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SPB-3  1944 Season                       STATUS: Draft in Feb.

Rick Ryan
Western Panthers


  •  Oct 1
     Playoffs start
     @Oct 20
     Trading begins

Power Rankings

  •   1)  Grays (1)
      2)  Arsenal (2)
      2)  Panthers (3)
      4)  Carp (4)
      5)  Natti Bohs (5)
      6)  Blues (5)
      7)  Thunderbolts (8)
      8)  Stampers (9)
      9)  Aces (7)
      10)  Rugrats (9)
      11)  Muck Dogs (11)
      12)  Royal Giants (12)
      13)  Hudys (12)
      14)  Hawks (12)

1943 1st Rd Results

  •   1) Muckdogs-H.Brecheen
      2) Hudys-A.Pafko
      3) Aces-E.Stanky
      4) Hawks-A.Reynolds
      5) Blues-A.Seminick
      6) Stampers-G.Woodling
      7) Arsenal-S.Stirnweiss
      8) Natti Bohs-B.Johnson
      9) Rugrats-E.Mayo
      14)Royal Giants-A.Brazle

SPB Leagues

September 30, 2012
1943 World Series Champion Crowned!
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to Rick Ryan and the Western Panthers, who defeated the Rock Island Arsenal in 6 games.  Complete coverage can be found in the playoff section on the left. 

September 24, 2012
1943 September Stats and power rankings posted
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for September 1943 are now posted. Congratulations to Terry Baxter and his Rock Island Arsenal and Rick Ryan of the Western Panthers for winning their respective pennants. I believe that this is the first SPB-III pennant for either team or manager. I trust that Terry and Rick will hook up for an exciting H2H match.

May 1, 2012
1942 Voting results announced.
DAYTON, OH - Thanks very much to all 14 managers for getting their votes in over the last couple of weeks for the '42 Awards and All Stars. Always great when our managers all come through. Check out the Voting Booth to see the total of all votes cast, and who the winners were.

October 3, 2011
1942 end of season reports posted
DAYTON, OH - As is customary with the end of each season, we present to you the 1942 end of season overusage and use or lose reports.  Enjoy! 

October 3, 2011
1942 Champion Crowned
BOWLING GREEN, OH - Congratulations to the Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams) who swept the Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney) in 4 games.  Complete scores and writeups are now posted.    

September 23, 2011
1942 September stats posted
BOWLING GREEN, OH - A rocky and wild end to the season was enjoyed by the front-runners in what was the tightest and least self-evident race this league has enjoyed in several years. Congratulations to the Worcester Grays, who repeat in the World Series, giving them a chance a title denied them last year when they ran into the juggernaut Rugrats. It was not at all easy, as they had to hold off a storming Royal Giants ball club, who enjoyed an 11-3 road record and 20-8 overall record to finish just one game out. The Hoosier Thunderbolts finished in third, just 5 games out, with the 3rd best record in the league.  

In the American league, it was a matter of maintaining, and careful marshaling of resources. The Natti Bohs faltered, going 13-13, with a losing record at home. The Carp of Maumee River suffered a frustrating 4-10 month on the road in trying to hold on to second place, dropping 4 1-run decisions and despite being outscored by their opponents by only 1 run. At home, they did considerably better, taking 5 1-run decisions and riding 11 complete games in order to scrape out the pennant by 1 game. Breathing down everybody’s backs were the defending champion Rugrats, who vaulted above the .500 mark while compiling the best monthly mark in the AL.

The Grays go into the WS heavily favored, even though the alternating home-field advantage gives that to the Carp.

***On September 10, in the second game of a double header, and on the road against the Chicago Stampers, Cy Young-contender Mort Cooper of the Royal Giants hurled a no-hitter, in which he walked just one batter, struck out 6, and faced one over the minimum.**

January 28, 2011
Change of plans for War player protection (1942-1946)
FRANKFORT, IN - With the 1942 Rookie & Phase II drafts just being about 10 days away, now is the time to send me your protected rosters. Here is a list of how many players each team may protect:

18 Players
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)
Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Baltimore Natti Bohs (Jim Scott)

19 Players
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan)
Over the Rhine Hudys (Marc Robinson)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)

20 Players
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo)
Chicago Stampers (Steve Lehman)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn)
Goshen Aces (Steve Brunner)

This is the season you are also allowed to protect up to 4 UNCARDED players, so send a list of these UNCARDED players as well. REMEMBER all MIL players are automatic protects, so do not list them with your uncardeds (or protected players)!

I have attached the latest updated 1942 files with all trades in place through the latest one (# 350) for you to be up to date.

There will be a quick deadline for having these lists to me. The deadline for your lists is this coming Monday, February 21st. Be sure to have your lists to me on time, so that I can send out the draft ready files on Tuesday, thereby giving all of us the chance to study the Phase II available players. Thanks for a quick turnaround on this request. Rookie draft will start at 11 AM Eastern time on Saturday, Feb. 26th. Phase II draft will follow immediately after. If you plan on using lists for either the rookie or Phase II drafts, they will be due to me by Thursday, Feb. 24th.

January 28, 2011
Change of plans for War player protection (1942-1946)
FRANKFORT, IN - It seems that I was wrong about the way imcarded players should be protected during the WWII era. Thanks to Chris Williams for his in depth look at the overall war years picture, which featured a convincing spreadsheet, I called Chris and had a lengthy discussion about all of this on Wednesday afternoon.

After we had the chance to discuss his findings regarding uncarded players and the question of trading military players, we came up with the following, which we will implement in time for the 1942 draft: 

All players who missed a year because of their service in the military will be exempt from Phase II drafting. In addition, in 1942, teams will be able to protect up to 4 other uncarded players for free, beyond the 18, 19, or 20 players they may protect normally. In 1943, this number drops to 3, 2 in 1944. Then, in 1945-46, the number of “freebie” uncarded players drops to 1, the same as it is in all of our leagues. 

Teams may protect more than the above number of uncarded players at any time, but any additional protections must be taken from the 18-20 protected players (not all the 18-20 players have to be carded). 

The overall number of “uncarded” players does grow quite dramatically from year to year during 1942-1945. However, as Chris convincingly showed, by 1944-1945, almost all of the uncarded players did not play in MLB because they were in the military and are given complete protection anyway. 

Chris and I also discussed issues concerning military players. The 7 players he mentioned in his email that he felt should have been given military protected status for 1942, actually played in the minor leagues in 1942. I had access to more precise information about this than he did. Most of them did serve in the military, but it was not until after 1942. Other players did not do their time in the military until after they had played their final game in the major leagues. Of course, these player are of no consequence in SPB.

About trading or not trading military players: I have two big concerns about trading military players. First, I have been able to find no examples in real life where teams traded players while they were in the military. SPB was founded to reproduce, as far as possible, the conditions of play in any era. That is why we have some of the usage rules we do and do not use the usage meter (except in SPB NOW). The only case I was able to find of a player who came back from the war with a different team than the one he played with before the war was Walker Cooper, but he was traded after his return, during the winter meetings. 

My other concern is that a team might trade its entire future away if these military protected players can be traded too easily. Many are not coming back until 1946 and the temptation to trade them for immediate help could be great. Now, I don’t think we have that sort of manager in SPB III. But still there is always the possibility of this occurring. These manager types tend to be more common in modern-day leagues anyway. Anyway, Chris convinced me that we can open up the issue for further discussion, and it won’t affect the draft too much, as the military players are exempted from Phase II drafting anyway. If we do open up the possibility of trading military players, I would like it to be discouraged as much as possible. Chris suggested putting some limitations on the trading of them, but we didn’t really get into any specifics about that. 

So, anyway, with our call for protected rosters for this next month’s draft, when the time comes, 4 uncarded, non-military players can be protected for free (not 2, as I originally said). 

January 25, 2011
1942 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN - The date is now set for our drafts. Mark it down: Saturday, February 26th was the most popular date after all 14 managers had voted. The drafts will start promptly at 11AM Eastern time on that day. 
Coming in a fairly close 2nd was the 19th, followed by the 12th, then the 5th. The last two were very close together, but lagging behind the others. Thanks everyone, for your choices.
If you think you might be able to attend in person, let me know ASAP. There is plenty of room, both at my place, as well as Rick Ryan's. Also a few hotels nearby for those who prefer them. 
You have 4 ways to participate:
1. In Person
2. In SPB Auditorium chatroom
3. By written list that must be sent to me no later than Thursday, February 24th.
4. Have another designated SPB manager do your drafting for you. You must let me know 
who will be doing this by Thursday, the 24th too.
I need EVERYONE to let me know how you will be doing the drafts soon. When your sure of your method of participation, let me know. 

December 13, 2010
1942 Military player notes
DAYTON, OH - I have some notes about the war years files for all managers to read: First up, the players who spend the entire year in the Military are noted with the designations of MIL or ML on team rosters (also their year of each players return is listed with their roster names), and will be listed as active on all the pre season rosters. Once the official files are sent for the beginning of play for 1942, they will be changed to farmed players. Military players, no matter their future can not be lost to a team until the year they return from the war to resume their baseball careers. Military players cannot be traded, drafted or removed from rosters until they resume play, no matter how extensive or brief their MLB careers are. These player do NOT count against the roster in any way. They are freebies, and cannot be picked in Phase II drafts. Many other players, including some that are spending 1942 in the minor leagues, will become military over the next 3 seasons. Some players will get out of the military earlier than others. Military players will also not count when determining your protected rosters for years running through 1947. Yes, some players will still be military during the 1946 season. There are NO limits on how many military players exist on a team roster.

As determined before 1941 by the Commissioner, the season of 1942 will allow each team to protect 2 farmed players (not military), instead of the normal of one. This will increase by 1 each season through 1945 (3 in 43, 4 in 44, and 5 in 45). This will help teams retain players for during this time of quick turnarounds in personnel In 1946 we will return to the normal rule where only one uncarded player can be retained per roster (if available, of course).

These military rules will be posted to the SPB III web page soon by webmaster J. Turnbull. Enjoy the war years guys! This will be a time of quickly changing rosters and will present a challenge unlike any other period of time in MLB and SPB.

December 10, 2010
1941 Voting results posted
DAYTON, OH - Thank you to everyone who voted.  The results are now available in the voting booth.  Many unanimous decisions abound!

November 10, 2010
1941 End of Season usage reports
DAYTON, OH - As with the end of every season, player usage is calculated to determine overusage, and use or lose status on your players.  You can see the results HERE.

November 10, 2010
1941 World Series Champion crowned
DAYTON, OH - A belated congratulations to Jerry Cada and his River City Rugrats for capturing the 11941 crown over the defending Champion Worcester Grays.  Complete coverage can be found in the playoffs sections.  Congrats to Jerry!

September 24, 2010
1941 September games complete. World Series set.
BOWLING GREEN, OH - The stats and Power Rankings for August are now posted. Congratulations to the Worcester Grays and the powerhouse River City Rugrats for easily winning their respective leagues. They will meet in the World Series. As the American League had home field advantage in 1940, Hugh’s Grays will host the series in 1941. 

Jerry hopes to have his computer back from the shop on Saturday, and I hope that Jerry and Hugh will find the ability to hook up for H2H play.

January 31, 2010
1941 Call for Rosters
FRANKFORT, IN - The number of players you can protect for each team is as follows:

20 Players
Brooklyn Royal Giants (D. Rahn)
Goshen Aces (S. Brunner)
Schaumburg Hawks (J. Ungashick)
South River Muck Dogs (J. DeZarlo)

19 Players
Hoosier Thunderbolts (G. Plunkitt)
Baltimore Natti Bohs (J. Scott)
Western Panthers (R. Ryan)
Maumee River Carp (C. Williams)
Over the Rhine Hudys (M. Robinson)
Chicago Stampers (S. Lehman)

18 Players
Kansas City Blues (R. Applegate)
Rock Island Arsenal (T. Baxter)
River City Rugrats (J. Cada)
Worcester Grays (H. McElaney)

Also you may protect ONE uncarded player in addition to the above limits. So be sure to add that name to the bottom of your protected roster. These protected limits are already posted to the SPB III webpage for your convenience. Draft will be on Saturday, February 6th, beginning at 11AM Eastern time.

December 4, 2009
1940 Award winners Announced
FRANKFORT, IN - Congratulations to all of the 1940 award winners.  The complete wrap up can be found HERE.

November 29, 2009
1941 Phase 2 draft protected player numbers
FRANKFORT, IN - The following is the list of how many players each team can protect for the upcoming draft:

20 players: Brooklyn Royal Giants, Goshen Aces, Schaumburg Hawks, South River Muckdogs
19 players: Chicago Stampers, Over-the-Rhine Hudys, Maumee River Carp, Western Panthers, Baltimore Natti Bohs, Hoosier Thunderbolts
18 players: Worcester Grays, Rock Island Arsenal, River City Rugrats, Kansas City Blues

November 29, 2009
Players released
FRANKFORT, IN - The Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate) release the following 4 players (All 4 players were uncarded for 1941, and had so little left in the future that this release effectively ends their SPB careers, as they never play enough again to be eligible to return.) The players are pitchers Guy Bush & John Whitehead, 3B Nick Polly, & C Ray Hayworth. They will be removed from the K.C. roster.

October 18, 2009
League Openings now filled
FRANKFORT, IN - I am happy to announce that we have two new SPB veteran managers for 1941, who will be replacing the two veteran managers who left after the recent 1940 season.

First of all Marc Robinson will be taking over the old Lafayette Blue Sox formerly managed by Steve Ehresman. Marc will rename the team as the Over the Rhine Hudys, and will stay in Crosley Field - Cin. for his home games. 

Next, Steve Brunner will be taking over the Goshen Aces team, formerly ran by Lynn Miller. Steve will keep the same team name and will stay in Sportsman's Park (AL) for his teams home games. Steve will be using his SPB V email address for this league for now.

Please welcome both new managers to SPB III. May they both have good long runs during their time to come. Welcome aboard guys! It should be fun.

Also best of luck to the resigning managers. Steve Ehresman is staying in several other SPB leagues. Lynn has resigned from his SPB managership run. It was a long and fruitful one! He will be missed.

October 12, 2009
League Openings
FRANKFORT, IN - I currently have two openings in SPB III (1941). Due to the resignations of two long time SPB III managers (Steve Ehresman & Lynn Miller), now that the 1940 season is completed, there are two teams available to fill. You can check out the SPB III webpage for the team rosters, if your interested in taking over a team in this league. The available teams are the Lafayette Blue Sox, and the New Paris Mules. 

October 12, 2009
Team name change
FRANKFORT, IN - Steve Lehman is changing the team name of his team from the Otsego Lake Monsters to the Chicago Stampers, and this will be in effect for the coming 1941 season.

October 4, 2009
Grays Repeat as Champions
DAYTON, OH - Congratulations to Hugh McElaney, as  he repeats as SPB-3 Champs, besting the Kansas City Blues in 6 games.  Complete playoff coverage is now posted. 

September 21, 2009
Usage reports posted
BOWLING GREEN, OH - The ever-popular usage reports for the 1940 season are now posted.  Don't all go looking at them at will crash the website! 

September 21, 2009
September stats posted
BOWLING GREEN, OH - The Hoosier Thunderbolts ended their 1940 regular season campaign by reeling off 18 wins in a row. But, this and their 21-5 record were not enough to catch the Worcester Grays, who won the NL by 3 games, and went 20-8 for the month. In the AL, the Blues snuck up from behind to best both the Rugrats and the Arsenal by a 2-game margin. This was the Rugrats league to lose, and lose they did. Hopefully this matchup of the Blue and the Gray does not result in 600, 000 dead fans.

Attached are the final regular season stats for the 1940 season. 

The Blues are hosting the Grays, as the Grays had the home team advantage in 1939. 

April 22, 2009
Manager change for May
FRANKFORT, IN - We will have a new manager coming in for all May games. The newest manager is Steve Lehman. Steve will be replacing Mike See at the helm of the Otsego Lake Monsters. Mike has had to leave SPB III due to increased time constraints. Mike regrets very much leaving this league, but could find on other alternative. Thanks to Mike for his tenure in SPB III. 

New man Steve Lehman, is a very reliable SPB IV manager, and will do a good job while taking over for Mike. So if you have May series with the Monsters be sure to send your MP's to Steve for your games. He will be sending out the May MP's for the Monsters as well. You can welcome Steve to the league at: He is looking forward to this league very much. Welcome aboard Steve. 

February 1, 2009
Change in Phase 2 keeper numbers
FRANKFORT, IN - The amount of protected players in SPB III is changed back to the normal (18-20) players, instead of the temporary (17-19). That temp. change was made for the depression era when MLB also held down the number of players used, due to simple finances of the time. I almost set this back last season (39), but decided to give it one more year.

January 30, 2009
1940 Draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN - With all the votes now in on when the 1940 rookie draft should be held, I am happy to announce that February 14th will be the day. I assigned a point system of 4 for 1st choice, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd, and the final results showed the 14 as a clear winner with 41 points including 8 first choices. The 21st was 2nd garnering 36 points and 5 firsts, while the 28th was a distant 3rd with 21 points and only 1 first. So the rookie draft will be Saturday, February 14th at 11AM Eastern time.

Very sorry that a minimum of managers may have to go by lists. But remember you can always have a fellow manager run your list, or draft central can do it. 

Please let me know if there is any chance that you might appear in person for this draft. Thanks to everyone for voting.

November 24, 2008
1939 All-Star awards announced
FRANKFORT, IN - SPB 1940 Managers, Again, thanks to all of you for voting on these All-Star teams. Here are your winners:


Winners                                                   Close 2nd Place
C - Bill Dickey - Western Panthers
1B - Jimmie Foxx - Western Panthers       George McQuinn - Hoosier Thunderbolts
2B - Lonnie Frey - Hoosier Thunderbolts
3B - Red Rolfe - Pocono Tomahawks
SS - Leo Durocher - Baroda Barons           Joe Gantenbein - Schaumburg Hawks
LF - Augie Galan - Baroda Barons
CF - Joe DiMaggio - Brooklyn Royal Giants
RF - Enos Slaughter - Hoosier Thunderbolts
SP - Lefty Grove - Worcester Grays
RP - Joe Heving - Western Panthers           Harry Eisenstat - Kansas City Blue


C - Frankie Hayes - Odessa Files
1B - Hank Greenberg - Rock Island Arsenal             Johnny Mize - New Paris Mules
2B - Billy Herman - Rock Island Arsenal
3B - Mel Ott - Odessa Files                                   Stan Hack - Rock Island Arsenal
SS - Joe Cronin - Maumee River Carp                     Billy Meyers - Rock Island Arsenal
LF - George Selkirk - Rock Island Arsenal
CF - George Case - New Paris Mules
RF - Charlie Keller - Rock Island Arsenal               Ted Williams - River City Rugrats
SP - Bobo Newsom - Kansas City Blues
RP - Johnny Broaca - Rock Island Arsenal

There you have it your All - Stars for the 1939 season! For a conclusive look at every player who received a vote for the All Star teams, be sure to check out the SPB main
webpage for the voting results. See where your players finished in the voting.

November 24, 2008
1939 player awards announced
FRANKFORT, IN - Thanks to all of you for voting for the 1939 Award Winners and All Star teams! Here are the results:

It is my pleasure to announce that Hank Greenberg, slugging firstsacker of the Rock Island Arsenal captured the 1939 MVP trophy in the American League. His counterpart in the National League was the young hard hitting CF of the Brooklyn Royal Giants, Joe DiMaggio. With a contrast in styles these two heavy hitters had fantastic seasons!

The Cy Young Awards were taken by pair of crafty veteran pitchers, Bobo Newsome of the Kansas City Blues won the Award in the A.L., and old timer Lefty Grove of the Worcester Grays captured the trophy for the N.L. These two oldsters showed the leagues younger pitchers a trick or two, and proved they are still at the top of their game!

The top Firemen in each league had Johnny Broaca of the Arsenal taking the A.L. title, and Joe Heving of the Western Panthers won the N.L. Fireman award. Broaca won his in a close race with runner-up Clyde Shoun of the Odessa Files. A couple of veteran pitchers finally get the recognition they deserve. 

The featured rookie winners in the A.L. had rookie right fielder Charlie Keller, yet another Arsenal player edging out the much heralded Ted Williams of the River City Rugrats for the yearling hitters plaque. Keller was joined by teammate Marius Russo, who captured the 
rookie pitcher Award with a solid performance on the mound. Keller and Williams will battle for many other awards in the coming years. Russo looks like a very solid, though somewhat fragile pitcher who should contribute more wins in the coming seasons.

In the N.L., the Schaumburg Hawks smooth hitting centerfielder Barney McCosky won the rookie hitters award. Bob Bowman, a nice RH starting addition for the Pocono Tomahawks took the 1st year mound honors in N.L. rookie competition. McCosky is one of the best looking hitters in several seasons with his fluid hitting style. Bowman was a surprise for the T'Hawks in the Spring, and hopes to have a few more productive years left.

The Top Managers of the year saw crafty Terry Baxter win the A.L. leaders plaque while leading a virtual team of Award winners and All Stars called the Rock Island Arsenal.. Meanwhile in the N.L. hustling Hugh McElaney of the Worcester Grays took the N.L. crown, then turned around and defeated the favored Arsenal in the World Series. Hugh and Terry will remain as managers to be reckoned with, of this we are sure.

For a full look at every vote getter in all Award categories, be sure to check out the Voting Booth results from the main SPB webpage. 

October 21, 2008
Managerial Changes
FRANKFORT, IN - I am happy to announce that former manager Mike See has agreed to return to SPB III as manager of the former Pocono Tomahawks team. He will be taking over this team immediately, and has big plans to rebuild this franchise to his liking. He has renamed the team, and will henceforth be known as the Otsego Lake Monsters. He is leaving Boston's N.L. Bee Hive (Braves Field), and will be playing his home games in Chicago's A.L. Comiskey Park. Please welcome Mike back to SPB III. 

It is also with a heavy heart that I announce long time SPB III manager Mike Galbreath tendered his resignation as manager of the Baroda Barons yesterday. Mike has been in SPB III for many seasons dating back to the early 1930's. He will be missed. He is staying aboard as a manager in SPB IV though.

It is my pleasure to announce that former SPB III manager Steve Ehresman will be assuming the command of this team. He will be changing the team name to the Lafayette Blue Sox, and will keep the team in Cincy's Crosley Field. Welcome back Steve!

October 7, 2008
Manager Carousel begins
FRANKFORT, IN - The 1939 World Series is now over with the crowning of the 1939 champion Worcester Grays in an exciting 5 game series win over the Rock Island Arsenal. You say it could not have been too exciting if it only went 5 games? Well, 3 of the wins were very, very close ones. For the full story of this World Series, be sure to check out the game reports, stats, boxscores, scoresheets, play by play, etc. which will be put up on the SPB III webpage very soon by our estimable webmaster John Turnbull.

Congrats to Hugh on his World Championship in 1939. Further congrats to Terry Baxter for his League Championship Arsenal team.

The 1940 files should be released within the next two weeks.

September 28, 2008
Manager Carousel begins
FRANKFORT, IN - Terry Buchanan has resigned his post as manager of the Pocono Tomahawks, effective at the conclusion of the 1939 season. His reason for resigning is due to time constraints which did not allow him to manage his team correctly. Terry was an SPB III manager for 2 full seasons after taking over the Tomahawks. Terry will be continuing as an SPB manager in the other leagues he is in. 

John Saunders, manager of the Odessa Files notified me about a month ago that he would be leaving after the 1939 season. So now we have two openings for 1940. John is leaving because his job has taken on a bigger amount of time and this is his cutback. He will be remaining in SPB V. John has been a manager in SPB III for many seasons. New SPB manager Jim Scott will be taking over the former Odessa Files, from former manager John Saunders. Jim will be remaining in the same home park, Philadelphia's N.L. Shibe Park. But he will be changing the team name to the Baltimore Natti Bohs.

His managers bio information will be posted to the SPB III league webpage within the next few days. If you get the time, and the inclination, please take a moment to welcome Jim to SPB III. He can be reached at: 

September 28, 2008
1939 End of season reports
DAYTON, OH - With the end of the season now upon us, it is time for our beloved Commissioner to present to you the use or lose and overusage reports for the 1939 season.  

September 28, 2008
1939 Final stats posted
DAYTON, OH - The stats and power rankings for September of 1939 are now posted. Congratulations are extended to both Terry Baxter of the Rock Island Arsenal for his winning 1939 effort in the American League, and to Hugh McElaney of the Worcester Grays in capturing the National League flag for '39! Terry's team beat the 2nd place Kansas City Blues by a scant 2 game. Rich Applegate, Blues manager fell just short. The Grays though easily won their flag besting the 2nd place finisher, Rick Ryan's Western Panthers by a huge 14 game difference.

February 10, 2008
Team name change
FRANKFORT, IN - Lynn Miller is changing the name of his team for the coming 1939 season. The Elkhart RV'ers are now a name from the past. The team will now be known as the New Paris Mules.

February 10, 2008
1939 Call for protected rosters
FRANKFORT, IN - With the 1939 draft now less than two weeks away, it is time to prepare and send your protected rosters to me. As has been the case for the last few SPB III protected rosters, the 4 teams with the best 1938 records can protect 17 players, the middle 6 teams can protect 18, and the worst 4 records can protect 19 players. Here is how many players each team this season may protect:

Maumee River Carp (Chris Williams)
Kansas City Blues (Rich Applegate)
Worcester Grays (Hugh McElaney)
Western Panthers (Rick Ryan)

Hoosier Thunderbolts (Gary Plunkitt)
Schaumburg Hawks (John Ungashick)
Odessa Files (John Saunders)
Baroda Barons (Mike Galbreath)
South River Muckdogs (Joe DeZarlo)
Pocono Tomahawks (Terry Buchanan)

Elkhart RVers (Lynn Miller)
River City Rugrats (Jerry Cada)
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Don Rahn)
Rock Island Arsenal (Terry Baxter)

The deadline due date for all protected rosters will be Saturday, February 16 by 9P.M. Eastern time. After that time, only protected players and draft picks will be allowed to be traded, as all unprotected players are not tradeable untill after the 1939 Phase II is complete. Please be on time or the league office will decide your teams list. 

January 24, 2008
1939 Rookie draft date set
FRANKFORT, IN - Thanks to everyone for getting their picks in on the SPB III draft date. The most popular date by far is February 23rd. Only one manager had this date as his least favorite. This date also was picked by the most managers as their favorite one. March 1st finished a distant 2nd in the popularity level. So the date will be February 23rd for the 1939 rookie and P2 drafts.