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SPB-2  1963 Season                       STATUS: Draft in Nov. 

Chris Williams
1963 Salzburg Bishops


  •  Jul 1 
     World Series

     @Aug 1
     Trading begins

Power Rankings

  •   1)  Bishops (1)
      2)  Hot Rods (2)
      3)  Metro Stars (3)
      4)  Elephants (4)
      5)  Fortress (5)
      6)  Cruisers (8)
      7)  Monarchs (6)
      8)  Slims (7)
      9)  Seals (9)
      10)  Rivers (11)
      11)  Surfers (11)
      12)  Beavers (10)
      13)  Gladiators (15)
      14)  Lions (13)
      15)  Totems (14)
      16)  Hornets (17)
      17)  Colts (18)
      18)  Mets (16)

1963 1st Rd results

  •   1) Totems-J.Morgan
      2) Gladiators-P.Rose
      3) Hornets-R.Allen
      4) Colts-T.Oliva
      5) Mets-M.Lolich
      6) Surfers-J.Wynn
      7) Elephants-B.Freehan
      8) Monarchs-A.Downing
      9) Seals-T.John
      17)Hot Rods-D.McLain
      18)Metro Stars-R.Hunt

SPB Leagues

September 23, 2012 
1964 Team Name Change
Manager John Dewan has announced he is changing the team name of his team, from the Lafayette Slims to the Damon Avenue D's.

July 13, 2012 
1963 End of season reports
With the end of the 63 season come and gone, I am releasing the standard overusage and use or lose reports for the end of the season.

July 13, 2012 
Ballpark Changes
With the change of home parks for the new Jersey City Giants, we have an additional claim in for a new ballpark. Manager Don Zminda of the L. A. Surfers is giving up Yankee Stadium and moving into Metropolitan Stadium, just vacated by the Giants. So now the two parks available are Yankee Stadium and Chavez Ravine. (L.A. - A.L.). When Yankee Stadium became available, after the change by L.A., it was quickly claimed by manager Joe DeZarlo, manager of the South River Gladiators. Joe beat a claim by fellow New Jersey manager Doc Schweitzer, who had started this whole rotation of parks by leaving Metropolitan, while thinking his new team would fare better in the legendary N.Y. park. So Joe gives up Connie Mack Stadium, and Al has 2nd thoughts about Candlestick Park, and decides to go to Connie Mack instead, bring his team back to an East Coast Park that he is familiar with. To sum this up, the Gladiators are now in Yankee Stadium, the new N.J. Giants are in Connie Mack Stadium, and the available parks are back to being Candlestick and Chavez Ravine.

July 13, 2012
New manager on baord

I am happy to announce that Al "Doc" Schweitzer will be taking over the Detroit Metro Stars for the coming 1964 season. Doc will leave the current park Metropolitan Stadium and take on the Great Winds of San Francisco, by moving into Candlestick Park. The team will henceforth be known as the Jersey City Giants. This will all be changed on the SPB II webpage soon by our webmaster John Turnbull. This is an immediate change. Please take a sec to welcome Doc to our league.

July 8, 2012 
1963 World Series complete....Bishops Champs!
Congratulations to Chis Williams and his Salzburg Bishops, who bested Mike See's Route 66 Hot Rods in 5 games.  Complete coverage including boxscores and writeups can be found on the World Series link on the left.  Congrats Chris!

June 24, 2012 
1963 Season Summary
Thanks to John Ungashick for putting together this REPORT of the comparison of actual wins, expected wins (based on run differential) and my pre-season prognosis. One interesting note is that the teams who underachieved the most (Gladiators in the AL and Surfers in the NL) didn't actually "hurt" themselves that much as it only cost them one slot in the standings. The Monarchs overachieved by six games but it made no difference at all in the standings and the two teams who overachieved the most (Mets and Colts) were both deeply buried in the cellar in either case. In terms of the pre-season picks, the AL was pretty much right on with the top three teams in the same order and only the Seattle Totems more than one slot (they were two) different that the pre-season. It was a little more wide open in the NL when a three team race was projected between the Bishops, Slims and Rivers but in fact the Bishops cruised to the pennant. The Beavers were three slots worse than preseason while my Elephants surprised by moving up four slots. One caveat, only three games separated second and fifth place. Thanks to everyone for a great season and good luck to the Hot Rods and Bishops in the World Series!

June 24, 2012 
1963 Final stats posted
The stats and power rankings for the end of 1963 are posted. Both divisional races were runaways as the Route 66 Hot Rods had 106 victories to win the AL by 9 games while the Salzburg Bishops won 105 to take the NL by 14 games. The big story of the year had to be Hammering Hank Aaron who was a runaway winner in all three phases of the AL triple crown with one of the most sensational seasons in the history of SPB. He hit .373 with 62 homers and 160 RBI's. He even threw in 32 of 38 in stolen bases just for good measure. In the NL, the Elephants Johnny Callison (who oddly was traded for Aaron just two seasons ago) almost matched Hank although his numbers were much less gaudy. He won the HR and RBI crowsn but was nosed out .327 to .318 in the batting race, ironically to teammate Dick Groat. Going into the last four games of the season, Callison and Groat were essentially tied at .321 and Callison didn't exactly collapse in those games going 4-17 but he did have 2 homers and 7 RBI's. However someone forgot to tell Groat to lay down and let Johnny win the batting crown as he went a sizzling 9-16 in the last series. Good luck to the Hot Rods and the Bishops in the World Series.

May 2, 2012 
New manager on board
My thanks goes out to new SPB II manager John Dewan for taking this team over in mid stream. He has assumed the reigns of the Lafayette Slims team for the final two months of this year, and will continue in SPB II for many seasons. As always the team name remains the same for this year to avoid any confusion. John has been involved in SPB for several seasons now, and knows the rules. Please welcome John to the league if you get the chance. He will be sending out MP's in the next few days for the Slims August road games. So be patient, they will be arriving shortly. Please delete any previous MP's that Steve sent out. If your playing the Slims at their home for August games, please resend the MP's to John ASAP.

January 2, 2012 
1963 Pre-season prognosis
SPB-2's beat writer John Ungashick has put together the 1963 pre-season prognosis for the upcoming season.  Thanks for the great work John!

November 20, 2011 
Roster levelling 
The East Kenosha Lions (Dave Lauer) have dropped the following players from their roster to get down to the allowed 38 players: SS Ernie Fazio, Pitchers Ted Wills (65), Howie Koplitz (64), OF Billy Ott (64). Wills, Koplitz, & Ott are all uncarded so will return as rookie in the year designated after their names. Fazio is placed back into this years rookie draft, along with P Jim Golden, who was cut by the Fairfax Colts to get down to 38 players. 

November 16, 2011 
1963 Call for protected rosters 
This is your call for protected rosters to be submitted to Commissioner's office by Sunday, November 20th. All protected lists must be received by 8PM Eastern time on this date. Here is the list of how many players each team can protect:

20 Players
Wabash Rivers (B. Lanke)
South River Gladiators (J. DeZarlo)
Rossville Hornets (R. Ryan)
New York Metropolitans (D. Rahn)
Fairfax Colts (R. Peterson)

19 Players
East Kenosha Lions (D. Lauer)
Lafayette Slims (S. Ehresman)
Portland Beavers (R. Applegate)
West Warwick Monarchs (S. Brunner)
Seattle Totems (S. Lehman)
Winter Harbor Seals (H. McElaney)
Evanston Elephants (J. Ungashick)
Los Angeles Surfers (D. Zminda)

18 Players
Detroit Metro Stars (V. Onstott)
Route 66 Hot Rods (M. See)
Frankfort Fortress (G. Plunkitt)
Salzburg Bishops (C. Williams)
Hampton Road Cruisers (T. Baxter)

Also, if you have more than one uncarded player on your roster, please advise me which one you would like to have protected in addition to the above allowances. Each team is allowed one uncarded protect. These uncardeds do not count against your allowable number of players (above). I will automatically protect any uncarded players that are on your team, for all teams with only one. Be aware, some teams do not have uncarded players.

November 7, 2011 
Draft date set 
The 1963 rookie draft and Phase II drafts will be held on Saturday, December 3rd. This was the # 1 preferred date of 12 of the 18 managers, and there were 2 other votes for the 3rd as the second choice wrapping it up easily. So the draft will be held in Frankfort, at my place. All who would like to attend are encouraged to do so. See you on 12/3 for a great draft.

November 3, 2011 
Ballpark change 
Just a note to let you know that Mike See is giving up Chavez Ravine (L.A. -A.L) as his home park for the coming 1963 season. He is taking on the Kansas City Memorial Stadium as his new residence. So now the available parks are Chavez Ravine (L.A. Angels) and Candlestick Park (S.F.) in case anyone is interested.

July 22, 2011 
1962 Champion Crowned 
Congratulations goes out to Vin Onstott, and his Detroit Metro Stars, for capturing the SPB-1942 crown over Chris Williams' Salzburg Bishops.  Complete coverage, including writeups can be found in the playoff link.  Vin is in 7 different SPB leagues, and this is his first ever SPB title!! 

June 25, 2011 
1962 End of Season reports 
As with the end of each season, the overusage and use or lose reports are now published, so you can make the appropriate roster changes.   

June 25, 2011 
1962 Season Comparison. 
Thanks to SPB-2 beat writer John Ungashick, who put together the 1962 comparison to his pre-season predictions.  Also added are email comments by Ron Peterson and Don Rahn.  

June 25, 2011 
1962 September stats and power rankings posted. 
As Commissioner of SPB - II, I would like to congratulate our pennant winners from the recently completed 1962 season. I would also like to give a hand to the other runner up teams in both the American & National league.

First off, we go with the A.L., because of the amazing record compiled by Vin Onstott's Detroit Metro Stars, who took a mind boggling 120 wins, (while possibly setting an all time SPB record?), to easily nail down this league. For that they get the top nod here. Finishing 2nd with 99 victories were Mike See's Route 66 Hot Rods, who nosed Gary Plunkitt's Frankfort Tigers, who had 98 wins. In an aside, if either the Hot Rods or Tigers had been in the N.L., with their final records, they would have nosed out the winner there.

This is not to say that the N.L. was by any means the lesser fight, as the teams finishing there from 1st to the tie for 3rd, were in a much more heated pennant race. The N.L. champions, led by Chris Williams were rather frisky too. Chris led his charges, the Salzburg Bishops to 97 wins while finishing 6 games ahead of Terry Baxter's Hampton Road Cruisers, who captured 91 wins. Finishing in a tie for 3rd place were the Lafayette Slims, handled by Steve Ehresman, and the Portland Beavers, led by Rich Applegate. They both won 84 games this year.

Soon the Metro Stars and Bishops will meet head on in the 1962 World Series. The Vegas odds favor the Metro Stars by a 4-1 ratio. But as they always say, "Anything can happen in a short series, where upsets are not at all uncommon." (Or something to that effect.) Anyway, good luck to both teams as they soon do battle.

June 25, 2011 
1962 September stats and power rankings posted. 
SPB-2 The stats and power rankings are now posted for September 1962. Congratulations to Vin Onstott and the Detroit Metro Stars for setting an SPB record with an amazing 120 wins which will enable them to meet the NL champion Salzburg Bishops under the control of Chris Williams in the World Series. 

December 10, 2010 
1962 Pre-Season Prognosis
SPB-2 beat writer John Ungashick has provided the league his magic 8-ball look into the upcoming season. Great write-up John!

November 10, 2010 
1962 Call for protected rosters
With the 1962 Rookie & P2 Drafts less than two weeks away it is now time to call for your protected lists. The deadline for having your list in to me will by this Saturday, 11/13/10, by 5PM Eastern time at the latest. I have attached an up to date file with all trades through # 523 announced last evening.
Here is the number of players each team can protect.

18 Players
Lafayette Slims (Steve Ehresman)
Route 66 Hot Rods (Mike See)
Frankfort Fortress (Gary Plunkitt)
Hampton Road Cruisers (Terry Baxter)

19 Players
Salzburg Bishops (Chris Williams)
Los Angeles Surfers (Don Zminda)
Detroit Metro Stars (Vin Onstott)
West Warwick Monarchs (Steve Brunner)
East Kenosha Lions (Dave Lauer)
Wabash Rivers (Bill Lanke)
Seattle Totems (Steve Lehman)
South River Gladiators (Joe De Zarlo)

20 Players
Portland Beavers (Rich Applegate)
Rossville Hornets (Rick Ryan)
Evanston Elephants (John Ungashick)
Winter Harbor Seals (Hugh McElaney)

The two 1962 Expansion teams (Mets & Colts) are exempt from loosing players in the Phase II draft this year, but they will be making selections. If you do not have your protected roster in by the due date, than the Comish will have to make selections for your team. So please be on time. :) Thanks for taking care of this.

November 10, 2010 
1962 Draft date set
All 18 managers have now been heard from, and the date has been set for the 1962 Rookie and Phase II drafts to be held on November 20th, which won by a reasonable margin over December 4th, which was 2nd most popular with the managers. Finishing 3rd was Nov. 13, and least popular was the fast approaching 11/6 date. Thanks to all managers for participating in the date determination.

The draft will be here in Frankfort. If you would like to attend your certainly welcome to attend. Let me know if you will be here, in the chat room, or using a list. If you need to use lists they will be due on Thursday, 11/18. I will need to hear from each manager ASAP. Thank you.

August 2, 2010 
1961 Champion Crowned!
A league wide congrats goes out to the Route 66 Hot Rods and manager Mike See as they defeated the Lafayette Slims of Steve Ehresman, in a wild hard fought 6 game W.S. that featured many heroics by the little men. After weeks of trying to get together to play Net Play, and not being successful at being able to hook up when time permitted, manager See finally agreed to turn over the team with an MP and some instructions to the Commissioner (me) and the series is now finally in the books, as I was able to host the games, and manage the Hot Rods against the feisty Little Napoleon, (played by Steve Ehresman)!  The managers should get their home write ups in shortly. Congrats to both teams and managers, on a surprisingly wild series.

July 7, 2010 
1961 Prediction comparisons
League scribe John Ungashick put together this graphic to compare each team's expected wins versus their actual.  

June 22, 2010 
1961 Overusage and use or lose players
As is customary at the end of each season, here are the OVERUSAGE report and USE OR LOSE report for the 1961 season.   

June 21, 2010 
1961 Final stats posted,  World Series teams set
Congratulations to the Route 66 Hot Rods and the Lafayette Slims who will meet in the Fall Classic! The Rods were barely able to beat out the Frankfort Fortress who won 104 games but finished two behind the Hot Rods. The Slims had the pennant essentially wrapped up in mid season and rested most of their regulars in September, finished the month at 12-16 and "only" had 111 wins for the season. The question is whether or not the Slims can regain their momentum in the playoffs; the Hot Rods were red hot in September going 21-7. The series should be interesting. 

In the AL Hammering Hank Aaron led the league with a .378 average and teammate Orlando Cepeda had 50 homers to lead in that category. Don Cardwell of the same team led with 21 wins. In the NL, Storming Norman Cash of the Slims had a lofty .391 BA to lead in that category while the Cruisers Roger Maris had 59 dingers and his teammate Whitey Ford had 24 pitching victories. 

April 10, 2010 
1962 Expansion draft results
Today the expansion draft was held and here are the results.  Each team made 35 picks from among all players who played at least 1 game in 1962 for the Mets 
and Colt 45s in real life. I will list each teams roster, main position, and also include the team the player is with in 1961 (or if they would have been in the 1962 rookie draft). 

April 8, 2010 
1962 Expansion draft
The two new managers are Don Rahn & Ron Peterson, both currently involved in other SPB Leagues. Don is calling his team the New York Mets and will play his home games in the Polo Grounds. Ron will name his team the Fairfax Colts and will play his home games in Colt 45 Stadium. These parks will evolve into Shea Stadium, and the Astrodome eventually. 
The expansion draft will be held this coming Saturday morning (4/11). I will release full details pertaining to the selections, to all current managers once the draft has been completed Saturday. Each team will select 35 players from ANY player who made an appearance for the real life 1962 Houston and New York teams. This will include rookies from the Mets and Colt 45's, as well as veterans currently on 1961 rosters.

January 1, 2010 
1961 Pre-Season Prognosis
SPB-2 scribe John Ungashick gives his no-holds barred Prognosis for the upcoming 1961 season.  Thanks John!

October 28, 2009 
1961 notes...schedule and 62 Expansion
Now that we are into our expansion era with 1961, when the official 1961 season schedule is released, we will be playing a 162 game schedule for '61. Thought I would let you know about this now, before the drafts, so you can make plans accordingly.

Also the 1962 expansion managers for the N.L. half of expansion will be Ron Peterson and Don Rahn. I am adding them now to the SPB II mailing lists. All players who played for the 1962 Colt 45's and Mets (in real life) will be eligible to be drafted during the 1962 expansion drafts. So check out your teams roster against the two real life '62 Houston and New York (NL) rosters. I will hold the expansion drafts a month or two into the 1961 season and announce the results at that time, along with team names and home parks for the two new teams.

Also remember that this coming Saturday, Oct. 31st will be the last day to get your protected rosters in for 1961. Deadline is at 8 PM that day.

October 24, 2009 
1961 Draft call addendum
When you send your protected roster to me, be sure to list in addition to your allowed protected players one UNCARDED player from your roster as well. Each team is allowed to keep ONE of these players as a bonus to their protected roster. You can protect other UNCARDED players by putting them on your regular protected list, if you wish. 

ALL protected rosters are due to me on Saturday, October 31. 8PM is the deadline time.

October 18, 2009 
1961 Draft call for protected rosters
Your protected lists will be due to me no later than Sunday, October 31st. (one week from today). The two 1961 expansion teams do not have to submit a protected list, as they cannot loose any players in their first year of existence.

Here is the list of how many players each pre existing team may protect:

20 Players
Wabash Rivers (Lanke)
South River Gladiators (DeZarlo)
East Kenosha Lions (Lauer)
Portland Beavers (Applegate)

19 Players
Rossville Hornets (Ryan)
Detroit Metro Stars (Onstott)
Frankfort Fortress (Plunkitt)
Lafayette Slims (Ehresman)
L.A. Surfers (Zminda)
Hampton Road Cruisers (Baxter)

18 Players
Salzburg Bishops (Williams)
Evanston Elephants (Ungashick)
Route 66 Hot Rods (See)
West Warwick Monarchs (Brunner)

Have your rosters in by 8PM on 10/31. Thanks to all.

October 18, 2009 
1961 Draft date set
First off, thanks to everyone for voting on the draft dates in November. The popular choice this time around, and the date that is now set is Saturday, November 7th. So this will be the date of our drafts for the 1961 season. As always, I know this does not match up well for a few of our managers, and I apologize to those of you who chose this as your last choice (but only 3 of our 16 managers had this one last).  Put this one on your calendars, and if you cannot attend or be in SPB Auditorium chat room, send me your draft lists by Thursday, November 5th. 

October 11, 2009 
New manager
To All Current SPB 1961 Managers, I am very happy to announce that Vin Onstott has been chosen to replace Lynn Miller as manager of the former Goshen Aces team. Vin will rename the team as the Detroit Metro Stars. He will also be changing his home park from S.F. Candlestick Park to Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium. These changes will all be posted to the SPB II website very shortly. Welcome aboard in SPB II Vin! Glad to have you.

Take a moment to welcome Vin to the league. He will be participating in the November 1961 drafts. 

September 13, 2009 
1961 Draft order posted
The Route 66 Hot Rods manager, Mike See, is driving his team out of K.C.'s Memorial Stadium and taking up new diggs in Wrigley Field (Los Angeles - AL). Mike expects the offense to step up a bit this year! LOL!

This leaves Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium and K.C.'s Memorial Stadium as the open parks in SPB II.

September 13, 2009 
1961 Draft order posted
. The 1961 season draft order with the expansion teams included have been posted. We are following the same rules (expansion teams) as we usually do in expansion years. My thanks goes out once again to Mike See for his fine work on draft orders. John Turnbull will be posting this to the SPB II website soon. Here are Mikes notes concerning how the order was built for expansion. 
I modeled it the same was we did the 1969 and 1977 expansion draft.

1. Expansion teams pick 1-2 in RD 1 in reverse order of the way they pick in the expansion draft.

2. Expansion teams draft last in RD 2, in reverse order of RD1

3. Expansion teams included randonly in Random RD

4. Teams contine to Alternate 1-2 for the rest of the Phase 1 draft.

5. Team that pick 2nd in the Rookie Draft has the 1st 3 picks of the Phase II draft.

Should be a very interesting draft in 1961. Enjoy!

June 21, 2009 
1960 predictions summary
. Enclosed is a comparison of actual wins, expected winds and the pre-season prognosis. Actually there were only two team who significantly deviated from the pre-season forecast; the Aces in the American League and the Surfers in the NL. The two teams with the greatest positive differential in actual and expected wins were the Lafayette Slims and Frankfort Fortress (six games) but in neither case did it mean much as the both finished just about where they should have in the standings. The worst negative differentials (also six games in the other direction) were for the South River Gladiators where it didn't mean much and the Surfers which cost them one place in the standings. 

The AL race was considered a two team dogfight and that's exactly what happened with as the Rods won out in real life by only one game and should have been tied per the expected wins formula. The Aces did a lot better than forecast, finishing fourth rather than seventh but everyone one else was pretty much what was projected in the pre-season. 

In the NL, the Surfers were either very overrated in the preseason or serious underachievers in real life, take your pick. They finished a poor fourth, 25 games out, and would have been a poor third via expected wins. Take the Surfers out of the equation and everyone else pretty much lines up as expected

June 18, 2009 
1960 Player reports that will affect rosters
. In other words, the 50% use or lose and overusage reports are now posted.  You can find the report HERE.

June 18, 2009 
1960 Final Stats posted
. Thanks to everyone for getting the information to me so quickly. Both pennant races tightened up considerably in September but the Hot Rods and Bishops still came out on top. In the AL it seemed like a race to the cellar as the Rods had their worst month of the season going just 11-15 while the second place Monarchs went 17-9 but when it was all over the Crowned Heads came up just one game short; the agony of that tough loss in April! 

In the NL, the Elephants had one of the best months in the history of SPB II, going a gaudy 23-5 but the Bishops 16-10 (including a seven game sweep of the under performing Surfers) was enough to give them 100 wins and the flag by four games. In fact the Elephants were 59-25, a .702 pace, in the last three months of the season but a slow start was just too much to overcome. Good luck to the Hot Rods and Bishops in the upcoming World Series! 

In the AL, Joe Adcock of the Monarchs nosed out Willie Mays of the Gladiators .346 to .345 to capture the batting crown. Ernie Banks of the Hornets won the home run crown with 39 while Don Drysdale of West Warwick and Glen Hobbie of Route 66 each had 20 pitching victories. 

In the NL, MVP candidate (could be close to unanimous) Salzburgs' Eddie Mathews led with a .331 mark. Hank Aaron, who should be second in the MVP voting, led with 47 homers and the remarkable Bill Monbouquette had a 23-5 record to lead in that category and place himself as the odds on Cy Young candidate. 

May 22, 2009 
1960 August Stats posted
The 1960 August stats and power rankings have been posted. The monthly awards will be posted when statistician John Ungashick decides them..  

December 28, 2008 
1960 Pre-Season prognosis
SPB-2's esteemed beat writer John Ungashick has produced his now updated pre-season prognosis for the 1960 season.  Each team has a paragraph (or more) that outlines their chances this season.  Great job John! 

December 19, 2008 
1961 Expansion draft results
The 1961 expansion draft was held last evening, beginning at 8:45 PM. Our newest SPB II managers set to debut in that season, Steve Lehman and Hugh McElaney gathered with me in the chat room to conduct this draft which took about 45 minutes. Following are the new team rosters with the players listed in the order they 
were picked. 

December 13, 2008 
Expansion managers announced
Since we are now only one season away from expansion in 1961, it is time to get the ball rolling with the announcement of who our newest managers in SPB II will be. It is my pleasure to announce that two veteran SPB managers have accepted the posts of leadership.

Hugh McElaney and Steve Lehmann will be joining us as managers in SPB II. So welcome aboard guys! I'm sure both of you will be capable and willing leaders with your new teams.

Steve has named his team as the Seattle Totems. He has decided on the L.A. Coliseum as his home park (This changes automatically to Dodger Stadium in 1962). Hugh's team will be know as the Winter Harbor Seals. He has picked Baltimore's Memorial Stadium as his home base. With the picking of these parks, there are no available parks for the coming 1960 seasons. 

Steve's Totems will make the first pick, to be followed by Hugh. They will rotate back and 4th until each manager has 35 players on his roster. They will then participate in the 1961 rookie draft along with all other managers at the regular time.

I will announce the expansion draft date in the very near future. It will take place soon allowing all to know ahead of time who they have selected. This will give all of you the insight you will need to know of well prior to 1961 season preparations.

NOTE TO ALL CURRENT 1960 MANAGERS: Remember that any player or players on your current 1960 rosters will be eligible to be picked by the expansion managers, it they spent ANY time on the 1961 real life Los Angeles Angels or Washington Senators roster. 

ALSO: All actual 1961 rookies off the real life Angels & Senator rosters will also be eligible for the expansion managers in this draft. Any rookies not selected by them will be placed in the regular rookie draft for '61. There will be 35 players selected for each expansion team. They will also be allowed to participate in the Phase II 1961 draft as well, giving them a full compliment of 38 possible players.

November 6, 2008 
Call for rosters for 1960 draft
Since we are now so close to draft day, it is time to call for your protected rosters for the 1960 Phase II drafts. Here are the number of players each team may protect this year:  Each team is allowed to include one of these as a freebie.  Other uncarded players can be protected on your protected lists, if needed.

Wabash Rivers (B. Lanke)
Lafayette Slims (S. Ehresman)
L.A. Surfers (D. Zminda)
Goshen Aces (L. Miller)

Portland Beavers (R. Applegate)
East Kenosha Lions (D. Lauer)
Route 66 Hot Rods (M. See)
West Warwick Monarchs (S. Brunner)
South River Gladiators (J. DeZarlo)
Hampton Road Cruisers (T. Baxter)

Rossville Hornets (R. Ryan)
Salzburg Bishops (C. Williams)
Evanston Elephants (J. Ungashick)
Frankfort Fortress (G. Plunkitt)

Please have your list to me no later than 8PM. on Saturday, Nov. 8th. Once your lists are finalized and submitted ONLY players on your protected roster may be traded. Please be on time with your lists. You can submit them as early as you like, but have them in by Saturday evening. Thanks to all!

September 12, 2008 
Manager Change for 1960
To All SPB II 1960 Managers, It is my duty to announce that long time, loyal SPB II manager, Tim Johnson, has decided to resign from SPB II due to his illness, before the 1960 season. I think I speak for us all when I say that Tim has a long and solid track record with us in SPB II (as well as several other SPB leagues). Tim has told me recently that he has had several good days, and has been feeling good lately. I pray for you my friend. Your service as manager has been nothing but great in all of SPB! Thanks for your years of solid managing!

Tim asked that I find a responsible manager who would appreciate this nice team that he has had for such a long time, and I believe I have the man for the job in Steve Brunner. Steve has also been in other SPB leagues for several seasons, but has never managed in SPB II. Steve has already said he would love to manage Tim's old team, and that he hopes to be as competitive as Tim was with the franchise. Steve further said that he will keep the same team name, the West Warwick Monarchs, and will stay in Wrigley Field as well. Steve is a big Cubs fan, for those of you who did not know this. 

Please welcome our newest SPB II manager, Steve Brunner. 

September 12, 2008 
Team Name Change
Dave Lauer has decided to chance his team name from the Southport Saints to the East Kenosha Lions....another EKL production! 

September 12, 2008 
Ballpark changes begin
A quick change of heart from a couple of veteran managers for their home ballparks for the coming 1960 season. First, Terry Baxter decided to dump KC Municipal Stadium in favor of Busch Stadium (St. Louis), for his Hampton Roads Cruisers. Then Mike See jumped on the opportunity to adapt KC Municipal as his new home for the Route 66 Hot Rods. With that move he abandons Baltimore's Memorial Stadium. So now the available parks are Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, and the Los Angeles Coliseum, which becomes Dodger Stadium soon.

August 31, 2008 
Bishops take World Series crown for 1959!
Congratulations goes out to Chris Williams' Salzburg Bishops as they edged out Rick Ryan's Rossville Hornets in 7 games to capture the 1959 World Series. Winning manager Chris Williams and loosing manager Rick Ryan both admitted to the fact that this series was the most exciting one they have been involved in during SPB play.

For the well written stories, the boxscores, the play by play, the scoresheets of each of the 7 games, be sure to check out the SPB II webpage for the full picture of this exciting series.

August 31, 2008 
Team name change
Bill Lanke has changed his team name from the Minneapolis Lakers to the Wabash Rivers.  Please take note.  

August 31, 2008 
1959 Voting booth open
It is now time to cast your votes for both the 1959 All Stars, and for the '59 Award Winners. Please log into the Voting Booth of the main SPB web page and mark your ballots. 

I ask that you do this ASAP, because we have to wrap up this voting quickly as the SPB-Now league is also ready to vote as soon as we finish up, and next month 1939 ends and has to make their votes. So please vote promptly. Thanks to each of you for doing this.

August 31, 2008 
1959 BASE Reports
Using the great BASE program that creates many other statistical reports to augment the DMB program, here are the BASE REPORTS for some of the year-end statistics.  Enjoy! 

August 25, 2008 
1959 Standings comparison
SPB-2 beat writer John Ungashick has put together a flier that compares the records of each club versus their predicted finish and their expected finish based on runs scored and runs allowed.  Thanks John for this great finishing touch to the season!

August 22, 2008 
1959 Year-end reports
Yes, it's that time of year again....time for your two favorite reports.  The 1959 season ending Overusage report and Use or Lose report.  Enjoy! 

August 22, 2008 
1959 Final Stats now posted
DAYTON, OH. - The final stats and power rankings for 1959 are now posted. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for concluding their 1959 SPB II Season ahead of time. This league runs like a clock! All managers did a great job in reporting their monthly stats and finishing the season in good stead. This season proved to be one of the best balanced leagues we have ever had.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to Chris Williams, our N.L. pennant winning manager. His team the Salzburg Bishops won the flag handily while posting an 88-66 record, by beating out the 2nd place Evanston Elephants (managed by John Ungashick) by a 4 game margin. The Portland Beavers, managed by Rich Applegate, finished 3rd, 5 games behind the Pachyderms.

Also my hearfelt congratulations goes out to Rick Ryan, our A.L. pennant winning manager. His team the Rossville Hornets captured the crown by winning an SPB league high 91 games! (91-63). Finishing in a tie for 2nd place were Joe DeZarlo's South River Gladiators, and the Frankfort Fortress, managed by Gary Plunkitt. But they were both a distant 10 games behind the winners.

Good luck to both Chris & Rick as they head into the 1959 SPB World Series!

June 12, 2008 
Manager Change / Team swap
DAYTON, OH. - SPB I, II, and IV Managers, Following a most unusual request from a pair of seasoned SPB managers, I have decided to approve their strange "trade". Bill Lanke is giving up his teams in SPB I & IV in the move. Greg Henning is giving up his SPB II team. 

All managers please be sure you send your August MP's out to Bill in SPB II.    

March 7, 2008 
Manager change for restart of 1959
FRANKFORT, IN. - A couple of weeks ago, Jim Wheeler notified me that he would be leaving SPB II at the conclusion of the 1959 season. With the restart verified for 1959, he notified me today that he would like to drop out now if I could line up a new manager. Jim is taking on a new full time job working in NYC, and will have even more limited time for playing. I want to thank Jim for his many years of service as a dedicated SPB manager, and leader. He is still involved in SPB IV, and SPB NOW. Jim, you will be missed in SPB - II.

I would like to welcome back Steve Ehresman as the new manager of this team. Steve will be renaming the team, dropping the old Dayton Flyers moniker, and naming the team as the Lafayette Slims. So take a moment, if you can, to welcome back Steve E. to the SPB II League. Good to have you back!

March 7, 2008 
June 1959 Play temporarily halted
FRANKFORT, IN. - I can now announce that we will be RESTARTING the 1959 season. Currently we are still working on getting the new files ready. Hopefully they will be ready before the weekend is over. 

The vote was a fairly close one, but was decided when the final manager sent in a YES vote. The final tally was 8-6 in favor of the restart. I will send the new files out ASAP. Thanks to all of you for your understanding of this strange situation, and for your votes.

February 28, 2008 
June 1959 Play temporarily halted
FRANKFORT, IN. - With all of the inaccuracy of the season so far, and with most of us aware of this, I have decided to put a halt to the 1959 season until after we have had Luke Kraemer of Diamond Mind take a look at our season files to see if he can spot what is the offensive problem of this league. Hopefully, this delay will just take a few days to work through.

It is ok to send out your MP's for June play, but please DO NOT PLAY any June games until after you get my ok to resume the season. If Luke can come up with some reason for the missing doubles and triples (in particular), and he either fixes it up or tells Chris & I what to fix, we will then resume play. If he cannot find any reason, then we will be forced to play out the season with the problem still there.

The strangest part of this to me is that the stats work out well on a straight auto replay of the season. I do not believe any era stats are entered wrong though, as I believe Chris or I would have spotted that. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in SPB.
I ask your patience while we try and work through this problem

December 28, 2007 
Pre-season prognosis from the beat writer
DAYTON, OH. - Hats off to John Ungashick for providing his insights on the upcoming 1959 season.  Thanks John for your efforts!