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SPB-4  1985 Season                       STATUS: Playing April   

Steve Lehman
San Diego Vacqueros


  •  Apr 1
     Playoffs start

     @May 1
     Trading begins 

1985 1st Rd Order

  •   1)  Moose
      2)  Athletics
      3)  Nukes
      4)  Zoo Crew
      5)  Pirates
      6)  Hired Guns
      7)  Vacqueros
      8)  Sharks
      8)  Grizzlies
      10)  Pirates
      11)  Rockets
      12)  Gnomes
      13)  Legends
      13)  Mudhens
      15)  Barons
      16)  Sharks
      17)  Faults
      18)  Magpies
      19)  Moondogs
      20)  Sharks
      21)  Legends
      22)  Metropolitans
      23)  Moondogs
      24)  Vacqueros

Power Rankings

  •   1)  Moondogs (1)
      2)  Vaqueros (2)
      3)  Metropolitans (5)
      4)  Grays (3)
      5)  Canaries (4)
      6)  Corsairs (7)
      7)  Bison (6)
      8)  Firebugs (8)
      9)  Mud Hens (10)
      10)  Legends (12)
      11)  Magpies (11)
      12)  Rockets (9)
      12)  Sharks (13)
      14)  Barons (18)
      15)  Pelicans (14)
      16)  Nukes (16)
      17)  5-0's (16)
      18)  Gnomes (15)
      19)  Stars (19)
      20)  Zoo Crew (20)
      21)  Plainsmen (21)
      22)  Hired Guns (22)
      23)  Inmates (22)
      24)  Missions (24)

SPB Leagues

August 7, 2012 
Another new manager on board
It is my good fortune to introduce our newest SPB IV manager. He is Wade Mitchell, a veteran SPB guy. He will be taking over the Moose Jaw Corsairs team, and has decided to rename them as the Lake City Lakers. He will also be abandoning Montreal's Olympic Stadium, and taking up his new residence in Candlestick Park. If you would like to welcome Wade to SPB IV, his email address can be found in the "To" section, above. Good to have you on board Wade. Hope your stay is a long one.

August 7, 2012 
Roster Cuts announced
FRANKFORT, IN. - Several teams were faced with getting down to the pre draft 1985 allowable limit of 38 rostered players. Here is the wrap up on what players were cut, and by which teams.

Edmonton cut 1B Dave Hostetler and SS Nelson Norman. (both were uncarded and never play enough in the future to make a comeback)
Fairfax cut 1B/OF Rusty Kuntz (placed in the rookie draft for 85.
Toledo cuts C Ron Tingley. He will return in SPB in 1988 for several more seasons.
Frankfort cut pitchers Ralph Citarella, and Phil Huffman. (Citarella is done, and Huffman goes in the draft)
Legends cut Fran Mullins, but he will return briefly for the 1986 season.
Hawaii cut OF Scott Loucks, and pitchers Danny Boone, Al Hargeshimer, & Dave Tomlin (Loucks & Tomlin in the draft, Hargeshimer and Boone are done)<br>
Hoover cut INF Edwin Rodriguez, 1B Mike Squires, and pitchers Fernando Arroyo, Curt Brown, Mike Norris, and George Riley. (Rodriguez and Squires enter the draft, Arroyo & Riley are done, Brown comes back briefly in 1987, and Norris in 1990).
None of the above players are more than roster fillers at best.

August 6, 2012 
1985 Ballpark and team name change
FRANKFORT, IN. - Mike See has decided to move his Pirates into K.C. Royals Stadium, and is giving up Candlestick Park (S.F). So this leaves us with Candlestick and The Astrodome as the available parks in SPB IV.

Also Greg Stillwagon has changed his team name from the Asylum Inmates to the Frostbite Falls Moose. And manager Jeff Thomas has corrected his team name from the Haywood Faults to the Hayward Faults. That one was due to my misinterpretation. All this will be reflected on the next send of the 1985 files, once all protected rosters are in by Tuesday morning.

August 6, 2012 
1985 Call for Protected Rosters
FRANKFORT, IN. - All SPB IV - 1985 Managers, With the rookie draft coming next weekend, now is the time for me to announce that your protected rosters are due in the league office by the end of the day on Monday. All rosters must be submitted before midnight, Monday (August 6th). I will send out the draft ready files on Tuesday morning. So get these in on time, or I will have to make the cuts for you (to the best of my judgment) Tuesday.

Here are the number of players each team may protect this year.

20 players
Hoover Grizzlies - P. Reoch
Cedar Rapids Hired Guns - J. Cada
Frostbite Falls Moose - G. Stillwagon
Wright-Patt Plainsmen - J. Turnbull
Oakland Athletics - F. Aluzzi
Oyster Creek Nukes - A. Schweitzer

19 players
Moose Jaw Corsairs - J. Laburda
Hawaii 5-0's - T. Baxter
Toledo Mud Hens - R. Applegate
Rossville Rockets - R. Ryan
Edmonton Magpies - C. Williams
East Kenosha Legends - D. Lauer
Astoria Zoo Crew - J. DeZarlo
Frankfort Firebugs - G. Plunkitt
Captiva Island Pirates - M. See
Surfside Sharks - G. Nolen
Anok Island Gnomes - S. Brunner
Kansas City Barons - M. Boling

18 players

Canton Moondogs - T. Kackley
San Diego Vaqueros - S. Lehman
Fairfax Canaries - R. Peterson
Worcester Grays - H. McElaney
New York Metropolitans - D. Rahn
Hayward Faults - J. Thomas

Be prompt, everyone. I have given you extra time to trade. After your lists are submitted, only protected players may be traded.

July 21, 2012 
1985 Team name change
DAYTON, OH. - Mike See has decided to change the name of the Coronado Crusaders to the Captiva Island Pirates.  So it shall be.

July 16, 2012 
Another 1985 Managerial Replacement
FRANKFORT, IN. - We have a new manager in place to take over for the former Shelby Stars team. Our newest manager in the fold is Frank Aluzzi, who is joining his 3rd SPB league. He will remain in the Oakland Colisium, but will rename the team to the Oakland Athletics.

May 20, 2012 
1985 Managerial Replacement
It is a privilege to announce that former SPB manager Jeff Thomas will be stepping in as our newest addition for 1985. Jeff will be taking over the former Prarie Bison team for the coming '85 season. I have added him to the SPB IV email list, and John T. will post this to the SPB IV webpage soon. Jeff is changing the name of the team to the Haywood Faults, and he will keep the team in Comiskey Park. Please welcome Jeff back to SPB. The 1985 draft will be held in Dayton, Ohio this year by John Turnbull. The draft will be in August, and John will set the date shortly. Trading season continues. I have began work on setting up the 1985 files for SPB, and hope to have them out to all within a month, or so.

May 11, 2012 
1984 World Series Champion three-peat!
FRANKFORT, IN. - It is my privilege to announce that the N.L. San Diego Vaqueros, managed by Steve Lehman, are the 1984 World Series winners. They beat the New York Metropolitans in 4 straight games to win their 3rd consecutive SPB IV title. Congratulations Steve. You certainly have proven to have a dynasty team. Both the Vaqueros, and Metropolitans had entered the W.S. after beating their divisional opponents in 4 straight games. John Turnbull will have the game writeups and all boxscores and statistics from the '84 World Series posted soon to the SPB IV webpage by this weekend. Most of the series games were close and exciting and all played by NP. For the full game by game story, in Steve's own words, keep a close eye on the updated page. The LCS results have already been posted, in case you had not checked these out.

May 2, 2012 
1984 World Series set
Finally, we have pennant winners. Don Rahn’s New York Metropolitans face defending champion Steve Lehman’s San Diego Vaqueros after both teams swept their respective LCS. The Vaqueros have home field advantage on the principal of yearly alternation. Incidentally, 1984 was the last season using best-of-5 as the framework for LCS play. Best-of-7 was instituted for the infamous Royals-Cardinals WS of 1985. Good luck and congratulations to both managers.

May 2, 2012 
New SPB-4 league President
It is my good fortune to announce that I have just appointed Mgr. Don Rahn to the position of SPB IV League President. Don will do well as a league officer and member of the historical leagues rule committee. Don is a manager in all 8 SPB leagues and has been involved with SPB for several years now.

April 12, 2012 
1984 Use or Lose report and Overusage
FRANKFORT, IN. - A little bit late, but here is the REPORT with all of the players lost to 50% underusage during the past season. Also included is the OVERUSAGE report.

April 12, 2012 
1985 Manager Changes
TOLEDO, OHIO. - At this time with the conclusion of the 1984 regular season, I feel this is a good time to announce two returning managers, who will replace a couple of SPB veterans for the coming 1985 season. First off Marc Robinson is leaving SPB IV, but remaining in a few other SPB leagues, so that is good. Marc's old team the Los Angeles Missions will be taken over by Peter Reoch, an SPB veteran, who has decided to rename the team as the Hoover Grizzlies. He will remain with Comiskey Park, as his home field. Welcome back to SPB IV Pete.

Next, Jim Wheeler is leaving SPB IV too. The Pelicans were the final SPB team managed by Jim. Jim's old team the Preble Pelicans will be taken over by Mike See. Mike is renaming the team as the Colorado Crusaders. For now, he is staying in Candlestick Park, but may change later on.

A couple of big thank yous go out to Jim & Marc for all their years of managing in SPB IV. As most of us know Jim was one of the leagues founders back in 1992, and was the first League Commissioner through 1996. I thank Jim for all his hard work during his time in SPB over the years. Marc also receives thanks from me for his several years as a manager in SPB IV.

March 24, 2012 
1984 September stats and power rankings posted  
TOLEDO, OHIO. - The stats and power rankings for the final month of 1984 are now posted.
Gary will produce the complete overusage and use/lose reports. However, I have verified that the four regular season division winners that had no overusage issues that would prevent them from participating in the postseason.

So congratulations go out to Tom Kackley’s Canton Moondogs, Don Rahn’s New York Metropolitans, Steve Lehman’s (defending champion) San Diego Vaqueros, and Ron Peterson’s Fairfax Canaries. Don had a couple overusage situations which will affect availability of a couple players. In consultation with the constitution, though, the teams are cleared to make arrangements to play the LCS series. In 1983, the East Division teams had home field advantage; this year the West Division teams do.