Seasons Past Baseball Constitution

1. League Structure
"Quick Rule"
A. Commissioner  
B. League President  
C. Statistician  
D. Rules Committee 11 members
2. Organization
A. Details SPB1-162G/DH, SPB2-162G/DH, SPB3-154G/DH, SPB4-162G/DH, SPB60-162G, No DH, SPBX-154G/No DH
B. League Dues On as needed basis.  Must own copy of season to play.
3. Series Play
A. Format Weekly reporting
B. Manager Profile Settings Varies depending on how you want to manage team through the season.
C. Protests  
4.  Rosters
A. Roster Limits 45 players max during season
B. Series Roster Sizes Apr-Aug: 27 players   Sep: 36 players.
  C. Free Agency  
5. Player Eligibility
A.  Carded Players Any player with stats will receive a card
B.  Uncarded Players Military or uncarded= included on team's protected list. Does not count towards any roster count numbers.
C.  Rookie Players No minimums
6.  Fielding Ratings
A. Assignment of Fielding Ratings 1 game played.  GTE 400PA & LTE 4G will have position removal.
7.  Batters
A.  Batter Limits 105% of PA. //  SPB3 and SPBX: 110% of PA, 115% for Catchers
B.  Bonus Batters SPB3 and SPBX ONLY: .234avg and under 200% of PA
C.  Use or Lose Batters >=100PA at least 50% of actual PA or lost to rookie draft
8.  Pitchers
A.  Starting Pitcher Limits 105% of Batters Faced. // SPB3 and SPBX: 115% of Batters Faced
B.  Relief Pitcher Limits 105% of Batters Faced. // SPB3 and SPBX: 115% of Batters Faced
C.  Pitcher Use SP can be converted to RP.   Pitchers with no RP rating cannot start.
D.  Bonus Pitchers SPB3 and SPBX Only: ERA GTE 4.50 = 200% of Batters Faced
E.  Pitcher Use or Lose >=100PA, 50% of Batters Faced or lost to rookie draft
9.  Rookie Draft
  A.  Draft Format Roster cutdown, Lottery teams chosen, Rookie Draft, Phase 2 draft, Supplemental Rounds
B.  Lottery Team Determination 4/6 teams with lowest win %
C.  Lottery Chances Uses (6)/(5)/4/3/2/1 chance structure
D.  Lottery Team Draft picks Lottery positions can be carried over in trades
E.  Round 1 Format 1-4 or 6: Lottery, then reverse order of wins. Playoff/WS teams at bottom.
F.  Rounds 2-6 format Reverse order of wins. Playoff teams occupy final spots.
  G. Phase 2 Draft 1 round of triple picks to fill out roster to 36 active players 
  H. Supplemental Rounds Added at the end of Phase 2 for those teams not yet to 36 active players. 
I.  Expansion Drafts Click HERE also for Expansion Rules PDF
10.  Trading
A. Trading Period Permitted from End of regular season thru July of following league year.   No conditional trades allowed.
B.  Trading Draft Picks Only for next season.  No future picks. Phase 2 picks cannot be traded
C.  Trade Reporting Both managers must confirm
D. Trading Ballparks May be traded.  Must spend 2 yrs minimum.
11.  Post-Season Play
A.  Div. Series / League Championship Format All series Best of 7 2/3/2 format. 
B.  World Series Format Best of 7, 2/3/2 format
C.  League Ties Better team vs. team for HFA, Run Differential 2nd TB, Rosters=27  w/4SP
D.  Rest Days Between games 2/3  and 5/6
E.  One-Game Playoffs All overused not eligible for game 163.
  F.  Home Field Advantage Team with best record between two teams.
12.  Post-Season Player Usage
A.  Batters 7% of PA, then degreaded to replacement level player performance
B.  Pitchers 7% of BF, then degreaded to replacement level player performance 
13.  Major League Tie-Breakers
A.  Draft Order Ties TM vs TM. worst wins tie.....Run differential, largest wins......In-Lg record.....Coin toss

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