SPB IV managers would like to make a stadium change (providing they have played at least two full seasons in their current park), now is the time to make the move.

April 3, 2008 
Three manager resignations 
DAYTON, OH - Now that the regular season has concluded, I can announce that we have had 3 manager resign. They all notified me a few months ago that they were leaving this SPB League at the end of the 1980 season. 

First Jim Wheeler is leaving his post as manager of the Pocono Oaks. Jim will be staying in SPB NOW, as his only league. Jim was the original Commish of the SPB League for the first 5 years, but has slowly dropped out of every league, except NOW, over the last 3 years.

2nd manager to leave is another former SPB old timer, John Cusack is leaving the Gotham City Ghosts, this was John's last tie with SPB.

3rd manager to go is Marc Hollingsworth of the Spirit Mountain Volcanoes. Marc had been manager of this team for 4 seasons. He will be staying in all other SPB leagues he is involved with.

Each manager has given the reason of dwindling time left to devote to managing these teams. We will be looking for some new managers soon to replace them. Best of luck to all 3 managers, and many thanks for your years of involvement in SPB! 

April 3, 2008 
1980 End of season reports 
DAYTON, OH - Commissioner Gary Plunkitt has issued the yearly lost players due tote 50% use them or lose them rule, as well as the overusage report.  

April 3, 2008 
1980 Playoff matchups set 
FRANKFORT, IN - A most heart felt congratulations goes out to our four division winners of the 1980 season! Some hard fought battles won here, in 3 instances, with only one team doing a cakewalk. ;)

In the hard fought N.L. West, we found one of our closest contests, with only a single game separating the 1st place & 2nd place finishers! Greg Stillwagon, is the initial winner as his Montezuema Revenge edged out the Wabash Revolvers of Bill Lanke by securing 93 wins over Bill's 91 wins! Talk about close!

In the N.L. East, we find the Frankfort Firebugs, led by Gary Plunkitt, winning 98 games to finish a scant 2 games ahead of the Toledo Mud Hens, managed by Rich Applegate. Honorable mention goes to Mike Boling as his Kansas City Barons finished in 3rd, just 7 games off the pace. Mike was the only team to finish less than 10 games out and not take 2nd place. :(

For the NLCS series it will be the Montezuema Revenge taking on the Frankfort Firebugs!

In the A.L. West, Steve Ehresman piloted the West Lafayette Snow Bears to 99 wins, taking a close race from Jim Wheeler's Pocono Oaks by only 4 games! Still a pretty close division race here between two veteran SPB managers!

In the N.L. East, we find Mike See's Louisiana Lightning taking the most wins of 1981 (112!)
The Lightning was the only team to win 100 games this season! They made a mockery of the race too, finish 20 games ahead of Dave Lauer's Kenosha Comets. (92 wins and 20 games out, WOW!) The Edmonton Magpies get an honorable mention, as Chris Williams nailed down 91 wins, but have to settle for 3rd place, just one game behind the Comets.

In the ALCS series we will have the Lafayette Snow Bears matching up against the Louisiana Lightning!

There you have it! Our initial division winners for the SPB IV - 1980 season. Congratulations guys on a job well done!

March 21, 2008 
1980 Final Stats posted 
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for September 1980 are now posted.  Pending review of usage and potential violations, the division champions look to be Mike See’s Louisiana Lightning, who ran away with the A.L East by 20 games over two 90-win competitors; in the A.L. West, Steve Ehresman’s Lafayette Snow Bears; Gary Plunkitt’s Frankfort Firebugs in a tighter race in the N.L. East over the runner-up Mud Hens; and, in the tightest race of all, Greg Stillwagon’s Revenge eked out a tight campaign against Bill Lanke’s Wabash Revolvers. 

August 28, 2007 
Original SPB-4 manager steps down 
FRANKFORT, IN - An original member of SPB IV is dropping this league, as he endeavors to take some of his free time for some more life achieving goals. Rick Ryan has resigned his post as manager of the Rossville Ramblers in SPB IV. Rick is wanting to devote some more of his time to a new boat, and flying lessons. These are two things he has wanted for years. I hate to see Rick cut back in SPB, but he assures me he will be remaining in several SPB Leagues. So I take stock in that. ;)
Meanwhile it is in our good fortune that.....MORE 

August 21, 2007 
Change to Phase 2 draft procedures 
FRANKFORT, IN - There will be a new twist to the Phase II drafts starting with the SPB II draft in November. When protected rosters are called for, all teams with over 38 rostered players (including both protected and unprotected) will have the option of .....MORE

August 14, 2007 
Change of ballpark 
FRANKFORT, IN - Jim Wheeler is moving his Pocono team. He is leaving Anaheim Stadium and taking up residence in the dead ball era Houston Astrodome. 

The available stadiums are now California's Anaheim and Montreal's Olympic Stadiums in SPB IV.

July 4, 2007 
1980 draft date set 
FRANKFORT, IN - Votes are in and as Commissioner of SPB IV, it is my duty to announce that the 1980 Rookie & Phase II drafts will be held on Saturday, August 11 at my home. Draft will start promptly at 11AM Eastern time.

I always go with the popular vote on the date favored most by managers votes. This is the way SPB League drafts are usually decided. I hope that all of you will consider any chance of attending this summer draft in person. Thanks to everyone for your participation. I'm always very sorry that I cannot please everyone on the dates, but that is the way it goes.

I hope everyone has a great draft. There are plenty of good players coming in this one.

June 8, 2007 
1979 Awards results announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - 1979 Managers, Lafayette's star RF Dave Winfield captured the A.L. MVP award to take top honors. In the N.L., it was LF Don Baylor winning the MVP with his sterling performance. Both players easily outdistanced the rest of the field in the balloting.

In the Cy Young voting, the A.L. winner was Louisiana's Tom Seaver taking the prize as the top moundsmen of 1979. Rick Wise, of Montezuema, seen his heavy duty hurling for the Revenge take the honor in the N.L. Again, both pitchers handily outdistanced their competition to take this prize.

The Firemen of the year were hotly contested though, unlike the above two awards, but it was Cedar Rapids Sparky Lyle copping the A.L. Award, while Worcester's Jim Kern nailed down the N.L. version.

Top rookies of the A.L. were Gotham City's young secondsacker Joe Strain taking the hitting version, and Baroda's Rick Sutcliffe nailing the top rookie hurler. In the N.L., Fairfax's young LF Rickey Henderson won the batting top rookie honors, and Hawaii's Pat Underwood took the rookie pitching prize. 

The Managers of the year are: A.L. Mike See of the Louisiana Lightning, and N.L. skipper Greg Stillwagon of the Montezuema Revenge winning the prizes. 

For the full detail of every vote cast, be sure to check out the results in the Voting Booth on the RH side of the page.

June 8, 2007 
1979 All-Star results 
FRANKFORT, IN - Thanks to every manager for voting! Now that the voting has been completed several days ago, it is my pleasure to announce the teams:

1979 American League All-Stars
C - Brian Downing, Rossville Ramblers
1B - Keith Hernandez, Baroda Serranos
2B - Julio Cruz, Barstow Rough Riders
3B - Bill Madlock, Rossville Ramblers
SS - Alfredo Griffin, Cedar Rapids Hired Guns
LF - Joel Youngblood, Rossville Ramblers
CF - Willie Wilson, Rossville Ramblers
RF - Dave Winfield, Lafayette Snow Bears
SP - Tom Seaver, Louisiana Lightning
RP - Sparky Lyle, Cedar Rapids Hired Guns

AL Close Races - 
RF - Ramblers Youngblood won over Ken Singleton of the Edmonton Magpies 88-76.
RP - Hired Guns Lyle took the nod over the Ramblers Kent Tekulve by a scant 88-81.
2B- Closest Race in AL saw Rough Riders Cruz take the vote over Cedar Rapids Phil Garner by a mere 3 points!

1979 National League All-Stars 
C - Johnny Bench, Hawaii 5-0's
1B - Rod Carew, Toledo Mud Hens
2B - Dave Lopes, Montezuema Revenge
3B - Larry Parish, Astoria Zoo Crew
SS - Roy Smalley, Worcester Grays
LF - George Foster, Toledo Mud Hens
CF - Chet Lemon, Montezuema Revenge
RF - Don Baylor, Toledo Mud Hens
SP - Rick Wise, Montezuema Revenge
RP - Jim Kern, Worcester Grays

NL Close Races - 
RP Grays Kern won a very close one over Bruce Sutter of the Revenge by an 87-80 margin.
1B - An unbelievable close nudge saw Carew take the nod over the Revolvers Cecil Cooper by a single point. Man, talk about close!

For the full story and a complete look at every vote cast, be sure to check out the results in the SPB Voting Booth. 1979 All-Star results are on the right side of the voting screen.

April 29, 2007 
New manager for 1980 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is with some regret that I have to announce that Greg Woertz, manager of the Barstow Rough Riders for the the last few seasons has resigned from SPB IV. Greg has taken over as Comish in another league he was in, and no longer has time to devote to managing the Riders. He did a good job during his time in SPB IV, and is to be commended for that.

On the flip side, I am glad to announce that Jim Wheeler will be returning to the league as manager of this team. He will rename the team as the Pocono Oaks, and will continue to use Anaheim Stadium as his home park. Welcome back to SPB IV, Jim! Jim also manages teams in SPB II, & SPB NOW. He assumes command of this team as of today

April 29, 2007 
1979 Champion Crowned! 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations are in order to Greg Stillwagon, manager of the Montezuema Revenge for his World Series win over Steve Ehresman's Lafayette Snow Bears. The Revenge bested the Snow Bears in a 5 game series, that saw them over come the Bears lead twice in the final innings of games 4 & 5. Greg has been on a roll in his comeback to the SPB Leagues. Better luck next year Steve!

The Series was played this morning, and the results will be posted to the SPB IV web page later this week. Be sure to keep an eye out for the exciting reports and stats of this series.

March 23rd, 2007 
Overusage and Use or Lose players 
FRANKFORT, IN - Another season gone, and another set of players to take care of.  Listed in bold is the OVERUSAGE report, and the USE OR LOSE players for 1979.  

March 23rd, 2007 
Congratulations to 1979 Division Winners! 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations to the following divisional winners:

In the American League East, Mike See's Louisiana Lightning punished everyone by winning 109 games and walking away with the crown. Rick Ryan had the grim knowledge of finishing 9 games out with "ONLY" 100 wins! Tough luck Rick!

In the American League West, Steve Ehresman's Lafayette Snow Bears romped all the way home, while winning 95 games and taking this division crown rather easily. Greg Woertz had his Barstow Rough Riders finishing a very distant 2nd, 15 games behind the White Bears.

In the National League East, Rich Applegate drove the Toledo Mud Hens to the top with 95 victories, winning the only "close" division this season. Mike Boling had the Kansas City Barons in the race all the way, but ended up settling for a close 2nd, just 4 games out of the running.

Finally the National League West had Greg Stillwagon's Montezuema Revenge rolling up an amazing 104 wins, while cruising to a this pennant! Hugh McElaneys Worcester Grays rolled in with a very respectable 2nd place finish, winning 94 games, but that was 10 games off the pace this year!

Congratulations to each of our championship teams for 1979!

March 23rd, 2007 
1979 Final stats posted 
DAYTON, OH. - The final stats and power rankings for 1979 are now posted. The article above from Gary Plunkitt outlines the upcoming playoffs.  The playoff pages are posted and ready to go. Good luck to all involved for another great season!

March 4th, 2007 
Petry No-Hitter #49
DAYTON, OH. - Dan Petry, of the Hawaii 5-O's tossed a gem of a game vs. the Revolvers.  See link above or the boxscore section for accounts of this game.   

July 29th, 2006 
Manager Change 
FRANKFORT, IN. - It is my pleasure to announce that we have a new manager in place for the Oakland Oaks. He is Hugh McElaney from Massachusetts. Hugh has stepped right in to take over for former manager Jim Hekel. Hugh currently manages other SPB teams in SPB NOW and SPB 100. He will be reviewing the team and send me his protected roster very soon. In the meantime I am also holding through the weekend for P2 picks from a couple of managers who were on vacation, and are due back this weekend sometime. It was my fault for not remembering these guys were gone yesterday. But not to worry, the P2 files will be out no later than Monday morning though, so hold on just a bit longer. Hugh will be renaming the team to the Worcester Grays.

Please take a few minutes to welcome Hugh to SPB IV!

July 26th, 2006 
Ballpark Change 
FRANKFORT, IN. - The Lafayette Snow Bears are pulling up stakes in the Astrodome and abandoning the premises for the lovely waterfall in Royals Stadium in K.C. So now the available ballparks are the Astrodome (Hou), and Olympic Stadium (Mon). Notify me if you want one of these two parks as your home

July 26th, 2006 
Call for protected rosters 
FRANKFORT, IN. - Now that I have released the 1979 database, it is time to call for protected rosters for your team. Remember, once your protected rosters are submitted, only players on your protected roster can be traded until after the drafts are completed. We are only a week and a half away from draft day, so please submit your protected rosters within the next 3 days. This means the deadline for your protected list is Friday, July 28th. 

Here is the list of how many players each time may protect:

20 protected players
Fairfax Canaries (Peterson)
Rossville Ramblers (Ryan)
Lafayette Snow Bears (Ehresman)
Iron City Rovers (Robinson)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Cada)

19 protected players
Kenosha Comets (Lauer)
Edmonton Magpies (Williams)
Barstow Rough Riders (Woertz)
Dorsey Lemmings (Bendik)
Baroda Serranos (Galbreath)
Toledo Mud Hens (Applegate)
Astoria Zoo Crew (DeZarlo)
Bronx Storm (Johnson)
Anok Island Gnomes (Brunner)
Oakland Oaks (Hekel)
Wabash Revolvers (Lanke)
Montezuema Revege (Stillwagon)
Kansas City Barons (Boling)
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (Hollingsworth)

18 protected players
Wright-Patt Plainsmen (Turnbull)
Louisiana Lightning (See)
Frankfort Firebugs (Plunkitt)
Hawaii 5-0's (Baxter)
Gotham City Ghosts (Cusack)

July 24th, 2006 
Team name changes 
FRANKFORT, IN. - Just an update for all managers, the following 4 team names, have changed since 1978:

Last years Kansas City Barons are now the Wabash Revolvers (they have also changed parks from Royals Stadium (KC) to Fulton Co. Stadium (ATL).

Last years Lafayette Generals are this years Kansas City Barons.

Last years Pocono Scouts are this years Lafayette Snow Bears.

Last years Possum Lake Beavers are this years Fairfax Canaries.

The two available parks in SPB IV at this time are: Royals Stadium (KC) and Exhibition Stadium (TOR). if anyone wants one of these parks, you must have played at least two full seasons in your current park (unless your a teams new manager, then you can switch now). Let me know if your interested in switching home parks.

July 20th, 2006 
Manager replacement 
FRANKFORT, IN. - Just a couple of lines to let you know of a change of managers for the coming 1979 season. Jim Wheeler has resigned due to time constraints from his SPB IV team, the Pocono Scouts. Jim will be staying on in all the other SPB Leagues he belongs too though. Steve Ehresman is returning to SPB IV as the man who will take over this team. However, he will be changing the team name to the Lafayette Snow Bears. I am sorry to see Jim leave this league, but glad that we have Steve back in place as the manager of the team.

May 24th, 2006 
1979 Rookie Draft venue selected 
DAYTON, OH - I am pleased to announce that the 1979 rookie draft will be held here in Dayton OH on Saturday August 5th.  We will be attending a post-draft double header for the Columbus Clippers as they take on the Indianapolis Indians.  Let me know as soon as possible if you will be able to make it, and if you can go to the game so I can get tickets in advance.  

May 18th, 2006 
New manager announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - Now with the 1978 season finished up, I would like to take the time to announce a change of managers for the coming 1979 season. First of all, my thanks goes out to Dave Schubert, who stepped in during mid stream when we needed him last season to take over as manager of the Possum Lake Beavers. Dave finished up the season, and then informed me that due to the added responsibilities of his new job, he will not be able to continue as a manager with this team. He will concentrate his efforts on SPB NOW where he is also a manager. 

I am glad to announce the appointment of Ron Peterson as the new manager of this team. Ron is new to SPB, but is a veteran manager from other DMB leagues, including the HBC deadball league, where I got to know him. He is really looking forward to managing in SPB IV. He has decided to give the team a new moniker. The former Beavers will now become the Fairfax Canaries. They will remain in Arlington Stadium. Please take a minute to welcome Ron at:

May 8th, 2006 
1978 All-Star teams announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - Voting has just been completed and tallied and will be posted the SPB IV webpage very soon by esteemed webmaster, John Turnbull. Be sure to check it out soon for the total voting results. Thanks to those managers who participated! 

Here are the best of the best from 1978:

American League
C Ted Simmons, Plainsmen (.279 - 26 HR - 92 RBI - 39 2B - 65 BB)
1B Eddie Murray, Lemmings (.315 - 30 HR - 84 RBI - 100 R)
2B Lou Whitaker, Comets (.315 - 1 HR - 33 RBI - 68 BB)
3B Pete Rose, Ghosts (.291 - 14 HR - 66 RBI - 45 2B)
SS Paul Molitor, Rough Riders (.274 - 11 HR - 68 RBI - 44 SB)
LF Fred Lynn, Rough Riders (.273 - 20 HR - 93 RBI - 62 BB)
CF Gene Richards, Lemmings (.305 - 9 HR - 51 RBI - 16 3B - 36 SB)
RF Dave Parker, Lightning (.332 - 32 HR - 110 RBI -96 R - 15 SB)
SP Ron Guidry, Lightning (24-8 - 2.10 ERA -267 K - 22 CG)
RP John Hiller, Plainsmen (6-3 - 1.78 ERA - 32 SV)

National League
C Gary Alexander, Firebugs (.293 - 26 HR - 80 RBI)
1B Jason Thompson, Firebugs (.314 - 29 HR - 105 RBI - 92 R - 77 BB)
2B Davey Lopes, Revenge (.290 - 13 HR - 66 RBI - 107 R - 41 2B - 51 SB)
3B Buddy Bell, Revenge (.322 - 15 HR - 94 RBI - 38 2B - 10 3B)
SS Roy Smalley, Oaks (.304 - 28 HR - 107 RBI -77 BB - 35 2B)
LF George Foster, Mud Hens (.290 - 34 HR - 111 RBI - 97 R)
CF Larry Hisle, Revenge (.284 - 38 HR - 115 RBI - 96 R - 11 SB)
RF Ellis Valentine, Firebugs (.313 - 27 HR - 111 RBI - 94 R - 16 SB)
SP Dennis Lamp, 5-0's (25-6 2.43 ERA - 16 CG)
RP Mike Marshall, Firebugs (7-4 - 1.82 ERA - 33 SV)

Some great performers all the way around! Congrats to this group of outstanding players in 1978!

May 8th, 2006 
1978 Awards announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players captured the top Awards from our recent 1978 season. Be sure to see the SPB IV League webpage for a full breakdown of the voting, including all votes received.

American League
MVP - Dave Parker, of Louisiana Lightning
CY YOUNG AWARD - Ron Guidry, Louisiana Lightning
FIREMAN of the Year - John Hiller, Wright - Patt Plainsmen
Rookie Hitter - Paul Molitor, Barstow Rough Riders
Rookie Pitcher - Don Robinson, Barstow Rough Riders
MANAGER of Year - John Turnbull, Wright-Patt Plainsmen

National League
- Jason Thompson, 1B Frankfort Firebugs
CY YOUNG AWARD - Dennis Lamp, Hawaii 5-0's
FIREMAN of Year - Mike Marshall, Frankfort Firebugs
ROOKIE Hitter - Taylor Duncan, Hawaii 5-0's
Rookie Pitcher - Larry McWilliams, Toledo Mud Hens
Manager of Year - Terry Baxter, Hawaii 5-0's

NOTES: John & Terry won their respective Manager titles, and both went down in 4 games during the LCS series! Tough luck for a couple of great managers who led their teams to their leagues best records during the season. They deserved better!

Jason Thompson was followed closely in the MVP voting by teammate Ellis Valentine, perhaps this is an SPB Ist!

Closest contested spot was when rookie pitcher McWilliams edged out Mark Lee of the Beavers by a single point 63-62 for RPOY. Man that was a battle!

May 7th, 2006 
Firebugs topple Ghosts in 78 World Series 
DAYTON, OH - In an exciting 6-game series with John Turnbull covering for John Cusack, the Frankfort Firebugs outlasted the Gotham City Ghosts for the 78 crown.  The boxscores have been posted, with the writeups soon to follow.   

April 29th, 2006 
Manager replacement for Larry Schilling 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my duty to announce a return to the manager ranks in SPB IV by someone most of you are very familiar with. Greg Stillwagon will be taking over the reigns as manager to lead the Montezuma Revenge. Greg has also rejoined SPB in SPB 100, & SPB V. He will be assuming command of the team immediately. This is because of the recent passing of long time SPB manager Larry Schilling. Larry had taken over the Revenge early in the 1978 season. 

Greg will be keeping the same team name, as he says it is a name he has always liked. He also will be remaining in Fenway Park with the team. It is great to have Greg back in the ranks. You can reach him at: Welcome back to SPB IV Greg! :-)

April 23rd, 2006 
1978 World Series set 
FRANKFORT, IN - My congratulations to the two winning teams from the 1978 LCS series, which concluded recently. These two teams will soon meet in the 1978 Worlds Series.

In the ALCS John Cusack's Gotham City Ghosts pulled off an upset when the beat John Turnbull's Wright Patt Plainsmen. The Plainsmen had won 110 games during the regular series, more than any other team! The Ghosts won 3 of 4 games for the surprising win, proving they are a team to be reckoned with.

In the NLCS Gary Plunkitt's Frankfort Firebugs also scored an victory over Terry Baxter's Hawaii 5-0's in four games. Both teams had won 101 in the regular series.

For the full line look at each LCS game, be sure to check out the SPB IV webpage for all results including boxscores, linescores, game stories, scoresheets, and play by play for all 8 LCS games. Congratulations to the winners, the Gotham City Ghosts & Frankfort Firebugs.

So the World Series for 1978 is all set up now. The Firebugs will open the series at home taking on the Ghosts for the championship of 1978.  

April 6th, 2006 **Updated ***
1978 Voting booth now open 
DAYTON, OH - The voting booth for the 1978 season is now open.  Commissioner Gary Plunkitt has announced a deadline of April 16th. 

March 26, 2006
1978 Overusage and Use or lose reports 
FRANKFORT, IN - A tradition at seasons end is to announce those teams who have players departing for various reasons, and to divvy out the overusage penalties.  Click the appropriate link for USE OR LOSE and OVERUSAGE

March 26, 2006
Playoffs for 1978 set 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations are in order for the following teams and managers on capturing their division titles during the season;

1. The Wright-Patt Plainsmen of John Turnbull, captured the A.L. Eastern flag with an extremely close win over Mike See's Louisiana Lightning. Just one game separated these two power house teams. Further the division winner here came down to the last series, and even the last game of that series!! The Plainsmen ended with a league leading 105 wins, while the Lightning captured 104 wins. Those Lightning wins would have been good enough to capture any of the other divisional crowns! 

2. The Gotham City Ghosts, lead by John Cusack, nailed down the A.L. Western flag by a rather easy margin of 12 games over Greg Woertz's Barstow Rough Riders. John's team nailed 94 wins, which is the least amount of wins for any winner this year.

3. The Frankfort Firebugs, with Gary Plunkitt as manager, managed to hold off the Mike Boling team, the Lafayette Generals with a 7 game margin win in the N.L. Eastern division. The Firebugs scored 101 wins on the season. 

4. The Hawaii 5-0's, featuring Terry Baxter at the helm, also won 101 games in capturing the N.L. Western divisional title. Terry scored a rather convincing win over the 2nd place Anok Island Gnomes of Steve Brunner, with a 12 game lead.

So hats off to all these managers, our top finishers of the 1978 season. The ALCS & NLCS battles will be unfolding soon. The winners of those two events will meet in the 1978 World Series in the shootout for the Worlds Championship. Stay tuned!

February 22, 2006
August stats posted 
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for August 1978 are now posted. The NL East and AL East still boast close races as we head into the last month of the season. One of the two best records in the league may not even make the playoffs!

January 8, 2006
New Manager for Possum Lake Beavers 
DAYTON, OH - It makes me very happy to announce that we have a new manager already for the Possum Lake Beavers. Dave Schubert is taking the reigns of this team from Stan Skawinski right away. He will have his MP's out for this team very quickly. Mike Boling (Generals) and I (Firebugs) are his road opponents this month.

Tim Johnson, Joe DeZarlo, and Rich Applegate will need to send their July MP's out once again, this time to Dave, ASAP, so that he can play his 3 July home series this month against the Zoo Crew, Mud Hens, and Storm. Guys, let me know you took care of this, please.

Thanks very much to Dave for stepping right in with this team. Dave is already involved in SPB, having a team in the SPB NOW league. His email address is: Feel free to welcome Dave to SPB IV. 

December 23, 2005
June stats posted 
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for June 1978 are now posted. The NL East boasts the closest race where the #1 and 2 ranked teams in the power rankings are battling it out for a division crown.   

December 14, 2005
New manager stepping in 
FRANKFORT, IN - I am very happy to announce the appointment of another Indiana member to our league. Jim Hekel will be taking over the leadership of the Oakland Oaks team for the balance of the 1978 season. He will taking care of the team starting in January with the play of the month of July. His email address is: Please welcome Jim to our League. He is brand new to SPB so it might take a bit for him to get into the swing of things. Also taking a team over in mid stream is always a challenge. So thanks Jim for stepping right in.

December 11, 2005
Temporary change in statistician 
FRANKFORT, IN - Please send all your June stats for 1978 to Chris Williams, who is taking over the job from Greg Stillwagon on a temporary basis. So be sure to send all June results to Chris when you finish up your games.

November 6, 2005
Another new manager on board 
FRANKFORT, IN - This is just a note to inform you that we do have a new manager today for the Montezuma Revenge. Veteran SPB manager Larry Schilling will be taking over the team. He will be sending out his MP's for the month of May 1978 very soon. This is our current month we're playing in November, of course. If you have an away series with the Revenge this month, and you already sent your MP's out to former manager Bill Linn, please resend those MP's to Larry ASAP. That way we will remain on schedule for this months play.
My thanks goes to Larry for taking on yet another SPB League!! Welcome to SPB IV Larry!

October 28, 2005
New manager on board 
FRANKFORT, IN - I am happy to welcome back to SPB former manager Mike Boling. He will be taking over the reigns of the Lafayette Generals immediately. Please send your MP's out to Mike for May's play. I think Mike will do a great job with this team and he is a welcome addition to our league. His info will be posted to the managers page very shortly by John T. For those of you who need it now, here is Mike's email address: . Welcome aboard again Mike!

September 15, 2005
Team SPB first! 
FRANKFORT, IN - Jim Wheeler has traded the team Vin had to Greg W. for his Rough Riders team. They will also switch team names; the Rough Riders are now the Pocono Scouts, and the Scouts now become the Barstow Rough Riders. Reason was the old Rough Riders were Jim's former team in 1977

September 14, 2005
Jim Wheeler rejoins SPB-4 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB IV Managers, Jim Wheeler has decided to return to the fold as an SPB IV manager and will be taking over the former East Detroit Shamrocks team of Vin Onstott. Jim will be ready to begin season play with this team on Oct. 1st, of course. He is renaming the team as the Pocono Scouts. Remember also that Sunday, September 25th is the trading deadline for the 1978 season. Please have all trades reported by 8 PM. CST by this date! 

August 21, 2005
78 Free agent claims 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players have been claimed on waivers by the following teams:

Cedar Rapids (Cada)
George Zeber, 2b
Tim Nordbrook, inf

Rossville (Ryan)
Joe Lahoud, of

Edmonton (Williams)
John Caneira, sp
Terry Cornutt, mr
Larry Lintz, 2b

Kansas City (Lanke)
Bob Coluccio, of
Jerry Tabb, 1b

The following players went unclaimed and have been released from the player files of 1978. All of these guys are finito.

Rob Belloir, ss
Don Collins, p
Steve Grilli, p
Sam Perlozzo, 2b
Gary Wheelock, p

August 21, 2005
78 Pink slip babies 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players have been given their walking papers by various teams. If you should want to put in a claim for any of these prizes, please let me know by Sunday at 6 P.M. CST. Any players claimed will be awarded to the team finishing lowest in the standings that submits the claims. Any players not claimed will be released in retirement from SPB.

Rob Belloir, ss
John Caniera, sp
Don Collins, p (1980)
Bob Coluccio, of
Terry Cornutt, mr
Steve Grilli, p (1979)
Joe Lahoud, of
Larry Lintz, 2b
Tim Nordbrook, ss
Sam Perlozzo, 2b (1979)
Jerry Tabb, 1b
Gary Wheelock, sp (1980)
George Zeber, 2b

That's it guys. Pretty slim pickins!!

August 16, 2005
78 Players recommended for release 
FRANKFORT, IN - Now that all the drafts are completed, it is that time when I call for all managers to check their teams for players they will have no use of during the coming season.
Any manager can release any player that you deem will be of little or no use to you in playing the 1978, or any future SPB seasons. Your not restricted to release just the following listed players, but can release anyone who you deem to be just a "roster clutterer".

In checking through the files, I have came up with the following players to be recommended to be released as they have little or no stats for 1978, or for any future seasons to come. I will list the players by name, 1978 main position, and team. Please respond to me by Friday if you have ANY player or players on this list, as to whether or not you will need to keep them. Then on Saturday, I will send out the list of released "free agents", allow a couple of days for teams to claim them if they really are needed, and then I will release (delete) all players that go unclaimed. This is an annual event once drafts are complete, for every SPB season. Here are this years players for release:

Gary Wheelock P, Gnomes
Gary Sutherland, 2b Serranos
George Zeber, 2b Serranos
Mike Gordon, c Hired Guns
Steve Grilli, p Hired Guns
Clay Carroll, p Lemmings
Larry Lintz, 2b Firebugs
Rob Belloir, ss Rovers
Larry Haney, c Comets
Sam Perlozzo, 2b Generals
Bob Coluccio, of Generals
John Caniera, p Generals
Jerry Tabb, 1b Oaks
Tim Nordbrook, ss Beavers
Enzo Hernandez, ss Volcanoes
Don Collins, p Volcanoes
Terry Curnutt, p Volcanoes
Danny Walton, 1b Mud Hens
Mike Davey, p Mud Hens

Again, let me know if you want to release these players, or not. These are the absolute "bottom of the barrel" players with little stats left for their M.L. careers. You may also release any other players who you judge to be of no help to your team now or in the future. I need to know by Friday, so please respond on time.

August 14, 2005
Paul Molitor first 78 draft pick 
DAYTON, OH - Paul Molitor was chosen by Vin Onstott's East Detroit Shamrocks.  The first round results are on the right, with complete draft coverage available in the DRAFT CENTRAL section.



August 1, 2005
Phase 2 protected players due 
FRANKFORT, IN - To All SPB IV 1978 Managers, Now is the time to send me your protected rosters to prepare for the 1978 Phase II draft. Here is the number of players each team is allowed to protect:

20 Players
Rossville Ramblers (R. Ryan)
Barstow Rough Riders (G. Woertz)
East Detroit Shamrocks (V. Onstott)
Possum Lake Beavers (S. Skawinski)
Gotham City Ghosts (J. Cusack)
Iron City Rovers (M. Robinson)

19 Players
Edmonton Magpies (C. Williams)
Wright-Patt Plainsmen (J. Turnbull)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (J. Cada)
Baroda Serranos (M. Galbreath)
Spirit Mountain Volcanoes (M. Hollingsworth)
Frankfort Firebugs (G. Plunkitt)
Lafayette Generals (S. Ehresman)
Astoria Zoo Crew (J. DeZarlo)
Bronx Storm (T. Johnson)
Montezuma Revenge (B. Linn)
Anok Island Gnomes (S. Brunner)
Hawaii 5-0's (T. Baxter)

18 Players
Louisiana Lightning (M. See)
Toledo Mud Hens (R. Applegate)
Kansas City Barons (B. Lanke)
Oakland Oaks (G. Stillwagon)
Kenosha Comets (D. Lauer)
Dorsey Lemmings (J. Bendik)

Please have your lists to me by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 3rd. I will then send out all the updated files with every teams roster that will note the protected and unprotected players. PLEASE BE PROMPT WITH THESE LISTS. Thanks to each of you for doing this.


July 23, 2005
Ballpark Change 
FRANKFORT, IN - Steve Ehresman, manager of the Lafayette Generals has abandoned Montreal's Olympic Stadium and is moving into the confines of Toronto's Exhibition Stadium. The two available parks are now Montreal (Olympic Stadium) and Atlanta (Fulton County Stadium).

June 24, 2005
Manager Change 
FRANKFORT, IN - Another manager change has been made for the coming 1978 season. First off, Randall Reilly, a very short time manager, has decided to give up the Mad City Isthmus team because of work issues. Marc Robinson, will return to SPB IV to take over the team. He will be renaming the team as the Iron City Rollers. He will give up Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium and move into Comiskey Park. The team last year was the Harrisville Mountain Men. I have attached an updated set of 1978 files with these changes in place. Welcome back to SPB IV Marc!

June 9, 2005
78 Rosters posted 
DAYTON, OH - The first set of rosters for the 78 season are now posted.  This will aid greatly in scouting teams to look for potential traders.  Enjoy! 

June 9, 2005
Sayonara to the following players 
FRANKFORT, IN - As I am readying the first files for 1978 for release, I thought I would let you know the players that have ended their careers in SPB IV with their 1977 roster appearances. Quite a mix of well known players ended their careers in 1977, as you will see. Also many little known players hit the road after their brief MLB seasons too. I will list them with all batters first, pitchers 2nd with their last team played for in '77.  Click HERE for the complete article and list.

May 3, 2005
1978 draft order announced 
DAYTON, OH - The official draft order for the 1978 draft to be held in August is now posted.  The draft order includes all past trades involving 1978 draft picks.     

April 30, 2005
Another Park change 
FRANKFORT, IN - Joe DeZarlo has decided to move into Shea Stadium and is giving up Old Comiskey Park. So now the available parks are Comiskey & Toronto's Exhibition.

April 30, 2005
New Statistician for SPB-4 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my duty to gladly announce that Greg Stillwagon will be taking over the position of League Statistician in SPB IV. He will assume his duties with the beginning of the 1978 season in October. Greg has long wanted to serve SPB in another capacity, other than manager. So thanks Greg for taking this job over 

April 30, 2005
Ballpark change for 1978 
FRANKFORT, IN - New manager Marc Hollingsworth has changed parks with his team and is leaving Shea Stadium and moving into the Oakland Colliseum. Available parks in SPB IV are now Toronto's Exhibition Stadium and New York's Shea Stadium

April 30, 2005
New Manager on board for 78 
FRANKFORT, IN - I would like to announce the appointment of veteran SPB Manager Marc Hollingsworth into our ranks for the coming 1978 season. He will taking over the fore Brooklyn Buccaneers franchise, and renaming the team the Spirit Mountain Volcanoes. Welcome to SPB IV Marc! My thanks goes out to former manager Peter Reoch for his many years in this league!

April 4, 2005
Mud Hens best lightning for 77 Crown 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations to Rich Applegate and his Toledo Mud Hens for winning the 77 World Series in decisive fashin against the #1 seed Louisiana Lightning.  See the WORLD SERIES link for complete coverage and excellent write-ups on both sides.  

March 29, 2005
77 World Series set 
FRANKFORT, IN - The lights are on for the 1977 World Series. The National League will be represented by the Toledo Mud Hens, managed by Rich Applegate. The American League will have the Louisiana Lightning of Mike See matching up in these Big Games. 

The Mud Hens took Bill Lanke's Kansas City Barons down in 4 games in the NLCS. The Lightning rocked Jim Bendik's Dorsey Lemmings in 3 straight for the ALCS title. The Lemmings were last years World Champs in 1976. 

Good luck to Rich & Mike as they will soon meet for the Championship of 1977! This years series will open in Louisiana for the first two contests.

March 24, 2005
Six Stadium changes to announce 
FRANKFORT, IN - The dominoes start falling, as several managers decide to increase their city taxes and move into new digs.  Here are the details:

TEAM              OLD STADIUM              NEW STADIUM
Oaks               Fulton Cty. Stadium      San Diego Stadium
Ghosts            Candlestick Park           Riverfront Stadium
Isthmus           Three Rivers                  Fulton County Stadium
Magpies          Anaheim Stadium          Candlestick Park
Lightning          Exhibition Stadium        Three Rivers
Rough Riders   Oak Coliseum               Anaheim Stadium


March 24, 2005
Replacement for Scouts named 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my pleasure to announce that Greg W. of California will be taking over the former Pocono team for the 1978 season. He will be renaming the team to the Barstow Rough Riders. He will be moving his home park as well dropping the Oakland Coliseum and moving into Anaheim Stadium with his new team. So welcome aboard Greg. We're glad to have you in league! If you want to welcome Greg, he can be reached at:

March 24, 2005
Replacement for Mountain Men named 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to announce a new manager for the coming 1978 season. Randall Reilly of Wisconsin will be taking over the former Harrisville team. He is renaming the team the "Mad City Isthmus" and will be leaving Three Rivers Stadium behind and taking over the recently vacated Fulton County Stadium. His bio info will be posted soon to our managers page. He is anxious to put his own stamp on this team in an effort to rebuild.
Please welcome Randall to SPBIV. He can be reached at: 

March 22, 2005
Two Managers resign 
FRANKFORT, IN - There will be two new managers, to be announced at a later time, taking over the teams of two veteran SPB IV managers who will not be returning for the 1978 season. Jim Wheeler announced to me a short while back that he would no longer be an SPB IV manager of the Pocono Scouts due to a shortage of time. Also Dave Parsons is not returning in 1978 as the manager of the Harrisville Mountain Men. Jim is still aboard in SPB in 5 of our other leagues. Dave has now left all SPB leagues. Thanks to both of these men for their long time service in SPB IV!

March 22, 2005
1977 over usage 
FRANKFORT, IN - Click HERE for info concerning over usage penalties for the 1977 season.

March 22, 2005
1977 50% use or lose 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players are lost to their teams because of failure to use them the required 50% during the 1977 season:

These players will be returning in the 1978 rookie draft, or a later rookie draft, as they have some stats left for coming seasons. I list the year they will reappear in a draft, only if it is later than next season (1978):

John Vukovich, 3b (Gnomes) 1979
Bob Davis, c (Zoo Crew)
Art Gardner, of (Zoo Crew)
Benny Ayala, of (Zoo Crew) 1979
Dennis Lewallyn, p (Serranos)
Doug Ault, 1b (Shamrocks)
Randy Elliott, of (Firebugs) 1980
Andres Mora, of (Firebugs)
Sam Mejias, of (Firebugs)
Fran Healy, c (Mountain Men)
Dan Warthen, p (Mountain Men)
Jerry Tabb, 1b (5-0's)
Keith Smith, of (5-0's) 1980
Dan Briggs, 1b (Comets)
Jerry Terrell, inf (Generals)
Larry Murray, of (Generals)
Glenn Burke, of (Lightning)
Danny Goodwin, 1b (Oaks)
Tom Bruno, p (Beavers)
Steve Burke, p (Beavers)
Marty Perez, ss (Plainsmen)
Dave Rosello, inf (Plainsmen) 1979
Dell Alston, of (Plainsmen)

The following players were lost because of the 50% rule too. But they did not have anything left after 1977 anyway, and would not have appeared in future SPB seasons.

Pedro Garcia, 2b (Shamrocks)
Jerry Davanon, inf (Magpies)
Doug Griffin, 2b (Magpies)
Craig Robinson, ss (Firebugs)
Luis Delgado, of (Firebugs)
Vic Bernal, p (Mountain Men)
Bob Johnson, p (Mountain Men)
Jim Fuller, of (5-0's)
Terry Harmon, inf (Generals)
Rick Baldwin, p (Generals)
Jeff Terpko, p (Generals)
Ed Goodson, 1b (Revenge)
Gil Patterson, p (Revenge)
Jimmy Wynn, of (Oaks)
Chuck Hartenstein, p (Oaks)
Bob Adams, 1b (Beavers)
Luis Rosado, 1b (Beavers)
Joe Lis, of (Plainsmen)
Ken Boswell, 2b (Plainsmen)
Danny Thomas, of (Plainsmen)
Larry Demery, p (Plainsmen)

February 20, 2005
August 1977 Stats now posted 
DAYTON, OH - The August 1977's Stats and Power Rankings are posted.  Looks like only 1 race is yet to be decided between the Barons and the Oaks in the NL West. 

January 8, 2005
1978 Draft location 
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB IV Managers, Due to a lack of interest, Mike See has decided this August's draft will not be held in Las Vegas after all. Too many managers responded that they would not be available on the first weekend.

So we both agreed that it would be best just to have the SPB IV draft here in Frankfort. It will be on Saturday, August 13th, since many guys had the previous weekend booked. No hurry on this one though, plenty of time to let me know. I do hope to see several of you here later this summer for these 1978 drafts

October 24, 2004
1977 Win Share Predictions 
DAYTON, OH - Thanks to Tim Johnson, you can view his win-share predictions by clicking HERE.  Thanks Tim for a great job and service!   

September 30, 2004
Replacement manager named 
FRANKFORT, IN - I am very happy to announce that veteran SPB V Manager Bill Lanke will be in the drivers seat for the former K.C. Barons as we get underway for the 1977 season. Bill's email address is: Be sure to give Bill a welcome! I thank him for stepping up and taking over this team! 

September 29, 2004
1977 Free agent claims 
FRANKFORT, IN - Surprisingly there were several takers among our paltry free agent group this year. Here are the players selected and the team that won their lottery! Listed in order of winning teams.

Plainsmen - Joe Lis,

Beavers - Felix Millan

Mountain Men - Gene Locklear, Dennis Blair (80).

Bucs - Enzo Hernandez, Mike Cuellar, & Ray Bare.

Magpies - Jerry DaVanon, Doug Griffin.

Ramblers - Mike Wallace, Frank MacCormack.

Hired Guns - Rich Folkers

Scouts - Pepe Mangual.

Mud Hens - Danny Walton.

Those free agents not getting any bids were: Steve Luebber (79), Luis Melendez, Nyls Nyman, Danny Walton, Mark Wiley (78). & Oscar Zamora (79). These 6 players have been deleted from SPB 1977.

September 29, 2004
1977 Free agent list 
FRANKFORT, IN - The following players have been released from the list of possible cuts last evening. The 8:00 deadline is past and so you have 24 hours to claim any of the following players for your teams. Remember, do not draft these bums unless you really have a need for them, if at all possible. :-)

Ray Bare, SP
Dennis Blair, (80) SP
Mike Cuellar, SP
Jerry Davanon, INF
Rich Folkers, MR
Doug Griffin, 2B
Enzo Hernandez, SS
Joe Lis, 1B
Steve Luebber, (79) MR
Frank MacCormack, SP
Pepe Mangual, OF
Luis Melendez, OF
Felix Millan, 2B **
Nyls Nyman, PH
Mike Wallace, MR
Gene Locklear, OF
Danny Walton, 1B
Mark Wiley, (78) MR
Oscar Zamora (78) MR

**Millan has value to those needing a 2B. He was the only released player not on the original list. He would be a worthwhile pick to those needing legitimate help in the INF.

If you want to claim a player, have your claim to me by 8:00 P.M. Wednesday night. At that time I will adjust all claims, and release the players not claimed outright from the league. I will then send out the official files to begin play for 1977. Thanks for your patience.

September 27, 2004
Players to procedure 
FRANKFORT, IN - If you wish to retain any, or all of these players for your team roster, you must respond to me no later than 8:00PM Tuesday night September 28 with the name of each player you wish to keep. No need to respond at all if you want the players dropped. I will release all players at the deadline tomorrow night if there has been no request from you to keep the player. Of course, you can release any other player not on this list if you do not see them getting any playing time for your team. Just send me their names by the deadline on tuesday night (8:00). Note: All of these players listed have very little value or stats for this or any other season. Please respond ASAP.

Tomorrow night I will send a quick note out to all after the deadline has been reached with each player dropped from the league. There will then be a 24 hour period to claim a player for your team. However, most of these guys are pretty pathetic, but it seems there are always a few who get claimed. Do not claim these players unless you actually believe you will need them, please!

Here is the total list I have come up with:
TOLEDO (R. Applegate)
Luis Alvarado, 3b
Roric Harrison, mr (78)
Jack Heidemann, ss

Larry Anderson, mr
Doug Griffin, 2b
Ray Sadecki, mr
Danny Walton, 1b
Oscar Zamora, mr (78)

ASTORIA (J. DeZarlo)
Ray Bare, SP
Enzo Hernandez, ss

DORSEY (J. Bendik)
Mike Beard, mr
Luis Melendez, of

ANOK ISLAND (S. Brunner)
Dennis Blair, sp (80)
Don Carrithers, mr
Mike Wallace, mr
Mark Wiley, mr (78)

POCONO (J. Wheeler)
Mike Cuellar, sp
Nyls Nyman, ph

HAWAII (T. Baxter)
Jerry DaVanon, inf

OAKLAND (G. Stillwagon)
Rich Folkers, mr

Joe Hoerner, mr
Phil Roof, c

Randy Hundley, c

EDMONTON (C. Williams)
Rick Krueger, mr
Brent Strom, mr

POSSUM LAKE (S. Skawinski)
Joe Lis, 1b
Frank MacCormack, sp

Steve Luebber, mr (79)

Pepe Mangual, of

Gene Locklear, of

Other teams not listed have no recommended players to release, but you can release anyone you will not use. Just send me the names.

August 19, 2004
Stadium Change 
FRANKFORT, IN - The Louisiana Lightning GM Mike See has pulled up stakes and moved the team from Riverfront Stadium in Cincy to Toronto and taken up residence in Exhibition Stadium there.

That leaves Riverfront and San Diego Stadium as the available parks in SPBIV.

July 31, 2004
Protected Player call 
FRANKFORT, IN - In readying for the quickly approaching drafts of 1977, I am now calling for all protected rosters from each current 1977 manager. Here is a list of how many players each team may protect, based on teams 1976 W-L records:

18 Players to Protect: 
K. C. Barons (Mike Boling)
Edmonton Magpies (Chris Williams)
Oakland Oaks (Greg Stillwagon)
Hawaii 5-0's (Terry Baxter)
Lafayette Generals (Steve Ehresman)

19 Players to Protect:
C. R. Hired Guns (Jerry Cada)
Dorsey Lemmings (Jim Bendik)
Kenosha Comets (Dave Lauer)
W. P. Plainsmen (John Turnbull)
Louisiana Lightning (Mike See)
Brooklyn Buccaneers (Peter Reoch)
Baroda Serranos (Mike Galbreath)
G. C. Ghosts (John Cusack)
Toledo Mud Hens (Rich Applegate)
Bronx Storm (Tim Johnson)
Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)
A. I. Gnomes (Steve Brunner)

20 Players to Protect:
Rossville Ramblers (Rick Ryan)
Astoria Zoo Crew (Joe DeZarlo)
Montezuma Revenge (Bill Linn)
Wetumpka Scouts (Jim Wheeler)
Harrisville Mountain Men (Dave Parsons)

PLEASE HAVE THESE LIST TO ME NO LATER THAN SUNDAY NIGHT BY 11 P.M. CST. I will then send out the P2 ready files on Monday morning. Shortly after that John T. can have the available P2 players posted to the SPB IV webpage. Thanks for your promptness in this matter. 

I have lists already for the Lightning, Firebugs, and Mud Hens!

July 28, 2004
Manager swap 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my privilege to announce that Joe DeZarlo, very much the veteran SPB manager, is returning to SPB IV after a 3 year absence while he was "in the books". Joe is coming in as the replacement manager for the recently departed Marc Robinson, as manager of the former Ruppert Mundys team. Joe is renaming the team as the Astoria Zoo Crew, and he will remain in Comiskey Park for his home games. 

Please welcome Joe back to SPB IV! It's good to know the team continues in good hands. Welcome back Joe! I'm sure you will have the Mundys in the thick of the race very soon.

Meanwhile, Marc Robinson will remain a member of the SPB Leagues with franchises in both SPB Now & SPB V.

May 31, 2004
New Expansion Manager 
FRANKFORT, IN - It is time to announce the replacement for Dave Baldwin, an expansion manager, who had to resign due to other commitments. The new manager taking over for Dave will be Vin Onstott, who has played in SPB V for two years previous. Vin is a solid manager in SPB V, and I'm sure he will do a great job in SPB IV too. So welcome to the 1977 season Vinny!!!

He has decided to rename the team which was the former Las Vegas Bombers. The new team name will be the East Detroit Shamrocks, and they also will adapt a new home park. They are abandoning the San Diego park, and will take Houston's pitchers paradise, the Astrodome as their home park. Send Vin a welcome if your so inclined.

May 20, 2004
1977 Stadium Change 
FRANKFORT, IN - John Turnbull, manager of the Wright-Patt Plainsmen has decided to dump the Astrodome and is moving into Seattle's Kingdome for the 1977 season. 

May 2, 2004
1977 Draft order announced 
FRANKFORT, IN - The official draft order complete with traded picks is now on the website.  Look under Draft order 1977 in the Draft section.

April 28, 2004
1976 Expansion managers officially on board 
FRANKFORT, IN - Welcomes go out to both Stan Skawinski and Dave Baldwin as they officially come aboard in SPB IV with their expansion teams for 1977. Dave has the Los Vegas Bombers ready for entry, and Stan is bringing the Possum Lake Beavers into existence. These managers, as well as all other managers, can now be included for trading in getting your teams ready for the 1977 season. 

To check out, or review the rosters of these expansion teams, please refer to the rosters on the SPB IV webpage under the News note dated August 24, 2003. Please take a minute to welcome both Dave and Stan to the league, if you want to.


April 27, 2004
1976 World Series complete! 
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations are in order for the Dorsey Lemmings, managed by Jim Bendik, as he has soundly defeated the Lafayette Generals of Steve Ehresman in the 1976 W.S., by taking 4 straight games from Lafayette. The first two were played in Lafayette, and the final 2 at Dorsey. So a solid job of managing by Bendik brings the Lemmings the championship. 

March 30, 2004
1976 End of season player reports
DAYTON OH - With the finish of the 1976 season, please click on the highlighted word for player over usage and use or lose players. 

March 28, 2004
1976 Final Stats posted, Playoffs set
DAYTON OH - That stats for the final month of 1976 are now posted in Version 9 format.  I will have the playoff page posted soon.  Please play the playoffs in version 8 format.  Congratulations to Mike Boling, Chris Williams, Steve Ehresman, and Jim Bendik for making the final four.  

December 20, 2003
1976 June Stats posted
DAYTON OH - The stats for June 1976 season is now posted. Monthly awards will be posted shortly. All but one division seems to be within reach.  A.L. East looks to be a 5-team race!  

October 13, 2003
1976 Win-Shares predictions
DAYTON OH - Thanks to Tim Johnson for providing us this keen insight to the possible outcome of the 1976 season.  It proves that I have a target on my back!!  Good luck! You can view his predictions by clicking HERE.

September 28, 2003
1976 Spring Training stats posted
DAYTON OH - Thanks to Greg Stillwagon for playing some spring training games.  Hopefully some of you were able to fine-tune your lineups because of them.  Season play starts October 1st.  Good luck to all of you!  The stats are located at the bottom of the SPB4 links section on the left.

Aug 25, 2003
3 Free agents claimed for 76.
FRANKFORT, IN -The following 3 free agent players were awarded to these teams:

Jerry Cram, p Harrisville Mountain Men
Ed Sprague, p Harrisville Mountain Men
Rick Austin, p Edmonton Magpies

The other free agents, Jim Burton, Ed Crosby, and Eric Raich have been dropped from the 1976 SPB files since no claims were submitted.

Aug 24, 2003
SPB-4 1977 Expansion draft completed.
FRANKFORT, IN -The drafted roster for the Las Vegas Bombers has been announced.  You can access the Bombers roster by clicking HERE. The Beavers roster can be accessed HERE.

Aug 23, 2003
SPB-4 1976 Free Agent....come and get 'em
FRANKFORT, IN -You have untill Sunday night at 8:00 CST to put in a claim for any of these, or they will be released from the 1976 files. So let me know ASAP if you want any of these players:

Jim Burton (77) p (1 game)
Jerry Cram, p (4 games)*
Ed Sprague, p (3 games)*
Eric Raich, p (1 game)*
Ed Crosby, 3b (2 AB)
Rick Austin, p (3 games)*

Aug 19, 2003
SPB-4 1976 Players eligible for release
FRANKFORT, IN -Now that the season is nearing, the drafts are over, and we are ensconced in trading, this would be a good time to bring up those players who can be released from your teams before the 1976 season starts.

In reviewing all rosters, I have spotted the following players who could easily be released by their teams. These players have little if any present or future value. All players have very few appearances left in their M.L. careers. 

Of course this list is subject to your approval. You can keep any of the players listed if you wish to do so, but you must notify me to retain them. However, if you choose to release them they will become free agents. I will then publish a list of all free agents later this week, and as always any manager can claim them, (if you really need them) and have them placed on your current roster. These free agents will then be awarded to the teams with the worst records in 1975, in the rare case of any dual claims. 

The reason for this action is basically to clear your rosters of any unwanted or unneeded players who you consider as fodder on your roster. Of course, you may release any other players not on this list as well. If your never going to consider using them, and they have no current or future value to your team, feel free to let me know ALL additional players you wish to cut.

Here is the suggested list: (name, pos, year, stats, present team roster, mgr.)

Mark Wiley, p (1978) (6 games, 1 start 6.10 ERA in 78) Anok Island Gnomes (Brun)
Jim Burton, p (1977) (1 game, 0.00 ERA in 77) Bronx Storm (Johnson)
Rick Austin, p (1976) (3 games, 5.06 ERA in 76) Brooklyn Bucs (Reoch)
Larry Anderson, p (1977) (6 games, 9.35 ERA in 77) Cedar Rapids H.G. (Cada)
Jerry Cram, p (1976) (4 games, 6.23 ERA in 76) Dorsey Lemmings (Bendik)
Tom Dettore, p (1976) (4 games, 10.29 ERA in 76) Goth. City Ghosts (Cusack)
Ed Sprague, p (1976) (3 games, 7.04 ERA in 76) K.C. Barons (Boling)
Jim York, p (1976) (3 games, 5.59 ERA in 76) Lafayette Generals (Ehresman)
Roger Nelson, p (1976) (3 games, 2.08 ERA in 76) Oakland Oaks (Stillwagon)
Eric Raich, p (1976) (1 game, 16.88 ERA in 76) Pocono Scouts (Wheeler)
Harry Parker, p (1976) (3 games, 0.00 ERA in 76) Rossville Rambs. (Ryan)
Roric Harrison, p (1978) (9 games, 7.50 ERA in 78) Toledo Mud Hens (Applegate)
Ed Crosby, 3b (1976) (1 game, 2 at bats in 76) Hawaii 5-0's (Baxter)

Strangely this year only 1 batter appears on this list. 

So, if you have a player listed here, please reply within 48 hours ONLY if you wish to retain the player. Otherwise, they will be removed from your roster and placed on a free agent list. This is a little different procedure than used in the past, but since most players do get the axe, I thought this might save you a note. Remember too, if you wish to give any other rostered players, besides the above suggestions, their pink slip, be sure to let me know who they are within 48 hours. 

Thanks for your co-operation. A list of all released free agents will be sent out later this week with a chance for any team to claim them. If they go unclaimed, they will be released from the SPB files into oblivion!

Thanks for your patience and attention to this matter.

Aug 16, 2003
SPB-4 Expansion on the horizon
FRANKFORT, IN - I am now beginning the process of bringing in two new managers for the two expansion teams we will be adding in the 1977 season. Now that all our 1976 drafts are over, there is no reason to wait any longer. 

I have already came up with the two new managers from our backup list. Our first new manager will be Dave Baldwin, and the other will be Stan Skawinski. They have both been on our list for a while, and I feel that both will be responsible managers in SPB IV.

Next on the agenda, will be having them choose their parks, and their team names. Then it will be on to the actual drafting of the 2 expansion teams rosters from among all the players who played for the actual 1977 Blue Jays and Mariners. It only takes one game of appearing for either team, for a player to be eligible for the draft. Then when the draft is complete, all of us will know exactly which players will be taken from our teams, well ahead of the beginning of the '77 season. This will allow each manager to prepare for his losses in advance.

The two expansion managers will each draft 34 players onto their roster, and these players will become their property at the close of the 1976 season. The expansion teams will participate 1 -2 in both the 1977 rookie draft, and the Phase II drafts as well. Also their players will not be available to be selected in the Phase II draft. This gives an already weak team (expansion teams) the opportunity to build into a stronger team. These breaks are only in effect for their initial season. In 1978 they will draft in the normal order, and have their unprotected players exposed for Phase II.

I will keep you posted as we work through these expansion items.

Aug 2, 2003
Correction to draft order
FRANKFORT, IN - Due to an oversight in the constitution, the second round of the 76 draft order has been corrected, to include the divisional winners occupying the 3rd and 4th spots in the draft order for round 2.  The updated order is now posted. 

July 29, 2003
New Divisional Allignments
FRANKFORT, IN - It is my duty to inform all of you that there will be a total shift of teams into different leagues and divisons for 1976. This was done because originally we set up SPB IV with a somewhat geographical closeness that would allow members to play in person. Now with the coming advent of Version 9 that will allow this at all times, and with the current up swing of many managers already doing this by using Net Meeting to play their series, I think it is time to make the change. 

Besides that there was always the matter of two of our divisions with 5 teams and 2 with 6 teams in each league, which gave some of you more opponents to try and beat.
Also the fact that you were always playing the same teams a different number of games if you were in the other divisions, or leagues, was a factor in making this realignment decision. 

To accomplish this I merely place the team names in a random number order and had them distributed much like the random round of our rookie draft is done. So all this said, here is the new setup for SPB IV's 1976 season:


Ruppert Mundys (M. Robinson)
Pacific Storm (T. Johnson)
Harrisville Mountain Men (D. Parsons)
Toledo Mud Hen (R. Applegate)
Lafayette Generals (S. Ehresman)
Frankfort Firebugs (G. Plunkitt)


Hawaii 5-0's (T. Baxter)
Oakland Oaks (G. Stillwagon)
Fayetteville Gnomes (S. Brunner)
Kansas City Barons (M. Boling)
Montezuma Revenge (B. Linn)


Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (J. Cada)
Wright Patt Plainsment (J. Turnbull)
Louisiana Lightning (M. See)
Rossville Ramblers (R. Ryan)
Edmonton Magpies (C. Williams)
Kenosha Comets (D. Lauer)


Brooklyn Bucaneers (P. Reoch)
Pocono Scouts (J. Wheeler)
Gotham City Ghosts (J. Cusack)
Baroda Serranos (M. Galbreath)
Dorsey Lemmings (J. Bendik)

Enjoy your new surroundings! Should liven up the former match ups a bit. Good luck with your Divisions. These changes will be reflected on the next set of files.

July 29, 2003
1976 Player positional losses
FRANKFORT, IN - Due to the recent rule changes, there have been several inquiries from managers concerned about their teams. For your convenience, I am listing all players with over 400 at bats that will loose marginal positions that were formerly available. This way all of you will know in advance just what positions the players will no longer be able to play.

One note; outfielders were just considered for their total games in the OF, not their individual games at each OF position.

I plan on releasing the updated files soon with all recent trades in place, and with the protected players highlighted as soon as the last two managers respond with their protected lists.

I will list the players first & last name and the marginal positions removed. Here is the list in total:

Sal Bando ss, Roger Metzger 2b, Joe Rudi 1b, Lenny Randle 3b, Don Kessinger 3b, Al Oliver 1b, Chris Speier 2b - 3b
Jay Johnstone 1b, Bobby Grich 3b, George Brett ss, Toby Harrah 3b, Rob Andrews ss, Johnny Bench of, Enos Cabell 1b, Ron Jackson 2b - of, Mike Ivie c - 3b, Buddy Bell 1b, Tim Foli 3b, Rennie Stennett ss, Doug DeCinces ss, Duane Kuiper 1b, Jerry Royster ss, Rod Carew 2b, Ted Simmons 3b - of, Rico Carty of, Marty Perez 3b

This list contains the 26 players that were affected by the new rule. No other player were affected by the changes.

July 26, 2003
1976 Protected roster limits
FRANKFORT, IN - Here are the number of protected players each team may have for 1976:

20 Protected Players 
Ruppert Mundys (Marc Robinson)
Gotham City Ghosts (John Cusack)
Harrisville Mountain Men (Dave Parsons)
Louisiana Lightning (Mike See)
Pacific Storm (Tim Johnson)

19 Protected Players
Edmonton Magpies (Chris Williams)
Wright Patt Plainsmen (John Turnbull)
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns (Jerry Cada)
Rossville Ramblers (Rick Ryan)
Baroda Serranos (Mike Galbreath)
Frankfort Firebugs (Gary Plunkitt)
Kenosha Comets (Dave Lauer)
Kansas City Barons (Mike Boling)
Fayetteville Gnomes (Steve Brunner)
Lafayette Generals (Steve Ehresman)
Montezuma Revenge (Bill Linn)
Wetumpka Scouts (Jim Wheeler)

18 Protected Players
Dorsey Lemmings (Jim Bendik)
Oakland Oaks (Greg Stillwagon)
Toledo Mud Hens (Rich Applegate)
Brooklyn Bucaneers (Peter Reoch)
Hawaii 5-0's (Terry Baxter)

Please have your lists to me ASAP, but no later than Friday, August 1st. 

May 29, 2003
1975 Voting results in
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB IV Managers,  The 1975 season Awards voting has now been tabulated, and it is my privilege to announce the winners of these Annual League Awards.  Thanks to all who voted.  Sorry for the problems encountered with the Bravenet voting site.  I know it was a hassle to have to go back and revote.  Rest assured these problems will be addressed by next season. Click HERE for the rest of the article.  Click HERE for Awards results.  Click HERE for All-Star results.

May 20, 2003
1981 Strike year player limits posted
DAYTON OH - Gentlemen...for those of you who do advance planning on your players, I have posted the full-season extracted/extrapolated player limits for each hitter and pitcher for the 1981 strike-shortened season. It is located on the left bar under OTHER.  Enjoy!   

May 20, 2003
1975 Voting deadline extended
FRANKFORT, IN - The voting booth deadline has been extended until the 24th of May at 10PM.   

May 17, 2003
1976 Rosters and Rookies posted
FRANKFORT, IN - The first installment of 76 rosters and Rookies have been posted for the 1976 season. Gentlemen, start your scouting!

May 12, 2003
1975 Final year players
FRANKFORT, IN -Click HERE for a listing of those players who saw their SPB careers come to an end with the 1975 season.  

May 12, 2003
1976 Draft order announced
FRANKFORT, IN -Draft order for the 1976 draft has been announced.  The link is on the left bar, with the first round listed on the right.  All draft order picks have been updated through trade # 269.  

May 9, 2003
1976 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN -The date has been set, and the gala event has already attracted many inquiries ahead of time, from managers wanting to attend the 1976 rookie & Phase II drafts. Saturday, August 9th, at my place in Frankfort, Ind. will be the place to be. I encourage all of you to attend this annual bash! If you've never made it here for a draft before, or if you attend as many as possible, then this draft will be the one you don't want to miss. 

Frankfort is just 45 minutes away from the Indianapolis airport, or I am certainly willing to give driving instructions to all. Free shuttle to an from airport, free room and board, whatever more can you ask for? :-)

Some of the managers already saying they will be here on August 9th are: Rick Ryan, Marc Robinson, John Turnbull, Steve Ehresman, Mike Galbreath, Greg Stillwagon, Terry Baxter, Dave Parsons, Mike See, and myself. Those who are trying to get it worked out to attend are: Dave Lauer, Chris Williams, Steve Brunner, and Jerry Cada. 

If your not on either of these lists, please let me know ASAP that you either will attend, or stand a good chance of trying to be here on that day, or have no chance of getting here for this draft. 

We will go out as a group for dinner on Friday evening, so be sure to arrive in plenty of time to kick off our 1976 draft weekend with a bang!! There is plenty of room to stay at either Hotel Plunkitt or Hotel Ryan. If those accomodations are not what your looking for, Frankfort has a very nice Holiday Inn Express, and Motel 6, just a mere 10 minutes away from draft central. I hope you will consider this event, and mark it on your calenders now. I look forward to hearing from all of you.


May 5, 2003
1975 Voting booth now open
FRANKFORT, IN -This is to let you know that the voting booth for the SPB V 1975 Awards & All-Stars has now been added to the webpage. Please be sure and submit your ballots for BOTH of these areas as soon as you can. The deadline date for having these votes in will be Sunday MAY 18th by 6:00 P.M. Don't forget to imput your name and team for each of these ballots. 

Both Rod Witten & Mike Boling are eligible to vote for these awards. Rod managed the Lumberjacks through 1975, and Mike can also vote as a new manager of this team in 1976.

April 18, 2003
5-O's vs. Mud Hens in 75 Series
DAYTON, OH -The Hawaii 5-O's and the Toledo Mud Hens face off in the SPB-4 1975 World Series.  There is an extra added bonus in the scores for this series, with the BASE 3.0 Play by Play added on to the end of each boxscore.  Enjoy! 

April 5, 2003
New manager for 76
FRANKFORT, IN -Now that the leagues play-offs are finished, and the W.S. has not yet began, this should be a good time to announce a manager change that is effective officially once the 1975 World Series is finished.

The new manager is Mike Boling, who is taking over for long time SPB manager Rod Witten. Rod notified me some time ago that he would be leaving at the close of this season, and we wish him the best, now that he is officially leaving. 

Mike can be reached at the following email address, in case you wish to welcome him to the league: He has decided to rename the team and move into one of the vacant stadiums. The team name beginning with the 1976 season will be the Kansas City Barons, and they will play their home games in KC's Royals Stadium. I personally welcome Mike to our league, and hope he spends many seasons with us in SPB. Mike will become manager upon completeion of the 75 W.S., and will be able to bring the team through all drafts and trading periods in preparation for the 1976 season.

The Leagues vacant stadiums are now: Fulton County Stadium (Atl-NL), and Metropolitan Stadium (Minn-AL).

Now back to the preparation for the 1975 W.S.


March 30, 2003
1975 Under usage / Use or lose
FRANKFORT, IN - Click HERE to find out if your team has any players affected. 

March 24, 2003
1975 Final stats posted
DAYTON, OH - The final stats for the 1975 season are now posted.  Congratulations goes out to the four division winners Jim Bendik, Rich Applegate, Chris Williams and Terry Baxter. The playoff page will be posted next week.

January 19, 2003
New manager for the Oaks
FRANKFORT, IN - Greg Stillwagon will be taking over as manager for the Oakland Oaks replacing long time SPB manager Tom Falduto, who passed away suddenly on Friday night. Thanks to Greg for speaking up promptly and taking this team.

Be sure to send all May manager profiles for the Oaks to Greg at: . Be sure to make this change for May's play ASAP.

December 24, 2002
1975 June stats posted
TUCSON, AZ - The 1975 June stats and power rankings are now posted.  Sorry for the delay this month.  Happy Holidays!!

October 31, 2002
A.P.B. out for Barry Foote's bat
KENOSHA, WI - Here's something you won't find on the 1975 leaders board:

Fully 50% of Comets' catcher Barry Foote's hits have been doubles! That's the good news.

The bad news is that he has only 1 double in his first 61 AB's! Yes, fans: 2-for-61 to start the season. That's .033 for those weak in math. In clutch situations, PITCHERS bat for him. He's even walked ONCE in those 62 trips to the plate! An .047 OBP! My 85-year-old mother could do better. I knew not to expect much out of a .194 hitting catcher except at bats, but I didn't expect ZERO!

If anybody finds a Barry's bats, please forward them to the Comets home office.

Dave Lauer

September  24, 2002
75 Predictions by Tim Johnson
TUCSON, AZ - Tim was gracious enough to put together a set predictions based on Bill James' Win-shares theory.  You can access the predictions by clicking HERE.  Thanks again to Tim for his hard work, and maybe we can make this a regular occurrance. 

August 24, 2002
75 Trade deadline set
FRANKFORT, IN - The trading deadline for the 1975 season will occur at 10P.M. EST on Saturday, September 28th. By this time you must be sure to have all your pitching starts by then as well as your relief appearances. Also be sure to cover your at bats for every position. It is SPB recomendations that you have 625 at bats for all 8 positions. Pitching usage rules are still the same. 

But remember, when figuring player at bats now, any player batting .250 or above is limited to exact at bats. Further, any player below the .250 mark can make up to the next exact 100 of his at bats. Example: Joe Blow hits .247 with 108 real life at bats, he can now make up to 200 SPB at bats since his average is below .250. His brother Jim Blow hits .233 with 385 at bats, he can now have up to 400 SPB at bats. Players unlucky enough to have exactly 200, 300, etc. real life at bats do not get the extras. They must have 101, or 201, etc. to qualify for the increase.

August 19, 2002
75 Free agent claims
FRANKFORT, IN - All SPB 1975 Managers, 11 of the 22 free agents were signed by other teams, and will remain in SPB-IV for the 1975 season. 11 also went unclaimed and will be released (deleted) from SPB-IV.

The players signed are as follows:

Mike Adams, (76) 3b-of - Firebugs
Luis Alvarado, (76) 2b - Mud Hens
Hal Breeden, 1b - Lemmings
Bob Gallagher, of - Lemmings
Tom Heintzelman, (77) inf - Firebugs
Bob Johnson, rp (77) - Mountain Men
Dal Maxvill, ss - Comets
Dick McAuliffe, 3b - Comets
Rich McKinney, 1b - Firebugs
Jimmy Rosario, (76) of - Firebugs
Herb Washington, pr - Mountain Men

The 11 released (deleted players) are:

Dick Billings
Billy Grabarkawitz
Bob Hansen 
Dave Hilton
Jim Nettles
Horacio Pina
Gaylen Pitts
Charlie Sands
Jim Shellenback
Earl Stephenson
Frank Tepedino

Say good by to these players. Only Hansen will return for 1976. All others are finished.